LARQ Bottle Review: Does the Self-Cleaning Bottle Pass the Test?

LARQ Bottle Review
LARQ Bottle Review


LARQ Bottle is an innovative product using their UV-C LED technology in the cap so you can stay healthy drinking purified water with a click of a button! The small light inside the cap of their products will eliminate 99%+ of bio contaminants from both your bottle as well as its contents when activated. Most stainless steel beverage containers need frequent washing due in order for them not be harboring mold or odor causing bacteria which could make someone sick if consumed; LARQ solves this problem so you can trust the water you are drinking.

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Durability


  • Attractive design
  • Kills viruses, orders, and germs without needing a filter
  • Higher capacity than other water bottles
  • Battery life of 1-2 months
  • Maintains drink temperature
  • Made from 100% BPA-free stainless steel


  • A bit more expensive than non-self-cleaning water bottles
  • Cap has to be removed to drink. There is no spout or hole

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Owning a reusable water bottle is all the rage for everyone, from the budding teen social media influencer to the commuting business executive. Reusable bottles help save the environment by reducing single-use plastics and keeping your drinks warm or cold when you need them the most.

The only downside is the possibility of bacteria growing inside the water bottle due to the damp, dark environment. But, that is where the LARQ water bottle can help. The LARQ uses UV technology to clean the water bottle and leave your drinks tasting and smelling as they should regardless of the water source.

When we received our LARQ water bottles, we were pretty excited to really test these out to the extreme for our review. We have heard so many good things, and many of us have to deal with stink water bottles that getting the chance to see what the LARQ review can do was a welcome change. Read on to see how our LARQ water bottle review turned out!


LARQ Water Bottle Review

LARQ Review

We tested two different branded models of LARQ water bottles during our review, including the PureVis water bottle and the Movement water bottle. We were also able to try the LARQ pitcher and some of LARQ’s accessories during our review.


LARQ Overview

LARQ is an American company based in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a relatively new bottle company, having only gotten started in 2018. They began their water bottle journey by successfully crowdfunding its unique design and innovative technology.

The goal of a LARQ bottle is to create a durable and sustainable water bottle that keeps your drinks germ-free. LARQ does this by using their proprietary UV-C light-emitting devices inside the bottle to kill up to 99.9% of germs.

LARQ also donates to cleaning up the world’s ocean. For example, LARQ partnered with Plastic Bank, a non-profit seeking to remove plastic bottles and trash from the ocean.

The self-cleaning aspect is the central selling point to a LARQ water bottle like the PureVis or Movement. LARQ uses an entirely portable water filtration system that neutralizes bottle stink and ensures a clean drink when you need it. There have been some competitors trying to break into the market, but at the moment, LARQ is the leading resource for self-cleaning water bottles.


LARQ Water Bottle Pros and Cons

  • Attractive design
  • Kills viruses, orders, and germs without needing a filter
  • Higher capacity than other water bottles
  • Battery life of 1-2 months
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Waterproof USB port
  • Maintains drink temperature
  • 100% BPA-free stainless steel bottles
  • Available in multiple engaging colors
  • Free returns to US and Canadian clients
  • A bit more expensive than non-self-cleaning water bottles
  • Cap has to be removed to drink. There is no spout or hole


LARQ Bottle Features

UV Features



The UV system is by far the best feature . The UV mode is activated when you press the button on the top of the water bottle for 3 seconds. This will start the self-cleaning process as well as activate the UV light.

The UV light will shine for about 8 minutes, which is the estimated time it takes to kill 99.9% of all bacteria and germs. The UV mode is a great way to make sure your water bottle is completely clean, especially if you don’t have time to run a full cycle.

That said, there are several modes that can be used on your LARQ bottle.

