The 5 Best Motorized Curtains (2022) – Are Remote Control Drapes Worth It?

Motorized Curtains

From the Jetsons’ home in the sky to Tony Stark’s coastal mansion, home automation has been a long-running fantasy among the American family. 

Thanks to motorized curtains and digital assistants with voice commands, that dream is substantially closer to reality. 

Advances in the field have come a long way, making these once expensive tech additions much more feasible.

Automation is a great way to convert your house into a smart home. And in the current day and age, it is easier than ever. So if you have an Amazon Alexa or a Google Home and find yourself wanting to take the next step into home automation, a curtain system might be one of the best solutions for your home.

We’ve taken the time to comb through plenty of offerings on the market and have put together a list of the best of the best. 

In this article, we have compiled the 5 best motorized curtains on the market.


Quoya Smart Curtain System

  • Substantial Weight Bearing Ability
  • Both Ceiling and Wall Brackets are included
  • Installation Instructions Come in Video Form
  • Sleek Design
  • Great Customer Support
  • Involved Installation Process
  • Compatible Curtains are an Additional Purchase
  • App Functionality Can Leave Some to Desire


Our Review of Quoya Smart Curtain System

First is the smart curtain system offered by Quoya. Sleek design and a wide range of ways of use set this system apart from the rest. Remote control drapes can look slightly on the clunkier side, but the Quoya drapery system bucks this trend with a more streamlined design. 

This design is also paired with a substantial weight-bearing capability, supporting up to 150 lbs of curtains. Thus, this spec should allow for many of even the heaviest of blackout curtains.

The communication functions of these motorized curtains are another huge standout feature.

Not only do they communicate with Google and Amazon assistants directly that allow you to use built-in voice controls, but you can also easily integrate this with your smart home hub making this a part of your smart home family.

We found the voice control options and the ability to open the remote control drapery panel with a touch-detection feature to be an excellent option for elderly users and users with disabilities. 

Rounding out the functions, you can also use either a physical remote control or the remote available through the Tuya app that easily opens your curtains with a touch of a button. These all come together to provide a plethora of options for using your curtains.

There are a couple of downsides in that curtains need to be purchased separately from the tracking system. 

Installation can also be slightly tricky, but luckily Quoya provides their installation instructions in video form, making it a much less complex process than other motorized curtains. If you are still having issues, you can get a home consultation from a professional.


  • Motorized Curtain Track with Automated Rail
  • Works With Google and Alexa Assistants
  • 3 Meter, 5 Meter, or 7 Meter Options
  • Physical Remote Control and App Remote Available


SwitchBot Smart Motorized Curtains


  • Great Price
  • Small Size
  • Easy Installation
  • Some difficulty in telescoping rods
  • Remote Control not included
  • Will need to purchase Smart Hub


Our Review of SwitchBot Smart Motorized Curtains

For those not looking to do any significant installations or replacing their existing curtain rod and drapery tracks, there’s the Smart Motorized Curtain device from Switchbot

The size of this device managed to amaze us. We don’t imagine that the installation of a smart curtain system could get any easier. Simply attach the device to existing curtain rods and use the app to set up your remote.

There are a couple of drawbacks as this little machine can have some difficulty with telescoping curtain rods. You will also need to additionally purchase a physical remote control and hub to use digital assistants and apps.

With that being said, if you are looking for the most manageable option for automizing your curtains, then the size of this device should more than make up for its downsides.


  • Sunlight Sensor
  • Modular Unit
  • Ability to Open Up to 17 Pounds of Curtain


Yoolax Motorized Curtains


  • Curtains Included
  • A Truly Quiet Motor
  • No Need for an Additional Hub to Access Digital Home Assistants
  • Wide Range of Length Options
  • Better Price for Length of Track
  • Complex Installation Process
  • Curtains Must Be Turned Off To Open By Hand


Our Review Of Yoolax Motorized Curtains

The Yoolax Motorized Curtains serve as an economical alternative to some of the other models on the market. 

Not only is there decent pricing concerning the track length, but it also includes curtains with the purchase. This feature adds a level of ease to the experience that we appreciated, removing the need for a length search for curtains. 

We found the design here to be a nice plus as the attached motor is rather sleek and has a pleasant appearance on the wall. The motor also came across as a deal quieter than the alternative smart curtains on the market, which is a solid plus that is hard to argue with.

The big downside here, which is echoed with many remote control drapes on the market, is the complicated installation process and somewhat lacking installation instructions. 

All in all, the product offering from Yoolax proves to be an ideal choice for those looking for a more effortless shopping experience and a smart curtain that is relatively painless to operate.


  • Electric Curtain Track with Automated Rail
  • Ranges from 88 to 157 inches in length
  • Powered by Side Motor


SimpleSmart Smart WiFi Motorized Curtains


  • Substantial Build Quality
  • Motor Itself Communicates with Smart Assistants
  • Off-WiFi Functionality
  • On the Pricier Side of the Spectrum
  • Not Compatible with Apple Home
  • Complex Installation


Our Review of SimpleSmart Smart WiFi Motorized Curtains

We found the SimpleSmart Motorized Curtains to be one of the more technologically advanced options on the market.

