Thuma Bed Review: Is the Platform Bed Worth It?

Thuma Bed Review

Thuma Bed Review

Thuma bedframe is a completely new invention in the world of beds. This bedframe provides permanent firmness to any mattress, without using any springs or other known systems. The best part is that it does not require costly maintenance either!


  • Assembly
  • Warranty
  • Price
  • Comfort


  • Study design supports up to 1,500 lbs
  • Can be assembled in around five minutes
  • Comes delivered in compact packaging
  • No squeaking or other annoying noises
  • Sleek, minimalist bed frames


  • Only offered in one style
  • Must assemble it yourself
  • Only two options for PillowBoard color
  • Delivered in three separate packages

Are you looking for a new frame? 

It can be challenging to know what brand of bed you should go with when looking for something new. You probably want something sleek and stylish while also providing ease of assembly and superb comfort. If you’ve been searching high and low and conducting hours of research with no avail, you’re in luck. We’ve got one of the best options for people looking for a new bed covered in this article.

If you’re looking for a stunning bed that is easy to assemble and made from the highest quality materials, look no further than the Thuma bed. This minimalistic platform beds ease with comfort and promises a luxurious night’s sleep. You can also be sure of the quality since Thuma reported that it took over two years of prototyping before the final product was ready for the market.

Thuma provides serenity to any bedroom with their minimalistic approach to style while not compromising comfort.

In this product review, we’re going to take an in-depth look at the bed offered by Thuma, including each of its components like the frame and pillow board.

Keep reading to get all the details on our Thuma Review.


Thuma Overview

Thuma Overview

The creators of Thuma have developed their company and products with a singular vision to reflect their passions and values, bringing their love for lounging and leisure to home all over the world.

One of their core values is that the truest form of sophistication is simplicity, which is reflected in their premier bed. Because the bed is the most used piece of furniture we own, they believe it should be of only the highest quality possible to enable uninterrupted and unparalleled luxury.

Thuma has a unique approach to bedroom products, tackling household products like beds and nightstands with a “do it better” mindset. As we said previously, they went through over two years of prototyping to finalizes their design for their bed, going through painstaking testing to make sure the product delivered the highest level of quality possible.

Thuma products have officially been on the market since 2018, but they worked for years before that to perfect their bedroom set. Crafted after Japanese joinery technique builds, their goal has been to pair function with form, offering a stylish approach to durability.

The Thuma bed is the ultimate culmination of their efforts and makes the perfect furniture piece for your room. Initially designed in their San Francisco corporate location, they’ve now since expanded to include a suite of other bedroom products to further furnish their bedroom set.


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Thuma Bed

Thuma Bed

The Thuma bed frame is the height of luxurious simplicity, pairing the best of interior design trends with Japanese and modern architecture to deliver the best bed possible.

This bed was also constructed with the explicit aim to allow the everyday customer to easily and quickly assemble or disassemble it as needed without worrying about owning the right tools or stressing over which piece goes where.

As mentioned in the official bed frame reviews for the Thuma bed, the materials used in this walnut-hued bed are made entirely recycled and repurposed rubberwood from the exotic rubber tree. The use of this upcycled rubberwood makes this eco-friendly product while also being locally available to Thuma’s production factories and to the workers who use their hands to these beautifully crafted beds.

Additionally, the cushioned PillowBoard included with the Thuma bed is constructed entirely from a 100% polyester pebbled weave of linen, which acts as a covering for a tapered foam filling. This comfortable and functional PillowBoard is an elegant and simplistic alternative to the traditional headboard on typical beds.



The Thuma bed frame is made to be easily put together so that it fits perfectly in your room. Let’s take a closer look at each element of the bed’s construction.

