The Ultimate Diamond Mattress Review: Don’t Buy Until You Read This

Diamond Mattress Review


Diamond Mattress is a 4th generation family-owned mattress manufacturer that was established in 1946. They specialty is pocket coil and innerspring mattresses, and also build memory foam mattresses to offer their customers the latest advancement technology.

  • Value
  • Product Quality
  • Motion Transfer
  • Trial Period
  • Warranty
  • General Support
  • Firmness
  • Longevity


  • Large Selection of Different Mattresses
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • 120 Day Mattress Trial
  • Great Customer Service


  • Some Mattresses are on the Pricier Side

The mattress battles of endless salespeople and online merchants have left consumers with many options for getting a whole night’s sleep. However, the modern consumer may feel a bit overwhelmed between different materials for stuffing foam and revolutionary comfort zones with varying layers of plush.

That is why when we had the chance to do a Diamond Mattress review of their latest products, we jumped on the opportunity. We wanted to provide our readers with a detailed review from a team of product testers.

Follow us along as we research the sleep support and different layers inside a Diamond Mattress.


Diamond Mattress Review

First off, let’s make it clear that anyone that would have entered our offices over the past week may have thought we were running a strange Airbnb. We had foam and hybrid layer mattresses all over the place with testers, their families, and even a few pups considering the different mattresses for quality and support.

Second, to any other testers out there on the interwebs, do not drink hot chocolate on a mattress. Now, let’s move on with our Diamond Mattress review.


Diamond Mattress Overview

Diamond Mattress is a 4th generation family-owned mattress manufacturer that was established in 1946. They are located in Compton, CA, in the United States, under the direction of the Pennington family.

Over the last years, Diamond Mattress has responded to the out-of-the-box mattress movement by moving their production facility more in-house than outsourced. This enables Diamond Mattress to make more customizable products and offers a lot more control over the quality, layers, support, and price of their end projects.

Diamond Mattress makes its own layers of pocket coils and memory foam. They offer a range of products sold in some store locations and through an online platform.

Diamond Mattresses are hypoallergenic, which means they are safe for anyone to use. None of us have pet dander or dust allergies, but some customers who reviewed the product did mention that the hypoallergenic feature was why they purchased the mattress.

Where other companies are lowering prices by offering cheaper foam or support manufacturing, Diamond Mattress seems to have leaned into their production process as a way to control costs.


What Makes Diamond Mattress Great?

Most consumers enjoy working with Diamond Mattress because of the family business feel and support customization features during ordering.

Diamond Mattress offers high-quality materials from foam to coils and plush to firm that are a bit more expensive than other hybrid mattresses on the market but provide a lot more features to help you support your sore body.

Each of the mattresses offered by Diamond Mattress comes in three distinct firmness values, including Plush, Medium, and Firm. They also feature a Forever Warranty that provides consumers with a lot of value for the money considering the excellent choice of layers.

Between their long legacy and 120 day mattress trial period, it is no surprise that Diamond Mattress has been and still is an industry leader.

Diamond Mattresses are made with a variety of inner packing material layers, including high-density layers of foam, memory gel foam, and individually wrapped coil that prevents motion transfer. All Diamond Mattresses are between 6 and 10 inches in thickness.

The handcrafted design from Diamond Mattress provides little noise while still getting excellent core temperature regulation from the different covers. This creates a really comfortable platform to catch a few z’s, even when you’re surrounded by other testers and should be at your desk.

We looked through five of the Diamond Mattress collections and their relative features like foam, plush, support, and layers.


Diamond Mattress Collection


Faith Mattress


The Faith Mattress is on the higher end of Diamond Mattresses product line, which means a bit more in the price department. The good news is you get Diamond Mattress’s PCM, or phase change material, in the Faith Mattress cover.

PCMs are popular because they use energy-efficient technology to absorb your body heat and keep you cool during the night. That means you’ll get a longer sleep instead of night sweats.

We got a lot more comfort support for lower back pain from the Faith Mattress, and that is probably because of the hyper-conductive sparkle foam (yes, that is its name) and support system that conforms to your body.

The Faith Mattress from Diamond Mattress comes in all three firmness options. Those consumers who weigh less probably need to stick to the plush level, while larger sleepers should check out the medium or firm levels.

