Dyper Review: The Truth about the Eco-Friendly Diaper Subscription Service

Dyper review

As a new parent, you will quickly learn that there is an overwhelming amount of information and products to choose from when it comes to your baby. However, one thing everyone seems to agree on is the need for diapers.

The question becomes, how do I make sure my baby’s diaper doesn’t have any harmful chemicals? This blog post reviews Dyper Diapers, the eco-friendly subscription service that delivers all-natural disposable diapers right to your door!

Dyper is different from other eco-conscious diaper brands. While most are either cloth diapers that need to be washed or reusable diapers, Dyper is compostable.

Dyper diapers are made from wood pulp sourced from responsibly managed forests. The diaper itself has no fragrances, so there are no irritants against your baby’s skin. These diapers also have no plastic or latex components that many other disposable diapers have that can cause an allergic reaction to your baby’s skin.

That said, Let’s dive into our Dyper Review to see if all the hype is real or just a marketing gimmick.


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What is Dyper?

Sergio Radovic, the founder of Dyper, is a father of three who wanted avoid harmful chemicals for his children while leaving them a better planet.

Based in the United States, The Dyper company is an eco-friendly diaper subscription service that delivers all-natural, single use compostable diapers to their customer’s doorstep. Because they are made from wood pulp sourced from responsibly managed forests, there are no irritants against your baby’s skin. Dyper Diapers also have no plastic or latex components. Many other disposable diapers have that can cause an allergic reaction on your baby’s skin.

With a service similar to popular diaper subscription services like Magic Beans and Amazon Mom, Dyper Diapers claims that they are the first compostable diaper that can be put directly into your home composter or outdoor compost bin.  


What Makes it Green?

Dyper Plants

Dyper Diapers is the only commercially available disposable diaper made from wood pulp. According to their website, “Wood fiber is one of nature’s most renewable resources and is always sourced responsibly, so each time you use Dyper diapers, you get peace of mind knowing there’s no guilt.” 

While many parents agree with this statement, some consumers feel it’s not enough to sway them over from other eco-friendly options or reusable options on the market today.

If you’re a new parent, you have probably been bombarded with the latest and greatest baby products just in time for your little one’s arrival. But what you might not realize is that many of these products are harmful to your baby’s health. 

For example, disposable diapers- including Seventh Generation, Honest Co., and Earth’s Best- have been found to contain Tributyltin (TBT), a chemical used in biocides for marine equipment. In humans, exposure can cause immune system toxicity and has been shown to be carcinogenic.

On top of having harmful chemicals like TBT, other diapering companies (including brands like Pampers) use plastics known as polyethylene, creating oxo-degradable materials. As we all know, plastic takes over 400 years to break down!


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How does the Subscription Work?

Dyper Diapers delivers all-natural, compostable disposable diapers straight to your doorstep every 1, 2 or 4 weeks. Each Dyper Diaper bundle comes with 40 diapers that are comfortable for your little one and environmentally friendly. Because they are lightweight and highly absorbent, Dyper Diapers are perfect for both nighttime and daytime use.

With a variety of bundle sizes available, Dyper Diapers can accommodate your family’s changing needs. From the size 0 all the way up to size 6 for toddlers, you’re sure to find a subscription that works best for your little one. Made from the finest quality material, Dyper Diapers are designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit for your little one.

Every month you can choose a bundle size that best fits your baby’s needs. So whether you have an active toddler going through diaper changes all day or a newborn who uses fewer diapers each day, Dyper Diapers has a selection of sizes available, so you never have to run to the store for additional diapers in between deliveries.  


How is Dyper Different?


One of the most significant differences between Dyper Diapers and other environmentally friendly diapers is that Dyper prides itself on its ability to be compostable. While many people feel this is a significant benefit, others believe it’s nothing more than marketing jargon.

Another key difference is that Dyper Diapers do not contain any latex, eliminating latex allergies in babies. Instead of containing latex, they use wood pulp sourced from sustainable forests as their main material. In addition, Dyper Diapers have no polyethylene or chlorine, which is a significant perk that other eco-friendly disposable diaper companies simply do not offer.

The good news is Dyper Diapers offers a 100% money-back guarantee for any customer who isn’t satisfied with their product, so there’s no risk when signing up for service.  


Price and Subscription Options

Dyper Diapers has a variety of bundle sizes available, and you can choose how frequently you wish to receive deliveries. For example, suppose your baby is in size 2 diapers right now but might jump up to size 3 soon. 

In that case, you don’t have to worry about canceling your subscription if you want it to be more frequent and then resuming once they’re back in the larger size- just set up a recurring shipment every 2 weeks!  

While the popular choice is the monthly subscription delivery, we recommend ordering a 3-week subscription. While each box will carry the approximate monthly usages, it’s better to have more diapers than needed instead of running to the grocery store to buy a box of diapers to cover the gap. 

Suppose you’re unsure about what size to get. In that case, we recommend choosing the larger subscription box since babies can go through more diapers when they are infants compared to when they get older and start eating solids.

The chart below can guide potential Dyper subscribers on which service to get.


