KiwiCo Crate Review: The Complete Buyers Guide

KiwiCo Review
KiwiCo Review


The KiwiCo Crate is a subscription service that creates engaging hands-on projects to inspire children and encourage creativity while they play. The single products offered by this brand include crafts, but subscribers can also choose from one of several different monthly crate options like engineering or space exploration!

  • Quality
  • Engaging
  • Price
  • Customer Service


  • Each month, highly versatile toy designs are created by toymakers, engineers, educators, and more.
  • KiwiCo crafts that are like Legos in that you can finish the project and still want to play with them to create something new later on.
  • KiwiCo has many different subscription plans to choose from that fit your family’s ages.
  • Cancel your KiwiCo subscription crate month plan at any time.
  • Free shipping to US KiwiCo subscription crate members.


  • KiwiCo customer service can take a little while to get a hold of. They were very polite and did help us out, but it took a long time.

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We love the subscription box trend. It is an incredible time to be alive when you get all your favorite hobbies, foods, and personal interests sent right to your doorstep to explore and test out every month.

We had the good fortune to test out a few crate subscription companies in the past but appreciate the brands that focus on younger ages. That is why we were happy to review the crate subscription service from KiwiCo.

All of KiwiCo’s subscription crates focused on kids by providing educational and highly engaging toys, hands-on projects, and crafts that inspire younger ages to use their minds in different ways month to month.

While KiwiCo subscription crates may be meant kid ages, everyone at our review office felt like we could play with their contents for hours on end. So read on to check out our review of KiwiCo subscription crates!


KiwiCo Overview

KiwiCo Overview

One of the qualities of KiwiCo subscription crates is that a parent founded the KiwiCo company. The KiwiCo CEO is a mom of 3 who wanted to help her kids learn how to innovate and solve problems during their development while still having valuable playtime.

The result is a crate subscription company that sends out uniquely designed crafts and projects every month to kids worldwide. To date, KiwiCo has sent out more than 20 million crates to over 40 countries worldwide from a repertoire of over 1,500 designed projects. All from the inspiration of a mom wanting to help her kids.

The central theme of KiwiCo and their subscription crates is the field of STEAM (not STEM) which is Science, Technology Engineering, Art, and Math. KiwiCo blends these fields into every one of their monthly crates with attractive colors and a bit of whimsical design.

All in all, KiwiCo provides a welcome “homegrown” feel to the subscription crate industry while focusing on younger ages to inspire and educate in a fun way for all ages. We had a great time pouring through the numerous KiwiCo crafts and highly encourage anyone interested in developing their kiddo’s curiosity to give KiwiCo subscription crates a try.

KiwiCo Crate Pros and Cons


  • Each month, highly versatile toy designs are created by toymakers, engineers, educators, and more.
  • KiwiCo crafts that are like Legos in that you can finish the project and still want to play with them to create something new later on.
  • KiwiCo has many different subscription plans to choose from that fit your family’s ages.
  • Cancel your KiwiCo subscription crate month plan at any time.
  • Free shipping to US KiwiCo subscription crate members.


  • KiwiCo customer service can take a little while to get a hold of. They were very polite and did help us out, but it took a long time.

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How KiwiCo Subscription Crate Works

KiwiCo: How It Works

KiwiCo boxes works in the same way most crate subscription companies function in that they ship crafts and custom-made projects to your door in month-to-month increments. The difference is that you have more KiwiCo options to choose from for your crate service.

You can select KiwiCo monthly plans of 1-Month, 3-Months, 6-Months, or 12-Month subscription or you can choose a subscription plan with KiwiCo based on terms. KiwiCo provides a wide range of options partly because of their homegrown CEO, who understands family life changes quickly. Some months, you may want to spend money in other directions.

You can also elect to purchase a KiwiCo crate as a one-time experience via their online store. The free shipping option to US clients is a nice touch that makes the entire KiwiCo process a lot more manageable.

KiwiCo has eight different types of crates designed for the different ages and developmental stages of your kiddos. These are:

  • Koala, Kiwi, Atlas, Tinker, and Doodle
  • Maker and Eureka
  • Panda


The prices vary depending on the level of KiwiCo subscription crate you purchase. The range of pricing varies between $20 USD to $40 USD, and don’t forget that includes free shipping.

We were able to get our hands on every level of KiwiCo subscription crates and had a month to dive into what they had inside. However, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. First, these are developmental projects for all ages, not the bright and flashy toys you see advertised in between YouTube videos your kids love to watch.

