An Honest Review of the Hurom Slow Juicer Family

Hurom Review
Hurom Juicer Review

Hurom Juicer Review

Hurom Juicers are a masticating juicer with a design that crushes the produce instead of chopping it up. It has three sets of blades and the end product looks like sanitary straws, originating from its Korean origin.

As opposed to fast-speed centrifugal juicers which often yield less nutritious drinks with high levels of oxidation and heat, Hurom Table has teeth and extracts juice slowly (120 RPM). Since 1960 this slow process ensures little to no heat buildup, preserves enzymes and keeps more vitamins intact than other types of juicers.

We reviewed the family of Hurom juicers to see if it’s worth the investment.

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Warranty


  • Produces high quality juice
  • 10 year warranty on motor
  • Easy to use
  • Good construction


  • Not all models are dishwasher safe
  • Higher Priced

Are you looking for a new juicer?

Juicing has been a well-loved tradition that has recently exploded in popularity from documentaries and social media reviews celebrating the many health benefits of living a more easy lifestyle with leafy greens and juices.

Finding the best easy-clean slow juicer extractor can be a bit of a challenge with so many excellent solutions available on the market. That is why our team took the time to check out the Hurom family of best juicers and slow juicer solutions. We wanted to make sure Hurom delivered on each of their promises for the best slow juicer quality.

Hurom is considered among the best slow juicers in the market that is easy to use and results in delicious and nutritious drinks. Hurom is the world’s first slow juicer. It uses an innovative technology that extracts juice from fresh fruits and vegetables in a gentle, low-speed manner to preserve all of their nutrients.

The result is pure, nutrient-rich juice with no froth or foam – just delicious, healthy drinks every time.We had an absolute blast trying a bunch of the best juice recipes, and we hope our review of the Best Hurom Juicers helps you decide on your next purchase.


Hurom Juicer Overview

Hurom Juicer Overview

Hurom has been in the best juicing business since 1974 and entered the vertical juicer realm only a while ago but has dominated it ever since. As a result, Hurom is widely considered to be one of the best options when it comes to slow juicer technology.

Hurom best slow juicers like to market themselves at the forefront of the health industry by providing incredibly well-designed juice and slow juicer products. Hurom is considered the best because they introduced the first juicer with dual-stage juice extraction and the first slow juicer. So not only are they industry leaders, they are juicing innovators.

Hurom’s main selling point is the best slow juicer process. This is the best way to maintain an easy nutritional benefit. The slow juicer system separates the juice better from the pulp than other competitors. You can see the difference in this best process when you get a slow juicer model with a transparent chute or system like most Hurom products.

Hurom is a slow juicer Korean company that has global offices all over the place. Their popularity and continual elevated slow juicer offerings make Hurom the best provider for juicing enthusiasts. So if you are getting into the juice diet craze or just like an occasional drink, Hurom is the best company for you.

We had the opportunity to review the majority of Huron’s best slow juicer products and were able to view the benefits and advantages of each one. We want to start by saying the drinks were amazing, but we also have enough rinds and seeds to compost for a year!


Hurom Juicer Review

This was an excellent experience tasting and testing all the different best models of Hurom juicers. The number of Hurom slow juicer recipes that we tried made it hard to see the best. We did make excellent friends with Mr. Cooper from the open market a few blocks from our building. So thank you, Hurom, for giving us that opportunity!

Hurom splits its best juicer products into different series, including Easy, Classic, Premium, and Basic. We didn’t try every Hurom model but stuck with the best slow juicers we know have had the most reviews online to get a better idea of the most popular. The goal was to compare reviews and promises to actual Hurom’s best performance.


Hurom HP Slow Juicer

The first best slow juicer from Hurom we tried out is also the most affordable. This best little Hurom slow juicer fits practically anywhere you want on a counter or bar. It comes in standard white or some fun greens and pinks that add a bit more flavor to the overall appearance of the Hurom juicer.

Hurom uses a slow juicer squeeze technology that gets all the best delicious liquid out of practically anything you stick inside. We were really impressed with the capabilities of such a small machine.

Hurom got rid of a small hole at the bottom of the slow juicer screen from a previous model, making the machine easy to use. Most of us were worried about the cleaning process for each of the best juicers and were happy to learn how Hurom had adapted the newest model.

