Cordaroy’s Convertible Bean Bag Review (Updated 2022)

Cordaroys Review

If you’re looking for a bean bag chair and a bed all in one, then the convertible bean bag chair from CordaRoy’s could be what you’re looking for. Imagine the versatility and comfort of a bean bag chair, paired with the functionality of a bed. Sounds nice, right? This is one home product that you won’t want to miss.

Today we’re going to take an in-depth look at the convertible bean bag from CordaRoy. This review will include all the essential information you need to know about owning one of these bean bag chairs, including its positive and negative features.

We’ll be sure to include information like what the convertible bean bag chair really is, how it works, where it can be used, what makes it different from other products like it, who it’s good for, and its product specifications.

CordaRoy’s Convertible Bean Bag Overview

The convertible bean bag chair from CordaRoy is the perfect option for guests staying the night or if you need a place to sleep on the go. Its easy convert feature will allow you to flip it inside out, turning the chair from a bean bag into a mattress in no time at all.

CordaRoy weighs in with their own personal description of the product on their website. According to them, the convertible bean bag chair is perfect for a good night’s sleep. Initially seen on ABC’s Shark Tank (and making a deal with Lori Greiner) , this bean bag is the ideal chair and bed option for both adults and children. In addition, there is a wide range of applications for this piece of portable furniture, easily used in places around the home like the living room, guest room, kid’s room, or basement.

It’s also easy to use. The convertible bean bag can transform from a bean bag into a full, queen or king size beds in no time, making it a quick and straightforward solution for the whole family. It takes a quick unzipping of the safe lock sturdy zipper, removing the outer cover, and a flip of the inner cushion. The bed will then be complete once it’s slipped back into the folded cover, and you’ll be ready for a good night’s rest!

As far as materials go, this bean bag chair is made from materials designed to maximize comfort. CordaRoy has guaranteed that the super durable outer layer of fabric and cover will remain plush and soft through years of use while bringing you an unrivaled level of comfort.

The cover is also machine washable, making it easy to clean up spills or dirt accumulated over time. The inside is filled with furniture-grade memory foam, which won’t break down or lose its firmness over time.

This product comes with everything you need to make the best use of its convertible features, including one queen chair cover and one queen bed insert. The chair is also large enough to comfortably seat two adults, while the bed sleeps, two adults.

Now that we’ve taken a brief look at CordaRoy’s convertible beanbag chair and its features let’s examine the product more closely to deliver a more comprehensive review.


What is a CordaRoy Convertible Bean Bag Chair?

Cordaroys Convertible

The convertible bean bag chair from CordaRoy is a plush, circular chair that can be quickly changed to become a full-sized bed. The bean bag itself is a fabric cushion filled with memory foam and is an example of an anatomic chair (one that conforms to the person’s shape).

Bean bag chairs were initially introduced in 1968 by a group of three Italian designers. It was created as a piece of the Italian Modernism movement. The first bean bag chairs’ production was made possible largely due to the increased availability of modern manufacturing materials like polystyrene.

The target demographic of the new chair was the group of lax, hippie individuals who were pushing for modernist movements and ideals. It was especially popular with young college students who were, at this time, usually the ones at the forefront of such movements.

The chair’s pliable nature made it a perfect size for small apartments shared between multiple college residents, which allowed the bean bag to gain a high level of popularity that has carried it through to modern production today.

CordaRoy capitalized on the inception of the bean bag chair, introduced back in the late 1960s, building upon the simple design to offer more options to consumers. Their convertible bean bag chair is the perfect example of such innovation, offering an overnight application for what would otherwise be a normal anatomic chair.

On top of this, they’ve also perfected the materials used in the construction of the chair and mattress, maximizing the consumer’s comfort level.


How Does it Work?

CordaRoy’s convertible bean bag chair is simple and easy to use. Included with the chair will be a simple page of instructions for you to know exactly how to convert it into a mattress and then back into a chair.

The process itself is fairly simple. The bean bag chair’s cover will have a safety lock zipper on its side, which has a safety lock feature to prevent the zipper from coming unzipped accidentally. Upon unzipping this zipper, the cover is easy to remove from the fabric underneath.

