Eight Sleep Review: Is the Smart Sleep Technology Worth It?

Eight Sleep Reviews
Eight Sleep Review


Eight Sleep is a company that specializes in smart mattresses. They use technology to create products with sleep-tracking features and ensure customers get the best night’s rest possible, no matter their needs or preferences. These sleep tracking features help improve sleep performance while also providing heating and cooling for the sleeper.

  • Technology
  • Mobile App
  • Price
  • Trial Period
  • Usability
  • Product Quality
  • Warranty
  • Packaging


  • Sleep Tracking Technology
  • Easy to Use Smart App
  • Built in Alarm Setting
  • 100 Day Trial
  • Excellent Cooling/Heating Technology


  • Expensive
  • Alarm Function Wakes Up Partner

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Our team of mattress product testers never gets tired of trying out custom sleep mattresses and pillows. Between all the unique temperature needs and odd sleeping habits, it never gets old trying to find the perfect mattress from the different products we are tasked with reviews.

That is why we were genuinely excited to get our hands on some of the fantastic mattress, pillow, and cover sleep products from Eight Sleep. Eight Sleep claims to provide better sleep through changing of the bed temperature and feedback through sleep tracking. With all of us spending a third of our lives sleeping, we wanted to see if their sleep system provided us with the good sleep were hoping for.

So many of our reviews involve sitting at our desks and testing things out with our hands. It is always a treat to lay back on a mattress for a bit and relax instead.

This is an excellent line of sleep pillow and mattress products that we know many of our readers are interested in learning more about, so let’s get to our specific Eight Sleep product reviews.


Eight Sleep Review

Eight Sleep Overview

We prefer to test our sleeping mattresses and pillows in our office to discuss the different results among ourselves. Of course, it is always hilarious to look around a see a slumber party in our office, but we have to say, this is an excellent line of pillows and sleep aids that helped many of us nap, sleep, and relax to feel more revitalized.


What is Eight Sleep?

Eight Sleep, dubbed the world’s first sleep fitness brand was founded by Matteo Franceschetti. Eight Sleep’s primary goal is to offer designer mattresses and pillows for your bed with unique cooling technology. These mattresses are built with three foam layers that offer extreme comfort and a cooling effect on the sleeper.

Eight Sleep is an online mattress brand specializing in products that blend innovative technology and sleep training. This is accomplished with the mixed foam that contours to your body, a cover grid that tracks your sleep patterns, breathing, and heart hearts, and a hub that pumps water to heat or cool the bed to a predetermined setting.

All in all, this is a comprehensive bed company that focuses on controlling your overall body temperature while you sleep.


Who is Eight Sleep Good For?

Eight Sleep Packaging

Roughly 10-40% of people are “hot sleepers.” This means they can get anything from night sweats to hating having covers on while they sleep.

There are many different reasons why this may occur, but it does mean that a significant amount of the population can benefit from Eight Sleep’s temperature-controlled mattress and pillow.

The other portion of the population that can benefit from Eight Sleep are those who love data and want to repair their sleep habits. Using the native Eight Sleep application and smart grid, you get an excellent idea of when you pop out of REM sleep cycles and what could be causing the problem.

Next, the softness and contoured fit of the sleep mattress helps those who toss and turn a lot during sleep. If you are a combination sleeper that likes to move from side to side, this is the mattress for you.

If you suffer from back pain, Eight Sleeps products may be a good option for you to consider.

Finally, back sleepers. Even though Eight Sleep has a three-layered mattress, it is firm enough to give you the pressure relief and support you need for a deep sleep.


Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover

Eight Sleep Cover

The Eight Sleep Pod pro cover is definitely the sleep company’s biggest technology advantage. The Pod cover is a connected sleep device similar to how your smartwatch tracks your heart rate, or a Peloton Bike provides all that data while you’re working out.

The Pod cover is a mattress cover that fits over any 10″ – 16″ mattress and connects to a smart hub. This is the other part of Eight Sleep’s tech worth mentioning. The hub uses hydro engines to cool down or warm your mattress to any setting you want for temperature through a unique smartphone application.


Pod Temperature Control


You can use your Eight Sleep app to set the Pod temperate between 55 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and we defiantly exercised that range out quite a bit. We have a fair mix of hot sleepers and people that like to be toasty warm when they sleep.

