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Candid is a company offering helpful solutions for teeth straightening and smile perfecting. Their products help straighten your teeth without the hefty price tag of other teeth-straightening products like braces or Invisalign.  Candid Teeth are specialized retainers and aligners designed to help straighten your teeth without people noticing a heavy and obtrusive oral apparatus (like braces).

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A person’s smile is one of the first things you’ll notice about them, and it can often go a long way in making others like you. People with radiant smiles and straight teeth may have an easier time making friends, getting jobs, and putting others at ease. 

So, if you want to have a nice smile that others will trust, having straight teeth is pretty important. Here’s where Candid comes in. Candid Teeth offers aligners for your teeth to help straighten them and perfect your smile, all while costing much less than other alternatives like traditional braces or clear braces such as Invisalign treatment. Candid Teeth is one of the best products out there right now for teeth straightening, so today, we’re going to do a review of Candid Teeth. 

Keep reading to get all the details on Candid, their support, aligners, kits, retainers, and other products and services. 


Candid Teeth Overview

So, who exactly is Candid, and what are Candid Teeth? 

Candid is a company offering helpful solutions for teeth straightening and smile perfecting. Their products help straighten your teeth without the hefty price tag of other teeth-straightening products like braces or Invisalign. 

Candid Teeth are specialized retainers and aligners designed to help straighten your teeth without people noticing a heavy and obtrusive oral apparatus (like braces). They will not be easily seen, keeping your smile candid while they undergo the treatment. 

Beyond that, Candid also offers whitening kits along with their aligners and starter kits for those who wish to start the whole process of Candid Teeth treatment from the comfort of their home. With Candid, it’s never been easier or simpler to get your teeth straightened and whitened, so let’s take a closer look at how it all works. 


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How Does the Process Work?

Candid has outlined an easy-to-follow and straightforward process to get things started with your Candid Teeth treatment, all while offering expert support for each of their retainers, kits, and aligner treatments. 

The first step in the process is to show Candid your teeth. To do this, you can either get a free scan at a Candid Studio near you or order an at-home starter kit. Candid’s starter kit will allow you to take photos and impressions of your teeth, which you can then send to a Candid office for the professionals to begin their work. 

Both of these options are worry-free, with no commitment, free shipping on starter kits, and Candid even offers a full refund for those who do not qualify for Candid Teeth treatments

Going into a nearby Candid office can often be the quickest and easiest way to get your treatment started. It also offers no commitment and a safe, convenient environment to get your teeth checked out by their professionals. 

The next step is to allow Candid’s doctors to assess your case. If they decide you’re a good candidate for their Candid Teeth treatment, they’ll then start to design your treatment plan specialized to your unique dental imprint. Finally, they’ll send over a 3D preview of your Candid Teeth plan when it’s ready. 

The last step in the treatment process is to wait for the Candid aligners to be delivered to you. All your aligners will arrive in a single box, along with premium whitening treatments as well. 


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Candid Starter Kit Review


The first step in the Candid Teeth straightening treatment is to get started with Candid’s Starter Kit. With the starter kit, it’s easy and simple to take photos as well as the included impression kit of your teeth, which you then send off to a Candid office for review. At this point, an orthodontist in Candid’s network will assess your case and design your specialized treatment plan. There’s no need to even visit an office for this!

What’s so great about the Candid Starter Kit is that you get a full refund if the experts decide you’re not a fit for the program. So really, you’ve got nothing to lose when ordering a starter kit from Candid. 

And the price tag is excellent. The normal price for one starter kit is just $95, but Candid offers special discounts regularly. For example, at the time of writing this review, Candid has its starter kits listed at just $19. 

Once your kit arrives, it’ll have everything you need to start your Candid Teeth treatment right away. It comes with aligners and a whitening treatment. Candid also offers full-time support for your treatment plan. An orthodontist will track your progress with scans that you can take from your phone and let you know if any other adjustments need to be made. 

It’s as simple as that! 


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Below is a video of the starter kit process:

Candid Clear Aligner Kit Review

The clear aligners included with the starter kit are specially designed to help straighten your teeth while appearing as unobtrusive as possible. As a result, you won’t have to worry about cumbersome metal braces or finicky apparatuses. 

Candid’s clear aligner treatment will work on your teeth to straighten them according to a treatment plan designed specifically for each patient’s unique dental deformities. No two plans will look the same, and as such, no two alignment kits will be exactly the same. 

The good thing is that the aligner kit from Candid will contain all the instructions you need on how to use your aligners and what steps to take for your treatment. At the same time, you’ll have a qualified, experienced orthodontist from Candid’s own network of professionals to give you support and guide you through the treatment process. 

We can’t recommend Candid Teeth aligner kits more. They’re easy and simple to use, all while being relatively unnoticeable. You won’t have to worry about having a completely different look during treatment, and you won’t have to engage in rigorous upkeep like with other straightening treatments. 

The clear aligners also come at an affordable price point. Pay just $79 per month for 36 months with a $299 down payment. And you can enjoy a 0% APR too! They also offer payment plans with $0 down for those who are interested. 

