An Honest Review of the BURST Electric Toothbrush

BURST Toothbrush Review:

You’ve probably seen BURST Sonic Electric Toothbrush all over social media and even seen Chrissy Teigen brushing coffee grounds off of corn to demonstrate the effectiveness of the toothbrush. And if you are like us, you must be asking if this toothbrush is as good as advertised.

That’s why we’re going to dive into the BURST Sonic Electric Toothbrush review and see if the toothbrush and BURST’s other products as good as advertised.

  • Powerful Motor

  • Healthier Gums

  • One Month Battery Life

  • Rose Gold

  • Powerful Motor

  • Healthier Gums

  • One Month Battery Life

BURST Sonic Toothbrush Review


Visit any dental offices, and a dentist or dental hygienist will tell you that maintaining good hygiene habits is essential. Big surprise!

But it’s not just for your health—though that is the main reason! Your appearance matters, and not just in a beauty sense; when we are confident with how we look, we feel better. Hygiene helps that, and it’s equally as important to have good products such as quality toothbrushes.

One significant advantage of the BURST Sonic Electric Toothbrush is the powerful motors it has. When compared to a manual brush, the BURST Toothbrush removes up to ten times more plaque! The BURST has 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute, but not to worry, the toothbrush reduces gum bleeding for great oral care.

The BURST Sonic Toothbrush reduces gum bleeding by up to three times more than a manual toothbrush. BURST toothbrush also has three brushing modes to suit all users: massage, sensitivity, and whiten to accommodate oral health needs.

A factor to consider when buying an electric toothbrush is the battery life, and BURST does not slack in this department. BURST is Lithium-Ion battery-powered and can be used for one month on a single charge! ! In addition, the BURST can be USB charged, so you’ll be able to buy fewer batteries.

Have you ever had trouble keeping track of how long you’ve been rushing? Dentists recommend brushing for two minutes, and the BURST has an integrated smart timer that provides a movement reminder every 30 seconds. Counting 4 reminders is a lot easier than keeping track of two minutes.

The BURST is top-notch in the materials department as well with high-quality super-soft, charcoal coated, multi-length, PBT, and interdental bristles—the bristles also whiten your teeth while brushing!

While it’s not necessarily the most critical factor, BURST toothbrush’s sleek design is visually appealing and comes in various colors, including Rose Gold.


Why is BURST So Popular?

BURST Toothbrush Popular

BURST has executed a fantastic marketing campaign by hiring numerous top celebrities promoting the toothbrush on social media. At first impression, you’d think that this product is all hype, but you’d be wrong.

Part of BURST’s success comes from how they promotes great oral care and partner with over 30,000 dental professionals to design and refine the BURST toothbrush. And while having a Khloe Kardashian is great for brand awareness, it’s the 30,000 dental professionals that give validation to the quality of the product. 

Even though the BURST Sonic Toothbrushes are battery-powered, it’s still waterproof and can be readily used while showering. Many people like to combine their morning or nightly shower with brushing.

BURST toothbrush boats a 4-week battery life, but many users have found that it can last up to 6 weeks. That’s a considerable amount of time for a battery-powered device.

Most electric toothbrushes with the BURST features like multiple settings, a reminder feature, ultra-advantageous bristles, water-resistant, can be charged, and long battery life usually tends to be about double to triple the price of the BURST. So affordability is a huge selling point.

Burst Modes

One of our favorite features of the sonic brush is Whitening Mode. With 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute, you’ll be able to achieve and maintain whiter teeth while keeping your mouth clean and healthy.

Many customers report that the charcoal bristles get in between teeth well and provide an excellent clean for their entire mouth while at the same time whitening teeth. BURST will also turn itself off after two minutes of use, letting you know that you’ve brushed for the dentist-recommended time for oral health.

The up-time for the BURST Sonic Electric Toothbrush is a huge factor. Many customers report that other, more expensive electric toothbrushes only last a fraction of the time and have to spend up to ten times longer recharging than the BURST. If you can’t use something you’ve bought when you need to, what’s the point? The BURST seems to eliminate that worry.