These KiwiCo month subscription crates are not highly recognizable brand toys. KiwiCo is not Barbie or LOL Dolls. Instead, KiwiCo crates are as unique as the projects inside, so adjust your expectations for a more engaging experience rather than a big box store toy purchase.

Here is our experience with the different crates during the monthly review of KiwiCo. We did have our kids and friends come and try out these KiwiCo crates as well.

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Panda Crate Review


The first box is the Panda crate. KiwiCo created the Panda crate for ages 0-24 months, and the shipping rate is once every two months. These are specially designed to address the specific development cycles crucial to infants and toddlers as they explore the world around them through tactile and sensory perspectives.

KiwiCo sent us three different crates from the Panda line, and we all agreed these are fantastic to encourage babies to play and interact while trying to figure out for themselves the purpose of each project.

Parents get the opportunity to engage with their kiddos from the included KiwiCo activity cards and magazine inside each month’s crate fully backed by researchers at the famous Seattle Children’s Hospital.

KiwiCo breaks down this crate option into categories based on your child’s ages, including:

  • 0-2 Months = Bond with Me
  • 3-6 Months = Sense with Me
  • 7-12 Months = Explore with Me
  • 13-18 Months = Count with Me
  • 19-24 Months = Solve with Me


The KiwiCo crates we had all contained beautiful visuals, textures, shapes, and contours that each of our baby testers immediately pulled, squeezed, and put right into their mouths. The ball of knotted fabric they kept trying to untie was a big favorite, which encouraged fine motor skills.

KiwiCo Panda Crates are $40 with free US shipping, and you receive them once every two months.

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Koala Crate Review

Koala Crate

The KiwiCo Koala crate is designed for 2-4 year olds. It lays the groundwork for educational STEAM-based projects that will absolutely encourage learning in your home. Don’t worry if that is a little scary. KiwiCo also includes a parent guide to help you out so if you have an advanced learner, you won’t feel left behind or not able to help out.

KiwiCo themes their crates each month based on different categories like farms, city life, music, art, season, and more. Regardless of the different theme you receive, KiwiCo inspires incredible imagination.

We received two different crates from KiwiCo from their back catalog that included an ocean theme and a rainbow theme. The KiwiCo ocean theme had an awesome magnet-based fishing game with attractive coloring and an easy-to-clean-up mat.

Our kid testers loved the KiwiCo rainbow crate the most, probably because of the bright colors. This was more of an art projects that one of our adult testers still has up by his desk because it is so much fun to stare at.

The KiwiCo Koala crate is a monthly subscription package with 2-3 projects in each crate for $20 a month on auto-renew with free US shipping, or $25 per month if purchased without a subscription.

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Kiwi Crate Review

Kiwi Crate

The KiwiCo Kiwi crate subscription package is designed for ages 5-8. It allows you to pick a specific product line more tailored to your kid’s interests. This level of KiwiCo crate gets way more in-depth into the different STEAM topics, including a giant life-sized poster of a body with varying plush organs for kids to learn how their bodies work.

We got our hands on the KiwiCo month subscription crate that included the famous Arcade Claw and couldn’t have been happier. Of course, you have to build the claw yourself and then test it out on pom pom balls to make sure it is working.

We have a lot of kiddos that lean towards the engineering and technology fields of study because of our location in the US, and this project was a big hit with all ages.

The KiwiCo Kiwi crate is available for $20 per month with a subscription with free US shipping or $25 per month if you want to just try it out.

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Atlas Crate Review

KiwiCo Atlas Review

The Atlas crate from KiwiCo is designed for ages 6-11 and is focused primarily on adventure stories that inspire deep curiosity. Your kiddo gets exposed to other cultures and ideas from backgrounds outside of their own.

We want to mention how important this theme from KiwiCo is for families that appreciate a more international education. The US isn’t exactly known for its ability to teach ideas from other countries, and this KiwiCo subscription crate theme helps out in that arena.

Most of the KiwiCo projects, including those we tried out, focused on geography, traditions, history, and stories of other cultures. For example, we explored a giant world map with fun colors representing different parts of the world and a Japan crate with a traditional fish kite to build.

The KiwiCo Atlas crate shipping is every month at costs $20 for subscription members with free US shipping and $25 per crate for one-offs.

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Yummy Crate Review

KiwiCo Yummy Crate

The KiwiCo Yummy crate is designed for ages 6-14, but it might as well say for all ages on the side because the whole family is going to want to get involved in this crate’s activity. This is the cooking crate!