According to the app, the Eight Sleep Pod temperature control can change either side of the bed mattress. This way, if your partner likes it hot and you prefer an arctic temperature, you can both get the sleep setting you choose for the mattress.

The Pod’s temperature control is also helpful for those who sleep next to an open window during different seasons and add a little extra cooling or heating. You can even set up temperature profiles that will kick in through the night.


Pod Biometrics


Eight Sleep includes biometric tracking through the Pod cover that can tell you everything from the hours you have the calmest sleep to your heart rate variability and respiratory rate. This helps you understand if you have different needs or challenges you may need to overcome for improved sleep quality.

We are all data nerds in the office and appreciate a product that can provide a lot of feedback for our sleep. The Pod’s sensors picked up on many habits most of us didn’t know we had because we sleep right through them.


Pod Alarm

Our favorite feature was the Pod’s alarm setting, which essentially turns the entire Pod into a vibration setting. You set the alarm through the Pod’s application, and then the whole mattress cover vibrates gently to wake you up.

If you purchase the Pod, keep in mind that it is just a mattress cover and not a full mattress. That means you can use the Pod for any other bed of qualifying size.


Eight Sleep Pros and Cons

  • Simple sleep tracker technology to improve your rest
  • Well tuned temperature controls for the Pod cover
  • An easy to use smartphone application for complete control of Pod
  • Alarm setting to wake you up
  • It can be used on any bed or mattress as a cover of appropriate sizing
  • This is a premium sleep product starting at $1,795
  • The alarm setting can be felt by your partner on the other side of the Pod cover


Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress

The significant difference between the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress and the Pod Cover is that one is just a cover that can be used on any mattress of an appropriate size, and the other is a complete mattress system.


Mattress Construction

The first thing you’ll notice about the Eight Sleep Pod Smart Mattress is the firmness. It feels like a 6-7 out of 10 on the firmness scale if you lay down on your back. For a foam mattress, that is pretty firm and a big benefit for those that like to sleep on their backs.

The Pod Mattress is also comfortable. You get the pressure relief you need for sore hips, shoulders, and lower backs, but a good amount of response to counter to your body for those that prefer softness.

Each Eight Sleep Pod Mattress includes three different layers. You start with a bouncy airflow foam, then a supportive air layer for pressure relief, and finally a flexspring core that adds more support. Overall the Pod Mattress is about 12″ in height, which is pretty standard for a premium mattress company.


Temperature and Technology

The Pod Mattress Pro uses the same sleep smart technology as the Pod cover and temperature settings connected to a central hub. The only difference is that the cover is integrated into the mattress instead of a separate unit.

The Pod active grid cover zips onto the top of the mattress and includes the same tubing and foam softness and pressure relief.


Setting Up the Pod Mattress

We routinely have fun whenever we test out a sleep company because of the way we get the materials. It is hilarious to watch as our testers unwrap boxes and see the different mattresses reform from breaking the vacuum seal on their delivery packaging.

You get one box for the Pod mattress, another for the active grid cover, and then one more for the hub and other Eight Sleep materials.

Once you have everything unpacked and set up, you use the Eight Sleep application to finish setting the temperature you want or anything else you need, including your sleep profile.


The Hub

We probably should go into more detail about the Eight Sleep hub. This is a small heating and cooling chamber that pumps water throughout your Pod Mattress. You’ll need an outlet to plug in the device, and we found it to be quiet enough not to disturb our sleep.



Our sleep research and online insight say Eight Sleep’s prices change a little over time, but to get a discount, you need to look for special offers. Many celebrities like Tim Ferris provide slight discounts if you order through them.

Keep in mind that you can purchase the Pod, Pod Pro, and Pod Pro Max package for each bed size, which will also change the Eight Sleep pricing model. In general, you can expect:

Full52.5" x 74.5"$2795.00
Queen58.5" x 79.5"$3095.00
King74.5" x 79.5"$3495.00
California King70.5" x 83.5"$3495.00

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Eight Sleep Mattress Pros and Cons

  • Excellent cooling/heating technology that works according to the side of the bed
  • Decent mattress firmness rating that still leaves plenty of comfort for combination sleepers
  • Surprisingly solid edge support, so you don’t feel like you’re going to roll off the mattress
  • Advanced mobile application for complete control of the mattresses
  • Decent motion transfer for more than one sleeper
  • This is a premium mattress and does cost on the higher side of the market


Eight Sleep Carbon Air Pillow


We did want to take a quick section of our reviews and talk about the Eight Sleep carbon air pillow. Anyone that knows they are a hot sleeper wants to cool down their neck and head during sleep.

