X-Chair Standing Desk Review

XChair Standing Desk
X-Chair Standing Desk Review


The X-Chair Standing Desk stands out for its advanced ergonomic design, featuring customizable height settings and silent dual motors for seamless transitions between sitting and standing positions. It boasts commercial-grade durability and offers extensive customization options, including various sizes, shapes, and finishes, to suit diverse workspace needs. Additionally, its safety features like rounded corners and an Advanced Anti-Collision Sensor make it a safe and versatile choice for both office and home environments.

  • Functionality
  • Quality
  • Customer Support
  • Price


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Customization Options
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Advanced Technology
  • Memory Settings
  • Space-Efficient
  • Safety Features


  • Cost
  • Size and Weight
  • Electric Dependency

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Have you ever wondered why the X-Chair has been making waves in office furniture?

Now they are making standing desks. Let me tell you, It’s not just another desk, folks.

This review will give you an insider look at what it feels like to own and use one. 

Unpacking it for the first time, configuring and exploiting this ergonomic masterwork – we’ve got you taken care of.

But is it all sunshine and rainbows?

We’re also going to delve into both sides – pros that make your workspace more efficient and potential cons that could give you pause. 

In short, if investing in an X-Chair Standing Desk crosses your mind ever so often, this piece promises value from start to finish.


Unboxing the X-Chair Standing Desk

The moment you lay eyes on the X-Chair standing desk box, there’s an air of excitement. 

The packaging is heavy and gives off a feeling that something special awaits inside.

Once opened, it’s evident this is not standard workstation furniture. 


Packaging Impressions

The X-chair arrives in a large box (Editor’s note: I highly recommend having another person when moving this box around. It was quite heavy). Every component is meticulously packed to avoid damage during transit, reflecting their commitment to quality.

It’s not often we see such attention given to ensuring all parts arrive in perfect condition, but details matter when it comes to high-end products like this one.


Included Components


All the components necessary for assembly are included and arranged neatly, making setup a breeze with no guesswork required. 

This includes a solid wood desktop surface, durable steel frame components, and the necessary tools and hardware required for setup. There’s even a step-by-step instruction manual included – no guesswork needed.


Initial Impressions

Fresh out of the box, every element screams premium, from its sleek design to its robust construction. 

Your first touch will reveal smooth surfaces and impressive weightiness, indicating top-notch materials used throughout – creating both visual appeal and functional durability.

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Setting Up the X-Chair Standing Desk

Pulling the X-Chair Standing Desk out of its box is just the start.

You’ll find a detailed guide that’s simple to follow, but I’ve got some personal tips from my experience as well. 

It makes setup a breeze even for those who aren’t DIY pros.


The Basics: Follow The Guide

To begin with, don’t toss aside the assembly manual that comes in your package; it’s there to help you. 

This step-by-step booklet will walk you through each stage of setting up your desk – no guesswork required.

It includes everything from where every screw goes to how tight they should be tightened. But let me give you some more advice based on my own journey with this desk.


A Little Help Goes A Long Way

If possible, get someone else involved in assembling your new standing desk – an extra pair of hands can make things easier and quicker. 

Trust me. They can hold parts steady while you fix them together or vice versa.


Taking Care Of Cable Management Early On

Cable management often gets overlooked until everything has been set up…and then it becomes messy. 

So take care of cables when they appear during assembly using these handy tips. It’s worth it in the long run.


Adjusting To Your Needs

Once you’ve assembled your X-Chair Standing Desk, adjust its height to match yours. 

A well-positioned desk can make a huge difference for comfort and productivity. To help you find the best fit, use these ergonomic guidelines.

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X-Chair Standing Desk Features

Commercial-Grade Engineering

  • Robust Construction: The X-Chair Stand Desk is built with high-quality materials that guarantee longevity and stability. Commercial-grade engineering implies it can sustain heavy usage typical in bustling office environments or active home offices without compromising its functionality or structural integrity.
  • Designed for Endurance: Each desk component is meticulously selected to endure the wear and tear of daily use. This includes a sturdy frame, resilient surface materials, and dependable mechanical parts that ensure consistent performance over time.


Push-Button Controls with Customized Positions

  • Memory Settings: The four customizable height settings enable users to save their preferred desk heights. This feature is particularly beneficial for environments where the desk is shared among users with different ergonomic needs.


Silent Dual Motor

  • Noise-Free Adjustment: The dual motors are engineered to operate quietly, minimizing noise disruption in the workspace. This feature is crucial in maintaining a focused and serene work environment, especially in shared spaces or open-plan offices.
  • Smooth Transition: These motors facilitate a seamless transition between different height settings, eliminating jerky movements and enhancing the overall user experience.


Customization Options

  • Versatile Designs: The desk is available in various sizes and shapes, catering to different spatial requirements and personal preferences. Whether for a compact home office or a spacious corporate environment, there’s an option to fit.
  • Personalized Aesthetics: With multiple top and base options, users can personalize their desks to reflect their style or match the existing office decor. This customization extends beyond functionality to aesthetic appeal.


Finish Options

  • Durable Finishes: The powder-coated metal finishes enhance the desk’s appearance and contribute to its durability. These finishes protect against scratches, chips, and wear, preserving the desk’s look over time.


Safety Features

  • Rounded Corners: The desk’s rounded corners are a thoughtful design element, reducing the risk of injury from sharp edges. This feature is particularly beneficial in environments where children are present, making it a family-friendly choice.
  • ACS Technology: The Advanced Anti-Collision Sensor enhances the desk’s safety by automatically stopping and reversing its movement if it encounters an obstacle. This feature prevents potential accidents and damage to objects.

