Terra Core Fitness Review (2021) – Is the Hype Real?

Basic body workouts have always been one of the most rewarding exercise routines. More and more people are embracing the power of HIIT training using muscle confusion and basic exercise routines at home for convenience and because it is a lot more economical than a gym membership.

The only problem is that sometimes you need a little extra something to elevate your fitness game. That is where the Terra Core balance trainer comes into play. This easy-to-use, at-home piece of equipment enhances your normal weight and body exercises with the additional aspect of maintaining your balance.

Our team took home the balance trainer and wrote up a review so you can know all about the benefits and whether or not it works before you make a purchase.

  • Easy to use for all fitness levels

  • Versatility for any workout 

  • Fitness accessories available 

  • Lifetime Warranty 

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What is Terra Core?

Terra Core Review

The Terra Core balance trainer is an at-home Bosu ball taken to the extreme. You get all the benefits of a stepper, bench, and balance trainer in one device. Unlike medicine balls that have limited exercise options, Terra Core comes with a variety of workouts due to its unique design.

This all-in-one home fitness gym uses an inflated dome on a flat surface roughly the size of a torso. The point is to create an imbalance as you lay, lean, rest, or stand on the inflated surface. By forcing your body to maintain its balance while performing different exercises, you are firing your core stabilizing muscles.

Weighing in at 28 pounds and nearly 4 feet long, the Terra Core balance trainer is an excellent way to improve your regular training routine. When you purchase the equipment, you also get an accompanying mobile app with workout suggestions that are a nice touch to the purchase value.

We were able to use the balance trainer with most of our HIIT workouts that included:

  • Pushups
  • Free weights
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Yoga
  • Situps
  • Lunges
  • And many more upper body and leg muscles workouts


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Along with the product, Terra Core exercises can also be found on YouTube. Below is an example of one of their exercises routines.

What’s in the Box?

Every balance trainer order comes with the actual piece of equipment used in our Terra Core fitness review, a exercise poster, an air pump, a free 14-day trial of the exercise app we mentioned before, and an unconditional lifetime warranty.

We always view the lifetime warranty as a double-edged sword. It is there as a marketing term to increase sales, but it also means that Terra Core is so confident in the quality of the product that they are willing to slap that warranty right on the box.

Either way, you get everything you need to enhance your workout. We should also mention that there are grips and a separate handle on the underside of the Terra Core balance trainer for use as a dumbbell, stabilizing touchpoint, and more. Terra Core really did their homework when it came to designing an excellent at-home workout aid.


Types of Exercises You Can Do

Of course, fitness is the main reason to purchase a Terra Core balance trainer more than just its design. The most important physical benefit is the balance and stability training exercises you perform. The inflated side forces your body to utilize smaller, reflex muscle groups not generally targeted with a standard fitness routine. This really helps improve your overall mobility.

The Terra Core balance trainer is excellent for your abs. When you focus so much of your fitness regimen on stability, you cannot help but engage your core muscle groups. The more you engage your core, the more your abs get a workout.

You got a lot more functional movement with the balance trainer compared to other gym equipment. Instead of having to stop your body midway through an exercise because that is the extent of the machine’s rotation, you are empowered to flow all the way through the motion.

This might seem like a small benefit, but one of our testers went through their entire 45-minute yoga routine and reported that they “had never had a workout like that before.”

There is a wide variety of exercises and fitness routines. The balance trainer makes everything from your strength-building weight workout to your cardio and HIIT goals a lot more in-depth and rewarding.


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Terra Core Pros and Cons


  • Incredibly versatile for practically any kind of home workout routine.
  • Includes handles and bars on the bottom for added customized fitness capabilities.
  • Uses an inflatable cushion/bubble to engage your quick-fire muscles and core.
  • Easy to use for all fitness levels.
  • Made from durable material that can hold up to 1,000 pounds.
  • Easy to clean and highly portable.
  • Includes an app for customized workouts.



  • It can take a while to learn how to balance on the inflatable dome, but it is well worth it in the end.
  • Comes in a little more expensive than other at-home workout equipment but has the value considering all the benefits. If you use our discount code myhomedojo, you can save 25% off your order


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Terra Core Accessories

You have the option to enhance further the benefits of this home fitness workout with the Terra Core Power Bands. These fitness accessories come in sets of 12 pounds, 30 pounds, and 60 pounds resistance strength and can be used directly with the balance trainer or on their own.

When you combine the balance training aspect of the Terra Core with the resistance bands, you get a workout that will leave you feeling exhausted in the best way. Anyone that enjoys CrossFit or HIIT training will appreciate the benefit of using both products together. You will absolutely feel the effect of this workout!


Does Terra Core Fitness Actually Work?

Our Terra-Core fitness review required all of our product testers to use the device for three consecutive workouts. We especially wanted to make sure everyone tried to use the balance trainer with their regular fitness routines.

