Loftie Alarm Clock Review – Replace the Alarm on your Phone for This

Loftie Review


Loftie alarm clock is a tech-wellness alarm clock that replaces your mobile phone alarm clock with soothing sounds that help you fall into a deep sleep and awake refreshed and ready to take on the day. Powered by the Loftie App, you can customize soothing sounds and music to your desire.

  • Style
  • Easy of Use
  • Price
  • Reliability


  • Lights dim very low
  • Bulit-in USB port
  • Gradual wake up feature with natural sounds
  • Various soothing sounds
  • Stylish


  • No built-in snooze button
  • Must use App for full features

Let’s face it; we don’t use a bedside alarm clock anymore. Instead, we typically scroll through our phone for 30 minutes (maybe more) before we go to sleep and then the last thing we do is set the alarm on our phone. While our phone serves numerous purposes, there are better options for waking up in the morning without the loud morning alarm jolting us out of our dream. Enter Loftie Alarm Clock.

The Loftie Alarm Clock is an excellent replacement for your smartphone alarm because it’s has a soft and gentle alarm. It also aims to reduce screen time scrolling to help you fall asleep faster and wake up well rested.

In fact, Loftie has a white noise machine that you can mix with various sound baths like rainfall or crashing waves. There are also meditations to help you fall asleep easier as well as work out during the day. With almost no moving parts, this sleekly designed clock is easy on the eyes with its dimmable display and physical buttons that gently fade in when pressed rather than LEDs lighting upon touch.

You can even set which days you want the Alarm (and various tones) to go off, so it’s not always waking you up at 6 AM if you don’t need it to.

Our team bought a few of these alarm clocks to see if Loftie is worth the hype. Read on to see what we thought.

  • Two-Phase Alarm

  • Customize Your Alarm

  • High Quality White Noise

  • Bluetooth Speaker Connectivty 

What is the Loftie Alarm Clock?

Loftie Review

Loftie is a wellness company that makes an alarm clock that goes above and beyond to help you get a good night’s sleep by removing distractions like your smartphone or tablet.

This wifi-connected appliance has a sleek compact design, calming features all wrapped up in one place. Just pick your favorite sounds, lights, sessions, and music together for 5-30 minutes before bedtime to improve your sleeping habits.

The Loftie smart alarm clock wakes you up silently, with no jarring lights or beeps. It’s meant to replace your smartphone as an alarm clock and has a sleep meditation station that helps lull you to sleep with different types of white noise and sounds of nature.

The Loftie Alarm Clock is a two-phase alarm system. When the alarm is set, pressing the “snooze” button will stop the alarm for 9 minutes before it starts up again. The second time the alarm goes off, you’ll have to get out of bed to turn it off completely.

The alarm will play a different tone each day of the week. So, if you set your Loftie to go off on Monday at 7 AM, it’ll play a soft chime followed by gentle rainfall on the second snooze. Tuesday comes with birds tweeting, Wednesday has crashing waves, and so on.

When you activate the Sleep mode, you’ll set a time interval that you want to listen to various nature sounds and white noise. Next, you can use the sunrise alarm clock with eight different light options. Loftie aims to mimic a real sunrise and wakes your body up naturally. When the time interval is up, the alarm will sound, and you’ll be ready to wake up.

There’s a micro USB port on the side of the Loftie Alarm Clock, so you can charge it before bed or as soon as you wake up. You also have access to 7 days of free content from the app.

The Loftie app also has a collection of meditation podcasts for you to listen to when falling asleep. There’s a sleep timer as well as a wake-up timer. This setting will let you listen to guided meditations for as long as you need, even if it’s longer than the time interval set on the clock.

While you can’t use your phone while receiving notifications from Loftie, we found that having the app installed made setting up the alarm easier and offered more options than if we had just used the Spotify alarm feature in their alarm clock.


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The video below provides a great overview of the Loftie Alarm Clock:


Loftie Alarm Clock Features


The Loftie Alarm Clock has a long list of features that go beyond a traditional alarm clock. These key features of the alarm clock include:

  • Alarm clock
  • White noise machine
  • Blackout Mode
  • Sleep podcast
  • Storm sound
  • Rainfall sound
  • Crashing waves sound
  • Babbling brook sound
  • Meditation podcast
  • Calm sounds
  • 8 light options (including no light)
  • Alarm duration of 9 minutes for snooze button with 15-minute intervals to stop alarm entirely before it goes off again.
  • Night Light mode
  • High-Speed USB charge port
  • App with seven days of free content
  • Dual-phase alarm clock


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What’s in the Box?