  • To start, the bed includes the platform bed frame itself. This platform bed frame is made entirely from recycled and repurposed rubberwood that may have otherwise gone to waste after the latex found in the wood had been extracted. This offers a solid as well as an eco-friendly bed frame option. Although it comes in a walnut shade, some bed frames may come with color variations because of the natural properties of the rubberwood, according to Thuma’s official product descriptions for the bed.
  • The cushioned slats that form the support for your mattress are reinforced for double-strength and are lined with a material known as Eco-friendly felt, which is made entirely from recycled plastics. These plastics may have otherwise ended up polluting rivers, oceans, or other bodies of water. These slats are extremely durable and don’t squeak or groan under pressure. You also will have no need for a box spring or bed skirt with these slats, as they’re designed to support your mattress entirely on their own.
  • Lastly, the cushioned PillowBoard is made from a durable tapered foam filling and 100% polyester pebbled linen that makes for a stylish and comfy alternative to normal wooden or metal headboards. You can even choose between two elegant colors to fit your own unique aesthetic: light linen or dark charcoal.


Assembly Process

Thuma has made it easier than ever to assemble this bed frame, including easy-to-follow instructions and pieces that fit together in a simple way. This is the bed’s biggest selling point. Let’s take a closer look at the exact assembly process and what you can expect to have included with the product to help you assemble it.

  • When you order the Thuma bed, they’ll send you three packages that include every single piece you’ll need to assemble for your bed frame and PillowBoard.
  • You’ll find two hand-tightened screws for the bed frame assembly, and you won’t need any extra tools to fit all the other pieces together.
  • If only one person is assembling the bed frame, you should expect to spend anywhere from 5 and 15 minutes to put this wood pieces together, even if you’re not rushing to get it finished.
  • Designed to slip easily between the back of the bed and the bedroom wall, the PillowBoard can fit up against any hard surface that the bed is pushed up against.


Maintenance and Durability

This wooden bed frame from Thuma is as durable as any of the sturdy bed frames. Even though you don’t need any tools to put it together, the Thuma frame is still more than sturdy enough for use. As soon as the bed frame is assembled, you won’t need any extra pieces or items except for your mattress. The mattress can be put directly onto the supporting slats without needing a box spring or anything else. Even under high amounts of weight or force, the slats shouldn’t cause any squeaking.

As far as maintenance goes, you should not need to do anything else once the bed is constructed. However, as with any piece of furniture, you should regularly give it a good dusting with a dust cloth or a dry rag. Also, make sure the bedframe stays away from moisture as it could be damaged from too much moisture. The Thuma PillowBoard can also be removed easily to be washed if needed. Besides those few things, your Thuma bed will not need much in the way of maintenance.


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Thuma Bed Pros and Cons

Next, we’ll list out a collection of pros and cons that come along with purchasing this bed from Thuma, taking into special consideration all the factors that could affect a buyer’s overall experience.



  • Study design supports up to 1,500 lbs – With the repurposed rubberwood frame and support slats, the bed frame from Thuma can support a lot of weight, up to 1,500 lbs! This should be more than enough to support daily and nightly use.
  • Can be assembled in around five minutes – With a clear set of instructions and bed frame pieces that fit easily together without the need for tools, you can easily and quickly assemble the Thuma bed in no time at all.
  • Comes delivered in compact packaging – Another great plus is that the Thuma bed ships in nice compact packaging, making it easy to handle when it arrives. You won’t have to worry about trying to fit a huge or oddly-shaped package through your or into your room.
  • No squeaking or other annoying noises – Unlike many different bed frames, this option from Thuma does not make any squeaking or creaking noises throughout the night when you move. Solid construction allows for a completely silent bed frame that will help you stay asleep and won’t wake others.
  • Sleek, minimalist bed frames – The Thuma bed frame is designed with modern aesthetics in mind and will make a great centerpiece for any bedroom. It’s also relatively neutral due to its simple designs, making it easy to pair with other décor based on your preferences and tastes.