We have a small test kitchen just for reviews like this one. Each KiwiCo Yummy crate comes with three family-friendly recipes that teach kitchen skills and STEAM-based activities and 2 hands-on projects.

Don’t worry, KiwiCo also included their grownup guide so you won’t feel lost measuring baking soda.

This was our personal favorite because it involved our review office’s favorite activity – eating.

The KiwiCo Yummy crates start at $17.95 per month with free US shipping and go up in price based on the number of items you receive in the crate (great value). We tried a breakfast theme and bright theme meant to use a lot of vegetables that tasted amazing.

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Doodle Crate Review

KiwiCo Doodle Review

The KiwiCo Doodle subscription crate is designed for ages 9-16. Yes, there are crates for teenagers! The goal with these crates is crafting different activities supported by STEAM themes that engage the mind and allow for individual creativity to shine through.

You also have to have a bit more patience with these crates from KiwiCo because they have more steps than the younger ages crates. So expect to come across way more art and design-inspired projects like soap making, sculpture, needle felting, and more.

We were able to do a succulent garden project and the KiwiCo handmade soap crate. You can still find a few of the created soaps in our office restrooms because they smell fantastic. This is a great hands-on subscription crate that we highly recommend for adult-to-child bonding time.

The KiwiCo Doodle crate is $20 per month with a subscription with free US shipping or $25 for a single edition.

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Tinker Crate Review

KiwiCo Tinker Review

The KiwiCo Tinker crate is designed for ages 9-14 and brings out the inner engineer and technocrat inside each of us. This creative line of projects is meant to inspire critical thinking, science, and engineering through STEM (not STEAM) based problems.

We were able to build a trebuchet (which is like an old-school catapult) and happily launched items all over our office for a day or two. We also tried the KiwiCo walking robot. What is unique about these projects is their capabilities. These are not “one-and-done” style projects. Instead, your kids can actively play with each project well after completing a build.

Unless you have a child genius, the KiwiCo Tinker crate is definitely meant for those with a couple of years of school under their belt to really appreciate. The crate is $20 per month with a subscription with free US shipping or $25 month by month.

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Maker Crate Review

KiwiCo Maker Review

The KiwiCo Maker crate is meant for ages 14-104! Yes, you read that correctly. KiwiCo is marketing this and the Eureka crate for all ages starting at 14 and up. That means adults can enjoy these projects as much as teenagers.

We had the pure joy of involving parents and grandparents that brought in their kids to test out the crates getting highly into this level of a crate. The whole point of the KiwiCo Maker crate is to transform your ideas into something tangible that you can feel.

We were able to get a bunch of the macramé planter holders you can hang from your ceiling or balcony, as well as some punch-needle pillow projects that are now decorating our lobby. These are highly engaging and fun projects to work on with pretty much anyone in the family.

The price goes up a little with the KiwiCo Maker crates to $30 per month with a subscription with free US shipping or $35 for a 1-month term.

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Eureka Crate Review

KiwiCo Eureka Review

The final crate in our review is the Eureka crate by KiwiCo. This is another crate designed for older kids ages 12 all the way to 104. It is also meant to give you a final product that you can enjoy for years but is based more on science and engineering than art.

We tried out the KiwiCo articulated desk lamp with looks and moves like the Pixar lamp you see in every animated feature film intro with the logo. We also had the wooden ukulele crate. That one took a lot more time to perfect and is meant for those that really enjoy putting things together with a great deal of patience.

This is another higher-end KiwiCo crate at $30 per month with a subscription with free US shipping or $35 on a month-by-month basis.

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KiwiCo Reviews: What are Customers Saying About KiwiCo?

When we looked around for customer KiwiCo reviews of all the crate ages and subscription service interactions with KiwiCo, we found primarily positive reviews. The only concerns people seemed to have were around customer service being a little slow and the quality of the projects feeling more low-key.

Other than that, parents from all over seemed to genuinely love KiwiCo’s line of subscription crates. We think the comments made about the quality of the items inside are related to that they are not high-end plastic you would see in a Marvel action figure, but more organic and craft-based like you’d see in JoAnne Fabrics or Michaels.

We cannot speak highly enough about KiwiCo. We’ve tried a few subscription crate services out now and think this is hands down one of the better companies. They just really get kids. Seeing our guest testers’ creativity and imagination flow as they moved from project to project was incredible.

Not only that, we enjoyed getting involved. Everyone seemed delighted to work on something together with clear instructions and a final result that you could physically enjoy, especially the Yummy crate!

KiwiCo enjoys a medium to high rating on most review sites where people share similar stories as ours of spending bonding time with their kids over a shared project.