  • Available in all sizes from Twin to California King
  • Excellent solution for side sleepers
  • Zoned support system
  • Stays cool while you sleep
  • Mattress foam and coils
  • A little on the pricier side


Grateful Mattress


The Grateful Mattress is targeted towards consumers as the most affordable option from Diamond Mattress.

This is a hybrid mattress made up of springs and memory gel foam. The Grateful Mattress also includes a layer of patented zoned support focused on the middle of the mattress to help people with back pain.

There is little motion transfer for those sharing the Grateful Mattress, which may be where they got the name. You’ll be incredibly grateful you aren’t feeling your partner toss and turn after overeating curry.

You get a bit more versatility out of the Grateful Mattress for people whose sleeping position is side or back. The gel memory foam really provides you with excellent body contour. There is even a breathable cover to enhance circulation and extra cooling.

The firm version of this mattress is only one step away from a hard piece of wood. That might not be the favorite of all sleepers, but if you are someone that has to sleep on your back, you will appreciate it.

The Grateful Mattress is made from gel memory foam, high-density comfort layers, and their patented zoned support system. You can pick up the Grateful Mattress in all three firmness levels.

  • Available in all sizes from Twin to California King
  • Excellent solution for back sleepers
  • Zoned support system
  • Stays cool while you sleep
  • Excellent edge support
  • Few reviews online for this Diamond Mattress model


Rally Mattress


The Rally Mattress is different from other models because the materials and layers can be customized to the sleeper’s needs. You choose from a variety of features to decide what the final composition of the Diamond Mattress will be. These include:

  • Comfort – firmness level
  • Plush for lighter sleepers who sleep on their sides
  • Medium for those sleepers that move around a bit or share a bed
  • Firm for back sleepers on the bigger end
  • Inner Core – decide what layers are inside your mattress, like memory foam or springs. We choose the hybrid models.
  • Cover
  • Supercharged with Aqua Cool treatment
  • Cooling with Cool Touch Technology
  • Regular with Cool Release Technology


The price value for the Rally Mattress is pretty even compared to others. Of course, it depends on the types of materials you finally end up with inside and around your completed model.

  • Available in all sizes from Twin to California King
  • You get to choose a breakdown of materials like plush, foam, and more.
  • It doesn’t really solve the overwhelming sensation most buyers have, so it is really only meant for sleepers who know exactly what they want.


Intention Mattress


The Intention Mattress looks about the same as the Grateful Mattress model, except it comes in a higher price tag and has a layer of convoluted foam underneath. That means it has “peaks and valleys” as part of a ridge design similar to an egg crate and is supposed to create more airflow.

You’ll get a lot more comfort from the Intention Model because it has a bit more thickness in the high-density foam and spark foam layers. Also, if you choose the plush support layer, you will sink into the bed.

This is more of a high-end all-around mattress with a bit more cushion than others. However, it does have a cooler cover and motion control that makes it an excellent gift for newlyweds.

  • Available in all sizes from Twin to California King
  • Zoned support system
  • Stays cool while you sleep
  • Egg foam ridges for airflow
  • On the higher end for price


Transformation Mattress


The Transformation Mattress is your top-of-the-line product. You will pay the most for this model, but you will also get all the benefits and features from the Grateful and Intention Mattresses.

The Transformation Mattress utilizes the phase-change material that keeps you really cool at night and helps reduce sweat. It also includes the Sparkle Foam that Diamond Mattress loves to promote. This helps absorb more heat away from your body for a more comfortable sleep.

The best feature of the Transformation Mattress is the Micro-Coil system that supports over 2,000 pocketed coils. This offers a ton of added support for sleeping in pretty much any way you’d like.

  • Available in all sizes from Twin to California King
  • Incredible support system for sleepers
  • You get a really cool sleep compared to other models
  • The highest-priced mode


What Should you Look for in a Good Mattress?

Finding the right kind of mattress for you and your family shouldn’t be as hard as it has become. Unfortunately, we are a little frozen by choice by so many competing mattress companies.

