ChiliSleep Review: Can Their Products Really Help You Sleep Better?

ChiliSleep Review


ChiliSleep specializes in temperature controlled cooling pads and blankets using their proprietary technology to regulate both hot and cold temperatures to ensure a more rested night of sleep.

  • Reliability
  • Ease of Use
  • Price
  • Warranty


  • Easy to set up
  • Temperature control for both warm and cool preference sleepers.
  • 90 day trial period 
  • 2-year warranty


  • Sleep System Controllers can be hard to hide
  • Can be more expensive than traditional less effective options

Many people prefer a cooler room temperature when they lay down for some well-deserved sleep at night. There is something comforting about keeping your room just cool enough so that you want the warm embrace of a soft blanket.

It can be a challenge to find that perfect balance of cold air and warm bed, and that is where a company like ChiliSleep can help. ChiliSleep offers specially designed products that allow people who want to sleep in cooler temperatures to rest easy, especially when compared to their partner, who may prefer hotter sheets on the bed.

Our team had the opportunity to give ChiliSleep a chance, including ChiliSleep’s Ooler bed system, Chilipad, Chiliblanket, and Cube system. Read on to see how our office full of fussy sleepers did with these cooling and heating sleep systems.


ChiliSleep Review

The whole point of the line of products from ChiliSleep’s system is to offer clients a more welcoming environment for their sleep habits. So people who prefer colder temps can get that, while those who want a burning furnace around their body and feel warm and cozy.


What is ChiliSleep?

ChiliSleep is a California-based company that specializes in producing products and systems that control the temperature around you as you sleep. ChiliSleep uses temperature-controlled cooling Chilipads and heat-regulating systems that ensure a better quality nighttime experience.

ChiliSleep rose to prominence by being celebrated and featured by professional athletes and influencers, as well as features in popular publications like GQ, Money, Men’s Health, BuzzFeed, and Forbes. There was even a TED Talk about the benefits of temperature-controlled sleep by ChiliSleep’s co-founder Tara Youngblood.

The ChiliSleep system offers a variety of products that we’ll go into more detail about in our ChiliSleep Review further down. But, for now, you should know ChiliSleep products are incredible. We don’t want to spoil the ending, but so many of our testers are active lifestyle enthusiasts and prefer having a method to get a good night’s sleep is crucial after a long hike or bike ride.


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Who is ChiliSleep Good for?

There probably are some deep scientific reasons for athletes and active people using ChiliSleep’s products to improve circulation, but in general, ChiliSleep products are designed for those that burn a little hotter at night.

When you use a ChiliSleep system product, you get to balance the weight of a blanket over your body without roasting. This is a great tool to help people who get frequent night sweats.

One of our testers immediately purchased the Ooler system from ChiliSleep because he said it was the first night he could remember not soaking the pillow from sweating so much.

We highly recommend the ChiliSleep system and line of products for anyone living in hotter climates. People in the Southwest or Florida panhandle will definitely benefit from a relaxing sleep under a ChiliSleep product.

The same is true for anyone living in the north who cannot handle the indoor thermostat being cranked all the way up and want a way to stay cool through the night.

We did have a tester in her second trimester that loved the Chilipad and Chiliblanket. She said trying to regulate her internal temp is next to impossible right now and really enjoyed the benefit of the ChiliSleep system.

For those who prefer a smaller form factor, a weighted throw blanket called the Chiliblanket is well worth looking into.

Here are a few of the products we got to try out during our ChiliSleep Review.


Ooler Sleep System by ChiliSleep

First off, the Ooler Sleep System by ChiliSleep is really impressive. It harkens back to using waterbeds in the 80s, without all the added weight and awkward movement.

The Ooler system uses a hydro-powered thermal Chilipad to keep you cool or warm at night. Ooler circulates water through the Chilipad that you place between your mattress and fitted sheet.

There is a control unit with the Ooler and Chilipad that allows the user to adjust the temperature of the Chilipad between 55 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. For those tech gurus like many of us, a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app adds an extra sense of fun to the whole Chilipad experience.

The goal of the Ooler system by ChiliSleep is to keep you at the temperature you feel best fits your sleep cycle. The thermal Chilipad of the Ooler fits really well on a bed. It looks like it would get in the way when you lay down, but you won’t notice once it is firmly in place. The only thing is making sure you leave room for the Ooler control unit. If you have a platform bed, it may be a little out of place.

Our favorite part of the Ooler system from ChiliSleep had to be the Warm Awake feature. This slowly heats up the Chilipad about 30 minutes before you want to wake up, which is a great way to naturally get your blood flowing again instead of shocking your system with a loud buzzing alarm.