What Are its Limitations?


Not everyone will have the same experience with a product, which is true for the BURST oral care products. While many customers report that the BURST cleans their teeth and mouth well, others have said that the BURST loses vibration when pressed onto teeth with any amount of force. 

Some have also said that the BURST Sonic Electric Toothbrush must barely touch your teeth to keep the vibrations going, so this could be a concern to keep an eye on. 

We didn’t notice the loss of vibration during our testing, but the experience could entirely depend on how hard you press the BURST toothbrush against your teeth. 

Oral health needs can vary. Keep that in mind if you generally find yourself needing to press down harder with most of your toothbrushes.

The BURST Toothbrush turns off automatically after two minutes and needs to sit on the charging stand to turn back on. 

This can be an issue for those with retainers as the timer doesn’t give ample time to clean your teeth, mouth, and retainer.

Having to constantly place the BURST back on the charger then remove it just to use it again immediately can be a hassle.

Some users also report that the BURST Toothbrush can have issues removing stains from teeth, not good when talking about oral care, while other electric toothbrushes do not have this problem. 

The BURST is a moderately priced oral care product, so it should be expected that it probably will not perform to the highest quality like the most expensive electric toothbrushes.


BURST Toothbrush Pros and Cons


  • Very long battery life, and when the BURST Toothbrush needs to recharge, it’s far quicker than most electric toothbrushes
  • Auto shut off that lets you know when you’ve brushed for the dentist-recommended two minutes
  • The BURST Toothbrush has super soft bristles that reduce gum bleeding considerably
  • Affordably priced oral health product that is 2 to 3 times cheaper than other electric toothbrushes
  • Dentist approved by over 30,000 dental professionals.
  • Waterproof, shower ready, and usable.
  • Portable USB charger so you can take the BURST when traveling.
  • Excellent for people with very sensitive teeth and/or gums
  • Capable of whitening teeth with use.
  • Great customer service



  • Bristles may be too soft for some users and not adequately clean between teeth.
  • Some users have reported that pressing too hard with the BURST will cause the vibrations to stop.
  • The BURST Toothbrush needs to be put back on the charger after auto shut-off has activated before it can be used again.
  • Some users have reported that the BURST will stop charging after about six months and need to be replaced.
  • Might not be the best option for those without specific oral care needs like teeth and/or gums that are not sensitive at all.


  • Long battery life
  • Auto shut off
  • Soft bristles that reduce gum bleeding considerably
  • Affordably priced
  • Approved by over 30,000 dental professionals
  • Waterproof, shower ready, and usable.
  • Portable USB charger
  • Excellent for sensitive teeth and/or gums
  • Capable of whitening teeth with use.
  • Great customer service
  • Bristles soft for some users
  • Vibrations stop due to pressure
  • Must dock to restart
  • Some reported charging issues after 6 months


Our BURST toothbrush review also includes several BURST products that can be used in conjunction with the toothbrush. 

BURST Water Flosser

The BURST Water Flosser features one of the strongest cordless motors on the market. Flossing with water makes getting out the bits between teeth. The BURST Water Flosser has three pressure settings: Standard, Turbo, and Pulse.

This Water Flosser will not only clean the food and bacteria from between teeth, providing excellent oral care, but it will also massage your gums and stimulate blood circulation. The BURST Water Flosser is also water-resistant, meaning you can use this product in the shower after brushing your teeth.

Available in black and rose gold, the water flosser comes with a protective bag that can also house your toothbrush, making traveling easier by keeping them together.

The tips of the BURST Water Flosser rotate 360 degrees giving you more access to better angles to clean between your teeth and in the crevices of your mouth. The tips are also adjustable to accommodate oral health needs like sensitive teeth or gums with braces, bridges, or other dental work.

We loved that the BURST Water Flosser is a single unit rather than the traditional cord, tank, hose, and wand of other Water Flossers. However, the reservoir is a bit smaller than most Water Flossers and may require a refill before you’ve finished flossing.



Some people prefer to floss more traditionally, with actual string-like floss. BURST produces a textured filament floss that deep cleans and expands in your mouth to remove up to 85% more plaque than other traditional-like flosses.

