DeskView Review: Is the Window Desk All That It’s Cracked Up To Be?


We all know that sitting all day behind the desk is a pain that no one likes to experience (In fact, no one has to endure it).


Because standing desks are here to stay, and they don’t seem to be fading off anytime soon.

Over the last decade, standing desks have become even more relevant, especially to a home office setting, as they make it easier for people to work longer hours without feeling strained.

According to recent statistics, in 2020, about half of the American workforce work from home, which means that working comfortably is the order of the day- and DeskView offers that and more.

DeskView was invented (after different attempts at making a practical and adjustable window desk) by partners who, themselves, have experienced the hazards of a sedentary lifestyle.

You have probably seen DeskView on a Shark Tank episode and probably couldn’t wrap your head around the idea of the window desk.

In this article, we review the DeskView and tell you all you need to know about it, from the most significant features to the tiniest bit of information.

  • Premium Aerospace Components

  • Lightweight and Portable

  • Quick and Easy Installation

  • Fully Assembled 

  • Risk Free Purchase

DeskView Review – What is it?


When it comes to new products for your Home Office, DeskView offers one fo the best standing desk solutions.

DeskView is a window desk that can mount to tempered glass windows or tempered glass wall. The DeskView product is a modern and adjustable standing desk that increases your workspace without consuming too much space in your home office.

This window desk is the ultimate solution for those that want to work from home and don’t have much space. It was designed with a minimalist package that makes it suitable for most places, no matter how small.

DeskView is a form of standing desk that does not really interfere with your initial home setting, unlike your traditional furniture.

DeskView is actually the first of its kind. There are several types of standing desks, but DeskView is the world’s first window-mounted standing desk.

The logic behind its ability to mount on the window is a pair of patented big industrial strength suction cups backed by aerospace aluminum-grade brackets that support the work surface.

DeskView has a horizontal work surface of 12 inches x 25 inches. Based on our tests, the work surface is large enough to occupy your laptop and still give you space for your mouse and even your cup of coffee and cell phone.

The work surface is available in white, bamboo, or clear form. It weighs just 9 pounds, but it can effectively carry objects that weigh up to 40 pounds.


How To Use DeskView Window Desk

DeskView comes fully assembled with instructions on how to mount it to the desired surface.

With this simplicity in mind, you can get your DeskView window desk installed and start working with it in your home office within minutes.

This window desk can be used for work or any other purpose, such as watching movies on your laptop. You could use DeskView to provide your home with stylish shelving or a display space to accent your interior(although we’re pretty sure you didn’t buy DeskView for just that).

As seen on Shark Tank, DeskView was initially designed to enhance the convenience of work, whether at the office or your simple home office. Built as a window desk, DeskView is a medium that allows you to work while standing.

Here’s all you need to do to set up your DeskView:

  • Clean the rubber suction disc with water. In the same vein, clean the tempered glass non-porous surface surface with water to ensure there is no debris, dust, or hair on the surface.
  • Press the brackets with your fingers while making sure your fingers and thumb touch the edges of the suction cups and levers against your palm. Then press firmly against the glass surface.
  • Press down the levers, one at a time, with your palm. Engaging the suction force would make you feel some resistance.
  • To ensure that the suction cups are securely fit, grab the working surface on each side, pull down, and pull away to test. Try the step again in 15 minutes to double-check.


These steps are all you need to set up your window desk and start working comfortably.

Removing DeskView is even a lot easier and takes less time than setting it up. Whenever you want to remove the desk, you just have to pull the levers back up with your fingers around the edges of the suction disks.

The video below demonstrates the installation and removal process along with some helpful tips:


Who is DeskView For?

DeskView was designed originally to reduce the pain of sitting down behind the desk, but then, it came out to be so much more.

DeskView is particularly useful for:

People who have little or no floor space to spare for a desk

Whether it’s at home or your office, this standing desk is the ultimate space saver.

Because DeskView does not take up floor space, the presence of a desk is almost not felt, and you can practically forget that it’s even there!

