An Honest Review of Dollar Shave Club: Is the Cost Worth It?

Visit Dollar Shave Club   The Dollar Shave Club is a company designed to deliver various products for personal grooming, including disposable razors, to customers through the standard mail service. It was created in response to a growing frustration surrounding the cost of shaving blades. Providing service in 3 different tiers, a person who holds an account […]

8 Best Smart Ceiling Fans For Your Home

best smart ceiling fans

As a product review and testing office, we frequently face multiple items with similar purposes. That means we need to test out how they function compared to one another to provide the best insights for our readers. We were recently asked to review the best smart ceiling fans that offered everything from remote control to […]

MasterClass Review: Is the Online Learning Platform Worth It?

Visit MasterClass   Learning new things from classes keeps us young and gives us more to talk about with friends and family. We often discuss new ideas in our review office because we are constantly exposed to new classes and products. We had the unique opportunity to review the MasterClass online classes learning platform recently. […]

An Honest Review the FlexiSpot Standing Desk: Are They Worth It?

FlexiSpot Standing Desk

Visit FlexiSpot   As a product review office, our team members are more than aware of the research on sitting down for too long. In between reviews of household items and fun gadgets our readers enjoy, we also spend a great deal of time handling social media and speaking with different companies seeking our expert […]

Thule Urban Glide 2 Review: Is the Jogging Stroller Worth It?

Thule Urban Glide 2 Review

Click to Learn More   We recently got our hands on the upgraded Thule Urban Glide 2 jogging stroller. People commonly call this a “jogger” because you can use the stroller while running or undertaking a marathon. It has the smooth ride you need, so you aren’t burdened on a jog. We were pretty surprised […]

Rumpl Blanket Review: Are the Outdoor Blankets Worth It?

Click to Visit Rumpl   Most of the time, when we get blankets or soft good products, we have to take them home to test them out for our review. However, this time, the outdoor blankets we received from Rumpl not only could be used in our office but were specifically designed for outdoor durability. […]

Real Relax Massage Chair Review: Is It Worth It?

Real Relax Massage Chair

Click to Learn More   There is no way to describe our review team’s smiling faces when we learned the next product up on our list was the Real Relax Massage Chair.  Of course, we love being able to review all kinds of products and services for our readers, but there was a special kind […]

An In-Depth Review of the X-Chair X-Tech Executive

Click Here to Visit X-Chair   Chairs are an essential part of any home office, especially when so many of us have moved indoors to continue the trend of remote or hybrid work. Our review team had the fantastic opportunity of testing out some excellent office chairs in the past, including some of the comfortable […]

GhostBed Mattress Topper Review: Read This Before Buying

Ghostbed Memory Foam Topper Review

Visit GhostBed   Of all the review products we receive in our office, mattress toppers and memory foam mattress products are the best time. We spend a few days taking naps and lounging around just so our dear readers like you can get some quality insight. In search of the best mattress toppers, we recently […]

An Honest Review of the Pillow Cube – A Side Sleepers Best Friend?

Pillow Cube Review

Visit Pillow Cube Website   Do you want to know if the Pillow Cube pillow is right for you? The Pillow Cube has a unique shape and feel that’s unlike traditional pillows. It’s made of 100% polyester fiber, making it soft and squishy but firm enough to provide support. This rectangular pillow is designed specifically […]