Gorilla Bow Review – Does the Portable Home Gym Pass the Test?

Gorilla Bow Review
Gorilla Bow Review


The Gorilla Bow is a lightweight, portable gym that lets you do one of the most versatile total body workouts yet. You can build muscle and tone while reducing joint stress with this modern archery equipment – all in just minutes! Change tension (weight) by changing out aluminum rods for different weights so it’s easy to find your perfect fit without having too many pieces taking up space inside or outside home garage storage area when not being used.

  • Ease of Use
  • Warranty
  • Effectiveness
  • Price


  • Solid construction
  • Provides a solid full-body workout
  • Reliable support website created
  • Easy to Store
  • Easy to use anywhere


  • Pricey for resistant band equipment
  • Like any resistance band, can snap
  • Not for gym purists

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One of the most unique resistance band workout devices rocketing to the top of social media is the new fitness tool called the Gorilla Bow. There are thousands of influencer videos showing off this sleek archer-like piece of equipment. We wanted to dive in and find out if this quirky portable home gym equipment is really as good as it seems.

Follow along as we do a deep dive into our Gorilla Bow review and see if it provides a real full-body workout at home or when you travel. Here we go!

  • Compact Home Gym

  • Adjustable Resistance Levels

  • Lightweight and Portable

  • Easy to Use


Gorilla Bow Review

Gorilla Bow - Original

Visit any gym or workout center, and their trainers will tell you that switching up your lifting workout is essential to developing a well-rounded physique (not just lifting heavy weights). Variety is the spice of life!

Having a well-rounded workout routine isn’t just for those flashy muscles you want to show off on the beach. Of course, your appearance matters, but you also want the confidence and stamina to live your life to the fullest every single day. 

That is why having a quality workout product like the Gorilla Bow is essential to your fitness regimen.

One significant advantage of the Gorilla Bow system is that it is effortless to store when you’re not using it. There is nothing worse than getting a brand new piece of exercise equipment that is an eyesore. 

The original Gorilla Bow has a smooth, sleek design in different models that you can take apart for traveling or single solid pieces for simple storage.

The most important part of our Gorilla Bow review is making sure we get a solid full-body workout. Unfortunately, a lot of workout products are on the market that makes promises they cannot keep. 

This product is very different. The resistance bands can provide anywhere from 10lbs to 300lbs and are easy to switch through for any aged user.  

When we unboxed the device (great logo, by the way), we were a little worried about the device’s construction. But, of course, no one wants to have a new toy break when they’re just getting started. 

This high-quality product is crafted from aircraft aluminum and can hold up to 300lbs! You’re not going to break this thing if you tried.

We were sent the classic model that is constructed from one solid piece and weighs roughly 6 pounds. However, they do offer a travel and a light version that weigh less and are segmented. The lighter version has fewer “claws” at the ends to hold resistance bands than the classic model we tried.

While it isn’t the most crucial factor, the Gorilla Bow looks impressive. You get the benefit of a challenging total body workout, all while taking pictures of yourself in different archer poses straight from a Marvel movie. Very fun!

The resistance bands are easy to apply and don’t get in the way with awkward hand grips. In addition, they offer different colors for their bands, so you know what weight level you’re using with just a glance.  


What is the Gorilla Bow?

What is Gorilla Bow

In short, the Gorilla Bow is a full-body workout system that utilizes different resistance bands to change the weight of your exercises. It was created by a couple of workout-loving Dads who also had a deep appreciation of archery.

The Gorilla Bow provides a single long bow that is curved at the ends with special “claws” that hold the different resistance bands. The single bow can be ordered as a one-piece model or an easier-to-store and segmented travel model.

The founders created a way to combine their favorite hobby with the American entrepreneurship spirit when designing the first version. Pretty soon, they had some Kickstarter funds rolling in and ended up with the ergonomic bow and arrow style workout tool that we used for this Gorilla Bow review.

The original bundle comes with four different resistance level bands to accommodate your different fitness levels. These bands include:

  • Yellow Band: 10 pounds
  • Red Band: 20 pounds
  • Blue Band: 30 pounds
  • Black Band: 50 pounds


Gorilla Bow also offers an heavy bundle that includes 330 pounds of resistance.



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How Does the Gorilla Bow Work?  

The Gorilla Bow home gym setup takes only minutes, and off you go. You can purchase a single piece, or easier to travel segmented piece, that resembles a large archer’s bow. The ends of the bows have this curled slots that you can string different rated resistance bands for your workouts.

Resistance bands are being used everywhere nowadays. They are a great tool because they’re super affordable, transportable, and versatile. Not only do the resistance bands on the Gorilla Bow target your larger muscles, but they also force your stabilizing muscles to work as well.

For those that suffer from joint pain, free weights may pose a challenge. The Gorilla Bow uses your body’s exertion, thus reducing the pain you might experience.

