An In-Depth Review of the X-Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair

X-Chair X4 Review
X-Chair X4 Review


The X-Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair is an ergonomic chair that provides excellent support for the back and neck. It has a thick, padded leather seat and backrest, and features a reclining mechanism that allows you to adjust the angle of the chair to provide maximum comfort.

The X-Chair X4 also comes with a built-in lumbar support system that helps to keep your lower back in alignment, and adjustable armrests that allow you to customize the height and position of the arms to match your own body size and preferences.

  • Quality Build
  • Price
  • Comfort
  • Ease of Use


  • Excellent lumbar curve support
  • Increases circulation
  • Premium leather or Brisa options
  • Wide variety of color options
  • Extra cushioning in the seat
  • Easy assembly
  • Much more affordable compared to other premium office chairs
  • Standard 5-year warranty


  • Some of the X-Chair features we like the most are add-ons
  • Headrest a bit difficult to adjust

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We had such a blast checking out the line of products from X-Chair that many of our testers ended up purchasing their X4 leather executive chair for their desks. Usually, we have one or two on our team purchasing something we have tested out or at least sending them as gifts to friends and family, but in this case, we thought it prudent to dive a bit deeper into the X-Chair X4.

A lot of workers are now completing their assignments from their home office. They are in need of a decent office chair with the support and comfort to make the day easier. Instead of sticking to those hard-surfaced hand-me-down office chairs that end up leaving your backside sore, you should take advantage of the phenomenal support and comfortable leather with the X4 from X-Chair.

Our in-depth review of the X-Chair X4 leather executive office chair goes into the detailed reasons why this is one of the best support chairs on the market.


X-Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair Review

For those that missed our more broad review of X-Chair and their chairs products, and if you did, you should go check that out when you are finished with this review, we will present a bit of background on the company. The X-Chair chairs are finely crafted products that differentiate themselves by design quality and attention to client comfort.


An Overview of X-Chair

X-Chair is a smaller company that began in 2015 by blending the design features of comfort, technology, and ergonomic needs. The overall goal of X-Chair was to create a custom-made chair that naturally increased productivity by providing the support and comfort workers need in their office spaces.

The central theme of X-Chair is their DVL (dynamic variable lumbar) support. This intrinsic feature of the X-Chair naturally lets the chair adjust to your body whenever you take a seat. As a result, X-Chair X4‘s essentially mold themselves to your comfort level without sacrificing the support you need for your body.

X-Chair also emphasizes circulation while you work. The more relaxed you are in these chairs while still maintaining a high amount of blood and oxygen circulation, the more aware you are of your surroundings, resulting in a higher focus for your work.

All in all, the X-Chair X4 leather executive office chair is an excellent representation of the overall company goals with the luxury features everyone from the guy running your local car wash emporium to a Fortune 500 CEO will appreciate.


X-Chair Unboxing

X-Chair Assembly

As far as the X4 chair itself, you can see that it comes in an extra-large box. If you are thinking about having this delivered to your home or office, you may want to schedule a delivery time since the box weighs over 70 pounds.

Although compact, the X4 is very sturdy when packaged and won’t go anywhere.

When you unbox your new chair, we recommend putting it together off to the side where it won’t be tripped over and is easy to access.

The X4 comes with all of its pieces packaged in an organized fashion, with each piece secured by a plastic casing and foam inserts. The packing process was done with such care that it was pretty easy to take apart for assembly after taking all of the pictures.

The entire process of putting together the X4 leather chair only takes about 20 minutes, but it is time well spent when you can secure your base and screws into place without having to go back in later.

As far as the assembly process itself, it comes with an assembly manual that will guide you through the process.

Each step of the process is clearly labeled and illustrated with diagrams to ensure you are securely locking all of your pieces into place.

When fully closed and compressed, one would think this chair does not arrive with much cushioning; however, when sitting in the X4 at eye level, we could see that the chair itself is much more plush than it appears.

