Blue Canvas Digital Picture Frame Review

Blue Canvas Digital Picture Frame

When it comes to digital frame technology, Blue Canvas Digital Wall Picture Frames are the next generation. Digital frames have been around for a while now, but they haven’t evolved much from their early days of only showing static images and displaying them in a grid format.

With the introduction of Blue Canvas Digital Wall Picture Frames, you can enjoy curated artwork on your wall and watch as new art is automatically added every day!

Picture frames are the perfect way to display memories in your home, but they can be quite expensive. Blue Canvas Digital frames provide a more affordable option for displaying digital artwork on your walls, without having to make multiple purchases for a new image.

Along with an easy to use app, you can simply picture you image and Voila! The image goes from your app to Blue Canvas’s digital wall picture frame simplistically.

In this article, we’ll dive into the Blue Canvas digital picture frame, the Pros and Cons and how it stacks up to the competition.

  • Amazing Picture Quality

  • Easily Display from App to Frame

  • Lighweight and Thin 

  • Free Curated Images 

Blue Canvas Digital Picture Frame


What is the Blue Canvas Digital Picture Frame?

Blue Canvas breaks the mold of your traditional picture frame with a revolutionary product that allows you to enjoy your favorite pictures, paintings and even video. Digital picture frames are the next generation of displaying digital images, but Blue Canvas Digital Wall Picture Frames take it one step further.

Instead of having multiple frames for each room or not being able to enjoy curated artwork that you love because it doesn’t fit into a grid format – with Blue Canvas Digital Wall Picture Frame you can have both! Curated artwork automatically displays daily so that you’ll never miss an opportunity to watch art change before your eyes. This also means no more hassle when trying to find just the right image.

At only .5 inches and a lightweight at 7 Lbs, Blue Canvas digital frames can fit in any room with the greatest of ease. Below are some of the ways you can use a Blue Canvas Digital Frame.

As NFTs (Non-fungible token) become more popular, users are spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on these digital assets, without a place to display them. Blue Canvas’s digital picture frame is a perfect way to display your digital investment.

As owner of the NFT, you own the digital rights to the image. So why not display it proudly? You no longer have to display it on your computer or television. It can live forever on a Blue Canvas digital wall frame.

Do you have a ton of family pictures on your phone that you want to display but can’t find the right frame or is cost prohibitive? If so, Blue Canvas smart picture frame can display all your precious memories simply with a few clicks from your phone.

Blue Canvas also comes with preloaded with over 2400 images you can display and can easily change on a timer to help keep your rooms fresh and exciting. You can also get vital information such as date, time and even the weather.

Finally, with Blue Canvas, you can upload videos where you and watch personal videos from your library. And if you have a bluetooth capable speaker, Blue Canvas will speak with the speaker to play your audio as well!


How Does it Work?

Blue Canvas Set up

Setting up your Blue Canvas digital picture frame is simple. Once you receive your package, unpack it and hang it on the wall.

You will need a source of power. It’s recommended that you have a power outlet either directly behind where you plan on hanging or digital frame or directly below.

Once installed, download the app (Currently only available on Android) and follow the instructions.

From the app, you select your personal images such as your valuable digital NFTs, family photos, or the over 2400 images available to you from Blue Canvas.


What Makes It Different?

With a sleek modern design and its high-quality construction, this Digital picture frame is designed to be on display in your home at all times while still being highly functional.

While there are other digital picture frames on the market, Blue Canvas is one of the only products with a thin and light profile along with an easy to use app that can easily display your pictures.

Another differentiator is the anti-glare screen that allows you to put your digital picture frame in virtually any room. Regardless of how bright the room gets, the ant-glare screen keeps your image sharp.

Furthermore, you can customize your frame design with a variety of colors that include: Wood, White, Oak and Walnut.

Blue Canvas Frame


Where can you use the Blue Canvas Digital Picture Frame?

With the versatility of Blue Canvas you can hang the Digital Picture Frame in an any room in your home. When we tested it, we use it in several rooms. We found that it worked exceptionally well in rooms with bright light.

This is due to the anti-glare screen that allows you to enjoy your picture regardless of how much sun enters the room.

We also tested Blue Canvas in a darker setting to see if it would be too bright. While the screen did stand out, it may not be as ideal for a bedroom. That said, you can shut the monitor off if you are placing this in your bedroom.



Blue Canvas Specs

Size: 26.5″

Dimensions: 19.6″H x 19.6″ W x .5″ D

Resolution: 1920 x 1920

Weight: 7 LBS


Pros and Cons


Easy Setup. Blue Canvas Digital Frame are easy to set up. Simply hang the picture frame, download the app and upload the Image!

Versatility. Blue Canvas Digital Frame is light weight and thin. Weighing only 7 pounds, you can easily move your frame from one room to the next.

Ant-Glare Screen. Have a Bright room? No problem! The anti glare screen allows you to enjoy your image or video without worrying about glare. Regardless of how much light comes into the room.

Easy Upload. With the Blue Canvas App, you can easily upload images from your phone. Your NFTs and personal images can finally be displayed instead of staying on your phone.

