Buffy Comforter Review: Is the Eco-Friendly Comforter as Good as Advertised?

Buffy Comforter Review


Buffy is on a mission to provide cozy, warm vegan comforter for everyone. The comfy and stylish designs are made from recycled materials or organic cotton with an environmentally friendly approach that goes above and beyond what you would expect in today’s competitive market.

Buffy only uses recyclable items while still ensuring peace at night via her unique concept of producing socially responsible products – making them stand out among other companies focusing mainly thread count or filling material more than they do themselves?

  • Comfort
  • Price
  • Trial
  • Variety


  • Free shipping/returns to US clients.
  • 7-night free trial.
  • Any returns Buffy gets are sent to homeless shelters.
  • Vegan-friendly products.
  • Temperature regulation for a comfortable night without sweats.


  • No shipping outside of North America.
  • Buffy products are a bit pricey.
  • Very little design selection, only available in white.
  • Returns are only available by phone.

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Everyone likes the idea of sleeping on a comforter so soft that it feels like you’re sinking into the puffiest cloud possible. This is even more true after the pandemic as more and more of us have begun working from home and love to get in a quick cat nap between projects.

That is why we all got a little excited when Buffy sent over a bunch of comforters and sleep products for us to review. It has been an unofficial pajama day in our testing office for at least two weeks now, trying the different Buffy comforters.

It certainly helps that we’re doing this Buffy comforter review in the late fall as the weather is cooling down and bundling up more in demand around the office. So, if you’re considering purchasing a new comforter, keep reading as we take a closer look and provide you with an in-depth Buffy Comforter review!


Buffy Comforter Review


Let’s talk a little about Buffy, the company. Buffy makes down a vegan bedding and comforters that are warm for clients and eco-friendly. Buffy’s line of vegan comforters only uses recyclable or organic materials while still ensuring a peaceful sleep for anyone.

The Buffy concept of producing environmentally friendly comforters and sleep products is unique considering the competition. For example, most other bedding companies focus on thread count or filling material more than Buffy’s line of socially responsible products.

Buffy is different. When you purchase a comforter from Buffy, you are getting a promise to only use recyclable materials instead of linings that pollute or over-consume water during manufacturing. It is pretty impressive that a successful sleep comforter company like Buffy has saved millions of plastic bottles, gallons of water, and geese from being horribly plucked for their down feathers.

All of Buffy’s sleep products and comforters use recycled polyester from plastic bottles, eucalyptus fiber from Austrian trees, natural dyes, and compostable packaging inside of a closed-loop that reuses 99% of their solvents.


Buffy Comforter Pros and Cons

  • Free shipping/returns to US clients.
  • 7-night free trial.
  • Any returns Buffy gets are sent to homeless shelters.
  • Vegan-friendly products.
  • Temperature regulation for a comfortable night without sweats.
  • No shipping outside of North America.
  • Buffy products are a bit pricey.
  • Very little design selection, only available in white.
  • Returns are only available by phone.


Buffy Breeze Comforter Review

Buffy’s Breeze comforter was an immediate hit in our office. We have a few larger fellas that suffer from overheating and night sweats during sleep. So naturally, they were eager to review how well the Buffy Breeze regulated temperature and body heat under a comforter.

We reviewed the queen and king sizes of Buffy Breeze comforters. Each Buffy Breeze has a 300 thread count and is incredibly soft. We’re talking clean and brushed kitten fur soft. The Buffy Breeze comforter is filled with eucalyptus materials, as is the shell, making it resistant to certain dust and dust mites.

None of our testers have dust allergies, but we hear the Buffy Breeze can improve a night’s sleep if you suffer from a mild case. What was most impressive about the Buffy Breeze comforter was its lightweight material. Most large comforters feel heavy on your body, but the Buffy Breeze felt more like a light blanket than a heavy comforter with a duvet cover.

While you probably don’t want to bring out the Buffy Breeze in the middle of a hot summer night or if you live in warmer climates, this comforter would work well for the fall and cooler winter seasons. The Buffy Breeze is a must for those living in climates where added warmth is necessary, and a breathable design is appreciated to cut down on sweats.