This best Hurom slow juicer is nearly silent and uses a cooling system to prevent the motor from overheating. Honesty, for the low price tag, you’re really getting an incredible machine. If you are a newbie entering the juicing world, the Hurom HP Slow Juicer is best for you.

At 16.32 pounds and 150 watts, this is an excellent starter Hurom slow juicer to your best kitchen setup. We highly recommend you start here on your juicing journey before exploring other best Hurom models. If you have some experience already, you may want to consider the more powerful or wider chute versions Hurom has on the market.

  • Easy to clean
  • Operates quietly
  • Low price
  • BPA free and safety conscious
  • Fun Color options
  • Smaller feeding chute for more cutting up front
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Not as much power as other Hurom juicer models


Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer

This is the best Hurom slow juicer is probably our top pick for soups. Their flagship model has a design at the bottom that ensures a slightly better grip than the other Hurom models and allows for a coarse strainer that powerfully handles most ingredients while still maintaining a smaller form factor.

Juicing seems to be about how easy to use the machines are. Hurom slow juicers do a great job crafting machines that can do the best work without being overly noisy or clunky like you would get in a healthy restaurant.

The Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer is their “flagship model” because it uses the best latest technology. It has three different strainers. The coarse one that we mentioned, a fine strainer, and an ice cream strainer version specifically for the best frozen treats.

The only downside to this Hurom slow juicer model is that it can be a bit challenging to clean. However, having a transparent hopper compared to the first Hurom model we tried was a big up sale. Being able to watch your ingredients slide into the best juicer makes a big difference.

This best Hurom slow juicer model is actually lighter than the entry-level one at 10.6 pounds and comes in black, rose gold, and white.

  • Three unique strainers for easy use
  • Includes tofu press
  • Great for soups and ice cream
  • BPA free parts
  • A little more pricy
  • Still has a narrow chute, so you have to cut things up
  • This is slow, but for a reason


Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer

We were excited to try this Hurom slow juicer because of the cleanup factor. However, after working with the Hurom H-AA, we needed an easy solution to getting all the nooks and crannies free from ingredients.

With an elegant design, this sleek juicer is easier to clean because there are fewer parts. Hurom removed the old strainer and spin brush and replaced them with a simplified top set and improved plastic filter basket. It is the middle of the road in pricing and best for vegetables. We would suggest this Hurom best juicer for people interested in drinks and not soups or frozen delights.

The downward angle of the slow juicer spout was also the best design that we appreciated. However, we had to keep a special section of our kitchen available because of so many juicing spills.

This is also a heavier Hurom model at 22.9 pounds and comes in pearl black and matte silver. It looks like a professional juicer compared to the others but doesn’t have all the features you would want except for the easy cleanup.

  • Easy to clean
  • Fewer parts to handle
  • Can process wheatgrass
  • Quiet
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • A bit pricier for newbies


Hurom HZ Slow Juicer

This is by far the best durability when it comes to the Hurom line of slow juicers. With a powerful motor, It is practically built like a tank with the Hurom auger and strainer constructed from heavy-duty Ultem plastic. That is probably why Hurom extends a 10-year warranty on this best slow juicer version.

The Hurom HZ is more high end the other best juicers we tried and has a larger opening, so you don’t have to cut as much during your prep work. The motor is quiet, and you really get to see the quality of juice you’re getting as you slam everything from apples to frozen bananas into the best Hurom machine.

We suggest this best Hurom juicer for restaurants, large gatherings, or those individuals who know their juicing stuff and are prepared to make more complicated recipes. There is a pulp control lever that allows you to control the best texture of your juice output, which is another reason why this is best Hurom for the experts.

Between the stainless steel body and LED indicator, this is the best Hurom juicer so far on our list. Those orange juice lovers in the crowd should pick up this best Hurom slow juicer model for its citrus squeezer feature.

This is also one of the lighter Hurom models making it far more portable. We’re not sure what our expectations were for the best Hurom slow juicer, but this comes pretty close.