  • Normal Mode: Press the top of the cap once for normal mode. This will activate the UV light for 60-seconds.
  • Adventure Mode: If you need an additional boost of water purification, press the button twice and you’ll have activated Adventure mode. This will active the UV light for 3 minutes ensuring your water is extra clean.
  • Self-Cleaning Mode: Your LARQ bottle wants to stay clean. Every two hours, your LARQ bottle will turn on Self-Cleaning mode that will activate for 10 seconds.
  • Travel Mode: If you’re on the go (say perhaps international travel) and want to shut off your LARQ for storage, simple lock the LAQR bottle by holding down the button for 5 seconds. To re-enable the LARQ bottle, hold it down again for another 5 seconds.


Charging the Bottle Cap

charging LARQ


Before we even got to testing anything out, there was one thing we noticed about our LARQ Bottle PureVis – it needed to be charged. It comes with a MicroUSB cable that can be plugged into any computer or USB port. Once charged, an indicator of a steady green light will illuminate on the cap indicating the charging process is complete.


LARQ Low Battery Indicator

The low battery indicator is a great addition to the LARQ water bottle family. If you happen to forget to charge your LARQ Movement or PureVis, this feature will certainly save you from an empty water bottle.

The red pulsing light on the top of the lid will come on once you start running out of juice and need a quick recharge.

We were impressed by how long it took during our review for this light to indicate we needed a recharge. It lasted around 9 days before we started seeing any signs of low battery (we were testing this product throughout the 9 days pushing all sorts of buttons) and another 3 days before it finally shut off completely.


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LARQ Water Bottle PureVis Review

LARQ Water Bottle

The LARQ water bottle is designed to purify and clean itself, whereas other standard water bottles on the market cannot. This works by pushing a button at the top of the LARQ PureVis water bottle and waiting about 60 seconds for a cycle to finish. The PureVis water bottle will actually do this self-cleaning on its own about every 2 hours.

The marketing from LARQ on the PureVis water bottle says it is the equivalent of boiling water for 20 minutes straight. This may work for third-world countries, but our LARQ review took place in a city office setting, so we didn’t have the same contaminates. We can absolutely say the PureVis never smelled bad during our review like other water bottles left out too long.

The LARQ PureVis will do about 3-4 cycles a day which means the internal battery will last around 1-2 months on a single charge. There is a low battery indicator light on the LARQ PureVis to let you know when you need to charge the water bottle again. Then, all you have to do is plug in the USB cable to the LARQ PureVis lid, and you’re good to go.

One of the nicer touches in the design of the LARQ PureVis is the stainless steel mouth opening. A lot of other water bottles have plastic on top, which traps germs. The LARQ PureVis uses a simple cylinder that eliminates any buildup.

LARQ says it keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12. We were able to replicate that claim pretty easily. Again, we were in an office setting, but our testers still had hot coffee made the morning before when they tried it out during our review.

The LARQ PureVis water bottle comes in sizes of 17oz or 25oz capacity and a variety of colors (we got the Obsidian Black) to fit your personal taste. The PureVis is currently on sale for $95 on LARQ’s website.


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LARQ Bottle PureVis Movement Review

LARQ Water Bottle Movement

The design is the first thing you’ll notice about the LARQ Bottle Movement. An almost wave-like appearance to the stainless steel outer layer makes the LARQ Movement so sleek.

The LARQ PureVis Movement is an incredibly light water bottle. The stainless steel uses ultra-light material, making it more suitable for athletes and frequent commuters. The design also uses dual-tone colors, which add an extra flair to your LARQ Movement purchase. You also get a silicone sleeve around the PureVis Movement that protects you from scratches and scrapes.

The LARQ Movement water bottle has all the same features as the PureVis original water bottle but comes in sizes of 24oz and 32oz with a starting price of $78 on LARQ’s website. We were impressed to see how much liquid these bottles could hold during our review.

The significant difference between the LARQ Movement and the LARQ original water bottle with PureVis technology is the construction, size, and weight. The LARQ Movement is lighter than the PureVis because it uses a single-wall construction instead of the PureVis’s double wall. However, that doesn’t adversely affect the temperature control because of the LARQ Movement’s silicone outer layer.