When you order the Loftie Alarm Clock, it includes your country’s extra USB cable and power cord. The package also comes with a wall adapter so you can plug in and charge via AC socket instead of using a USB port on your computer or laptop.


Loftie App

Loftie app

Like other alarm clocks, you can set which days of the week you want to use your Loftie Alarm Clock. There are also additional music stations available for free (We chose classical music) in the iOS or Android app. You can access sounds of nature, progressive beats, and white noise mixes with rainfall, waves crashing on the shore, and more. The sleep station allows you to mix these different soundtracks, so they fade into one another seamlessly. There’s even a 9-minute meditation session that plays to help ease you into sleeping mode if needed.

We found the app to be helpful when setting up the alarm. However, if you’re not interested in having an app, there are still options for using the clock without your phone (e.g., tone selection). With that said, it is easier to set up with both the iOS and Android apps installed.


Loftie Pros and Cons


  • Lights dim very low or turn off completely with one touch on the top of the clock
  • Built-in USB Port for easy charging on your nightstand
  • Gradual wake-up feature with 9 minutes of nature sounds before playing music at full volume to wake you up gently
  • Soothing features like white noise, rain sounds, progressive beats, and more make this alarm clock almost irresistible to curl up under the covers with all-day
  • It has an alarm clock feature with nature sounds, your choice of a radio station on FM/AM Radio
  • It comes in a sleek black shell that looks great on any nightstand.



  • No built-in snooze button
  • To get the most out of Loftie, you’ll have to use both the app and Bluetooth for access to all of its soothing alarms, podcasts, timer options. If you’re not using either technology, then this won’t be a good pick for you.


  • Lights dim very low or turn off completely
  • Built-in USB Port
  • Gradual wake-up feature with 9 minutes of nature sounds
  • Soothing Sounds
  • Multiple choice to wake up
  • Stylish
  • No built-in snooze button
  • Must use App to get full features



Who is the Loftie Alarm Clock for?


If you’re a snooze button addict, Loftie has a gradual wake-up feature that will have you getting out of bed without hitting snooze. You can set it to gradually play nature sounds and white noise until your alarm starts playing music at full volume.

This would be an excellent gift for your significant other, who always hit snooze one too many times in the morning or wakes up groggy from going back to sleep immediately. Plus, if you’ve been looking into buying a sleek new alarm clock, it’s a great option with all its soothing features.


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What Loftie Customers are Saying

Most Loftie customers are delighted with their purchase. They love having a sophisticated alarm clock beyond the standard options available for this type of device.

One customer says, “I’ve been wanting to replace my phone as an alarm clock because I want something that isn’t going to wake me up from notifications in the middle of the night. This alarm clock goes above and beyond my expectations with all its features. I love having a white noise machine to help me get back to sleep when I wake up earlier than planned or if it’s too quiet in my room. Everything about this alarm clock is soothing and helps me fall asleep faster and stay asleep. The white noise machine is my favorite part because I have a snoring roommate who keeps me up in the morning if I don’t use the white noise to mask her loud breathing.”

Another customer shares, “The alarm clock has helped my sleep routine better than ever before. Each night, I listen to one of the sleep podcasts available through the app or through Spotify. They are very calming and lull me right to sleep even when it’s bright in my room from street lights. When I wake up at night, I turn on some calming sounds to help me fall back asleep faster. This app is worth every penny!”

The Loftie Alarm Clock has excellent reviews on Amazon. It might just be the alarm clock you need to replace, that pesky one that keeps waking you up in the middle of your REM cycle.


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Loftie FAQ

What makes Loftie different than other smart alarms?

Loftie is unique in that it wakes you up in silence without jarring lights or loud beeps. The first time the alarm goes off, it’ll be a different tone each day of the week. The second time you press snooze – 9 minutes later – that same sound will play from your Loftie Alarm Clock to ease you into waking up.

When activated, the Sleep mode allows you to mix various sounds and set a timer for when they should go off. One minute before the alarm is set to go off, a light glow from under your Loftie clock will guide you there to turn it off entirely or activate snooze again if needed.


What kind of weather is the FM Radio able to pick up?

The radio can pick up both FM and AM stations. FM reception might be limited depending on where your Loftie Clock is located in relation to local stations. If you want to listen to nothing but your favorite station, then you’ll have better luck with an AM station that doesn’t switch frequencies as often.


