Chirp Wheel Review – Will This Fix Your Back Pain?

Chirp Wheel Review


The Chirp Wheel is a chiropractic wheel that aims to realign the spine with a more precise design formed within the thick padding of the wheel itself. Chiro Wheel is simple to use and comes in 3 different sizes to target specific parts of your body that include: the lower back, upper back and neck.

  • Reliability
  • Effectiveness
  • Warranty
  • Price


  • The Well Designed Foam
  • High Load Bearing Capabilities
  • Just Right Level of Comfort
  • Bundle Deals Available


  • Rubber Material Can Wear Down with Heavy Use
  • Not a Solution for Severe Back Ailments

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As modern life returns to its fast-paced nature, back pain is something that is easy to overlook but can quickly get out of hand. The Chirp Wheel looks to change this and add a simple method of fixing that back pain. 

Chirp Wheel made a big splash on Shark Tank (and even left with a deal). 

However, is the massage tool any good? 

The home gym market is booming, and what separates this device from the rest? 

We will go over this and more with a Chirp Wheel review and an overview of chiropractic wheels and if they are suitable for you.

The Chirp Wheel differentiates itself from other chiropractic rings with its unique design and claims of a more durable wheel. But is it enough to send your trusted foam roller into the trash? Let’s find out.


Chirp Wheel Review

Chirp Wheel Overview 


The Chirp Wheel is a chiropractic wheel that aims to realign the spine with a more precise design formed within the thick padding of the wheel itself. It is an alternative to standard foam rollers and claims to be much more effective as it is perfectly placed between your shoulder blades on the center of your back.

A unique groove formed on the center of the Chirp Wheel is made to form an aligned spine more accurately so that the wheel is more precise than a standard roller. In addition, we found the groove to be as comfortable as something that realigns your spine can be. After all, if it were too comfortable, it really wouldn’t be working.

The official claims are that it will knead your knots and crack your back with each use, thus relieving stress and tension along your spinal cord. These are standard but confident claims, so the big question is, does it perform as claimed?

Similar to the services provided by physical therapists, we did feel a proper realignment using the flagship Chirp Wheel, so those claims prove to be more or less accurate. The groove does seem to have a good effect on the cracking of the back. It does provide a well for the spine to fall in line into and aid in realignment.

As for kneading knots, that is another story. With the spine rested in the center, the wheel does have a better chance of massaging those spots in your back, but not in any way that is unique to the Chirp Wheel. It is essentially in the same way that every other roller does. This flaw isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but when dealing with a higher level of product, the expectations are equally high.

These effects positively impact the back and make it easier to correct posture and treat back pain itself. However, it does require regular use to achieve these effects, so just keep that in mind while using the Chirp Wheel.

The entertaining video below provides a great overview of the Chirp Wheel and its uses:


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The build quality of the Chirp Wheel is something that stuck out to us as well. This back roller combines a flexible plastic wheel and a thin foam layer along the exterior. The quality does hold well, and the foam provides a decent enough comfort level.

The foam does feel like it weakens over time which is immediately felt in the back. It initially does appear to be a decently high-quality foam, but over time the foam of the Chirp Wheel does start to deteriorate. We see that we are not alone in this claim, as many others comment on how the build quality on some of the rollers lessens over time, and thus so does its ability to soothe back pain. It’s worth noting that this is typical for these types of chiropractic wheels and is not unique to Chirp Wheel. 

But based on our experience alone, we found that buying multiple of these back rollers to rotate through might be the best route in the long term.




The Chirp Wheel is also marketed towards people that have already invested a little into their home gym setup. So how well does it provide for that market? Well, it depends. If you already have a foam roller, you may want to consider purchasing a Chirp Wheel. It does a great job of focusing on specific pain points versus a traditional foam roller. 

So wether you are stretching before or after a workout, need to get in a stretch between meetings, or are trying to alleviate a nagging back pain, the Chirp Wheel has you covered.

This product seems best suited for the casual user who might either not have a home gym set up or start a beginner setup for everyday exercise. Heavy use might also lead to an increased amount of wear and tear.

As always, if you have severe back problems, you should seek out a physician’s advice before trying any back realignment equipment. Of course, this goes double for anyone with damaged or herniated discs.

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Chirp Wheel Sizes

The Chirp Wheel comes in different sizes that focus on a different part of your body. The largest wheel focuses on general back pain and provides an intense stretch, while the smallest wheel is a deep tissue wheel that focuses more on neck and head pain relief.


12″ Chirp Wheel+

12 inch chirp wheel

  • Larger, Encompassing Wheel
  • Larger Wheels ideal for addressing mid and lower back pain
  • 12- Large Wheel great for tight muscles, joint pain, and tight spots


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10″ Chirp Wheel+

10 inch chirp wheel


  • Scaled Down Size for More Deep Tissue Work
  • Middle to Upper Back Concentration
  • Aimed at a Deeper Massage
  • 10-inch size great for addressing back muscle spasms and deeper focus on upper back pain


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6″ Chirp Wheel+

  • Small Wheel
  • Upper Back to Neck Concentration
  • Focussed Deep Tissue Massage
  • 6-inch wheel great for alleviating neck pain and tension headaches


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4″ Chirp Wheel+


  • Targets tough to reach areas
  • Reduces Tension Headaches
  • Easy Travel Size


Chirp Wheel+ 3-Pack

The wheel pack provides quite a couple of added benefits. The obvious first benefit is that it includes all three Chirp Wheel models in one neat package. In addition, it is offered at a decent discount on their site compared to the individual prices found elsewhere.