  • Easy to set up, and Chilipad fits nicely on your bed.
  • Fun Bluetooth application with a Warm Awake feature. 
  • Temperature control for both warm and cool preference sleepers.
  • 90 day trial period 
  • 2-year warranty
  • The Control unit is a little hard to hide in your bedroom
  • It may not fit all styles of beds. We only tried twin, queen, and king


Cube Sleep System by ChiliSleep

ChiliSleep Cube

The Cube system by ChiliSleep is a bit different from the Ooler. For one, the Cube doesn’t come with the fun mobile app and Warm Awake feature of the Chilipad.

The Cube uses the same water-cooled temperature control of the Chilipad with the same wide temperature range as the Ooler. However, the Cube comes in at a lower price tag. This may be a great choice for those who don’t care for the mobile app and Warm Awake Feature. 

The ChiliSleep Cube uses a remote you can easily keep on your bedside table next to a lamp instead of a mobile app. In addition, both the Ooler and Cube have the Chilipad Cool Mesh padding that more efficiently distributes the temperature-controlled elements.

The other big difference with the Cube is that the Cube structure is a bit bigger than the Ooler, making the Cube a little harder to conceal. As a result, you’re going to want an elevated space under your bed for Cube storage or an open nightstand shelve to make the Cube control unit a bit more discrete.


  • Better value price for the Cube sleep system
  • The Cube is bigger than the Ooler, but still reasonably low profile
  • The Cube Chilipad works well with most bed sizes
  • No electronics in the mattress topper
  • Convenient Cube remote for temperature control
  • No mobile app support or Bluetooth
  • No Warm Awake feature


Chiliblanket by ChiliSleep


The Chiliblanket by ChiliSleep is a hydro-powered, temperature-controlled weighted blanket for the bedroom, living room, or anywhere else you want some added comfort.

Before we talk about the Chiliblanket temperature control, let’s stop for a moment and consider the weighted blanket feature of the Chiliblanket. Weighted blankets have become more popular recently because they increase serotonin release, decrease anxiety and restlessness while you rest.

ChiliSleep got into the weighted blanket market with the Chiliblanket because plenty of people wanted the weighted feel, but not the overheating from being completely wrapped up. So with the Chiliblanket, you get the best of both worlds.

The Chiliblanket is more of a throw size at 81” by 45”, but it is incredibly soft. This is the perfect ChiliSleep product to keep near your favorite spot in the living room for binging shows.

The Chiliblanket uses the same hydro-powered heating and cooling elements as the Ooler and Cube and in the same temperature range.

We figured out that if you want the Chiliblanket to be really cold, you should turn it down and wait before putting it on. Otherwise, your personal body temp will slow the cooling process of the Chiliblanket down.


  • Great accessory for around the couch
  • The smaller form factor is easier to work within places besides your bed
  • Includes a weighted blanket feature
  • Reasonable price compared to the Ooler and Cube systems
  • No app control via Bluetooth
  • Throw size is not meant for a complete bedsheet


What are Customers Saying about ChiliSleep?

We like to look at the different notes and comments customers leave across multiple platforms whenever we review a product. The ChiliSleep brand enjoys an above-average review status of about 4.3-4.5 out of 5 stars, depending on which review site you’re checking out.

A lot of people refer to the Chilipad as their favorite ChiliSleep product. These are the mattress covers included with both the Ooler and Cube sleep systems and are no longer individually sold through the company’s website. They seem to be only available as replacements or in package deals with other ChiliSleep products.

We wish we saw more reviews of the Chiliblanket as that was one of our accessible products to use around the office. The Chiliblanket eliminated a few common disputes over the temp setting in the office.

The majority of ChiliSleep reviews we read preferred the Ooler system over the Cube mainly because of the app. It is becoming clearer that if you want to offer a quality product in today’s marketplace, you have to have it work somehow with mobile devices.

The major benefit that popped up the most on the ChiliSleep reviews we read was related to sleep quality. We can verify that the ChiliSleep offers a great alternative to improving your sleep cycle.

We actually had a tester try the ChiliSleep weighted Chiliblanket out with his dog that gets anxious during a thunderstorm, and the tester reported it worked well. Of course, they still had to be close to the dog, but the weighted blanket element of the Chiliblanket did the trick, so that’s good to know.

The only concern that kept appearing was related to the size of the ChiliSleep Cube system and keeping it out of the way in the bedroom. We agree that you will have to get a bit creative making room for that device.


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Is ChiliSleep Worth it?

Overall, yes, we do think the ChiliSleep line of products delivers on what they promise. ChiliSleep’s price tag is a bit higher than we’d expect, but with the ability to improve your much-needed sleep, totally worth it.

You will have to save up to purchase the ChiliSleep line of products, but if you have night sweats, heat flashes, insomnia, or any other sleep disorder, you could get some serious benefits that is way cheaper than having to go to a specialist over and over again.

ChiliSleep does offer a payment plan and promotions pretty frequently. If you are in the market for a sleep benefit device that controls your temperature at night, you may want to visit the ChiliSleep website and try one of thier products.