How far off from my phone will I have to be for it not to interfere with their connectivity?

If you keep your phone within 30 feet of the Loftie Alarm Clock during setup, you shouldn’t run into issues connecting them over Bluetooth. You can also sync the clock to your phone if you have it within range of the digital alarm clock.


Does this alarm clock have similar features to other smart alarms? 

Yes. Loftie has the basic functionality of an alarm clock that you would expect, including setting the different days of the week it goes off, how long before it goes off, etc. It also uses different tones for your wake-up alarm each day of the week.

The difference is in how it wakes you up by gradually playing nature sounds and white noise instead of loud beeps or bongo drums. There are also breath work sessions available if needed to help ease into waking mode. What makes Loftie unique, though, is its Sleep station – adding different songs together with adjustable volume levels to fade into one another seamlessly until the end sound gradually fades out entirely. So if you’re interested in a sleep-inducing smart device, this is a great choice.


What modes are available for Loftie?

Loftie has an alarm clock/nature sound machine mode with only nature sounds to choose from. It also has a sleep station mode to mix different songs for your relaxing experience. In addition, there are four white noise options, two breathwork tracks, and ten light therapy sessions.


How long does it take to charge up?

You should be able to get 4 hours of use on one full charge, but this may vary depending on how many features like lights or sound you’re using simultaneously. If you need more than 4 hours, then switching the battery should work well for you.


Can I use my existing phone charger to power this up?

Yes, the battery should charge through either a USB or wall outlet. You’ll need to make sure that your Loftie digital clock is completely shut off before plugging it into an outlet, though.


Do I have to keep the app on my phone open for it to work?

You can keep your app closed if you want. The connection between Loftie and Bluetooth speaker is always available, so as long as both appliances are powered up, they will sync together with no problem. In addition, you don’t have to leave anything open 24/7 unless you want to access features like alarm volume control – which can be adjusted from within the app itself – or updating the clock’s time settings.


How long will it last before I have to charge this up?

The backup battery can hold a charge for roughly one month if there are no other features like lights or sound. You’ll hear an audible cue when your Loftie needs to be charged again, but you should be able to run it on battery long enough before that happens.


What are the dimensions of Loftie?

Loftie is 9 inches tall and 8 inches deep – roughly the size of your average desk lamp.


Can I use this for white noise or just nature sounds? How about with my own music? 

Yes, different white noise selections are available, including oscillating fan noises, rushing water sounds, and chirping birds. You can also mix your own custom content together by combining 10+ songs that fade into one another seamlessly on the sleep station mode.


How much does Loftie weigh?

The alarm clock weighs in at about 1 pound – roughly the weight of an average coffee mug. You’ll want to make sure that the surface where you plan on putting this is large enough for it to sit on without wobbling.


Is the Loftie Alarm Clock Worth It?

If you’re looking to replace your smartphone with a smart alarm clock that can do much more than just wake you up in the morning, then Loftie is definitely worth it. This wifi-connected appliance has you covered from white noise and nature sounds to calming atmospheres and relaxing music.

Many of our testers used the white noise sound to help them sleep and found the alarm to be a refreshing change from the alarm on their phones.

If you’re looking to cut down on the time spent checking social media or other distractions before going to bed, then a dedicated alarm clock like this one is a good option.

The only downside to the Loftie is that it doesn’t have a snooze function so you need to be dedicated enough to power down the alarm clock when your alarm goes off. This is easy if you keep your phone on silent but can be annoying if you don’t want to break from your smartphone screen’s “instant gratification” pull.

Overall we think this is a great product that is well worth the investment. If you can achieve a productive day by falling asleep easier or waking up with a soothing sound, then why wouldn’t you want to try it.


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Wrapping It Up

Loftie is a smart alarm clock that wakes you up with soothing sounds and provides many calming tools to help you fall asleep. It has a sleek black design and is much more than your typical alarm clock. It does come at a higher price tag, but all of the features that it provides could make this well worth the investment!

If you’re tired of the loud smartphone alarms and are looking for a better alarm routine, or if you are having difficulty falling and staying asleep and need some white noise, give Loftie a try. This product will help with your tech-life balance,

Loftie has made hundreds of customers happy and well rested. Click below to purchase your Loftie today!

  • Two-Phase Alarm

  • Customize Your Alarm

  • High Quality White Noise

  • Bluetooth Speaker Connectivty 




Please note: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 

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