A window-mounted standing desk like DeskView allows you to work from home without the need to change your home arrangement.


People who do not want a sedentary lifestyle

Almost everyone complains of a sore back, eye strains, and poor metabolism caused by sitting for long hours at work.

If you are tired of always sitting while you work and want to change it, you should consider a DeskView window desk.

Because it is a standing desk, it helps you avoid sitting the entire day, thus keeping a healthy posture.


People who work from home

As much as many people want to bring their work home, we know that dedicating a desk to your laptop may not be that easy.

Your kids may accidentally drop their bags on your laptop, or worse, someone may even sit on your closed laptop. Eeek!

This may leave you feeling worried about the exorbitant prices of traditional desks that might take up a ton of space.

The DeskView window desk helps you have a workspace without interfering with your home setting. Whether you have a dedicated home office or not, DeskView gives you a perfect work environment in your home and can be easily moved or adjusted to accommodate a video conference call for a better background.


People who appreciate elegance

If you are the type of person that likes unique arrangements and aesthetics, this standing desk is perfectly suitable for you.

DeskView’s work surface has been elegantly crafted and would accentuate the beauty of any office or home.

Also, while working with DeskView attached to your window, you get the chance to enjoy the view of your environment, which could be relaxing and inspiring.


Are There Limitations to DeskView Window Desk?

Despite the benefits of using a DeskView window desk, we noticed that the conditions or criteria under which it can be attached might be an issue to some people.

As a window-mounted standing desk, DeskView cannot mount concrete, brick, mosaic tiles, etched glass, stone, wood, marble, painted walls, and glass that is less than 24″ wide.

Furthermore, DeskView needs to be installed on tempered glass. If your home does not have tempered glass, this may not be the right fit.


DeskView Window Desk – Pros and Cons


There are several advantages of using DeskView; however, we would be sharing the most significant benefits with you below:

Sturdy and Long-lasting

The DeskView window desk is built well and maintained it’s sturdiness during our tests. DeskView’s industrial-grade suction technology holds up to 40 pounds allowing for multiple items to be safely placed on the desk.

After installing DeskView, it can stay attached as a window desk for weeks, months, or even years without smudging the glass.

We also love the fact that the DeskView window desk can carry laptops, files, and other small equipment while working with it.

Quick Installation and Detaching

Unlike other standing desks that are so complicated to assemble, DeskView comes fully assembled, and it takes only about two minutes to install.

We also found out that detaching the DeskView window desk is even easier than actually installing it.

Elegant and Movable

Aside from function, the DeskView window desk boasts of an exquisite finish in three different options – clear, white and bamboo model.

The fact that it is detachable makes it possible to move it around without being limited to where it was installed initially, and you could travel with it or take it to coffee shops and work while standing.

Increases Concentration

You can attest to the fact; that sitting down for a long while working makes you easily distracted, and you may even fall asleep while typing because you are in a relaxed position.

When you’re working with a standing desk like DeskView, you will rarely be distracted or tired because you are standing.


However, we have found out that most people point out one particular downside of this standing desk:

A Bit Heavy on the Pocket:

Deskview window desk is a bit expensive to buy. Compared to other standing desks, the DeskView window desk is a bit on the high side.

DeskView, while compact, was not designed to be a low-quality solution. Hence, the quality of materials used to make this window desk warrants the higher price.

Although you get value for your money, DeskView may require a bit of saving for you to get.


  • Sturdy and Long Lasting
  • Quick Installation and Detaching
  • Elegant and Moveable
  • Increased Productivity
  • Cost


Does DeskView Work?

Given all its features, as highlighted in Shark Tank, DeskView actually lived up to expectations in every way through our testing.

The quality was top-notch, and the suction disks leave no mark or smudge on the glass.

There was no occurrence of flex or bounce when attached, and it gave no hassle while removing it.

Because your convenience is a priority, the DeskView window desk comes with a bubble level that helps you adjust the standing desk to the perfect height for work.