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X-Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair Features

Right off the bat, you will notice the luxury design elements of the X-Chair X4 leather executive chair. These kinds of leather chairs would be expected in a high-paid lawyer’s office, but at a significantly more affordable price tag.



Yes, the X-Chair X4 executive chair does have leather. This leather is from a material called Brisa, an extra soft and breathable fabric designed to look and feel like the real deal, but without the harvesting of animals aspect. That means a more eco-friendly option than genuine leather.

Inside the Brisa leather-like material is a gel polymer that gives you extra padding and that is on top of the high-density molded foam cushion on the actual seat of the X-Chair X4. When we tell you this is like sitting on a reinforced cloud, we are not kidding!

This leather-like material is not thick like you would find on other office chairs. That means the X-Chair X4 materials do not get in the way of the ergonomic design and back support.

You can also choose to stick with the premium authentic leather option for your X-Chair, but we like the Brisa because it is more breathable.


DVL Lumbar Support

As we mentioned before, this is the big selling point of the X-Chair X4 leather office chairs. The dynamic variable lumbar support is a panel at the bottom of the back of the X-Chair X4 office chair moves whenever you sit or adjust how you are sitting in the executive chair. So basically, you get continual back support.

We enjoy this design feature from X-Chair because it means we do not have to fumble around with different levers or pulls to get that high-quality lumbar support on our chairs. Instead, all that is needed is to sit in the chairs, and the DVL support does the rest.


SciFloat Infinite Recline

X-Chair Adjustments

Here is where the improved circulation and workflow of the X-Chair X4 leather executive office chair comes into play. The infinite recline technology is a prebuilt recline mechanism in the X-Chair that allows you to stay in constant motion throughout the day and can be adjusted to your body weight.

This is the main reason so many of our testers made the X-Chair X4 a must-have purchase. The entire chair design moves with you whenever you move forward or back in the chairs. As a result, you get continual support and comfort as you shift and work throughout the day, keeping your energy levels high.

Don’t worry, though. X-Chair included a locking mechanism if you want to stay in a fixed position, but we strongly suggest you test out the SciFloat Recline feature first before deciding to lock the X-Chair X4.


Adjustable Armrest

X-Chair Armrest

Anyone who has ever worked in an office before knows that having chairs with excellent armchairs is a must. X-Chair describes these as 4-dimensional armrests because you can adjust the height, depth, width, and angle to whatever you want on the chairs. There are numerous setting levels to get your armrest height in the ideal position.

We can verify that the X-Chair X4 does have fully adjustable armrests, but to get the most out of this feature, we recommend you purchase the optional X-Chair X4 headrest add-on as well. That way, you get the whole relaxation and support experience as you lean back whenever taking a brain break.


Adjustable Headrest

The optional headrest on the X-Chair X4 leather executive chairs can be pivoted from the rest of the chair. This creates even more flexibility and movement with your chairs and has an adjustable range of about 4 inches.

The X-Chair X4 headrest is made with the same luxurious Brisa that is just breathable enough to keep your head cool as you work.

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X-Chair X4 Options

When X-Chair started to grow in the chairs market, they were smart enough to include a bunch of available X-Chair accessories and options. This is a mutually beneficial instinct for customers because it means the same dedication to quality as the X4 design in each optional feature. It also means customers can custom-make their chairs through the X-Chair website with the features they want the most.



We remember this chairs option well from our earlier test of the X-Chair product line because so many of us enjoy a support massage feature on our chairs. The X-HMT is a heat and massage element added to the seat of the X-Chair X4. You have the option for heating and two different support massage elements that are a welcome relief if you have long days of sitting.


ElemaxX-Chair Elemax

The difference between the X-Chair X4 X-HMT option and the X-Chair Elemax feature is the cooling aspect in the chairs. You still get all the X-Chair heating and massage options of the office chairs, but also a cooling element for those that operate at higher temperatures during their workdays.