For us, the 90 day trial and benefit of the Warm Awake feature make the ChiliSleep a well worthwhile device. It felt terrific waking up from a long night of sleep to the natural warming element in the morning. It was like someone was gently encouraging you to open your eyes after a great night’s sleep.


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ChiliSleep FAQ


Is the ChiliSleep product line really loud? 

That is really going to depend on your sensitivity. Our offices are located in a city, and most of our testers live near enough night noise that they didn’t notice the humming ChiliSleep says comes from their products. On the other hand, if you live in an area where it’s extremely quiet at night, you may notice it more than us.


How long does the Chilipad or Chiliblanket take to work?

The website says it can take up to 30 minutes to achieve optimal temperature, but we noticed the change a lot faster than that. We suggest letting the Chiliblanket and Chilipad cool without any body heat underneath before you enjoy the benefit.


Are the sleep systems hard to set up? 

Not at all. You fill up the reservoir with distilled water, plug in the cord, and you’re good to go.


How heavy is the weighted Chiliblanket? 

The website says the Chiliblanket is 15 pounds, but it felt more like 20 to us. You really feel the difference between the Chiliblanket and a normal blanket.


Will the Chilipad fit over my bed completely?

No, this is probably our only complaint about ChiliSleep. The sizing is for “half-mattresses” that fit on the majority of the mattress but not the entire thing. We did try putting a queen size on a twin to see if that made a difference, and it did. The Chiliblanket is more of a throw.


Is it expensive to run?

That was actually a fun thing to study. If you increase your AC temp a few degrees and use the Chilipad, you will probably save some money over the month. Otherwise, it isn’t any more expensive than a space heater or heating pad.


Does Chilisleep offer a Trial?

Chilisleep lets all customers return their product for a complete refund as long as they do it within 30 days and meet certain conditions (i.e., the product must be in its original packaging and not used). However, if your sleep system fails to live up to your expectations after an extended period of time (60+ days), you may still receive a partial refund. Visit Chilisleep’s website by clicking here for more details .


What is Chilisleep’s warranty? 

Chilisleep offers a 2-year warranty on defective items. In addition, any Chilisleep products that malfunction within 60 days of purchase can be returned for a full refund. For more details on the warranty, click here .


What is Chilisleep’s free shipping policy? 

The website offers free standard shipping on orders over $75. Orders below $75 will have a flat fee of $5.95 added to their total.


Is there a heating effect?  

We noticed some mild warming, particularly on the surface of the Chilisleep weighted blanket (rather than underneath it). It wasn’t anything uncomfortable though—more like snuggling up under a heated electric blanket during winter time. 

The ChiliPad and Chilipad products also create an overall feeling of warmth. Or at least, less of a need for your body to expend energy fighting off chills than normal!


Does it work on plush memory foam? 

Since memory foam is so temperature-sensitive, we advise against using ChiliSleep products with plush memory foam mattresses. It’s too easy to overheat and trap in moisture, leading to mold problems down the road. Instead, we recommend buying an upgraded model for this type of mattress if possible.


What are the dimensions of Chilisleep beds? 

A queen-sized ChiliPad mattress pad with dual controls is 72″ x 84″. This will fit any standard queen bed with a depth up to 18″. For king, California king or split king beds, you’ll need two of these pads. A twin is 48″ x 84″, which would work for bunk beds. The Chilipad sheet set works with all mattress types and includes single-zone (72″ x 66″) and dual-zone (72″ x 94″) sets. If you have an adjustable air bed or waterbed, make sure you buy the correct size sheet set for them too!


What about my fitted sheets?

The Chilipad is relatively thin and does fit under your fitted sheets. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any use in bringing in our sheets to test this out.


Wrapping it Up

Getting a good night’s sleep is incredibly important to our overall health and well-being. It helps our bodies get the much-needed rest and repair while increasing our mental awareness so we can make it through our day.

Being able to get that high-quality sleep in a temperature-controlled setting is a fantastic benefit compared to a typical mattress. Many people suffer from sleep disabilities or simply prefer a cooler experience while relaxing for the night.

In all these cases, the line of products from ChiliSleep offers an excellent solution. You won’t wake up in the middle of the night due to feeling too hot or too cold. You also get the benefit of designing your sleep situation separately from your spouse. That way, you aren’t arguing over who has more covers.

While the price tag may be a bit on the higher side, we think ChiliSleep can improve your sleep cycle. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the sleep trial and see if ChiliSleep is right for you and your family.

As always, if you enjoyed our ChiliSleep review, why not explore our other reviews? We have been testing different products for a while now and would like to hear our readers’ feedback about what we should try next.

If you are a business looking to connect with us, please use our contact page. We are always happy to explore new products on our testing schedule. Thanks for reading our ChiliSleep review!


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