Below is a great video showing how it works and some exercise examples


Types of Exercises with Gorilla Bow

The Gorilla Bow provides a full-body workout. That means there are a variety of exercises you can perform utilizing the power of the resistance bands. When you purchase a Gorilla Bow, the supplemental packaging directs you back to their website. In addition, the company provides a range of videos and tutorials on various muscle-building exercises, including targeting your arms, chest, shoulders, back, core, and legs.

We especially appreciated the ability to do deadlifts while traveling. No one wants to bring along their total weight set on a plane! This is a great exercise tool for incorporating into your HIIT workouts as well!

The bow and arrow design of the Gorilla Bow lets you get a lot of reps in for smaller resistance or increase the bands for low reps high muscle-building exercises. As a result, this is a highly versatile workout tool that you can use practically with any training routine.

The modern resistance design provides a unique workout that both amateur and professional athletes use for strength training.

Below is just a small list of the types of workouts you can do:

  • Chest Presses
  • Bench Press
  • Shoulder Presses
  • Calf Raises
  • Bicep Curls
  • Crunches
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Lunges
  • Squats


Gorilla Bow offers numerous more upper body and lower body workouts that target the whole body.

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Gorilla Bow Pros and Cons

There a lot of pros in Gorilla Bow’s favor. This is one of the better home, full-body workout devices we’ve come across. So it is easy to see why so many influencers are starting to promote this piece of equipment.


  • Solid construction using T6 aluminum materials
  • Comes with a convenient travel bag
  • Provides a solid full-body workout and exercise regimen
  • Reliable support website created by the company
  • Easy to store and travel
  • Sleek fun design
  • Easy to use anywhere
  • Can be little pricy if you’re trying to stay on a budget
  • Like all resistance bands, you need to be a little careful to avoid unwanted snaps
  • Probably not for professional bodybuilders as it does have a limit to resistance
  • The solid version of the Gorilla Bow does not fold


Gorilla Bow Options

As we mentioned earlier, Gorilla Bow offers different models to choose from depending on your workout routine. In addition to the Original Gorilla Bow also offers Gorilla Bow Lite, Travel, and Travel Lite

Furthermore, the original Gorilla Bow can come with a heavy option that includes 330 pounds of resistance vs. the 110 pounds of resistance in the basic package. 

Below is a comparison chart that provides an excellent overview of the different options. 

  gorilla bow basic bundle original heavy gorilla bow resistance bands travel bow bundle lite bow bundle
Travel Bundle Original Bundle Heavy Bundle Lite Bundle
Bow Weight
6 lbs 6 lbs 6 lbs 3 lbs
56″ length, 1.5″ bar diameter 56″ length, 1.5″ bar diameter 56″ length, 1.5″ bar diameter 47″ length, 1″ bar diameter
Weight Capacity
350 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs 120 lbs
Included Band Weight
110 lbs 110 lbs 330 lbs 60 lbs
Included Band Count
4 4 8 3
Who It’s For
The On The Go User The Classic & Consistent User The Heavy Lifter The Beginner or Petite User

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Does the Gorilla Bow Actually Work?

100% YES! The Gorilla Bow provides you a way to target each major muscle group through common resistance band exercises. We were able to move through a simple circuit of deadlifts, calf raises, squats, curls, and crunches easily that left our arms and legs feeling just like they went through a complete gym program.

We also felt the bonus of stabilizing muscle work. That is one of the substantial benefits of working with the Gorilla Bow. Each muscle group not only has the push and pull of the exercise but also works those difficult to utilize muscles that keep your balance and form when you’re doing a full-body workout.

The company provides a lot of different resistance band options when you make your purchase. Each band has different resistance weight ratings, so you can move from exercise to exercise smoothly and quickly.

When the Gorilla Bow was first introduced, the company only provided four small bands. Now that they’ve grown in popularity, they offer a wide variety of bands to fit each different version. The highest we tried was 60 pounds, but they sell up to 100-pound resistance bands.

Each Gorilla Bow comes with ends that allow anywhere from 1-3 bands to be utilized at a time. That means you could max out your workout all the way to 300 pounds of resistance for each exercise. That is a lot of workout power!


Can you Build Muscle with Gorilla Bow?

Gorilla Bow Muscle

The short answer is yes. However, keep in mind you need to actually use the Gorilla Bow and not just add it to your growing pile of used workout equipment. Fortunately, it comes in such a sleek form factor that you can keep it right next to your workout shoes as a reminder.

Because the Gorilla Bow comes with various weighted resistance bands, it’s pretty easy to start building muscle. This full-body workout tool will put you through the ringers for even the most effective free-weight exercises.

You can step on the resistance bands as you lift in the Gorilla Bow, just like traditional deadlifts. It is easy to do curls and squats for your arms and legs. There are even videos on how to develop those hard-to-reach obliques and triceps that even the gym newbie could do at home.