By unfolding the main body of the chair, you’ll find it flattens out into a full-sized mattress that sleeps up to two adults. The foam padding within is the perfect material to ease you into a comfortable sleep, and it won’t lose its shape or form even after seeing a lot of use. Reinserting the mattress pad into the cover will keep its form and become a fully functional mattress.

To return the mattress to its chair form, simply remove the cover again and fold the mattress pad back up to its original position. By replacing the cover over it, you’ll be able to again use it as a chair.

Below is a demonstration on how fast it converts from a bean bag to a bed and back to a bean bag again!


Where Can You Use This?

CordaRoy designed their convertible bean bag chair to be perfect for use in a variety of locations and applications. As we mentioned earlier in the review, its size, weight, and pliable nature make it easy to use in nearly any room in the home where one might want to use it.

This includes bedrooms, basements, family rooms, attics, or any other rooms you can think of that you might want to use a bean bag in.

You can also bring it with you for use in the outdoors. Because it’s easy to transport, you could bring it to outdoor shows like concerts or parades, on a camping trip, on a road trip, or any other outdoor location you can think of. In addition, the bean bag’s cover is machine washable, making it ideal for outdoor use also.

You won’t have to worry about it getting dirty when using it camping, for example, as you will be able to wash the cover as soon as you get home.

It is important to note that while the outer material of this CordaRoy bean bag is sturdy and durable, you should try to avoid using it in places where sharp objects may be lying around. This could include potentially dangerous indoor areas like shops or garages where lots of tools may be lying around or outdoor areas with sharp rocks or sticks.

To prevent damage to the chair or mattress, make sure you inspect the area where you want to use it before setting it down.


Who is This Good For?

This product is perfect for anyone who needs a comfortable, versatile piece of furniture. Its ability to become a bed, on top of its portability and ease of use, makes it perfect for families or singles alike.

It could be an especially attractive option for single adults living in cramped apartment spaces, where conserving space is extremely important.

It could also be a great affordable option for those who lack adequate seating for their friends or family. CordaRoy’s bean bag chair is perfect for small spaces or cramped living areas as a pliable chair.

Finally, these bean bags make a great addition to any vacation homes or anyone who like to lounge while playing video games.


What Makes it So Special?

The thing that distinguishes CordaRoy’s bean bag chair from its competitors is its ease of use, superior quality of materials, and versatility.

Many other brands of bean bag chairs do not offer an option to convert into a bed, or they may be made with materials of lesser quality.

In addition to this, it’s affordable too! Other options offered by CordaRoy’s competitors charge higher prices for their versions of bean bag chairs.



Included with CordaRoy’s convertible bean bag chair are a Queen Chair cover and a Queen Bed insert. The cover is made from a highly durable microfiber that resists wear and tear and stays feeling soft even after long periods of use. In addition, CordaRoy has guaranteed it will stay soft no matter how many times you wash it!

The inside of the chair is filled with furniture-grade foam that will provide conforming comfort for the user while staying soft and supportive as long as you need it. Also, the chair comes compressed for easy shipping and gets shipped right to your house!

As for dimensions, the chair is 60 inches wide, making it comfortable for up to 2 adults at a time. The bed is 60 in. by 80 in. by 10 in, also sleeping 2 adults comfortably.


Pros and Cons of CordaRoy’s Convertible Bean Bag

Next, let’s list out the pros and cons of owning this product. These are just some of the things we’ve observed about it, and not everyone may agree with us.


  • Versatile: The product is versatile, functioning as a comfortable chair or bed as needed. The removable covers are easy to remove when needed.
  • Portable: Relatively light for its size, this bean bag is easy to bring with you anywhere you may need it.
  • Comfy: CordaRoy uses high-quality materials for the highest level of comfort we’ve seen in a convertible bean bag chair. It makes for a very comfortable seating or sleeping experience!
  • Easy to Clean: With a fully removable and machine washable cover, you won’t have to worry about the product getting dirty or stained.