There are a few things you should keep an eye on when selecting your next sleeping throne. Start by reviewing what you do and don’t like about your current mattress. Is it too firm or filled with the wrong plush materials? Maybe it is time to increase the size of your mattress. Some other considerations may include:


The Mattress Type

Mattresses come in many support shapes and sizes and are filled with all sorts of materials. You’ll have to choose the type of mattress such as: gel foam, memory foam layers, springs, coils, and hybrid models to find the best support for your personal situation.


Know Your Size

Will your new mattress be for your room with your partner and favorite pet or a guest room that only gets occasional use? Either way, you’ll need to decide what size will fit you and your entire bed accessories. If you are someone that enjoys doing work from home in bed, perhaps a California King is in your future.


What Position for Firmness

In general, the more plush feel a mattress, the better it will be for side sleepers. The more firm, the better for back sleepers. Think about the position you wake up in and how that will work on your new mattress. Almost all mattresses come with a firmness type (plush, medium, firm) and a measurement number ranking 1-10. 1 is softer feel, while a 10 is your WWII enthusiast’s camping cot.


Is there a Warranty?

If the company you are considering does not offer a good mattress warranty, you may want to shop around. With so much competition, the best online companies offer trial periods and extended warranties like those offered by Diamond Mattress.


What is the Price Value?

Never shop for a mattress without a firm budget in mind. Getting a new mattress can be pricy quick if you are easily convinced you need specific features. Have a solid number in your mind first, and then get the most mattress for that value.


Test it Out

If you do have the option for a mattress home trial run, do it! There are so many options to choose from that being able to actually sleep on a mattress makes a big difference in your purchase decision. We strongly encourage you to have at least 2 nights to really get a feel for the mattress.


Is Diamond Mattress Worth it?

We wanted to reserve this answer until a full week had passed, testing out all the different Diamond Mattress models we received. While some of the models seem pricy, the value you are getting is incredible.

We absolutely recommend Diamond Mattress for your next home sleeping aide. They offer many options and support at a price point that is about in the middle of the industry.

If you can get to a physical store to test out their mattresses, you’ll save a bit of time compared to the online system.

We really liked the ease of ordering and unpacking custom orders. If you are in the market for a new mattress, you really cannot go wrong with Diamond Mattress.

We think the fact that Diamond Mattress makes all their products in-house adds a factor of handmade craftwork that makes you feel like you’re buying a custom-made car with quality support.

The premium quality of the materials was beyond what we were expecting from an online mattress company.


Wrapping it Up

It’s worth noting again that Diamond Mattress provides a 20-year warranty on their customized Rally Mattress models and a Forever warranty on their Grateful, Intention, Faith, and Transformation models.

Diamond Mattress offers a finely crafted product for the price tag that can make a significant difference for those with back pain and who need additional support. Their patented support system really does contour well to the body and offers added relief where you want it the most.

The cooling factor of Diamond Mattresses is absolutely a must. Each of the covers we tried offered a different level of cooling, and we have some big dudes on our testing team. These are the kinds of beds that work well with a decent blanket, so you get that warm and cozy feeling without the added night sweats.

Diamond Mattress will ship to anywhere in the continental United States for free standard delivery of around 3-7 business days. That may be extended after the recent changes in shipping standards.

We had no issues with their customer service lines but cannot speak to everyone else as those are always hit or miss depending on the person you get on the other line. So for us, we had an easy time speaking with the people we were connected with.

If you have to choose one model, we suggest the Grateful Hybrid Mattress with medium firmness. This seemed to be the best price-to-value model for younger couples. However, we did lean a bit more towards the Intention model for those who want peace and quiet from their partner’s movement.

Thats said, buying a mattress varies from person to person. Factors include: How you sleep (side or stomach sleepers), If you prefer a soft bed or have a preference for a top layer. Whatever your preference, there will be a good option for you to choose from with Diamond Mattress.

Overall, we had a blast testing out Diamond Mattresses and highly recommend them to everyone who wants a better night’s sleep. To learn more about Diamond Mattress and their products, click on the button below to visit their website.

Thanks again for reading our Diamond Mattress Review. We hope you browse some of our other product reviews on our blog. As always, if you are a company looking to have your products tested out, please send us a note through our contact page. Have a great night’s sleep!

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