An Honest Review of the Ghost Pillow – Will this Memory Foam Pillow Help You Sleep?

Ghost Pillow Review
Ghost Pillow Review


The makers of popular GhostBed have created a revolutionary pillow called Ghost Pillow. The GhostPillow has found a way to make your nights rest easier and more comfortable by adjusting the temperature of its fabric cover throughout each night. Whether you sleep hot or cold, this pillow will be able to keep up with all different types climates in order for everyone’s needs met!

  • Comfort
  • Versatility
  • Price
  • Warranty


  • Excellent product for hot sleepers
  • Great support for sleepers with neck or back pain
  • Free shipping and a long trial period
  • Keeps its gel memory foam shape well
  • Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic
  • Easy to use for sleepers of all positions


  • Only available in one size – Queen
  • It may be thick for some
  • High price tag compared to big box stores

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With so many of us working from home or dealing with the never-ending stress from network news, it is no surprise we are struggling to get a solid and healthy sleep schedule in our lives. That is why many people turn to private companies that promise groundbreaking memory foam or gel pillows to provide a comfortable sleep.

We thought we’d put these claims to the test and try out a few of the memory foam sleep products from Ghost Pillow for our reviews section. Of course, we want you to read on through our reviews, but to offer a small spoiler, they may be right!

We go over all details about why Ghost Pillow was created and how its line of custom-made memory foam pillows can help you get all the sleep you need to handle this strange time. Check out our review below.


Ghost Pillow Review

GhostPillow on Bed

This Ghost Pillow review was a little different than the other reviews we’ve done in the past only because we actively went out and purchased some of these high-quality pillows to try instead of having Ghost Pillow sending us some samples. We try not to make any purchases ourselves during our reviews to not place more value on the products we test. 

Many of our review testers have had trouble getting the proper position or comfort level while sleeping, and they all wanted to try this company out. So we ordered a few quantities of their top-selling memory foam pillow products. We also purchased the faux down and shredded only for comparison.


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What is Ghost Pillow?

Ghost Pillow is an arm of the company Ghost Bed, which was born out of the parent company Nature’s Sleep. This is a company made by industry experts who were already well invested in their niche and saw a way to provide an excellent memory foam product to supplement their other products.

Ghost Pillow created a memory foam pillow designed to provide a soft, supportive, and comfortable sleeping experience no matter what position you prefer to sleep in. That includes those sleepers on their back, stomach, or sides.

Ghost Pillows are made with a few features in mind that frequently get mentioned in reviews, including:


Cooling Technology

Ghost Pillow has a Phase Change memory foam layer that provides excellent cooling feature which helps temperature regulation throughout the night. There is gel foam inside that doesn’t trap any head and makes your body feel more relaxed instead of drowning in night sweats due to your body temperature.


Combination Sleepers

The support provided by Ghost Pillows is ideal for any sleep position with a medium level of firmness. This was one of the most noted parts of our reviews because we have so many different body types in our testing office and a lot of side sleepers.


Pain Relief

The Ghost Pillow memory foam is designed to contour to your head and neck, so you get the much-needed support for your spine alignment. Many of our sleepers said they felt significantly better after a week or so of using the Ghost Pillow. That includes one tester that had a spinal fusion as a kid. Of course, he wasn’t claiming he was healed or anything, but he just felt less pain and more relaxed.


Trial Period

Each Ghost Pillow product includes a 101-night sleep trial period before you have to commit to purchasing the product.


Safe and Easy to Clean

Ghost Pillow uses breathable materials that allow good airflow and do not include harmful chemicals like other sleep companies. They also have a removable cover made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex that can be easily cleaned in your washer/dryer.

All Ghost Pillow products are certified CertiPUR-US, meaning it doesn’t have any mercury, lead, formaldehyde, or other heavy metals, which a lot of people check reviews to confirm before buying.


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Who is Ghost Pillow Good For?

The first target market seeking Ghost Pillow reviews is defiantly hot sleepers. We’re talking about those sleepers that sweat each and every night no matter how many fans are pointing directly at their skin. That was easy to verify with our review.

The majority of our review testers experienced a cooler sleep experience when using the Ghost Pillow. They report that the gel foam is what makes the difference which is exactly what Ghost Pillow claims. So, in that regard, we consider this claim verified.

These are also specialized memory gel foam pillows meant for those with neck and back pain. While Ghost Pillow doesn’t make outrageous claims of being a revolutionary product, they say they can “aid” in relieving everyday pain and are correct!