  • Quiet operation
  • Citrus squeezer feature
  • LED with two pulp control
  • Pulp control strainers and lever
  • Incredibly durable
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Higher-end pricing


Hurom H200 Easy Clean Slow Juicer

If you’re looking for the best overall Hurom slow juicer, then this is it! You get all the power of the more durable best Hurom models with the easy use of the smaller best countertop sizes. The best part is the oversized chute that reduces prep time.

The Hurom H200 is a bigger version of the Hurom H101, making it part of the easy-to-clean system. You can quickly disassemble this best Hurom model and run it through some hand washing for quick use. It doesn’t have a mesh filter basket that lowers the amount of time you have to scrub away fruit and vegetable parts.

The Hurom H200 Slow Juicer is still strong enough to handle pretty much anything you throw at it, making it an excellent selection for soups, frozen treats, and incredible juices.

  • Minimalist design that saves space
  • Very easy to clean
  • Simple assembly instructions
  • Has a quiet motor
  • 10-year warranty
  • Large chute opening
  • Higher price tag for all the benefits you get
  • Smaller pulp outlet bin means you have to empty more often


What are Slow Juicers, and Why are they so Popular?

Why are juicers popular

Slow juicers are sometimes called masticating juicer or cold presses. They are hands down the best type of juicers you can purchase. The only problem is the branding. People get turned off by the “slow juicer” phrase and think that means it will take forever to make a refreshing best juice.

The difference is that slow juicers don’t tarnish nutrients like those in fast motors. This way, your drink maintains all the best health benefits, which is why Hurom markets so heavily to the health food industry.

Essentially you get more separation with pulp, seeds, and other items for a best tasting and clean juice that hasn’t lost its minerals and nutrients.

The term “slow juicers” is used to describe how the blades work, not how much time it takes to make a drink.

Juicing, in general, has swept the public interest pretty hard because it provides excellent, high-quality nutrients in a much easier to manage drink. As a result, you can get all the health benefits of a full meal without having to spend the time and effort cooking endless meals. It also ensures a more heavy fruit and vegetable diet which is best for those with specific needs or allergies.

Many people juice as a way to improve their overall health, reduce stress, get clear skin, and improve their best weight loss efforts. Slow juicers reduce excess waste held in your intestines, making you feel less bloated and allowing for higher energy.

People are beginning to realize that they are not getting the best nutrients from their standard diets. We have so many prepackaged foods that we eat that often hold no significant value compared to a well-cooked meal. Juicing just offers a better alternative.

Slow juicers are also a better solution than having to munch on endless carrot sticks and pieces of celery. They are a more convenient way of consuming substantial nutrients while reducing the acid in your stomach.


Slow Juicer vs. Centrifugal Juicer

Cold-Press Juicer vs Centrifugal Juicer

Both slow juicers and normal, or centrifugal juicers provide your body with more nutrients than you get on a regular basis. Slow juicers offer a better solution because they use gravity, a slower blade speed, and more pulp control.

Slow juicers tend to also be quieter, which a lot of consumers prefer. It never hurts to have a machine perform its actions without disrupting the daily activities of your home. Most juicers like to enjoy their beverages first thing in the morning, which can make for a loud experience if you do not live alone.

Fast juicers are based on centrifugal methods that spin ingredients through a basket with sharp blades. This separates the juice from the pulp at incredibly high speeds. These models tend to be cheaper than Hurom slow juicers but are noisier and not as good for juicing greens, soft fruits, and ice cream.

At the end of the day, getting a slow juicer masticates your ingredients better, which is the best way to separate the fluid from the pulp.


Is the Hurom Juicer Worth it?

After testing the different Hurom Juicers, we were pleased to find that they were absolutely worth it. For vegans and people with dietary issues, the Hurom is a lifesaver. The 100% organic approach to food brings new flavors and textures to your daily diet.

If you want to upgrade from a standard blender and want a healthier solution, the Hurom is worth every penny. Not only does it handle ice cream and smoothies with ease, but it can also make some of the best soup recipes around.

The high speeds don’t offer as much control as some other low-speed juicers, but they do excel in their primary function: juice extraction.

Slow juicers are an investment for your health, and the Hurom line is a great place to start.

The latest models of the Hurom slow juicer offer some customizable features that let you get more precise control over how much pulp enters your drink. They also improve their speed by utilizing magnetic technology.