The Buffy Breeze comforter is available as:

  • Twin / Twin XL size- 70” x 90” for $180
  • Full / Queen size- 90” x 94” for $220
  • King / Cal King size – 104” x 94” for $260


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Buffy Cloud Comforter Review

If you were impressed by our review of the Buffy Breeze, wait until you hear about the year-round capabilities of the Buffy Original Cloud down alternative comforter. Then, you can bring the wonderfully soft Buffy comforter out for any season for that added weight you want on your body without overheating.

The original Buffy Cloud comforter is crazy fluffy. Buffy infuses the normal eucalyptus filling and outer shell with added recycled plastic materials. The plastic adds a sense of airy softness to the materials that make it feel more lightweight than other comforters.

The Buffy Cloud comforter is designed more for those that need a little extra coverage while they sleep. While it can certainly be used during winter, you may want to get the Breeze for added warmth for those naturally cold sleepers.

The main differences with the Buffy Cloud is the level of comfort. You get the same 300 thread count, but the softness and relaxation possible with the Cloud are what set it apart. Those who suffer from restless sleep will get a lot more bang for their buck with this comfortable comforter.

The Buffy Cloud comforter is available as:

  • Twin/ Twin XL size- 70” x 90” for $130
  • Full / Queen size- 90” x 94” for $160
  • King / Cal King size- 104” x 94” for $200


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Buffy Comforters Washing Instructions

As mentioned in a few other reviews, we are located near a laundry mat. As a result, we have frequently surprised the owner there when we bring over a bunch of our review products for cleaning testing.

It was pretty humorous to watch a line of workers dressed in sleep PJs cross the street, carrying various white Buffy comforters, and head into the Laundromat.

Buffy recommends that you take your comforter to the dry cleaners. That is probably the other reason the owner’s face was so comical. We had a lot of work for him to do. Buffy doesn’t want you to fill your home washer with one of their Breeze or Cloud comforters because they are too big for the machines. Buffy always recommends dry cleaning.

You could wash any duvet covers you’ve been using around a Buffy comforter, but if you’re already getting one thing dry cleaned, why not the other?

Buffy sells eucalyptus duvet cover, but we didn’t test that out during our Buffy review, so we don’t know if that can be sent through the standard washer and dryer.


What Do Customers Think About Buffy Comforters?

Most reviewers like us recommend Buffy comforters as a sleep product for those wanting a warm and comfortable sweat-free sleep. While the Buffy price tag can be a bit high compared to other comforters you may find in a big box store, the eco-friendly aspect and soft material make for a high-quality sleep product.

From what we could tell, Buffy enjoys a pretty high rating on most sites, including Amazon. If people do have reservations, the lack of variety in the Breeze or Cloud designs is about the lack of variety. That can be easily remedied by picking up duvet comforter covers of your own, though.

Another point that popped up in our search of customer reviews was the 7-day trial period. It seems like everyone who took advantage of this trial period stuck with their Buffy Breeze or Cloud comforter purchase. That means when people are given a chance to get a night’s sleep with a Buffy product, they decide to stick with the comforter instead of returning it.

We saw a Buffy Cloud comforter on Amazon with over 579 5-star reviews, including this one that seemed pretty spot on with what we thought:

This comforter is the most comfortable, soft, and light comforter I have ever experienced. My husband and I sleep like babies ever since we got it. It’s made with natural eucalyptus, which makes it more resistant to bacteria, mildew, and mites. We don’t even put a cover on it bc it’s so soft. I’m usually a hot sleeper, and I love how this comforter keeps warm but not too hot. It’s very lightweight but still just the perfect coverage for a cool or warm night. Definitely worth the price!


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Are Buffy Comforters Worth it?

In short, yes! These are one of the best comforters we tested. We think the price tag is more than worth the quality sleep product you get from any of the Buffy comforters, including the Breeze and Cloud. The eco-friendly slant of Buffy’s company mission and the use of recycled materials in comforter packaging is a wise decision. We also salute Buffy’s goal of reducing water waste and plastic waste while improving animal health and safety.

We also like that Buffy offers a free trial period for their line of sleep products and comforters. Between that and the free US shipping and returns, we highly recommend Buffy comforters for anyone looking to get a soft and cozy sleep in colder months.

As for the temperature control, we only have good things to report in our Buffy review. No one in our office had any trouble getting a good night’s sleep with a Buffy comforter on top. They didn’t eliminate the night sweats but drastically reduced them to next to nothing, which is a significant improvement.

We think that between the social responsibility of Buffy and the fantastic comforters and sleep products, you are getting a high-quality product for your money.