Curated Artwork. Blue Canvas provides over 2400 images of curated artwork for your enjoyment. You can set your timer to have the images change to bring a new look to your room! Furthermore, if you don’t find an image that you like, you can purchase artwork from Blue Canvas directly on the app.

Great Customer Service: Although based in Korea, the team was very responsive and was able to answer all of our questions quickly

Connect to Social Media: Connects to your Facebook or Instagram and upload your pictures to your digital frame.



Not ideal for Bedroom. If you plan on using this in your bedroom, it may be bright when trying to sleep. However, you can turn the screen off.

Not ideal for steaming. While this seems obvious, this product is not meant as an alternative for streaming your favorite Netflix shows. Blue Canvas is specifically designed to display your images and artwork. While you can play videos, these are meant for personal video.


  • Easy Setup
  • Versatility
  • Ant-Glare Screen
  • Easy Upload
  • Curated Artwork.
  • Great Customer Service
  • Connect to Social Media
  • Not ideal for Bedroom
  • Not ideal for steaming


How does Blue Canvas compare to the Competition?

Size. Blue Canvas offers a larger size screen compared to the competition. While you can find thousands of different digital frames from 10″ and below, Blue Canvas comes in a 26.5″ frame allowing for a full size frame to be placed on a wall.

In addition, Blue Canvas Digital Frame offers a variety of sizes from smaller screens to the larger 26.55″ screen reviewed here.

High Tech IoT. With the emergence of Smart Home devices, Blue Canvas designed their products to be used wirelessly. Unlike other digital frames that require a USB connector, Blue Canvas digital wall frame uses your WiFi and bluetooth connectivity to display your pictures or curated artwork.

Blue Canvas IoT

Easy to Use App. Many other products do not offer an app. Those that do have a very clunky application. Blue Canvas provides an easy to use app that allows you to quickly change you images by a tap of a few buttons.

Variety. No other product that we researched allowed for a variety of different frame options. With Blue Canvas you can select the color of the frame that goes best with your room’s style with a variety of colors that include: Wood, White, Oak and Walnut.

Anti-Glare Screen. While there are several products that have an anti-glare screen, We couldn’t find a product that had an anti-glare screen at the same size as Blue Canvas. This is an important feature that people often forget. If you have a room with lots of natural sunlight, you’ll want something that performs like Blue Canvas.

Quality Curated Artwork. Many products offer curated artwork where you have limited control over what is displayed on your digital frame. With Blue Canvas Digital Wall Picture Frame, you can select any art work available on the Blue Canvas Digital Frame Gallery. If you don’t see an image you like, you can purchase an image from Blue Canvas on the app!


Is Blue Canvas Digital Wall Frame Worth it?

Blue Canvas

When conducting any review, this is the first question we ask to ensure the product you purchase is made with confidence. With Blue Canvas, we felt that the picture quality, ease of use and selection of curated artwork make it well worth the investment.

This is especially true for someone who has a variety of images loaded on their phone or someone who has a valuable NFT but has no where to display it! With Blue Canvas digital wall frames, you can easily display them and enjoy countless images brining new life to your room.

We really liked the effectiveness of the anti-glare screen. While each room and placement of the Blue Canvas digital frame will be different, when we conducted our testing, we were impressed how well it performed in a bright room.


Blue Canvas FAQ

Do I need WiFi to display my images?

You will need WiFi to upload images, but once this image is uploaded, WiFi in not needed to display your image.

Can I use an SD card with Blue Canvas?

No. You can use WiFi and Bluetooth to connect to your Blue Canvas. SD card is not supported.

How do I contact them if I need support?

Currently email is the best way to contact the company. That said, we put this to the test and discovered that they were very quick to respond. Within a few hours they were able to answer all of our questions.

Does Blue Canvas have internal storage?

Yes. Blue Canvas comes with over 24GB of storage that allows you to store a large amount of images at one time. And with the touch of a button , you can remove older pictures and add newer ones.

How long is the power adapter?

The power adaptor is 12 feet in total. The power outlet to adapter is 4.0 ft, and the adapter has an extension wire of 8.0 ft.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes. Blue Canvas comes with a one year warranty.


Wrapping it Up

For those looking for a Digital Wall Frame that offers large screen, high tech connectivity and an easy to use application with curated artwork Blue Canvas Digital Picture Frames are ready to provide you great experience.

With the emergence of Smart Homes, adding a Blue Canvas as part of your digital experience will help enhance your home decor by providing a variety of images that bring out your passions. Wether you choose to display family photos, your digital NFTs or any of the over thousand images from the curated art database, you’ll find something that inspires you.

Along with their easy to use app, you can choose which images to display and even put it on a timer. We tried this and found it refreshing to see a new image every hour. Also with the ability to see time, date and weather, Blue Canvas also provides utility to help you with your day.

Overall, we loved the Blue Canvas digital picture frame and found it to be a great product. If you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself, click here to be taken to Amazon for your purchase.

  • Amazing Picture Quality

  • Easily Display from App to Frame

  • Lighweight and Thin 

  • Free Curated Images 



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