The BURST Floss is black, allowing you to see the plaque and debris that it removes, so you know that the floss is giving you proper oral care. In addition, BURST Floss has a charcoal coating that helps absorb coffee, wine, and other stains that can be difficult to remove from your teeth. 

BURST Floss is PFAS free and is made from charcoal, mint eucalyptus aroma, xylitol, and microcrystalline wax. The case is also refillable, and the floss lasts up to 3 months per replaceable ribbon. 

Some customers reported issues with other flosses for being too thin and feeling like the floss was more of a string than something to clean their teeth. The BURST Floss is thicker and more heavy-duty and has the effect of brushing all over again to support proper oral care.

The Floss is heavy, so it doesn’t often break during use while also not cutting your gums. If you’re looking for an effective floss, consider BURST floss for your flossing needs


BURST Whitening Strips

BURST Whitening Strips are made with enamel-safe peroxide and coconut oil that make them an excellent choice for getting rid of stains from tea, coffee, and wine—an oral care necessity!

BURST Whitening Strips eliminate the chemical taste of other whitening strips with their no-slip formula. They also tout a reduced time for their product by working in 10 minutes. Traditional whitening strips can require 30 minutes or even an hour of wearing.

However, BURST does denote that for the best results, one should floss before Whitening, not brush or get your teeth wet, then apply the Whitening Strips for the full 15 minutes. Brush after removing the strips.

It is worth noting that a few customers have reported that using the whitening strips for longer than ten minutes at a time can make teeth sore and even hurt and sometimes leave bleach-like splotches on teeth—so there are some oral care cautions. However, the overwhelming majority of customers reported that they worked well for their sensitive teeth and did not cause any issues.

The coconut oil helps BURST Whitening Strips leave a pleasing taste in your mouth after use, which many customers cite as a big positive. After all, wouldn’t you rather have a coconut after taste versus a chemical after taste? 


BURST Toothpaste

BURST Toothpaste has hydrated silica that naturally whitens teeth and removes stains. In addition, the toothpaste touts a low RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasivity) score—which means that the toothpaste is great for those with oral care needs like sensitive teeth as it should not cause sensitivity issues.

BURST takes oral care seriously. Their toothpaste has a natural foam without SLS and has no artificial colors, triclosan, or parabens. The tubes are also 100% recyclable BPA-free plastic!

BURST Toothpaste whitens teeth, and some customers have even reported seeing the effects after only one brushing while using it.

The fluoride in BURST Toothpaste promotes remineralization and strengthens the enamel on your teeth! 

Possibly the best aspect of BURST Toothpaste is that it is natural. BURST uses gluten-free, vegan, premium natural ingredients that are also cruelty-free. No fillers, SLS/sulfates, artificial sweeteners, parabens, or flavors are used to make BURST Toothpaste.

The non-toxic and sweet-tasting glycerin moisturizes and smooths your mouth, and it’s odorless and colorless. The Xylitol used in BURST Toothpaste starves plaque-producing bacteria while promoting a neutral pH level in the mouth and sweetens the toothpaste but doesn’t break down the way sugar does.

BURST Toothpaste uses Sodium Fluoride 0.243%, which has been clinically proven to prevent cavities. 


BURST Travel Case

The BURST Travel Case for your BURST electric toothbrush comes in white or black and compact enough to fit in your backpack or luggage easily. The case comfortable fits the BURST Sonic Electric Toothbrush and extra electric toothbrush refill heads.

The BURST Travel Case has a magnetic lid that provides a strong seal so that you know your toothbrush will stay clean inside the case. The case is also lightweight and minimalist, making it easy to clean the case.

As a bonus, most electric toothbrushes with removable toothbrush heads will likely fit inside the BURST Travel Case—even if it is made especially for the BURST Sonic Electric Toothbrush.

The case has a clamping function for the removable head that holds it tightly, and the magnetic lid is designed to be reliable and straightforward. 

The case is slim yet sturdy and not easily broken. This is important if you’re packing it in a backpack or luggage while traveling.