  • Only offered in one style – Even though Thuma has designed this product with a great sense of style, there is only one design to choose from. There may be some variation in coloring due to the nature of the repurposed rubberwood they use in the construction of the bed’s pieces, but other than this, there is no way to customize or choose which frame you want.
  • Must assemble it yourself – It’s true that it only takes a few minutes to put Thuma’s bed together, but this is still more effort than bed frames that come already assembled. If you don’t like to assemble furniture at all, this could be a con for you.
  • Only two options for PillowBoard color – Similar to how there is only one style of bed frame to choose from, there are only two colors to pick from for your PillowBoard. This may limit some buyers who are trying to match the color of their headboard with the rest of their room.
  • Delivered in three separate packages – Despite the compact packaging, this product arrives in three separate boxes. This can become a hassle if one or two of the boxes arrives later than the others. It would be simpler if all the bed’s pieces arrived in one box.


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Other Thuma Products

Thuma also offers a suite of other products for the bedroom, including their nightstands, the Thuma Sleeve, covers, and blankets. If you’re going to get a Thuma bed frame, these other products are the perfect accents to go with your already stylish bed. We’ll now take a look at each of these other products to give you an idea of what they are and why they go so well with the bed frame.


Thuma Nightstand


This elegant and simple nightstand from Thuma will match your bed frame perfectly, serving to accent it on both sides. Just like with the bed frames, every nightstand from Thuma is unique, handcrafted from repurposed real wood that comes in a neutral natural walnut coloring. In addition, Thuma does not use any MDF or veneers on these nightstands.

You’ll notice each nightstand has unique grains and knots, interesting imperfections, and subtle variations of color that are indicative of construction from real wood. These variations will make your nightstands unique from everyone else’s, and you’ll come to love the unique look that only your nightstand has.

To make sure your nightstand doesn’t chip or scratch flooring surfaces or other furniture, a cork-padded bottom has been pre-applied to each corner. Floor protection and extra cushion make these nightstands perfectly convenient for use in your room.

The Thuma nightstand also comes with a set of optional legs to elevate it above its standard height. Attach the legs by giving them a simple twist into the bottom of each nightstand, adding four inches of height. And the best part is that there is no assembly required!


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Thuma Sleeve


Thuma also offers a handy protective sleeve for various devices or reading materials you may have around your bedroom. The Sleeve acts as a simple pocket for laptops, tablets, or books to keep them safe and conveniently within reach off of the floor.

Made from 100% sustainable wool, the Thuma Sleeve comes in an aesthetically modern heathered grey color. This product is designed for special use alongside the Thuma bed. No assembly is required.


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Thuma Covers

Thuma offers covers for your PillowBoard that come in a variety of different colors to ensure the greatest aesthetic effect for your room. These covers are made from pebbled linen-weave fabric and slip right over your PillowBoard.

Machine washable and removable, they’re also easy to clean! They come in a variety of colors, including Dark Charcoal, Light Linen, Fog Grey, and Spruce. There’s sure to be a color to fit every bedroom aesthetic. The Cover also comes in any size you may need, from Twin all the way up to Cali King.


Thuma Blankets

Thuma Blanket

Blankets from Thuma are pre-laundered mid-weight terries with a pleasingly rustic texture. Thuma has said their blankets will feel familiar, unique, and inviting all at once, which sounds pretty nice to us! It’s also super warm, made from 97% organic cotton and 3% polyester with rounded corners. Pair a few of these with your Thuma bed to stay nice and warm when it’s cold at night.


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Who Is the Thuma Bed Good For?

After reading this far, you might be wondering if you’re someone that would benefit from owning a Thuma bed. Well, if you’re looking for a stylish, minimal, and easily assembled bed frame that offers unrivaled durability and quality, then it’s probably for you.

This bed is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a new bed frame that is easy to assemble and can match a modern or minimalistic aesthetic. It’s also the perfect solution for those who are tired of bed frames that squeak and creak during the night as you move.


What Do Customers Say About the Thuma Bed?