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How to Use the X-Chair Standing Desk

The X-Chair Standing Desk is not just a desk; it’s your new workspace partner. 

Utilize the X-Chair Standing Desk to its fullest potential by following these steps.


Making Adjustments for Comfort and Productivity

To start, let’s talk about adjusting the height. 

The easy-to-use control panel allows for a seamless transition between sitting and standing positions. 

Just press up or down on the arrow keys until you reach your desired level.

X-Chair recommends a position where your elbows are 90 degrees when typing to reduce strain on shoulders and neck. 

This might need some trial-and-error, but once set, this ‘sweet spot’ will immensely boost comfort and productivity.


Finding Your Preferred Settings with Memory Presets

Your favorite settings don’t have to be lost every time you change them; that’s what memory presets are for. 

You can save up to four different heights in its system, so switching back becomes as simple as pressing a button.

You’ll find these preset buttons next to those used for manual adjustments – conveniently located yet distinct enough that they won’t be pressed accidentally during normal use.


Tackling Cable Management Efficiently

A cluttered workspace is no friend of efficiency. 

To help keep things tidy, purchase the optional cable management cage. An efficient setup also improves the longevity of electronic devices by reducing heat buildup around wires caused by tangled messes.


X-Chair Standing Desk: Pros and Cons


  • Ergonomic Design: Adjustable height settings allow for an ergonomic workspace, reducing strain and improving posture.
  • Customization Options: Offers a range of sizes, shapes, and finishes, allowing for personalization to fit various office aesthetics.
  • High-Quality Materials: Built with commercial-grade engineering, ensuring durability and stability for long-term use.
  • Advanced Technology: Features like silent dual motors and Advanced Anti-Collision Sensors enhance user experience and safety.
  • Memory Settings: The push-button control with customizable positions allows for easy and quick adjustments.
  • Space-Efficient: Its design can accommodate additional accessories like a file cabinet without consuming extra space.
  • Safety Features: Rounded corners and digital lock system provide added safety, especially in environments with children.


  • Cost: May be more expensive compared to standard desks, potentially impacting budget considerations.
  • Size and Weight: The robust construction might result in a heavier and bulkier product, which could be a concern in smaller spaces.
  • Electric Dependency: Relies on electricity for height adjustments, which could be a limitation during power outages.

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X-Chair Standing Desk Accessories

1. File Cabinet:

  • Spacious Storage: The X-Chair file cabinet is designed to provide ample storage space for your office essentials. It features multiple drawers that are ideal for organizing documents, office supplies, and personal items, keeping your workspace clutter-free.
  • Seamless Integration: This file cabinet is crafted to complement the X-Chair standing desk both in style and functionality. It fits neatly under the desk, saving space while ensuring that your important files are within easy reach.
  • Secure and Durable: Constructed with robust materials, the file cabinet is built to last. It also includes a lock feature, ensuring the security of your sensitive documents and valuable items.


2. Dual Monitor Arm

  • Ergonomic Viewing: The dual monitor arm is a crucial accessory for multi-tasking professionals. It allows for the ergonomic positioning of two monitors, which helps in reducing neck strain and improving posture while working.
  • Adjustable and Flexible: This accessory offers a wide range of motion, including tilting, swiveling, and height adjustment. This flexibility allows users to customize the positioning of their monitors for optimal viewing comfort and efficiency.
  • Space-Saving Design: By elevating the monitors off the desk surface, the dual monitor arm frees up valuable desk space, providing a more organized and spacious work area.


3. Power Hub:

  • Convenient Power Access: The power hub is an essential accessory for the modern workspace. It provides easy access to power outlets and USB ports, allowing you to charge and power multiple devices directly from your desk.
  • Sleek Integration: Designed to integrate seamlessly with the X-Chair standing desk, the power hub maintains the desk’s sleek and professional look while adding functionality.
  • Enhanced Productivity: With the power hub, you can keep all your devices charged and ready to use, which helps maintain productivity without the need to leave your desk to find available power sources.

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Evaluating the Worth of X-Chair Standing Desk

When considering the X-Chair Standing Desk, you need to think about its price point, unique features, pros, and cons. So, let’s dig into these aspects.

The X-Chair Standing Desk stands out as a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to enhance their workspace’s ergonomics and productivity. 

Its top-tier commercial-grade construction assures durability and stability, making it a reliable choice for long-term use. 

The desk’s height adjustability, powered by silent and smooth dual motors, not only helps foster better posture and reduce physical strain but also caters to a dynamic work style, switching seamlessly between sitting and standing positions. 

The level of customization it offers is exceptional, from various sizes and shapes to a range of finishes, enabling it to blend seamlessly into any office or home environment. 

Furthermore, features like the Advanced Anti-Collision Sensor and digital lock system add layers of safety, which is particularly beneficial in spaces shared with children. 

Despite the higher initial cost, the combination of robust engineering, ergonomic design, and user-friendly features render the X-Chair Standing Desk a valuable asset for both physical well-being and workplace efficiency. 

It represents not just a piece of furniture but a comprehensive solution for a modern, health-conscious, and productive work environment.


Wrapping It Up

So, we’ve journeyed through the X-Chair Standing Desk Review. I unboxed it, set it up, and got to grips with its use.

You’ve learned about the perks – superior build quality, ergonomic design benefits, and unique features that enhance productivity.

But we also highlighted some potential drawbacks you might want to consider before making your move.

In comparison with other brands? It holds its own quite well! 

Pricey? Maybe a bit. But as they say, you get what you pay for!

Your workspace deserves an upgrade. 

The question is: Is this standing desk worth your investment?

The answer lies in aligning these insights with your personal needs and preferences!

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