Our sleepers experienced a much more relaxed and supported night’s sleep with the pillows, which we attribute to the middle range firmness. Ghost Pillow comes in at 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, which is dead center – not too firm, not too soft. Ghost Pillow is the Goldilocks of pillows for sleepers around the world.

We also wanted to mention the versatile comfort for sleepers of all types. A few married couples in our office have very different needs when it comes to resting. We didn’t hear one complaint from them, which means they can have pillows on their bed that match and provide a better night’s sleep, which cuts down on marital arguments.

Ghost Pillow also claims to be hypoallergenic, but we don’t have anyone with dust mite allergies in the office. We do have one person who suffers from light eczema, and she said she never felt triggered by the gel layer memory foam pillows from Ghost Pillow.


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Detailed Ghost Pillow Review

Ghost Pillow Front

With many types of sleepers on our team ready to test, we tried out the Ghost Pillow Memory Foam, which is their most popular product, as well as the Ghost Pillow Faux Down and Ghost Pillow Shredded.


Feel of the Ghost Pillow

Each Ghost Pillow product we tried had a light and airy feel with a solid weight that makes us think it could be helpful in a future office pillow fight. However, when you unpack any of the Ghost Pillow products, you get the same off-gassing effect common in the sleep industry, otherwise, it has decent dimensions of around 16” X 23” with around 6” of thickness.



Ghost Pillow offers its gel foam products at around $95 per pillow to start (deals and coupons can be found on their website to lower the cost). This is definitely higher than walking into a big box store and picking up a pillow from one of those giant dispensers kids used with big bouncy balls.

That price tag on the Ghost Pillow is cheaper than other competitors, who are often more than $100 per pillow. So we’re going to say Ghost Pillows is averagely priced in this specific industry.


Sleeping Position

We had all our testers try their favorite positions for sleeping, binging Netflix, scrolling on their phones, and reading a book. All of the back sleepers reported having decent height and support. The side sleepers found Ghost Pillow comfortable and capable of holding its form when moving around. The only problem was our stomach sleepers. We did have one say the 6” was a little high for their neck, but the rest had no difficulty and enjoyed the gel foam memory feature perfectly fine.


Difference in Ghost Pillows

Ghost Pillow uses a mix of proprietary memory foam layers called Gel-5 and gel beads for its core material. The Gel-5 is infused with millions of microscopic pockets that contain the cooling gel beads. This formulation makes Ghost Pillow ideal for anyone who suffers from hot flashes, night sweats, or just plain irritable when the air conditioner runs all night because it will keep you cooler than most of the competition on today’s market.

We focused our Ghost Pillow review on the gel memory foam product from the traditional pillow, which is the most popular. We did try the Shredded and Faux Down pillow as well. Essentially you’re getting the same high-quality fabric with different fillers. We had one of our sleepers prefer the shredded fill.

Everyone else in the office wanted the popular gel foam memory pillow.


Machine Washing

We ventured back to our local laundry mat and tested out the covers from Ghost Pillow. The easily removed zippered covers held up well to our repeated machine washes, so nothing to report there other than a great success.


Other Benefits

Besides all the other incredible features of the Ghost Pillow we’ve mentioned in our review, you also get free shipping to any of the 48 states. This helps with the $85 price tag a bit. We were also able to find coupons in several locations to drop that price down even further.


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Ghost Pillow Pros and Cons

  • Excellent product for hot sleepers
  • Great support for sleepers with neck or back pain
  • Free shipping and a long trial period
  • Keeps its gel memory foam shape well
  • Great middle range firmness and air ventilation
  • Easy to clean pillow cover
  • Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic
  • Easy to use for sleepers of all positions
  • Only available in one size – Queen
  • It May be thick for some
  • High price tag compared to big box stores, middle of the road for private sleep companies


5 Reasons to Buy the Ghost Pillow

If we had to make a flyer for purchasing the Ghost Pillow, we’d probably highlight the following:

  1. Cools you down – Hot sleepers will enjoy the relaxing, cooling effect and air ventilation from the gel memory foam design that is even cool to the touch.
  2. Versatile – Pretty much any type of sleeper will enjoy the contour of the gel foam pillow on your back, side, or stomach.
  3. Pain Relief – The middle ground firmness means those with back and neck pain will get some much-needed support and relief.
  4. Great Trial Period – You get an extended trial period of a 101 days to try out the Ghost Pillow and see if it works in your lifestyle.
  5. Easy to Clean – we appreciate a sleep product that doesn’t require dry-cleaning!