  • Size: This could be viewed as positive, but we see its width as making it cumbersome and potentially hard to fit into a small living area. If space isn’t a problem, though, you can ignore this one.
  • Price: Compared to other bean bags of comparable size, this one maybe a little more expensive due to its quality and ability to convert into a bed.


How Does CordaRoy’s Bean Bag Compare to the Competition?

Of course, CordaRoy’s convertible bean bag isn’t the only one on the market. So how does it compare to the competition?

There are multiple other brands that offer similar products to this one. To start, Flash Furniture offers its own convertible bean bag chair, sold at Walmart. It comes in at a much cheaper price point, at around $80 at the time of writing this review.

When compared to CordaRoy’s base price of around $200, Flash Furniture’s option is definitely more affordable.

However, the lower price point is a reflection of the smaller size and less quality of materials. In Flash Furniture’s option, you won’t see nearly the same level of comfort or durability as in CordaRoy’s bean bag. It’s also smaller, coming in at 42 inches by 42 inches. You won’t be able to fit two adults comfortably on this one!

Another of CordaRoy’s competitors is Ultimate Sack. Their brand offers a bean bag chair of about the same size and at around the same price point. It also comes with a wide selection of varied customization options for the fabric and color. However, it doesn’t convert as CordaRoy’s does.

This is a huge negative in terms of versatility. As far as a bean bag chair goes, though, it’s fairly comparable.


Is the CordaRoy Bean Bag Worth It?

Now to address the main question on everyone’s mind: Is it worth buying? Taking into account everything we’ve looked into so far, the answer is a definite yes. CordaRoy offers a simple, easy-to-use furniture option that pairs versatility with unrivaled comfort.

It’s apparent how much care they put into this product when examining the quality of the materials they use, as well as its flawless construction. As a result, you can be sure this bean bag chair will last you a long time, providing a comfortable seating or sleeping option when you need it most.

Versatility is really where this bean bag shines. Most of CordaRoy’s competitors just can’t compare, either not able to produce the same level of quality and comfort or unable to offer the versatility of a convertible chair. Who wouldn’t want a comfy bean bag that can also turn into a bed with just a few easy steps?

And at the base price point, you’re getting a great bargain. A piece of stationary furniture with the same seating capacity will usually run a much higher cost while not offering a comfortable sleeping option.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are a few frequently asked questions that you yourself may be wondering the answer to, so keep reading!

Can I wash the cover? 

All CordaRoy products come with a wash label attached, so it’s best to read the label before washing. However, most of their products, including the cover of their convertible bean bag chair, are machine washable.

Is assembly required? 

This product does not require any assembly. It will arrive vacuum-packed, so you simply have to remove it from its packaging and place it in the chair cover. It will appear flat at first, but it will fluff out over time.

Is the foam safe?

The foam inside CordaRoy’s bean bag chairs is polyurethane foam, which does not pose a choking hazard to children. There’s also a safety locking zipper on the cover, which will prevent children from opening it.

Can I wash the inner bed?

You should not wash the inner bed, as polyfoam should never be made wet. Instead, use a mattress protector or your own sheets over the cover to ensure you don’t need to wash the mattress itself.

How comfortable is the inner bed?

The inner bed mattress is a lot comfier than an airbed and will never go flat on you in the middle of the night. It’s also more comfortable than a pull-out sofa, a futon, or the floor. In short, it’s very comfortable!

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes. CordaRoy comes with a lifetime guarantee against any defect of the product. The Cordaroy’s company stands by its products.


Final Thoughts

The convertible bean bag chair by CordaRoy is a comfortable and versatile bean bag chair that can be converted into a bed at a moment’s notice. With a safety lock zipper and a machine washable cover, you won’t have to worry about any hassle either.

When compared to the competition, CoraRoy’s bean bag comes out on top. You won’t find higher quality or more comfort in any other bean bag chair at the same price point. The first time you sit in it, you’ll love it.

We hope this review has given you all the info you need to know for yourself whether this product is worth it or not. For more reviews on handy products for around the house, check out our home products section! Thanks for reading!




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