Bondic Review – Does the UV Glue Really Work?

Bondic Review – Does the UV Glue Really Work?

When it comes to repairing items around the home, a strong and effective glue is an essential household item. Whether it’s a piece of furniture or a small household product you use every day, there’s no need to throw out old or broken things or pay for unexpected home repairs if you can repair them yourself.

Bondic glue works differently from your traditional glue, and in this Bondic review, you’ll understand how this unique product works. Designed by a practicing dentist, Bondic comes in liquid form and won’t harden or dry until you shine the included ultraviolet light onto the glue.

It’s marketed as a liquid plastic welder instead of glue and offers many uses and benefits to consumers. It gives you the time to complete precise work around your home without the fear of your bond drying out.

In this complete Bondic review, you’ll discover everything you need to know about using Bondic around your home. We’ll also compare Bondic to other strong adhesive options, so you can decide if this ultraviolet light glue really lives up to its hype.

  • UV Light Activated

  • Bond, Build, Fix and FIll

  • 2 Tubes of Adhesive

  • UV Light Activated

  • Bond, Build, Fix and FIll

  • Starter Kit

Bondic Review

Bondic Review- Starter Kit

Developed by a dentist, the concept of Bondic is very similar to that of dental cement. You’ll receive your Bondic in a small bottle, making it look and feel just like regular glue.

However, you’ll find this to be a much more effective solution to use around your home, unlike standard glue bottles. This unique liquid formula is ideal for attaching materials such as metal and wood, which can be challenging with a typical glue product.

This strong adhesive is applied to the items you need to bond, and when ready, you use the included ultraviolet light to set the liquid. The UV light quickly and effectively dries the liquid plastic welder, and your items will be attached in place firmly.

The great thing about this glue is that if you apply extra to your household items, you can sand it down after removing the additional Bondic glue.


How Do You Use Bondic?

Now that you see the benefits of this adhesive from our Bondic review, you’ll want to hear just how easy this product is to use.

The first step before starting work is to sand down the surface you are attaching the item to, then dust off the area. Starting with a rough surface ensures the durable bond will last for a long time.

If you are only looking to use Bondic as a temporary bond solution, apply Bondic directly on a smooth surface.

The Bondic bottle makes it easy to apply the liquid plastic welder. Take this stage very slowly, as you’ll only need a tiny amount of glue for it to be effective.

When you are attaching two items together, apply the applicator tip on one piece. You’ll need to make sure your adhesive is applied where the UV light can reach it, or it won’t set and fulfill its desired role.

From there, you’ll apply the included ultraviolet light , which you’ll need to leave for around four seconds. If your Bondic glue has been placed over a large area, move the wand around to set the adhesive fully.

Some users like to repeat this step if they are fixing large or heavy items, and you’ll want to start the process in this Bondic review again until you get your desired result.

The video below offers a great tutorial on how to use Bondic:


What Can Bondic Fix?

Bondic Review - Welding

As you can see from this Bondic review so far, the product is straightforward to use. One of the reasons for its popularity is the number of materials it effectively works on.

Use Bondic to repair plastic, metal, PVC, or wood around your home. If you find that you drop a ceramic bowl or a precious figurine, it’s also ideal for repairing these items.

Many users purchase this glue to repair bags and softer materials, such as leather and rubber. It’s also a powerful enough ultraviolet light glue that can also be used to fix steel and wiring as needed.

There’s barely any item you couldn’t use Bondic on, and you’ll find this to be one of the strongest adhesives on the market.

This liquid plastic welder can be used to fill gaps, replace parts, seal products, or anything else that needs doing around the home. When items are missing a part or have broken into two, Bondic is the ideal solution to repair any issues.

You can also use it as a filler and add a colored powder as needed for your project. You’ll want to add it in smaller stages to get the desired result and then file down the work at the end.

Mechanics and crafters will benefit from everything mentioned in this Bondic review, and it’s a handy product to have at home when you are caught short in the middle of working. You’ll no longer have to worry about glue drying out and struggling to finish your project.

In comparison to other similar products, it offers a stronger adhesive that won’t dry out. It’s a compact and easy-to-use product that you’ll find much neater and less sticky than other normal glue applicators.


What’s Included with Your Bondic Purchase?

Bondic Kit

When browsing Bondic online, you’ll notice there are two different kits for sale. They vary slightly in price, and the pro kit has a few additional benefits.