The best part of the Gorilla Bow full-body workout is being able to grow your stabilizing muscles. It was only a week or two after using our Gorilla Bow that we started seeing all the arm and leg shakes go away. That is how we knew it was time to up the resistance.

We strongly suggest utilizing their membership plan, or at least their easy-to-follow videos for exercise examples. They do a great job of demonstrating how to use their equipment to target the different muscle groups you want to grow the most.

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Who is the Gorilla Bow For?

Gorilla Bow Review

The founders of Gorilla Bow like to talk about how they got their kids and grandparents involved in the design process, and we were a little skeptical at first. But once we got our own at home, it was easy to see they weren’t lying. Anyone can use the Gorilla Bow!

The different versions of the Gorilla Bow can weigh anywhere from 3 – 6lbs. We got the classic Gorilla Bow model that weighs only 6 pounds and measures around 3 ½ feet long. Our 9-year-old was able to pick it up and follow along with basic exercises. We suggest kids from 12 and up might be better to get the full benefit of the Gorilla Bar spectrum of workouts.

This resistance band exercise tool is definitely geared towards the at-home and travel clientele that want a full-body workout without the awkwardness of some gyms. Probably not meant for professional lifters, but is an excellent addition to a garage or backyard setup.

The Gorilla Bow home gym is incredibly easy to set up, use, and develop all the muscles you want. This is an excellent supplement for people that enjoy working out or for people who are looking to find an alternative to their expensive gym membership. 

We highly recommend the Gorilla Bow as a workout tool for athletes that want to add a little more power to their game without going to a professional trainer.


What are Customers Saying about Gorilla Bow?

Customers seem to love the Gorilla Bow. On Amazon, the Gorilla Bow has 4.5 stars with over 1000 reviews at the time of this writing. People like that it is easy to use and comes with a ton of different workout videos.

The most common complaints we found on Amazon was the band slipping with lots of sweat, and the average customer saying they were strong enough for gorilla bow without needing to upgrade to any of their higher resistance bands.   

One customer said “I’m glad I found Gorilla Bow because it is so much better than the TRX Suspension trainer, which was my other favorite at-home workout accessory.” If you are looking to build muscle and build strength, then gorilla bow ranks at the top among home workout tools.

Another customer said “I am very pleased with this product. The gorilla bow seems to be of good quality and provides the workout I need, so I can say it does what is advertised.” This customer rated gorilla bow at 4.5 stars.

While the reviews have been mostly positive, there were a few customers that had some feedback.

One customer said “My one complaint is that its impossible for figure out the resistance level for the bands. The bands that are advertised on amazon are not what is in the box. On some of the bands it has the weight printed, on some it does not. Even the card that comes with the bow itself doesn’t match the bands that arrived. There is no orange color, there is a green, the ‘heavy’ hands are SO similar looking that deciphering between black, grey, and navy blue is next to impossible. I wish this was cleared up so I wasn’t playing a guessing game. Other than that relatively small issue, its a great item.”

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Gorilla Bow FAQ

What bands are included with the Gorilla Bow?

With the Gorilla Bow set, you will be getting a total of five bands. You will get four color-coded resistance tubes ranging from 10 – 50 lbs. This Gorilla Bow workout system also comes with a booklet that includes a variety of full body exercises for beginners to experts alike.


How much weight can Gorilla Bow hold?

Gorilla Bow can handle up to 300 lbs of weight, which is extremely impressive for such an affordable home workout product.


What is the Warranty?

Gorilla Bow comes with a 2-year warranty when you register your product with Gorilla Bow


What is Gorilla Bow’s return policy?

You can get all your money back if you return gorilla bow within 30 days of purchase.


Does Gorilla Bow provide a complete workout?

Gorilla Bow provides a full-body workout that can allow you to get in shape at your convenience.


Wrapping it Up

When it comes to a full-body, at-home workout option, the Gorilla Bow delivers! In this Gorilla Bow review, we looked at all the different product lines available to give you the best information.

Every facet of the Gorilla Bow that we reviewed is highly recommended for the at-home workout fanatic or travel exercise hobbyist. We put it through a variety of tests, and it never disappointed us.

The sleek design and robust materials make for a great addition to our workout routines. We get a solid full-body workout that leaves our muscles feeling healthy and fully utilized. There is nothing like a good workout to give you an extra pick me up throughout the day.

While this home workout product might not be the best equipment for professional bodybuilders and lifters, it absolutely is more than enough for mom-and-pop at-home enthusiasts. In addition, this is an excellent tool for people who travel a lot and still want to maintain their physique.

In all, the Gorilla Bow is worth the price tag. You get a high-quality resistance band workout from an easily transportable and storable design. When you purchase on Amazon, you get free delivery and free returns if for some reason you’re not satisfied. However, if you’re like us, you’ll absolutely love it. 

  • Compact Home Gym

  • Adjustable Resistance Levels

  • Lightweight and Portable

  • Easy to Use



Please note: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 

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