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Do·jo | /ˈdōˌjō/ | noun

A hall or place for immersive learning and meditation;

"a place of the way"

My Home Dojo is a COVID baby

After spending a LOT of time at home in 2020 (can you relate?), we were surprised and disappointed to discover that there was NO reputable product review source designed singularly around products and services that elevate your home, health, and lifestyle.

Just when everyone needed that guidance the most.

And so, My Home Dojo was conceived and born—into and due to the housebound state in which the world had found itself.

We Are Research Nerds, DIY Enthusiasts, And Really Into Budgeting

Those three passions may seem disparate, but in combination, they make our product reviews reliable and more valuable to you.

We believe that what you buy should reflect the life you want to live. This mindset is infused into our every home and family product review, how-to, and family budgeting guide.

Stay and hang out at My Home Dojo. We hope you come back often seeking honest product reviews for quality stuff that will make your life at home the life you want.

-The My Home Dojo Team


As honest, hardworking folk, our aim is to always and only present you with products we love and think you will, too. So, if you use one to make a purchase, we earn a commission to keep the Dojo afloat! Rest assured, products we review are selected because we like them, use them, or have done extensive research on them. We make no recommendations solely for commission. Very importantly, you pay no additional cost for any product when you use our affiliate links. Thank you!

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