8 Best Kitchen Smart Faucets – Are Touchless Faucets worth it?

Smart Faucet

Picture this – you’ve just prepped a raw chicken for roasting, and you’re hands are full of meat and oils from getting the seasoning just right. Of course, the last thing you want to do is use your dirty hands on your kitchen faucet. So you contort your body into the correct position so that […]

Misen Knife Review: Do These Knives Make The Cut?

Misen Knife Review

Visit Misen Website   There is probably nothing as important as a quality knife in the kitchen. Go and watch any YouTube or TikTok video about cooking your favorite meals, and you’ll find a well-made knife hanging on the wall. The only problem is that there are so many knife options available on the market […]

The 5 Best Motorized Curtains (2022) – Are Remote Control Drapes Worth It?

Motorized Curtains

From the Jetsons’ home in the sky to Tony Stark’s coastal mansion, home automation has been a long-running fantasy among the American family.  Thanks to motorized curtains and digital assistants with voice commands, that dream is substantially closer to reality.  Advances in the field have come a long way, making these once expensive tech additions […]

BedJet Review: Can BetJet Help You Sleep Better?

Bedjet Review

Click to Buy Now   If you’re on the fence about the BedJet and are looking for a solid, in-depth review to help you make up your mind one way or the other, then you’ve come to the right place. As a part of our Family Product review section, we will be examining the BedJet […]

The Complete New Home Checklist

New Home Checklist

The new home journey can be pretty overwhelming. Of course, you’re thrilled about the idea of starting a new life in a new home; however, getting to move and settle in the house can sometimes feel like a lifetime of preparation. Ranging from the internet to essential comforters, you have a lot of things to […]

My Magic Carpet Review: Is it a Scam?

My Magic Carpet review

Visit My Magic Carpet   Rug shopping can be a real challenge. Maybe you are one of those shoppers that enjoys visiting antique stores to find unique rug sizes full of artistic patterns and historical value. You finally find a prized rug to bring into your carefully curated home and quickly realize the best place […]

An Honest Review of X-Chair – Are the Ergonomic Chairs Worth It?

Click Here to Visit X-Chair   With more and more people turning to a work-from-home office or remote solutions for their careers, creature comforts that emphasize ergonomic health are becoming a necessity. But, unfortunately, most of us spend close to six hours a day sitting in our office chairs. This can be bad for our physical health […]

The Ultimate Keetsa Mattress Review: Is It Worth It?


Click to Visit Keetsa   As one of the very first mattress companies to take their business to the online market, Keetsa has made innovation one of its number one priorities as a company from the very beginning. Offering mattresses with a wide variety of designs that range from all-foam to hybrid, Keetsa has made […]