And because Candid operates in-network for all their Candid Teeth treatments, you could save up to $1300 on the overall treatment costs. In addition, candid will take your insurance information, and they’ll even send in the claim on your behalf. It couldn’t be simpler. 


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Below is a great video on how the Candid Aligners work:


Candid Retainer Review


Candid retainers are designed to help keep your straightened teeth the way they’re supposed to be over time. However, after your treatment with Candid’s aligners is done, many patients’ teeth may start to shift, which you don’t want to happen. 

With Candid’s retainers, you’ll be able to maintain your newfound beautiful smile without having to worry about your teeth shifting back to the way they were before treatment. Retainers from Candid are custom-made to ensure your teeth maintain their new position and are the simplest way to keep your smile in peak condition. 

Some benefits of the Candid retainer include a comfortable fit for overnight wear, the ability to maintain the position of your new smile, and the inclusion of a complimentary premium whitening foam. 

Candid retainers come with a price tag of just $99, making maintaining your smile more affordable than at other providers. When comparing Candid’s prices to those of other health providers, you’ll see that Candid has the best prices for their level of treatment. 

And last but not least, Candid offers a convenient carrying case with the purchase of any Candid retainer, making it easy to store when you’re not using it. Your Candid Teeth treatment will be complete after purchasing and using your Candid retainer!


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Does My Insurance Cover Any Costs?

As we mentioned earlier, Candid will be happy to take your insurance information once you’ve signed up for treatment, and they’ll even submit a claim with your insurance for you, so you don’t have to. 

Candid has said that insurance can typically cover up to $1300 of your Candid Teeth treatment, but this may vary depending on your insurance network. You can also contact your insurance directly and give them Candid’s information. They should then be able to tell you whether or not they’ll be able to cover any treatment costs. 


Who is This Good For?

candid customer

Candid and their Candid Teeth treatments are suitable for anybody whose smile is not as straight as they want it to be. If you or someone you know has crooked or uneven teeth, then Candid will be a great fit. 

Candid specializes in fixing people’s smiles, making their teeth straight and white to perfect their smiles. Anyone who may be insecure about their smile or teeth would be a perfect fit for a Candid Teeth treatment. With their network of professional and experienced orthodontists, they will be able to design a treatment plan that is unique to each person. 

Candid offers teeth treatment plans for people of all ages, making their services great for anyone with their adult teeth who wants to fix or perfect their smile. Of course, this wouldn’t apply to children who still have their baby teeth or who haven’t grown in all their adult teeth yet. 


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Candid Teeth Pros and Cons

Let’s continue with our Candid Teeth review. As with any product or service, there are bound to be some negatives along with the positives, right? So let’s take a closer look at a comprehensive list of pros and cons you can expect when using Candid’s services and products. 


  • Price: With a cheap and affordable treatment plan, Candid’s price point is one of its strong points. You’ll be paying much less for a Candid Teeth treatment than you would if you were paying for braces or other similar teeth straighteners. 
  • Easy to Use: With Candid’s cutting-edge remote treatment and support options, their services and products could not be easier to use. You can complete every step of treatment from the comfort of your home if you would rather not go into one of the many Candid offices. 
  • Great Results: As countless customer Candid reviews have shown, Candid delivers great results while offering unparalleled support at the same time. With Candid Teeth treatments, you’ll be seeing a definitive improvement in your smile in no time. 
  • Amazing Support: Candid also offers amazing support services along the way. Their orthodontists will be checking in with you every step of the treatment process, making sure your treatment is working the way it should be. Support will also be there for you if you have any questions or concerns. 


  • Price: While Candid and their Candid Teeth treatment plans are significantly cheaper than other options like braces, it’s still pricier than options like Smile Direct Club or Byte. 
  • Length of Treatment: Some forms of teeth straightening treatments may be quicker than Candid’s treatment plans, but only by a small margin. 

As you can see from this list of pros and cons, the pros far outweigh the cons. Candid offers great services at a good price point, all while delivering support and specialized solutions for each patient. Their aligners, retainers, and kits will help to straighten your teeth easier and faster than many other treatment options. 


How Does Candid Teeth Compare to the Competition?

Candid Teeth Competition

Candid Teeth is a treatment plan that comes at a fairly affordable price point while also maintaining a high level of quality in treatment. With treatment plans designed by industry experts, you’ll get a specialized treatment with unparalleled support along the way. 

Other teeth straightening options will be pricier than Candid Teeth and may not offer the same level of support. Invisalign, for example, comes at a much higher price point than Candid does. In addition, normal braces you would get from a local orthodontist are also much pricier and may not offer the same level of support during treatment. 

In addition to this, Candid Teeth is an unobtrusive treatment plan and won’t fill your mouth with a heavy, clunky metal apparatus (like with braces). It will also stay relatively unnoticeable, just like with Invisalign, only it’s a lot cheaper with better support. 

However, if you’re looking for the absolute cheapest options out there, Byte and the Smile Direct Club offer more affordable treatment plans. If you’re okay with less optimal support and an inferior level of quality, then these options may be better for you. 


