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Home Product Reviews To Make Your House Your Family’s Haven

Home is where the heart is. But also now where your job is. And your kids’ classroom. And the gym.

When COVID turned our homes into more than just where our heart is. The home BECAME the heart: a refuge, a place of (too much?) togetherness. So choosing what you fill your home with is a more important task than ever.

Your home calls for variety to keep things fresh. Our home product reviews make that variety easy to introduce, and can support all the COVID hobbies you and your family have taken up:

  • The best kitchen accessories and gadgets for your newly acquired master chef status
  • The stuff you need to take better care of your stuff, from dog-grooming gear to composting systems that don’t stink (literally)
  • Game-changing products that improve your health and well-being at home, whether you’re doing work, working out, or working on a DIY project

What Happens When A Bunch Of Infomaniacs Build A Product Review Site?

We talk about products we use, have researched in ridiculous depth (We’re infomaniacs. You couldn’t pay us NOT to dig), and we LOVE exploring what can make your (and our) home a veritable treasure trove of things that bring joy to your and your family.

Living room, kitchen, bedrooms, backyard, office, classroom, gym … your home has become many things. My Home Dojo-reviewed products are thoroughly examined for fit and function for the lifestyles of the stay-at-home type.


XChair Standing Desk

X-Chair Standing Desk Review

X-Chair Standing Desk Review Summary The X-Chair Standing Desk stands out for its advanced ergonomic design, featuring customizable height settings and silent dual motors for

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