That means we wanted those doing strength training to keep using weights and those doing HIIT or yoga to do the same.

What we learned after only 3 workouts was that the universal opinion was the Terra Core balance trainer works to make your finer muscles work overtime. The balance trainer does, in fact, retrain your body to move in different ways to complete various exercises.

We also learned that the most significant benefit was to your core muscles. Everyone on our team reported that their abs felt like they had been focused on through the week, even if they were doing a workout meant for their legs or arms.

Overall, we would say YES! Based on our Terra Core fitness review, the device is an excellent way to enhance your home use workout routines. In addition, it does deliver on the promise of improving your balance and engaging muscles you rarely utilize.

This is not like other gimmicky home workout gyms or useless devices. Instead, you will get value out of including this fitness product into your schedule.


Who is Terra Core Fitness For?

The Terra Core balance trainer is designed to work with nearly anyone at any age or fitness level. So whether you are beginning your weight loss journey, or an advanced athlete looking to expand your workout regiment, the Terra Core balance trainer will help.

The exercises on the app can be adjusted to fit your current fitness level. That means you can differentiate the Terra Core balance trainer workouts you complete depending on how much harder you want to go during that particular workout.

While we can easily see the Terra Core balance trainer being used in step classes, private gyms or any other commercial standards, for the most part, this is a better at-home piece of equipment for your study, garage, or living room. It could potentially fit under the bed if you have high clearance. Otherwise, you’ll probably need to rest the Terra Core balance trainer on its side and place it in your closet.


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Terra Core FAQ

What are the exact measurements of the Terra Core balance trainer? 

The Terra Core website lists its dimensions as 47” x 18” x 6.75” and a weight of 28 pounds.


Am I too big to use the balance trainer? 

As part of our Terra Core fitness review, we had people from all shapes and weights in our office use the device. The official maximum weight is a recommended max of 1,000 pounds. No one in our office had any sense they were straining the device.


Can I use either side of the Terra Core?

Yes, you can use the inflatable side as a balance trainer and the flat side as a stepper. However, we encourage you to think a bit more out of the box and also consider using the Terra Core as a barbell and pushup stand.


Can I use the Terra Core with free weights or kettlebells?

Yes, you can see many of the suggested exercises on YouTube and their app that use both free weights and kettlebells.


Can I use the Terra Core balance trainer outside?

While you may want to avoid any inclement weather, for the most part, we see no problem with using the Terra Core in the outdoors. However, we have a team member from Arizona who recommends not storing your Terra Core outdoors permanently because of potential sun damage.


Is this really a “home gym?”

It is not a specific home gym but more of a device to help the routine at home. The balance trainer feature alone is enough to enhance any exercise programs you do using the Terra Core.


Was the balance trainer featured on Shark Tank?

Yes! The Terra Core was a featured product on Shark Tank and did secure funding from Lori Greiner to get off the ground. This success led to the company being featured in Men’s Health, the Wall Street Journal, Muscle & Fitness, and Oxygen.


Is the Terra Core really based on air?

One of the Terra Core sides features an inflatable rubber dome that you can use to balance your feet, knees, hands, or laying across.


Is the fitness app really free?

When we tested out the Terra Core, we received 14 days of use for the mobile exercise app, and that is also what the website says is included with the product. Of course, some sales or promotions may change that offer, but that is what we had during our Terra Core fitness review. Simply download the app from the QR code sticker located on the Terra Core product.


Wrapping it Up

After really taking the time to make sure our Terra Core fitness review was extensive enough, we think this is an excellent investment for your at-home fitness routine. The balance trainer will help your body move in new ways, and you will definitely work your core muscles more than before.

The Terra Core balance trainer is a fun way to add some spice to your redundant workout that may have gotten boring and raised the bar in the fitness industry. It adds an element of balance that many people are not prepared for with static exercises. The stability support and flow of movement you will have to learn are more than worth the asking price.

The whole idea behind the Terra Core balance trainer is to add to your current workout. That is why we don’t think this is a fad or gimmicky piece of home equipment. They make it pretty clear what they are and what they deliver on to not be grouped into the poorly made alternatives.

Finally, the lifetime warranty really hammers home the value you’re getting for your money. They know they have made an excellent product and have no problem selling a warranty because they know it will rarely get utilized.

If you are looking for a fantastic at-home supplement to your workout routine to help you achieve your fitness goals, we strongly encourage picking up a Terra Core balance trainer. We hope you have enjoyed our review and you take the time to check out our other product reviews on the site.

If you would like to see a specific product reviewed that isn’t present, please send us a note through our contact page. We are always happy to respond to questions, comments, and ideas from our readers.

  • Easy to use for all fitness levels

  • Versatility for any workout 

  • Fitness accessories available 

  • Lifetime Warranty 

Use MYHOMEDOJO promo code for 25% off!



Please note: This article contains affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 

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