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Ghost Pillow vs. Pillow Cube

One Ghost Pillow’s competitors in market is the Pillow Cube. They offer a similar product but don’t have years of industry experience like the managers at Ghost Pillow.

The significant difference between Ghost Pillow and Pillow Cube is that Pillow Cube is designed specifically for side sleepers. That is because Pillow Cube was founded by side sleepers who wanted a product that met their direct needs.

Otherwise, Pillow Cube is a pretty comparable product. However, they are a little more expensive and not quite as large as the Ghost Pillow.


What are Customers Saying about Ghost Pillow?

The only complaint we saw when diving through the seemingly endless positive review for Ghost Pillow related to stomach sleepers. The 6” thickness seemed to be a minor issue. All the rest of the reviews were excellent, with many reporting calmer, pain-free nights of sleep. 

Many customers backed up the claims about Ghost Pillow being a massive benefit for those sleepers that overheat. It seems Ghost Pillow nailed down a cooler sleeping experience. 

This review sums up our thoughts nicely. It was from a wife in Canada talking about her husband: 

“Had tried a few cooling pillows that didn’t work that great. This is the best pillow I have had in many years. The height of it is perfect. Cover is easy to wash. Helps me sleep better. Your head will warm the pillow, but just adjust it, and you will feel a cool spot.”


Is Ghost Pillow Worth It?

You should expect to pay around $70-$85 after coupons and taxes when purchasing a Ghost Pillow gel foam memory pillow. That may seem on the high end for some but compares well against the rest of the private sleep industry.

For our money, we think this is a good investment. You get a durable pillow made from cooling and breathable gel foam materials with an easy-to-clean cover that can be tossed into the washing machine.

The Ghost Pillow comes in a size that fits well on most beds and has the support and firmness needed for a better night’s sleep.

For us and the rest of our sleepers, this is a win-win product that we highly recommend.


Ghost Pillow FAQ

Does Ghost Pillow come with a warranty? 

Yes, Ghost Pillow offers a full 5-year warranty.


Is there a Trial Period?

Yes. One of the best we’ve ever heard of for a pillow. Ghost Pillow gives you 101 days to test! That’s pretty incredible.


Is Ghost Pillow machine washable?

Unfortunately, Ghost Pillows are not machine washable. You cannot get the inner core wet due to Its gel memory foam. However, the outer cover is easy to remove and wash with a mixture of cold water and mild detergent.


Does Ghost Pillow really handle body heat as well as advertised?

Yes. During our tests, none of our testers reported any issues with sweat or heat issues. It’s worth noting, one tester in particular is a hot sleeper who sweat frequently.


Is Ghost Pillow good for back pain relief?

Yes, many customers have reported excellent results from using their Ghost Pillows for back pain relief. The contouring supports all the right spots, including your neck and shoulders, while also providing pressure relief where it counts – your hips, lower back, tailbone area, etc.


How much is the Ghost Pillow?

You can expect to pay somewhere in the range of $69.99 -$89.99 after coupons and taxes when purchasing a Ghost Pillow gel foam memory pillow. This is comparable to similar products in this category. The primary difference is that you get one of the most comfortable pillows on today’s market with Ghost Pillow.


Is there a discount for military members, veterans, police officers, firefighters, etc.?

Ghost Pillow offers discounts for active-duty military members, including reservists, National Guard members, retired military veterans, disabled veterans up to 100% service-connected disability rating or retired law enforcement/firefighters who have honorably discharged from active duty or retirement. This is a great option for anyone who has served our country to take advantage of a special deal.


What are the dimensions for Ghost Pillow?

The Ghost Pillow dimensions are 16” x 23” x 6”


How long does it take to receive an order?

Most orders will arrive within 2-3 business days except during holidays.


Where can I buy Ghost Pillow?

You can purchase Ghost Pillow from their website directly or purchase through Amazon.


Where are the Ghost Pillows Made?

Ghost Pillows are manufactured in the United States.


Wrapping it Up

Ghost Pillow is a memory foam pillow with cooling gel, a breathable cover, and the perfect height for stomach sleepers. 

Ghost Pillow offers excellent value for money at around $70-$85 after coupons and taxes because it has all of the features you need in an ultra-comfortable sleeping product without any gimmicky extras like Bluetooth speakers or USB ports.

As one customer review on Amazon put it: “I slept through the night last night, which hasn’t happened in years.”

Our tests also showed positive results, so we think are great pillows for anyone who wants to improve their sleep and are looking for a new pillow. If you or anyone you know struggles to get a full night’s rest, trying the Ghost Pillow by clicking here.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and sign up for our newsletter for our latest reviews!




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