X-Chair Wheels

When you buy any of the X-Chair products, you get standard double-sided wheels. However, you have the option on the X-Chair X4 to upgrade to clear, black, or locking wheels. If you are like us, you will appreciate the locking feature. A lot of home offices are not set up with industrial building materials, and there may be slight slants in your flooring. Locking wheels can make all the difference to your comfort level.


Adjustable Headrest

We mentioned this above already and highly recommend adding it to your X-Chair X4 leather executive office chairs. You may also want to check out the optional footrest as well. This is an angled platform that you can push against or tap your feet as we do.

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X-Chair X4 Pros and Cons


  • Excellent lumbar curve support from the X-Chair DVL feature that moves with you.
  • Increases circulation helps if you suffer from needing to adjust a lot to feel comfortable in your office.
  • Premium leather or Brisa options.
  • Wide variety of color options to choose from.
  • Extra cushioning in the seat, saving common backside or lower back issues.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Much more affordable compared to other premium office chairs.
  • Standard 5-year warranty.
  • Try and test 90 day period.



  • Some of the X-Chair features we like the most are add-ons and do not come standard with the base product price.
  • Headrest a bit difficult to adjust


Is the X-Chair X4 Worth It?


The base model of the X-Chair X4 retails for $1,199.99 on the X-Chair website. While that may seem like an expensive price tag, keep in mind that most luxury executive office chairs run a few hundred dollars more on average.

The X-Chair is a durable office chair with a lot of support and circulation features that absolutely make it worth the price. Not only do you get fantastic design elements, but you also get an aesthetically pleasing chair that looks like it is meant for office executives.

Overall, we highly recommend the X-Chair X4 leather executive office chair to anyone seeking a better option than what is provided in their home or remote office. It is shipped right to your door and includes a decent warranty in case something arrives out of place or missing parts. It also takes very little effort to put together.

As for us, we could not be happier rolling around the testing office on our X-Chair X4s. Don’t tell the boss, but we have even had a competition to see who can go the furthest.

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X-Chair X4 FAQ

What’s the Warranty?

The X-Chair comes with a 5-year warranty on its moving parts. You do not have to pay extra for the warranty, and it covers everything from the mechanism underneath the chair up to any of the appended features such as massage or heat.


How much Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping is free for U.S. and Canadian residents. However, if you are ordering internationally, visit the X-Chair website for cost of shipping.


Can I Upgrade or Change My Order?

Yes, you can upgrade or change your order before it has been sent. However, if the product has already been shipped, you may be charged a restocking fee.


What is the Return Policy?

You have 7 days from receiving your X-Chair product to return it for a full refund or exchange. You must contact them via phone or email after this time frame has passed to confirm that you do want to return it, and then they will send you instructions on how to proceed.


How Long Does It Take To Ship?

Most orders are shipped within 5 business days, but it may take up to 10 days for your order to arrive. You will receive an email notification once your product has been processed and is ready for shipment with the tracking number included.


Is the Chair Comfortable?

Yes, the X-Chair is very comfortable. We liked all of the added features like lumbar support, seat cushioning, and adjustable headrest. The leather feels nice on your skin as well.


Wrapping it Up

If you suffer from needing to adjust a lot in your office chair or spend a majority of the day sitting down, this is a fantastic option that will help save your backside and lower back.

The X-Chair X4 comes with an incredible warranty on moving parts for 5 years, giving consumers peace of mind when purchasing it.

With its affordable price tag and design features like leather finishes and added cushioning along with the ergonomic features, we highly recommend anyone seeking more comfort at their desk add one of these chairs into their home or workspace.

We could not be happier to give extra attention to the X-Chair X4 leather executive office chairs. Ever since our original review of the broader product line, we have been impressed by the unique features of this X-Chair model.

If you are in the market for a quality ergonomic chair, that provides maximum support you cannot go wrong with the X-Chair X4.

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