Solo Stove Smokeless Fire Pit Review (2021) – Yukon, Bonfire, Ranger

Hundreds of thousands of weekend warriors escape to the great outdoors for some much-needed peace and relaxation every year. Now you can bring that same rustic joy and open-air experience to your own backyard with the quality Solo Stove smokeless fire pit. We sent our Solo Stove Review team home with these bonfire fire pits […]

Review of Funterra by SMART – Educational Games for Kids

funterra review

(This post is sponsored by Funterra by SMART. Click here to read our disclosure policy)  This last year has been challenging for parents and kids. With so many schools closing due to the pandemic, we all scrambled to find educational content and social-emotional learning for our kids to digest. Enter Funterra.  Everyone should have a deeper […]

Goli Gummies Review – Why Are the Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies So Popular?


We are all finally braving the outdoors once again after being cooped up for so long and are quickly realizing we may not have lived the healthiest of lifestyles while under quarantine.  There has been one popular trend being spread everywhere online to help us get back in fighting shape. Adding Goli Gummies Apple Cider […]

Chirp Wheel Review (2021) – Will This Fix Your Back Pain?

As modern life returns to its fast-paced nature, back pain is something that is easy to overlook but can quickly get out of hand. The Chirp Wheel looks to change this and add a simple method of fixing that back pain.  Chirp Wheel made a big splash on Shark Tank (and even left with a […]

Gorilla Bow Review (2021) – Does the Portable Home Gym Pass the Test?

Gorilla Bow Review

One of the most unique resistance band workout devices rocketing to the top of social media is the new fitness tool called the Gorilla Bow. There are thousands of influencer videos showing off this sleek archer-like piece of equipment. We wanted to dive in and find out if this quirky portable home gym equipment is […]

The Ultimate LegXercise Review (2021) – Is The Leg Machine Worth It?

Legxercise Cover

Suppose you are looking for a leg machine that will help to promote healthy circulation, increase flexibility and strength, and reduce leg pain in the lower extremities. In that case, the LegXercise leg machine might be worth your time. It provides resistance through its natural movement, so it’s perfect for people who want to tone […]

An Honest Review of the BURST Electric Toothbrush

BURST Toothbrush Review:

You’ve probably seen BURST Sonic Electric Toothbrush all over social media and even seen Chrissy Teigen brushing coffee grounds off of corn to demonstrate the effectiveness of the toothbrush. And if you are like us, you must be asking if this toothbrush is as good as advertised. That’s why we’re going to dive into the […]

The Ultimate FIXD Diagnostic Tool Review


Do you want to avoid spending thousands of dollars in auto repair costs? If so, then you’ll love the revolutionary FIXD diagnostic scanner that lets you know when there’s an issue with your car. I believe we can all agree that one thing every car owners hate is the check engine light. Nothing triggers frustration […]

Cubii JR Review – Does the Under the Desk Elliptical Really Work?

Cubi Jr Review

With many of us still working from home, we are all looking for ways to keep active during our long days at work. We’re all leading far more sedentary lives, so the idea of sneaking some exercise into our workday is an exciting thought. In our Cubii JR review today, we’re going to look at […]