Is DeskView Worth it?

We’d understand that you wouldn’t want to incur such an expense to get a DeskView window desk without wanting to know if it will be worth the cost of buying it at all – and you may not want to rely solely on what you saw on Shark Tank.

We also wouldn’t want you to learn from a mistake when we can provide you with valuable information.

The high quality of DeskView window desk components makes it worth the money you would be spending to get it. However, some standing desks are relatively more expensive than DeskView window desks, and they do not serve the same purpose that DeskView does.

Apart from the quality and function of the DeskView window desk, the versatility of this unique standing desk is another reason we think it is worth it.


DeskView FAQs

Can I put a DeskView window desk on a mirror if I want to open the window for fresh air while working?

Yes, you can put your standing desk on a smooth glass surface as long as it is not porous. The DeskView window desk works fine for glass mirrors, internal and external glass.

However, you have to be sure of the thickness of the glass, as it has to be at least 1/4″ thick.


Is this window desk made to be put away daily?

Just as it’s seen in Shark Tank, it is meant to be put away each day after use. But because it can stay put for a long time, you can leave it in a position without worries.


Can DeskView mount my tempered glass whiteboard at the office?

Yes. The DeskView window desk can mount any tempered glass surface perfectly.


DeskView Alternatives

There are different types of standing desks in the market nowadays, but they can hardly match the standard of DeskView.

Below are some standing desk options that are similar to the DeskView window desk:


VariDesk Pro

VariDesk Pro is a wooden semicircular standing desk manufactured by VariDesk. This standing desk gives you the chance to raise to 17.5″ off your desk and about 11 different height settings.

It is a standing desk with a posture curve and can be adjusted according to height. VariDesk has enough space for keyboards and monitors with its 30″ x 26.75″ dimension.


Flexispot Standing Desk

Flexispot standing desk is a 32″ desk riser for dual monitors and laptops. It has a dual-tier design – the lower tier serves as a designated keyboard tray to make the upper tier available for documents and accessories.

This standing desk prevents toppling, with a uniquely constructed bracing system that ensures smooth operation even under full load, making it very safe and reliable. It consists of a 28.4″ x12.1″ keyboard tray and a 31.5″ x16.3″ work surface.


Vivo Standing Desk

Vivo dual monitor riser is a rectangular standing desk that provides room for single and dual monitor or laptop setups. The 33 pounds lift assist makes it effortless for you to go from sitting to standing position with dual pneumatic spring force.

The 36″ x22″ workspace gives you enough room for single and dual setups, and the 25″ x10.5″ keyboard tray rises together with the top surface to make working convenient- With adjustable points up to 17″ from the surface, adjusting to your perfect height level will be very easy.

Vivo standing desk is backed with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.


TechOrbits Standing Desk

TechOrbits standing desk is a rectangular standing desk made of premium medium density wood. The standing desk has a holding capacity of 33 pounds, and it is designed to accommodate practically any size of the monitor.

TechOrbits is suitable for 13″-30″ monitors, and it has non-skid silicone pads to protect the desk. It also consists of heavy-duty aluminum and gas springs to support your monitor.

This standing desk uses premium matte MDF wood to accent the surface material.


Wrapping It Up

The DeskView window desk is a unique way to work from home or co-working space, without having to clear out space or change anything in your room setting.

Many people saw DeskView on SharkTank, but since the COVID pandemic, working from home overnight became the norm with people having an urgent need for workspace, catapulting DeskView’s popularity.

We love DeskView because it’s versatile and mobile while giving you the ability to work from anywhere, whether your office, home office, or even a café.

We are sure you would fall in love with the exquisite design of the workspace when you see it.

This window desk also gives an aura of ease while working with it, and this may be attributed to the view that you enjoy as you work. So give DeskView a try and see if it changes your perspective on how you work!

  • Premium Aerospace Components

  • Lightweight and Portable

  • Quick and Easy Installation

  • Fully Assembled 

  • Risk Free Purchase



Please note: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 

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