Is Candid Teeth Worth It?

In this Candid Teeth review, we’ve explained how Candid Teeth is a premier teeth straightening treatment that is absolutely worth it, offering unparalleled service for each of their products, including retainers, kits, and aligners. You’ll experience noticeable improvement in just a matter of months with a Candid Teeth treatment plan

Pairing this with Candid’s ability to conduct all treatment and support one hundred percent remote, you won’t find an easier teeth-straightening solution out there. We highly recommend Candid’s services and love the level of care and support they offer their clients. You won’t have to worry about your treatment not sticking either, as their specially designed retainers will keep your teeth nice and straight. 


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Below is one of many Candid Teeth customer testimonials on their experience: 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost? 

Prices are dependent on the type of treatment plan you get. Retainers, kits, and aligners can be upgraded or switched out for a different treatment plan depending on the individual’s specific needs. Contact Candid to find out more about price points for each option.

When will I see the results? 

Shortly after beginning your treatment with Candid Teeth, you should start seeing noticeable improvement in your smile. How long entire treatments take can depend on how often you wear your retainers and scheduled follow-up appointments throughout the treatment process.

Is Candid Teeth right for me? 

While everyone is unique in their own way, there are certain signs that indicate someone may benefit from teeth straightening treatment. The most common sign of needing a teeth straightening plan is having overlapping front teeth, which can be caused by spacing issues in the patient’s tooth structure or too much space between each tooth. This can lead to a variety of problems, including bite imbalances and crooked teeth. For severe cases, contact Candid Teeth by clicking here to see if their services are right fro you.

Does Candid Teeth offer remote services?

Yes! Candid remote service is one of the great features they offer. You can get a complete scan and impression from the convenience of your home as well as dental monitoring without an in person visit.. The CandidMonitoring remote monitoring is a revolutionary change in orthodontic treatment! You can learn more by visiting the website here. 

What type of results should I expect? 

When you first begin your treatment with Candid Teeth, you’ll experience noticeable improvement throughout the process. In as little as two months after beginning treatment, you may start to notice how straighter your teeth have become. Your treatment will be completed in 12-18 months from the time your retainers are made—how long it takes will depend on how often you wear them and follow-up appointments that are scheduled throughout the process.

Does Candid accept insurance? 

Yes. The good news is that Candid does accept insurance. This will entirely depend on the insurance company and how much they will cover. Contact your insurance company to see if Candid Teeth is covered. 

How much does it cost? 

Pricing for retainers will depend on the specific product you choose and how many aligners are required. However, Candid Teeth offers a payment plan should their customers require one after gathering more information about what fees to expect. Typically Candid Teeth come in at a lower cost than their competition.

When can I eat certain foods?

When you first begin wearing your Candid clear aligners, you’ll want to avoid chewing on hard or crunchy foods because it can damage your appliances. After your treatment is complete and you receive a retainer, the type of food you can eat returns back to normal.

Can I talk to someone about my treatment?

Of course! Candid’s customer service is one of the best we’ve experienced It’s important that you remain engaged throughout the entire treatment process so you know exactly how your treatment is progressing. Candid provides their customers with toll-free phone support team members who are available to answer all of your questions and concerns with no problem—they want to make sure you’re happy!

What if I lose an aligner?

If you lose an aligner, you should contact the Candid care team immediately. In certain cases, you may need to purchase a replacement for $99. It’s important to make sure to contact support so they can help. The same goes for retainers as well. 

Can I exercise with aligners?

You can definitely exercise while using aligners. Aligners will have no impact on your ability to exercise regularly. 

How do aligners work?

Aligners straighten your teeth by using carefully calibrated force to shift your teeth into new positions, which forces the body to adapt and remodel the bones. Every set of aligners is uniquely 3D-printed to adapt to your teeth and your unique dental imprint. 

Once treatment with your aligners begins, pressure will be applied to your teeth, and the periodontal ligaments surrounding them will stretch on one side of the root while compressing the other. This results in the process of your body building bone in the correct places to keep your teeth in the new position. 

Lastly, the passive healing phase occurs when your aligners have done their work. This is when you should be wearing your retainer, which will keep your teeth from reverting to their original positions.


Wrapping It Up

Candid Teeth straightening treatments from Candid work to help you achieve straighter teeth and perfect your smile. With the use of specially designed aligners and retainers, you’ll be able to see progress in just a matter of months. Candid will see you through every step of the Candid Teeth treatment process with a caring support line for all its patients while providing you with necessary tools like kits, retainers, and aligners. 

We can’t recommend Candid enough. Plenty of Candid customers have given Candid Teeth positive reviews. The Candid treatment plans are affordable and effective. With the ability to complete treatment entirely remotely, it’s also super easy and convenient! 

We hope this Candid Teeth review has given you the information you need to decide on a treatment plan and start to work on perfecting your smile. With expertly designed products, Candid can help. For a mid-point price and unparalleled service, products, and support, you should choose Candid today! For more information on Candid’s services click the button below.

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