A pleasant second benefit added to this package is a back posture corrector and a sample of muscle alleviating cream. The back posture corrector is a welcomed addition to this bundle as they can run anywhere from $15 to $30, depending on quality. Posture correctors can work wonders on your back, so this is something we found increased the value of the bundle.

Lastly, a free month of Remey is included in the bundle. Remey is an online physical therapy product that is sure to be at least worth a try. It will also definitely help you get the most out of your new Chirp Wheel.


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How to Use the Chirp Wheel Properly

With the Chirp Wheel having such a specific design and manner of rolling your back, it is essential to keep in mind proper safety measures when using the device.

Since there is a good deal of back and spine realignment with the well in the middle of the device, it is essential to avoid using a herniated disk. It is also crucial to roll along with the device in a straight path to ensure said alignment.

The massaging and stretching out of the back, like all good things, should be taken in moderation as overuse could instigate back pain and irritate the muscles along your spine. 

It is okay to add the Chirp Wheel to your workout routine, but if you find the back pain returning more regularly with the device’s use, you should stop and consult a medical professional.

Below is a great tutorial on how to use the Chirp Wheel:


Chirp Wheel Pros and Cons

  • The Well Designed in the Foam
  • High Load Bearing Capabilities
  • A Just Right Level of Comfort
  • Bundle Deal Available
  • Rubber Material Can Wear Down With Heavy Use
  • Not a Great Solution to Severe Back Ailments
  • Long Term Use Can Reduce Effects


Chiropractic Wheels, What Are They?

Chiropractic wheels set out to be a medical device evolution of the foam roller that has been a staple in home gyms for quite some time now. The foam roller was designed as a stretching tool to become a core part of your workout routine. 

However, the chiropractic wheel differs by providing a space more directly designed to realign the spine while providing flexibility through the plastic ring.

The structure of one of these devices is more or less the same across the board. It is a plastic hollow tube with a rubberized ring on the outside. The goal here is to be more flexible than a roller and hopefully provide more back alignment for customers.


Chirp Wheel vs. Foam Roller

How does the Chirp Wheel compare to the original foam roller? Well, pretty well, actually. The groove in the center does help to realign the spine and alleviate some of the more uncomfortable aspects of back pain. The give of the Chirp Wheel also really helps with this and rolls the back to allow for an optimal amount of back cracking.

A foam roller provides the motion you’re looking for really well, which can help stretch your back out, but we found that the Chirp Wheel took it to the next level with its raised ability to realign the spine and cover the surface area that foam rollers can’t reach.

The call is left up to you in the long run with which one you prefer. If you’re just looking to get a good back stretch in between workouts, then maybe stick with your good old-fashioned roller. On the other hand, if you want to give your back an elevated treatment to resolve some early forming back pain, then the Chirp Wheel may be the right pick here!


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Does the Chirp Wheel Actually Work?

The Chirp Wheel does a fantastic job of doing what they claim. The design of the groove in the center of the device does achieve its intended purpose of elevating a standard foam roller with added chiropractic benefits.

It cracks your back, and it stretches out those pesky back muscles as well. We also found it to help with minor back pain as well truly. So does it live up to all of its promised effects? The answer is yes! 

Depending on your usage, normal wear and tear will occur. This does not mean there is anything wrong with the product. Over the period of some time and after heavy usage, you will start seeing the wear on the Chirp Wheel.


Chirp Wheel FAQ


Where should I buy the Chirp Wheel?

The best place to buy is the Chirp website, as it is not only cheaper but also comes with a lot more added benefits.

Amazon is also another great place as they offer quick delivery and free returns.

Is this chiropractor approved?

We can’t speak for all health professionals, but we have seen multiple chiropractors endorse this product pretty soundly.

Is there a warranty?

There is a warranty, but it must be filled out on their website from a desktop computer and not a phone. 

Does the divet in the center make a difference?

It really does. It’s what makes this product the most unique and worth it.

What is the weight limit?

The weight limit for the Chirp Wheel is advertised as 500lbs of body weight.


Wrapping it Up

This Chirp Wheel review has all given you a comprehensive and total look at the Chirp Wheel, foam rollers, and how to tell the difference and maybe even which one is right for you. 

These devices can reduce back pain significantly when appropriately used, so we hope that if you feel those minor pains coming along, this product helps.

We think that having a roller of some variety would be a great addition to any home gym setup. However, the Chirp Wheel takes rolling to another level with thier unique product offering. 

As with everything, be careful and contact a medical professional if you are truly worried about your severe back pain and if this is right for you. 

  • 6" Deep Tissue

  • Relieves Strain to Muscle

  • Improves Posture

  • 10" Deep Tissue

  • Relieves Strain to Muscle

  • Improves Posture

  • 12" Deep Tissue

  • Relieves Strain to Muscle

  • Improves Posture

  • 3-Pack Solution 

  • Full Body Support

  • Upper & Lower Back + Neck


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