What brings this about is the design of the smart motor that is attached to the rail. It communicates with all external devices and apps itself and provides a relatively painless operating experience. 

The only downside would be finding yourself using the apple home assistant as this system does not support it.

We also really liked the off-wifi functionality of these curtains as they can work with both light touches and the physical remote control. This feature can help with windows that may be further out of range from the center of your home.

These smart curtains are on the pricier side of the spectrum. However, this price is somewhat warranted considering the considerably substantial build quality.

In addition, this feature helps with stabilizing the curtains when the length of the way gets towards the longer ends of its limitations.


  • Motorized Curtain Track
  • Great Range of Size 79 Inches to 276 Inches
  • Smart Motor


Homesupplier Smart Curtains

  • Sturdy Build Quality
  • Customizable Installation Choices
  • Great Customer Service
  • Requires 2.4 GHz WiFi Connection
  • Installation Instructions can be Complex


Our Review of Homesupplier Smart Curtains

The Smart Curtain offering from Homesupplier proves to be a versatile piece of equipment in terms of both installation options and operating systems. 

You can install the curtains to open from the left, the right, and the center. This set-up should provide for most configuration desires and work with you to get exactly how you would like to use your curtains. 

The multiple options for operations should add to this as these curtains support Amazon and Google Assistant, a smartphone app from your mobile device, and standard remote control.

When purchasing these curtains, the buyer should be made aware of the WiFi requirements. This motor requires a 2.4 GHz connection which could prove slightly complicated as most newer routers default to an exclusive 5 GHz connection.

The motorized track is a sturdy build that will last for a long time through several years of usage.

These smart curtains would fit anyone looking to keep installation and operation relatively simple, as long as going into it you have the correct WiFi connection.

Features and Specs:

  • Motorized Curtain Rack
  • Sturdy Build Quality
  • Track Length Ranges from 6.5 ft to 23 ft


Motorized Curtains – Things to Consider

Things to Consider

There are many things that you should consider when looking into a smart curtain system. The main things to be considered are:

  • The weight of your curtains.
  • The length of the window or space that you are looking to cover.
  • Your digital assistant of choice
  • Your level of commitment to installing your curtains.


Below is a list of questions you should ask yourself before purchasing motorized curtains

  • How often do you use the curtains in your home? If you aren’t using your curtains often, is it worth the purchase? 
  • What type of interior décor are you looking for? There are different styles of window coverings from Ripple, Grommet, Pinch Pleat, Roman shades, and more. Based on your personal preferences, deciding on the right curtains will help you decide if one of these motorized curtains is right for you.
  • Are there any safety considerations to consider with specific window treatments that may be more vulnerable to fire or accidents due to their proximity to heat sources like lamps, stoves, and space heaters inside the home?
  • Is natural light an essential consideration for where electric curtains will be installed in your house (such as bedrooms)? Electric curtains can block out sunlight. If this is something you want, then make sure they’re not too thin because they won’t block out the sun as desired.
  • Do you want to be able to turn your curtains on and off with a remote control?
  • What if they’re not blackout – how much light does that mean there’ll be in my home when they’re drawn back from away from the window frame? This can help determine whether we should get heavy curtains which would block out more sunlight.
  • The last consideration may seem like common sense, but who wants their cables hanging around unattractively and becoming a safety risk? Electric curtains can require power cables, so make sure you have a proper cable management plan before purchasing. 


Are Motorized Curtains Worth it?

Are Motorized Curtains Worth it

Electric curtains are a great way to increase your home’s light control and offer an attractive, clean-looking window dressing. But the question is: are they worth the money? 

The short answer is yes — in many cases, electric cables will be cheaper than hiring a decorator or drapery person for hours of work that may not result in as well finished results. Plus, motorized curtains don’t require any significant installation skills, so that you can install them yourself! 

If the benefits of automating your home and increasing the ease of use of your home decor appeal to you, then, of course, they are worth it. 

Motorized curtains are an easy way to move your home into the 21st century and beyond just with a simple smartphone.

It is a relatively simple way to add a remarkable, unique flair to your home. The price of this possible addition to your home is also at a significantly more affordable point than it has been in years.


Wrapping it Up

Whether you are looking for something sturdy for curtains in your new home theater or a more low commitment alternative for your home office, there are plenty of options for those looking to automate their homes with motorized curtains. 

With a broad range of prices, installing smart curtains has never been more accessible than it currently is now. Furthermore, with smart home apps and Voice Assistance services, you no longer need a wall switch to control your curtains, giving you the ultimate smart-home experience.

If electric drapes seem like something you’d like for your home and family, now may be the best time for it. Getting a power curtain for your home is the best experience as you watch the closing of your automatic curtains. Trust us; we keep playing with them!



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