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LARQ Pitcher


Our LARQ water bottle review included the chance to try out the bigger LARQ Pitcher. The Pitcher is different than the PureVis or Movement because it uses a two-step cleaning method compared to the single UV-C technology in the water bottles.

The LARQ Pitcher has the same UV-C light and an internal filter that eliminates lead, chlorine, mercury, and other groundwater contaminants. The LARQ Pitcher also uses a rechargeable battery with a simple USB connection.

The Pitcher is designed to cycle through cleaning every 6 hours and can even sync with a LARQ smartphone app to let you know when you should change the filter or how much water you’re using. It was fun to figure out exactly when we needed to add water to the LARQ Pitcher from nothing more than an app instead of trying to pour a near-empty Pitcher. The app also helps those healthier testers keep track of how many glasses of water they’ve drunk for the day during our review.

The LARQ Pitcher comes in a higher price tag of $148 on their website, but you can find discounts, especially if you sign up for automatic filter replacement, which will knock the Pitcher price down to roughly $118. You can get about 60 gallons of water cleaned through the LARQ Pitcher before needing to change the filter.

We strongly encourage you not to add tea or other drink mixes into your LARQ Pitcher. It may taste great but does leave behind a residue on the filter that could lessen its effectiveness. Sadly, we learned this the hard way. Doh!


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LARQ Water Bottle Accessories


The only real LARQ water bottle accessory we found in our review was related to the Pitcher’s filters. Other than that, you can purchase features when you pick up a PureVis original water bottle or Movement water bottle.

There is one accessory that we think is a must-buy when you’re purchasing a LARQ water bottle: the Travel Sleeve. You probably don’t need the Travel Sleeve with the Movement water bottle because it already has the silicone covering.

If you’re picking up the original PureVis LARQ water bottle, then you absolutely need to also pick up the Travel Sleeve. This is a soft and stitched Travel Sleeve made from neoprene with an easy-to-carry leather strap that you can customize. The Travel Sleeve leather strap is supposedly vegan, but we could not verify that info. However, we tend to think it is true because the rest of the LARQ company is designed to be environmentally friendly.

The nice thing about the Travel Sleeve is that it prevents your LARQ water bottle from slipping on surfaces, and the handle allows you to carry more without losing your water bottle. There is a snap on the Travel Sleeve, but we do not know if it will hold up to a school kid’s backpack or not. It was fine in our office activities.


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LARQ Review: What do Customers Think?

The reviews we read were generally positive. Some differences of opinion came between those that believe the UV light is beneficial and those that either do not understand the science or simply don’t trust the findings. Other than that point, everyone agreed that the design, structure, and capacity of the LARQ water bottle were exactly as promised. In addition, many commented on the sleek appearance and color choices in a positive light.

Most customers liked having a self-cleaning water bottle that could eliminate that nasty order common to other aluminum or stainless steel water bottles.

We took our LARQ water bottles everywhere for two weeks and never had a problem with durability, the Travel Sleeve, or the silicone covering around the Movement.

We read through a bunch of the Amazon reviews for the LARQ water bottle, specifically the Movement water bottle, and found a review that fit our opinions pretty well:

  • I ordered this bottle for my husband, whose previous water bottles began to smell terrible after only a few days of use from buildup or whatnot. The LARQ self-cleaning bottle solves that problem! Whenever he starts to get a hint of smell, he uses the cleaning function, and it’s back to smelling great. It’s also beneficial for him when he’s out and about to be able to use the cleaning function to make sure his water is safe and ready to drink.
  •  He also drinks more water than anyone should in a day, so I was looking for a larger size that wasn’t too cumbersome. The size is great – not too large, and the design is beautiful! The rubber covering helps with grip and any condensation that might form and protects the bottle in general. It also fits easily in his backpack and doesn’t end up weighing a ton.
  • Overall, great design, excellent cleaning function, and a worthwhile purchase!