This sleep pillow uses specialized materials that absorb and dissipates heat. The pillow is essentially a ventilation system with a TENCEL mesh cover that makes the pillow more breathable.

While no one in the office purchased the cover or mattress, we did have a few people buy the pillow even though we wanted to. They are incredibly comfortable and make for excellent cooling places to rest your head.

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What are Customers Saying about Eight Sleep?

Eight Sleep mattresses enjoy a high rating on most websites. If you go through the reviews, you’ll notice pretty much everyone talking about the mattress and Pod cover technology. Customers seem authentically impressed by how the Pod mattress and cover offer bespoke temperature control.

There is also a lot of positive news about the app and data collection from the biometrics features, such as the sleep fitness score, of the Pod cover and mattress. Everyone likes how they can track their sleep habits. It feels good to get confirmation about what you think is happening when you actually fall asleep at night.

The only time we noticed any negative mattresses reviews was about something outside of Eight Sleep’s current control, like shipping delays or a manufacturing defect.

All in all, this is a solid sleep company providing premium mattresses, pillows, and mattress covers through their Pod technology line of products.

We found this review that summed it up pretty well: 

“I started with the Pod. First of all, I have to say that I usually wake up many times during the night, and I was a little skeptical of all the fantastic reviews because I usually read bad or low reviews rate first, but there were no bad reviews so I thought there was something not clear. 

After some weeks of usage of the Pod I have to admit I do sleep much better. The Pod (with autopilot function on) gives you the best temperature throughout the different stages of your sleep, and I do sleep more and better. Again I was very skeptical, but these people did fantastic work. 

The Pod learns your habits and changes values to what your body needs (it takes a week, so it has to learn). So I can easily say if you have doubts on buying, go head and get it.”



Is Eight Sleep Worth It?

As long as you can remember the incredible amount of temperature control and biometric feedback the Pod offers, then yes, we think it is worth the price tag. This is definitely a mattress product designed for those with temperature needs or a sleeper who likes to get all the data about sleeping.

The technology is what sets Eight Sleep apart from the competition, and that is exactly what you are paying for. The app alone is pretty sophisticated and well worth the price. If you are in the market for an excellent way to improve your sleep and lower night sweats and you are more tech-savvy, then Eight Sleep is for you.

We should also mention the standard features that come with all Eight Sleep products:

  • 10-year limited and 2-year warranty for technology, including hub, sensors, and active grid.
  • 100-night risk-free sleep trial.
  • Eight Sleep’s free refunds and exchanges in the first 100 nights of use.
  • All foam layers are certified by CertiPUR-US to be free of harmful additives.
  • Free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States.

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Wrapping it Up

We loved testing out Eight Sleep’s Pod mattress and cover as well as the pillows. The price tag may be a little on the expensive side for these mattresses, but that is because you are getting a solid premium sleep product for optimal sleep. This isn’t a fake company. Eight Sleep’s products provide all the comfort, firmness, temperature control, and biometrics you could want to improve the sleep you get at night.

We strongly encourage anyone ready to make a purchase with Eight Sleep to take advantage of the 100-night sleep feature. This way, you can bring the mattress or Pod cover into your home and get a much better idea of how it will integrate into your life. Even if you suffer from light sleep, Eight Sleep can help you find the perfect setting to help you rest better

The app and advanced technology are what sets Eight Sleep apart, and you’ll agree after you set up the mattress or Pod cover in your own home. As far as our reviews go, this bed was one of of the most innovative companies we’ve tested out.

As always, if you enjoyed our reviews, please feel free to sign up for our email list and get notified when a new article is released. We are always adding new reviews of fun products to improve your home or office. If you are a company seeking to have your products as part of our reviews section, please send us a note through our contact page. Thanks again!




Please note: This post contains affiliate links that we may earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 

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