If you opt for the Bondic Starter Kit, you’ll receive everything you need to get started with your home repairs. The basic kit includes an applicator, LED ultraviolet light, a 4-gram tube of the Bondic liquid and a carrying case.

The Bondic Pro-Kit (for a small additional cost) comes with two extra tubes of Bondic glue and a microfiber cloth.

Both of these purchases come in a metal case, so you won’t have to worry about misplacing your product or keeping it out of the way of children.

A common concern when purchasing a product that will get used up is finding a replacement. You’ll be pleased to know it’s easy to buy Bondic refill cartridges online.

Each cartridge lasts for about 200 drops of glue, but of course, the number of uses will depend on your projects and how much bond is required for the work.

Bondic Review - Cartridge


Bondic Review – Pros

  • Quick to use – Thanks to the UV light included with your purchase, Bondic is quick to use and forms a strong bond within a few seconds.
  • Clear adhesive – Bondic dries clear so that you can use it on a wide variety of materials without concerns about its appearance.
  • Effective on a wide range of materials – You’ll no longer have to keep different glue in your house for each type of material. One product will work on nearly anything in your home.
  • Non-toxic – A safer alternative to many other types of glue on the market.
  • Waterproof – You’ll enjoy a strong adhesive that can be used on bags or items in your garden.
  • Good value for money – Each refill offers up to 200 drops of glue for the price.
  • Easy application – As it only dries with the UV light, any spillage can be removed with a wet cloth.


Bondic Review – Cons

  • Bonds may not last forever – While it’s a powerful adhesive, Bondic may not form permanent bonds on certain materials.
  • Not suitable for all materials – There are a few reported exceptions to the list of materials it works on.
  • You always need the ultraviolet light – If you happen to lose your UV light, this UV glue will be useless.


  • Quick to use
  • Clear adhesive
  • Effective on a wide range of materials
  • Non-toxic
  • Waterproof
  • Good value for money
  • Easy application
  • Bonds may not last forever
  • Not suitable for all materials
  • You always need the UV light

Is Bondic Glue Any Good?

Bondic Review - Does it work?

Bondic is the ideal everyday glue to keep in your home. If you’ve got this far with our Bondic review, you’ll see the many benefits the product offers, especially in comparison to traditional glues.

It’s often mistaken for glue, but instead, it forms a tight and long-lasting bond between products. We love that it’s a multifunctional tool, as it can also act as a filler.

For anyone who uses molds in their work or at home, you’ll find this to be a handy product, as it won’t leave any residue.

Compared to other adhesives, it’s a non-toxic, heat-resistant, and waterproof option, which can be pretty challenging to find from other brands. It doesn’t contain the chemicals that other glues use, which many consumers are keen to avoid.

One of the best things about Bondic glue is that you don’t have to worry about it drying out. Homeowners often find they waste so many glue tubes throughout the year, purely because they forget to replace the lid.

Also, there’s the benefit of using just one product for almost every item in your home. This can save time and money in the long run when using Bondic.


Is Bondic Stronger Than Super Glue? 

Bondic Review - Cable Repair


There are a few reasons why Bondic is a better option than super glue for items around your home. Most individuals found it worked as well as super glue, and in many cases, it was much more robust.

However, on some materials, users found that the bond broke after just a week or two of use. Unfortunately, this is also the case with many super glue brands.

Many people prefer Bondic to super glue because the ultraviolet light forms a stronger bond and is much cleaner to use.

As the special UV light fully sets the glue, there’s no concern once its set. You also don’t have the risk of your tube of glue drying out before it’s finished.

When you use superglue, there’s often excess glue that’s impossible to get rid of. When you try to tackle it, you risk weakening the bond that’s been formed.

On the other hand, as mentioned in our Bondic review, sandpaper works well on this strong adhesive. This will allow you to complete your tasks and have a neat finish on all household work.


How is Bondic in comparison to other Ultraviolet Light Glues?

There are a few other UV glue products on the market, which are often compared to Bondic. However, Bondic was the first liquid plastic welding kit and isn’t considered a glue. And the best thing is, that it really works!

Bondic can be used on occasions and materials where standard glue won’t be effective, and it won’t dry at all until you decide it’s time to apply the UV light. The main difference between Bondic and other UV glues is the separate drying tool.