Is LARQ Water Bottle Worth It?

LARQ Bottle Overview

Yes, a million times yes! The LARQ water bottle is a well-designed container that will last you years without getting stinky or forcing you to over clean every single day. LARQ also has the materials and technology that allow your drinks to stay cold or hot as needed.

The other significant benefit is the lightweight construction. We have many people on our testing team who enjoy a hike every now and then and love that the LARQ water bottle doesn’t weigh as much as other alternatives.

The sleek design lets you carry the LARQ water bottle pretty much anywhere you want to go. Both the Movement and PureVis fit into most of our car drink holders and side pockets of backpacks. The only time we had a problem was with the larger Movement bottle. The silicone rubbed up against the sides of a cup holder in one vehicle.

We didn’t get the germ-killing technology tested, so we cannot completely verify the 99.9% germ-killing effect reported by the LARQ PureVis and Movement, but we never dealt with the familiar water bottle stink during our review and the water tastes great, so we tend to think it’s true.

We think as long as consumers remember that the LARQ water bottles kill germs through UV-C light and the LARQ Pitcher uses an actual filter as well as the light, then they’ll be happy with their purchase. There are a lot of cities that have chlorine in their tap water, and the LARQ water bottles don’t remove that, but the Pitcher does.



Do LARQ Bottles really keep water cold or hot?

Yes, the LARQ water bottle does keep your drink cold or hot for hours on end. We filled up the water bottles before bed and let them sit overnight. In the morning, both the Movement and PureVis still had ice in them and were very cold to the touch. The same was true for drinks that were left in the car during a hot day.


How long will the battery last?

Normal Mode lasts for about 1 month while adventure mode about two weeks of use. This assumes one minute of use 3-4 times a day.


Can I put my LARQ Bottle in the dishwasher?

No, you should not put your LARQ water bottle in the dishwasher. We recommend hand washing for best results.


Can I use LARQ Bottle to make my water alkaline?

No, LARQ bottles only purify your water of germs. It is not capable of making your water alkaline.


What is the warranty?

LARQ has a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.


Can I use the LARQ Bottle for other liquids?

The LARQ Bottle is a self-cleaning bottle and was designed only for water. While you can use it for other liquids (It’s a bottle after all), we recommend turning off the cleaning function and hand washing when you’re done.


Where can I buy the LARQ Bottle?

The LARQ Bottle is available on the LARQ website, Amazon, and REI.


Wrapping it Up

Overall we agree with the claims LARQ makes about their PureVis and Movement water bottles as well as their Pitcher. We think each LARQ water bottle product is more than worth the money and encourage everyone buying to pick up the Travel Sleeve for the original water bottle.

Our testers also enjoyed the branding that included giving back to the environment. It’s kind of like a double whammy. You get the benefit of a reusable water bottle that cuts down on one time plastic water bottles, as well as a promise from LARQ to partner with other eco-friendly groups to eliminate water bottle plastic in the ocean.

The price tag is a little high for the product, but you have to keep in mind the LARG water bottle is both a water bottle and a technological device. Once you wrap your head around that fact, the LARQ price tag doesn’t seem at all unreasonable.

You may want to explore online resources to see if there are any surveys or quizzes to take that offer a $5 coupon code at the end to help defray the cost of the additional Travel Sleeve. Those comfortable leather straps are really worth the extra few bucks.

The final thing we’ll say is the size of the water bottle. LARQ was wise to construct a water bottle that can fit way more than the average size. That alone makes the product more attractive.

Thank you again for reading our LARQ Bottle Review. We were happy to give LARQ a once-over and hope you gain some valuable knowledge from our review. As always, if you’re interested in contacting our team to review any of your products or services, please send us a note throughout the contact page. Our testers are always happy to give a new company or product a fair shake.




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