We liked this review from a mom:

“My son (age 7) received a one-year subscription for Christmas, and so far, we are 4 boxes in, and he absolutely loves it! Our boxes have been a continual theme – The World > France > Japan > England. Each box has two building activities, usually a famous landmark, an annual tradition and/or toy/game. For example, France was painting a stained-glass cathedral window and making a racing cyclist (Tour de France). So far, all of the builds have been completely different, very high quality, and assembly has ranged from easy to just the right amount of critical thinking.”

It kind of sums up the entire experience.


Is KiwiCo Worth It?

KiwCo Is it worth it?

At the end of the day, you’re getting a customized subscription crate explicitly designed to inspire creativity and STEAM-based thinking, all in a theme and product line that reflects the interests of your child. Not a bad deal at the very low prices KiwiCo charges compared to other subscription crate services.

While these may not be the high-end toys every kid craves at Christmas time, they are enduring and durable enough to get the job done. Moreover, they feel more than worth it because the bonding and creativity experience is priceless.

We highly recommend KiwiCo subscription crates to anyone, especially those in the US that get the free shipping benefit. We had a great time during our KiwiCo review and think you will as well.

If you are still on the fence, you can always try a single crate instead of purchasing an extended commitment to see how the projects work out for you and your kiddos of different ages. If we could make a suggestion, try the Yummy and Maker crates. They were the biggest hits in our office because you either had a delicious meal to end the project or a tangible product that you made yourself and can take pride in displaying around the house.

KiwiCo is an excellent idea for a holiday or birthday gift for kids. We had one tester in our office sign up as a gift for his sister expecting her first child in a couple of months.

KiwiCo is a professional company with well-thought-out projects you and your kids will love to do together. They are more than worth the cost.

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KiwiCo FAQ

What ages is KiwiCo appropriate for?

0-16 years old age range. This truly is a product for all ages and is a great gift idea for anyone in your family, even you! If you’re looking to get the parents involved, the kits are perfect for helping them find some quality time with their kids.


Can my child do these projects alone, or must I be there with them?

The age most appropriate projects are designed so any adult can help the child or do it with minimal instruction.


Do I have to be subscribed for a certain amount of time?

No, you can subscribe month-to-month or purchase prepaid crates. However, we recommend subscribing for 6 or 12 months at a time as


What are the payment options?

KiwiCo accepts all major credit cards.


Do I have to sign up for a long-term subscription?

No, you can purchase individual crates without subscribing. However, discounts are offered for longer subscriptions.​


What is the shipping policy?

KiwiCo offers free shipping for all subscriptions within the United States.​ With its fast shipping, magnificent selection, and excellent customer service, you can’t go wrong with KiwiCo. I mean, who doesn’t love a good delivery on their new purchase!

The warehouse is located in California, making it super easy for customers to get what they need without too much trouble or delay.


How long does it take to receive? 

When your first crate is shipped, it can take between 3-10 business days for delivery in the US and 9-11 as shown on KiwiCo’s website to Canada!


What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, and you will not be billed for any further shipments. However, refunds are not available for partially used subscriptions.​


What are some of the projects I might find in a KiwiCo box?

KiwiCo has a wide variety of themed boxes, including STEAM projects, Yummy, Maker Crate, Doodle Crate, Tween No. 8 Crate, and Teens.​


How many projects come in each crate?

2-4 per crate, with variations depending on the month’s theme.


When does my subscription renew?

Monthly subscriptions renew on the 5th of each month. Yearly subscriptions renew every 12 months on the 15th of the month.


Wrapping it Up

KiwiCo has a wide variety of themed boxes, including STEAM projects, Yummy, Maker Crate, Doodle Crate, Tween No. 8 crate, and Teens. These kits are designed to be age-appropriate for all children from 0-16 years old (yes even older children). KiwiCo is a great way to spend quality time with your kids that will result in a lot of fun, or want help getting parents involved in their child’s education, then KiwiCo is the perfect gift! And don’t forget that if you’re not completely satisfied with any project that comes in one of these crates, they offer full refunds within 30 days after purchase. That said, we think these the monthly subscription boxes are a great way to spend time with the entire family.

Thank you again for reading one of our reviews. We hope you enjoyed this journey through KiwiCo’s line of subscription boxes. Be sure to check back often as we post more product reviews.

If you are interested in having our testing office give your company’s product a try, send us a note through our contact page. 

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Please note: This page contains affiliate links. This will not cost you anything should you decide to purchase. 

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