Other UV glues have a light and applicator in one device or pen, and they often don’t work as well on thick materials. Also, many consumers complain these UV glue pens barely have any product in them and can’t constantly be refilled.


Bondic FAQs

Where Can I Buy Bondic?

If you are interested in the benefits discussed in our Bondic review, Amazon is the most common supplier of Bondic to consumers. They offer the pro kit, the standard kit, and refills on the site.


Can I Apply Bondic on Rough Surfaces?

If you have a rough surface, Bondic actually works better. Bondic recommends creating a rough surface with sand paper prior to applying Bondic to ensure a long lasting bond.

Select from a Bondic trial pack or gift pack, both of which would be a unique gift for any crafters or DIYers in your life.


What Should I Do If I get Bondic on my Skin?

Getting glue on your skin is always a concern, but you’ll find the Bondic applicator does minimize the risk of this occurring. Of course, you’ll still want to keep it out of the way of kids.

Bondic is non-toxic, so while you don’t want to get it on your hands, it’s not as risky as some glues.

If Bondic gets on your skin, immediately put the area underneath running water, and apply a little soap. Rub the affected area before thoroughly rinsing.

A hard rub on your skin will be enough to remove the glue, and as the glue doesn’t set until you add the UV light, you’ll find it’s easier to remove than super glues.


Can I Remove Bondic?

If you find you accidentally spill Bondic or put it somewhere that you don’t need glue, you’ll be relieved to know it’s much easier to remove than regular glue.

Firstly, try to keep the item out of sunlight, as this may start the drying process. Use a wet cloth, which you can then wipe over the spill.

If excess Bondic has dried somewhere it’s not needed, sandpaper is your best bet. Work slowly to eliminate the glue until entirely removed.


How Can I Ensure Bondic Works Effectively?

For the best results, it’s recommended to use Bondic in layers. If you apply layers 1 or 1.5 mm at a time, it will create a stronger and more effective bond.

Keep the surface you are applying Bondic to free of oil or grease.

If you are applying Bondic over a large area, make sure you move the UV light tool around so it’s fully set.


Will Bondic Work Without the UV Light?

No, the LED UV light is essential when using Bondic. Bondic won’t harden and set until the UV light is applied.

If you are using this strong adhesive in any area where the light can’t reach, you’ll find it won’t fully set. One of the two parts you are attaching will need to be clear so the light can reach the glue.


How Long Will a Tube of Bondic Last?

Bondic refills will last at least one year when unopened. You’ll want to ensure the product remains in the black tube and the metal box during this time.

Most glues dry when air reaches them, but Bondic only sets with a UV light. This means the shelf life of Bondic is much longer than regular glues.


How Long Does One Tube of Bondic Last?

Each 4g tube is expected to last up to 200 small drops. Of course, this does depend on the size of the item you are repairing.

If you are using this product on small cables, it will naturally last a lot longer than on extensive repairs. You can purchase refills once you’ve used your initial tube of Bondic, so you don’t have to repurchase the entire kit and light each time.


Wrapping it up

For anyone who regularly fixes items around the house, Bondic is the ideal solution for your needs. If you have a broken item around the house, craft projects, DIY projects or anything that requires a permanent bond, you’ll find Bondic UV glue to be much cleaner and easier to use than standard glues.

While Bondic works on almost all different materials, there will always be exceptions where it’s not as effective. Most users find they experience all the benefits listed in this Bondic review and ultimately stop using super glue around the home.

As the glue only dries when the LED UV light is used, it’s less messy and troublesome to use. You’ll find the device offers precise applications so that you can use this on even the daintiest projects and small wires.

Bondic glue is readily available from Amazon, Bondic’s official website and your local hardware store. Refills are easy to purchase once your first tube is finished. The Pro-Kit is a complete kit that offers some excellent additions, so it may be worth considering for the small additional charge.

Bondic is reasonably priced and well worth keeping in your home. After trying Bondic for the first time, we believe it will soon become a staple in your household moving forward.

  • UV Light Activated

  • Bond, Build, Fix and FIll

  • 2 Tubes of Adhesive

  • UV Light Activated

  • Bond, Build, Fix and FIll

  • Starter Kit


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  1. Works good on rubber watch bands that are broke. Drill 2 small holes on both sides of band. Use bondic on one side band and make sure bondic will pass through holes. Join both holes with bondic making a stitch. Cure and repeat the other side with a Stich. The stitch will hold good on hard to get new smartwatch bands.

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