What Other Sleep Products Does Buffy Offer?

Buffy Sheets

Besides their Cloud and Breeze comforters, Buffy does offer a few other sleep products. This includes blankets, pillows, mattress protectors, and two sets of linens – eucalyptus and soft hemp.

We were able to test out the Buffy Cloud pillow and a eucalyptus and soft hemp linen pillowcase. We should mention that the Cloud pillow is filled with the same material as the Cloud and Breeze comforter. This makes for an incredibly soft pillow, which some may not prefer.

Both of the Buffy pillowcases were 10 out of 10’s! Two of our testers purchased the eucalyptus bed sheet sets based on the pillowcase we tried out. That’s how soft and comfortable this material is compared to other brands. You get a combination of silky smooth feel with cotton that feels like microfiber.

All in all, we may have to schedule a Buffy sheet review just to get a better idea of their other sleep products.


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Buffy Comforter FAQ

What are Buffy Comforters made out of?

Buffy comforters are made with natural eucalyptus, which makes them more resistant to bacteria, mildew, and mites. They also use recycled materials in their packaging. You can find all the details on this company’s eco-friendly practices here.


Do Buffy Comforters come in different weights?

Yes, the Cloud and Breeze comforters come in different weights. The Cloud is a lightweight comforter, perfect for summer weather, while the Breeze is a medium weight comforter for all year around. You can see the weight specifications on each product page on Buffy’s website.


Are Buffy’s comforters good for hot sleepers?

Yes. Many hot sleepers have found that Buffy comforters help regulate their body temperature, making it easier to fall and stay asleep.


Can I use Buffy Comforters if I have sensitive skin?

Yes! Buffy Comforters are made with natural eucalyptus which can help reduce bacteria, mildew, and mites.


Can I machine-wash my Buffy Comforter?

Yes! All of Buffy’s products are machine washable in a standard washing machine and are dryer safe, with the exception of their down pillows. However as we mentioned, it’s best to dry clean the comforter.


What is the free trial period for Buffy Comforters?

You have 30 days to try out your Buffy comforter and return it for a full refund if you’re not satisfied. Keep in mind that shipping and handling are not refundable.


How do I replace or return my comforter?

If you need to return or replace your Buffy comforter, you can do so by emailing hello@buffy.co . You will need to provide your order number and the email address you used to place the order. Replacements are subject to stock availability.


Do Buffy Comforters come in different sizes?

Yes! The Cloud comforter is available in Twin, Full/Queen, and King sizes. The Breeze comforter is available in Twin, Full/Queen, and California King sizes. You can find all the size specifications on each product page on Buffy’s website.


Do they ship internationally?

No. Buffy does not ship internationally at the time of this writing. That said, they do ship to Canada.


What is Buffy’s free trial? How does it work?

Buffy offers a 7- day free trial for their comforters. They wont charge you for the first 7 days. Should you decide you no longer want the comforter, you can email hello@buffy.co for a refund and they will void the charge.


What are Buffy’s customer service hours?

Buffy’s customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm EST. You can contact them by email at hello@buffy.co or by phone at (855) 288-2873.


Wrapping it Up

You can find Buffy products on their website or online retailers like Amazon. Unfortunately, Buffy doesn’t have a showroom for their comforters or a section in your local big box store.

The pricing is about the same as Buffy’s website and other online shops. As Buffy offers free US shipping, it makes sense to use their site. In addition, you can often find online coupons for a few bucks off their line of soft comforters and sleep products.

You can expect about 10 days for any Buffy product to reach your doorstep. Keep in mind that Buffy may change the shipping method if you are using a P.O. Box or street address.

Overall we had an excellent experience with our Buffy products review and think you could all use an extra night’s sleep with the benefit of a soft Buffy Cloud or Breeze tucking you into your bed. These breathable comforters are made with earth-friendly materials and with proper care, this new begging accessory can become your best friend.

As always, if you enjoyed our Buffy comforter review, we encourage you to check out the other products we have reviews for all over our site. Our testers have spent years perfecting their talents are happy to offer their advice to other companies seeking reviews.

If you have a unique set of products you’d like us to review, please send us a note through our contact page. Happy sleeping, everyone!


Visit Buffy.co


Please note: This page contains affiliate links. This will not cost you anything should you decide to purchase. 

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