The BURST Travel Case is all but an essential product to pair with the BURST Toothbrush for those who travel often and are even a good purchase for those who don’t. It provides a safe and reliable place to keep your toothbrush stored, protecting it from outside bacteria or other debris.


BURST Replacement Heads

BURST brush heads can remove up to 10 times more plaque than manual toothbrushes, reducing gum bleeding. In addition, the bristles are high-quality PBT that is cut interdental style, making reaching between teeth easier.

The replaceable head comes equipped with charcoal bristles to help clean and remove surface stains while whitening teeth at the same time. 

BURST Replacement Head packs come with three replacement heads, which BURST touts can last up to 36 weeks. The BURST Replacement Heads can also be bought in any of the three different colors BURST Sonic Electric Toothbrushes come in.

While we always recommend following BURST’s instructions on using their products, feel free to add a new brush head sooner if you feel the charcoal bristles aren’t working effectively.


Does BURST Toothbrush Work?

During our testing, we found the BURST toothbrush worked as advertised. While BURST sonic toothbrush is geared towards tooth sensitivity, we also found that the experience was just as enjoyable even with regular teeth.  

However, it’s important to note that everyone one has a different style of brushing. Sometimes when pressing down too hard, it causes vibrations to stop. While this will not render the toothbrush completely ineffective, it does take away from the advertised goal and detracts from your oral care routine.

Overall, BURST Sonic Electric Toothbrush works well. While there may be some drawbacks, this toothbrush works just as well as the more expensive leading brands. 

Any product will have detractors or those with bad experiences, but the BURST Toothbrush is a worthy purchase from the customer reviews.


Does BURST Toothbrush Help Whiten Teeth?

Yes, it does help whiten teeth. One of the advertised functions of the BURST Toothbrush is that it will whiten your teeth. But, of course, the whitening effect from the toothbrush is not as thorough or effective as whitening strips.

When paired with BURST Toothpaste, the BURST Toothbrush whitens teeth much more. Of course, the toothbrush isn’t going to give you a pristinely whitened smile, but it will keep your teeth clean, free of debris, help remove stains, and incrementally whiten your teeth.

If you’re looking to whiten your teeth well, it is recommended to use whitening toothpaste with the BURST Sonic Electric Toothbrush and use whitening strips as well—not all at the same time.


BURST Sonic Electric Toothbrush FAQ

Where can I buy it?

You can buy directly from BURST’s website or from Amazon and take advantage of their free shipping and quick delivery. 

Can I use regular toothpaste with it?

Yes, it is not required to use BURST Toothpaste. However, we recommend using their toothpaste to help promote whiter teeth if this is one of your main goals. 

Is it BPA-free?

Yes! Keeping in line with thier product vision, BURST toothbrushes are BPA-free. 

Does it come with the travel case?

No, the travel case is sold separately. However, we highly recommend purchasing the travel case if you’re frequently on the go. 

How do I charge it?

BURST Toothbrush comes included with a portable USB and a block charger. 

Does it have a pressure sensor?

No, but it does have three pressure settings.

Is it waterproof?

Yes! The BURST Toothbrush can be used in the shower.


Wrapping It Up

When it comes to oral care, BURST has plenty of options. In this BURST Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review, we looked at several BURST products. 

Every BURST product that we’ve reviewed has had overwhelmingly positive reviews. We put the toothbrush through a battery of tests during our testing, and it did not disappoint. 

We love that they use natural ingredients rather than chemicals that are too hard to pronounce. This is a good thing!

While we can’t say you’ll no longer need professional cleaning (please don’t stop seeing your dentist), we can say that the BURST Electric Toothbrush, along with the other products BURST offers, helps keep your teeth white and healthy.

In all, BURST is an oral care conscious company that provides good products for affordable prices. So if you are in the market for a new toothbrush, give the BURST electric toothbrush a spin. With a free 30-day return policy, you can try them out on your pearly whites risk-free.

  • Powerful Motor

  • Healthier Gums

  • One Month Battery Life

  • Rose Gold

  • Powerful Motor

  • Healthier Gums

  • One Month Battery Life



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