Each delivery costs around $80 per box. Below is a breakdown of a baby’s size and number of diapers per Dyper packaging subscribers should be aware of:

  • Size 1 : 264 Count
  • Size 2: 224 Count
  • Size 3: 184 Count
  • Size 4: 140 Count
  • Size 5: 120 Count


Dyper also offers a Wide and Brief version of the diapers. Depending on the age and size of your baby, you may want to consider one of these options. 


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ReDyper Service 


For an additional $10 per month, you can sign up for the ReDyper service. The first of its kind ReDyper program allows you to box up the used diapers and have someone from Dyper pick up the box and compost it for you.

On your scheduled day, they will pick up the old box and bring in a brand new bundle of diapers. If you want to continue with the service, you’d need to reorder every month. If not, there are no contracts or long-term agreements required so that you can cancel at any time!


Other Dyper Products

Dyper offers a variety of different products to go along with their Diaper services. Below are some of the items we recommend:

Dyper Baby Wash: Made with Organic lavender and camomile, this soothing was is great for kids of all ages and adults! Packaged in low waste bottles, the Dyper Baby Wash reduces the impact to the planet.

Dyper Baby Wipes: With so many toxic chemicals in baby wipes, Dyper Baby Wipes are made with 99% water and no harsh chemicals.

Dyper Diaper Cream: Using all natural ingredients, the diaper cream helps prevent diaper rash while keeping the environment friendly.

These products are great to address wet diapers or a poopy diaper. All products reduce the environmental impact with minimalist packaging using recycled products.


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Dyper Pros & Cons


  • Odorless, hypoallergenic, and breathable material uses viscose fibers from the highest quality bamboo plant, which is naturally anti-bacterial free of chlorine, latex, alcohol, lotions, TBT, or Phthalates.
  • No chemicals whatsoever, just pure comfort for your baby.
  • Certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute and compostable to ASTM 6400 standards.
  • 100% recyclable, biodegradable and safe for septic systems.
  • You can recycle them or toss them in a landfill if you choose to use a diaper service again after using Dyper diapers.
  • Dyper Diapers are designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit for your little one with an elastic band that securely holds the diaper in place, as well as the stretchy waist.
  • Top notch customer service.



  • It can be an expensive purchase for bulk for some parents.
  • Limited colors are available for this particular diaper.


Is Dyper Eco-Friendly Diaper Worth It?

Dyper is one of those products that you might love it or hate it. We all want the best for our babies, and there are a lot of new parents out there who choose to use a diaper service because they don’t have time to go shopping every week or two weeks. 

The quality of Dyper chemical-free diapers is top-notch. In addition, the material used is safe for any sensitive baby so you won’t have to worry about rashes and reactions from these diapers.

With the company’s focus on all-natural products and the baby’s health, we highly recommend at least trying these diapers for your baby to see if it works for your family.

In our opinion, it’s well worth it to try Dyper diapers out for a few months because of the quality that they offer. The price tag might be an issue for some families.

Still, when you consider how much money you’re going to save compared to disposable diapers over time, I think these are a great option no matter how often your baby uses them.

Dyper diapers are perfect for those who want to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint on the world. We would definitely recommend it as a wonderfully engineered eco-friendly diaper that can work well for your little one.  


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Dyper Subscription Service FAQ

Do Dyper diapers come in other sizes?

Yes, the company also offers wide and brief versions of these diapers for larger babies.

How many diapers are in each box?

There is 184-264 count per box depending on the subscription type you choose.

Are Dyper diapers good for overnight use? 

Absolutely! The stretchy waistband can keep them secure even if your baby rolls around a lot during the night, so you won’t have to worry about any leaks or messes at all!  

 Do Dyper diapers have an odor?

No, the company uses an all-natural material that is safe for your baby without any chemicals at all.  

Are they hypoallergenic?

Yes, it’s made of viscose bamboo fibers that are naturally absorbent and antimicrobial, so it’s perfect for babies who have sensitive skin or allergies to certain materials used in disposable diapers like latex, alcohols, lotions, etc.

Are they 100% biodegradable?

Yes, the material used is approved by the Biodegradable Products Institute. It composts to ASTM 6400 standards with the company’s commitment to making sustainable diapers.  

What are Dyper’s Environmental Benefits?

Dyper Diapers are made from compostable materials that break down in a landfill or an industrial composter within 180 days. According to their website, this is over 80% faster than regular paper diapers! 


Wrapping it Up

Dyper Diapers might be an excellent option for those parents who are mindful of their baby’s health as well as the environment.

The company provides high-quality diapers designed to help you save money in the long run by reducing your usage of disposable diapers. Strong and secure, these eco-friendly diapering options from Dyper will keep your little one dry and comfortable throughout the day or overnight!

Furthermore, at this time of this writing, Dyper offers a 10% discount for any military, police or firemen over the life of the subscription.

With the soft feel while using the safest material, Dyper has made a better way to address your baby’s diapers that will also help the planet. If you’re interested in subscribing to Dyper’s services, click the link below.

Thanks for reading, and let us know what you think of Dyper!


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Please note: This post contains affiliate links that we may earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 

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