Thuma customer

The Thuma bed seems to satisfy pretty much everyone, but you don’t have to take our word for it. On Thuma’s website alone, they have almost 8,000 user reviews with a total rating of 4.9 stars. That’s pretty dang good!

Some of the most common praise customers give the Thuma bed is that it’s easy to assemble, made of high-quality materials, and is extremely sturdy. Scores of reviews are recommending this bed frame from Thuma, some even saying that they’ve gotten the best sleep they’ve had in years from it.

Many other customers have happily praised Thuma for their quality craftsmanship, noting that the wood the bed frame is made of is exceptionally beautiful and sleek. However, the most important takeaway from all these reviews is that people have gotten great sleep by using this bed frame, mainly due to the sturdiness and quietness of the bed as a whole.


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Is the Thuma Bed Worth It?

Taking everything into account with the Thuma bed and what customers have said, we can say with confidence that the Thuma bed is worth it. Buying a Thuma bed from their website will price in at just over $1000, but as many have said in their customer reviews, the price is more than worth it!

It’s hard to put a price on comfort and a good night’s sleep, especially if you haven’t been able to find a comfortable bed frame in a long time. But, just like the thousands of customers who have made the purchase and seen the benefits from it, you will too.


Thuma Alternatives

While this is a Thuma bed frame review, we also want to review alternative product ff you’re not quite convinced or looking for a cheaper option.


Zinus Vivek 12″ Deluxe

The first is the Zinus Vivek 12 inch deluxe wood platform bed. Pricing in at just over $200 for a queen size on Amazon, this stylish bed frame comes in four different wood color options. Some of the highlights of this alternative are that it’s also easy to assemble and does not require a box spring for your mattress. This bed frame is also noiseless, as foam padded tape has been added to the steel frame to prevent squeaking. A headboard is also included!

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Mellow Naturalista Classic 12″ 


The next option on Amazon is the Mellow Naturalista Classic 12 inch wood platform bed frame. This one is around the same price as the Zinus Vivek, but only comes in three different wood colors. The Mellow Naturalista also boasts a no noise bed frame made of sturdy solid wood and easy to assemble. No headboard is included with this one, though.

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Thuma FAQ

How long does it take to assemble/disassemble?

The Thuma bed can be assembled without tools by one person in around five minutes. It’s that simple.

Where is the bed made?

Thuma’s primary manufacturing partners are located in the U.S. and in Vietnam.

How strong is the bed?

Thuma has stated that their bed is very strong, holding up to 1,500 lbs of weight capacity and still working quietly.

Does the Thuma Bed work with my mattress?

Yes, Thuma has stated that their bed frame will work with any mattress, and no box spring is needed.

Does the PillowBoard need to go up against a wall?

Yes, the PillowBoard isn’t attached to the frame in any way, so it needs to be wedged tightly between the frame and the bedroom wall or another flat surface.

What is Thuma’s warranty?

The great thing about Thuma is that they offer a lifetime warranty for their bed and nightstand. With a lifetime warranty, this may be the last bed frame you ever buy.

How much is Shipping?

Thuma will ship your bed for free. Delivery takes about 1-5 business days .


Wrapping it Up

The Thuma bed is a sleek and stylish bed frame made of recycled and repurposed rubberwood that offers unparalleled durability, quality, and comfort. When using Thuma’s bed frame, you won’t be kept up from any squeaking or creaking as you move on the bed frame; it’s completely silent.

The Tuma bed design is perfect for those seeking a new bed frame that offers unparalleled comfort and style, the Thuma bed is a must-have centerpiece for any modern or minimalistic bedroom with a low profile. Its simplistic and elegant design is suited for just about any bedroom aesthetic, and it will fit seamlessly to your own unique tastes.

We hope our Thuma bed review has helped you in your search for a new bed frame. So take it from us, you can trust Thuma with your comfort.




Please note: As an affiliate, we may earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 

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