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Product Reviews, DIYs, And How-Tos For The Family Home That’s More Than Just a Home

You’ve arrived at My Home Dojo. Welcome! We provide product reviews, recommendations, how-tos, and insanely helpful information and data to cover every area of your life at home.

That’s some pretty big area right now, isn’t it? Our homes have expanded a great deal in purpose, function, and form in the past year.

  • That corner of the basement that used to house the legos was cleared out to become Mom’s office.
  • The kitchen counter is newly-deemed master chef Dad’s gourmet studio.
  • The bean bag chair and coffee table comprise your third-grader’s personal classroom.
  • One of the cars in your garage got the boot to make space for your state-of-the-art gym.


New World, New Adjustments, New Home Product Needs

We’ve all made transitions to spending more time at home, and along with them, some new product and service purchases. My Home Dojo was built in light of a need to get the right product or service the first time—without bias, without hassle, from reputable businesses, and with the right features and quality.

Because somehow, despite all our extra time at home, we seem to have less of it to spend on ourselves.

My Home Dojo’s product reviews save you time through facts that matter, tips, lifehacks, and curated products and services centered around elevating your home and family life.


Home Product Reviews, Family  Reviews … And A Little Something Extra

Our Home Product Reviews come from the perspective of “home as everything”: office, gym, classroom, playground, restaurant, spa, and finally … the place you kick off your shoes and get some shut-eye.

Our Family Product Reviews showcase products that will calm the chaos and genuinely level up your family’s stay-at-home lifestyle—through COVID and beyond.

We also dedicate lots of time, research, and heart to one more thing you won’t find on other product and service review sites: Money. We’d feel remiss to leave finances and family budgeting out of the arena of buying things. Our Family Budgeting content focuses on tactics, services, education, and products that will help you keep your spending in check and feel great about every product purchase decision you make.


The Best Product Reviews Do More Than Spout Off Features And Cost

Our product reviews are more than just a list of pros and cons. They offer insight, tips, how-tos, and stories you’ll find relatable. They’re from people going through it all and wondering the same things you are (but we’re probably way more far-gone down the “perfect product” rabbit hole, being the research nerds we are).

We’re here to share it all with you—the parents, the research-savvy, the DIYers—who make their house and the products in it a home that is more than.