It comes down to how much work you want to do when it comes time to clean up. Even though all the components disassemble easily enough, parts in each machine still require thorough cleaning if you plan on using them again right away. Cleaning takes less than 5 minutes for most devices (except the HZ), but even then, it can be an inconvenience when you’re in a hurry or simply not in the mood.

At the end of the day, slow juicers are expensive machines, and you need to decide based on personal preference if it’s worth it for you. For many, however, they offer a chance to take better care of your loved ones through healthy food while still enjoying fresh beverages all day long.


HUROM Slow Juicer FAQ

How much does it cost?

The latest models are expensive but remember though, you get what you pay for. Juicers left in the attic don’t juice as well as those appropriately stored in a kitchen cabinet or pantry – so make sure to check the condition of your machine before making a purchase.


How long does it take to clean?

It depends on how much pulp you use with each drink, but typically 5 minutes is sufficient time to take care of everything using warm water and dish soap or another mild cleaner designed for machines.

If you’d rather not hand wash, you can also choose a household or commercial dishwasher for your juicer.


Can I make nut milk, ice cream, and other goodies?

Yes, you can! The HZ Slow Juicer can handle nuts, seeds, frozen ingredients, and more – all with no problem at all.

You won’t get as much juice out of them as you would by hand or through a fast juicer machine (because it spins too quickly), but that doesn’t mean they don’t contain just as many nutrients either!


What type of warranty comes with their machines?

They include a 10 year warranty on the motor and 2 years on the parts.

This means if your device malfunctions within the warranty period then it’s covered, and you will get a free replacement unit sent to you right away.

You can also extend these warranties for an additional price if desired, but with a 10 year warranty on the motor it’d unlikely you’ll need one.


How much does it hold?

Each machine has its own capacity based on its removable parts and how high its containers go up.

You can fit enough fruits and veggies into most models to make several glasses worth of juice.


How often do I need to replace parts?

There’s no definite answer to this question because it depends on how many juices you make each week/month/year. So instead, look at your purchase contract for an estimate of how long they will last if nothing is stated otherwise before buying anything online.

Thankfully Hurom makes some great products designed to last for many years without problems – so don’t be afraid to invest in their machines.


How loud are they?

Most top brands offer high-quality products that are very quiet during operation whenever they’re used for juicing. While operating, the noise level of these machines is usually around 80 decibels maximum, which is similar to a vacuum cleaner or garbage disposal in most cases.

If you want one that operates quietly, then it’s wise to pick a model from Hurom since they make some of the best quiet masticating juicers available on Amazon. Each machine is under 75 decibels while operating at all times.


Are there any accessories included?

All machines come with two or more pulp container collectors and sometimes even bags if needed. Still, some additional items might include gloves, hold-down clips for fruits/veggies, cutting boards, pulp scoops, juice pitchers + serving cups, non-slip mats or drip trays for catching excess pulp or juice, and even recipe books depending on what you buy.

These products are at higher prices but make great gifts for those who want to improve their health by making delicious drinks from home whenever desired.


Wrapping it Up

This was a lot of fun to review. Hurom makes an excellent line of the best slow juicers, and we enjoyed trying different recipes and concoctions. The frozen ice-creams we made were alone more than worth the time spent cleaning accidental spills and leftover pulp.

If you love fresh juice, anyone of the Hurom best sellers are sure to meet you needs.

We absolutely suggest you invest in a compost if you’re going to be into juicing. There is just no reason not to take advantage of the many benefits from the nutrient-rich soil you could be making as a byproduct of improving your health.

We also highly recommend investing in some decent counter space. While most of the models didn’t take up much space, the prep work and cleanup required a bit more elbow room.

We would either use the entry-level Hurom HP Slow Juicer or go for the bold Hurom H200 Easy Clean Slow Juicer for our money. Both will get you the best drinks and soups that you could want. It only comes down to price points and the size of chutes.

With free shipping and returns from Amazon, you can try any one of these juicers risk free.

Thanks again for checking out our reviews. If you are a company interested in sending us products to try, feel free to reach out to our contact page. We are always looking to explore new home, tech, and exciting products for our readers.




Please note: As an Amazon affiliate, we may earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 

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