An Honest Review of the Breo Box Subscription – Are the Tech Gadgets Worth It?

Breo Box Review
Breo Box Review


Breo Box is a quarterly subscription service that provide curated home, tech and lifestyle gadgets that you and your family can use. We reviewed a Breo Box and provide our honest take on the contents of the Box, discuss how Breo Box subscription works and answer the question if it’s worth it.

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Customer Service
  • Price


  • Excellent selection of tech and gadgets
  • Free shipping on all the Breo Box packages (within US)
  • Responsive and helpful customer service
  • Unique products that meet the needs and wants of clients
  • High rating on TrustPilot



  • Based on preference, some items may not be to your liking.

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We have tried a few different subscription boxes out before during our time reviewing products and, for the most part, have had positive experiences. However, when we were given the opportunity to try out the subscription service from Breo Box, we signed up immediately. The excellent press behind this box company would convince even the harshest critique to give them a try.

For a while, subscription boxes have been the rage with different themes like coffee, men’s, food, and more. While the idea of receiving a box of your favorite items is fun, the surprise of discovering new cool, innovative brands, tech, and gadgets attracts a lot of subscription members.

The only downside we saw during our review was that this box is only quarterly. Our Breo Box had so many cool products that we would have loved a monthly service! Enough of our ranting. Read our Breo Box review below to get an idea of the overall system and product offerings for yourself.


Breo Box Review


First things first, you need to be the kind of buyer who enjoys a box full of products handpicked by experts and not directly themed to any industry. That is actually what makes Breo Box so unique, their wide range of fantastic products.


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Breo Box Overview

Breo Box is a subscription box service that sends out a box every three months (quarterly) to customers worldwide. They curate the wooden boxes with unique and trending products ranging from the latest tech, fitness products, sleep aids and home goods, all designed to enhance your lifestyle. Their tagline is: celebrating your birthday 4X a year, and we agree!

Breo Box has been featured in Business Insider, New York Magazine, and GQ, to name a few. They have won awards from iab.250, Subta Cube Best Box Design, BuzzFeed, and Readers Choice. Breo Box is frequently featured as one of the best premium subscription boxes on the market by industry insiders and experts all over the internet.

The selling point of Breo Box is its ability to pick around five to eight highly engaging products. Whether you are a man or woman, young or old, you will most likely find a few items inside each box that works for you. The tech and gadgets alone are more than enough to equal the money you spend. But, at the end of the day, if you don’t like something, you can always gift it to a friend for fun.

We were lucky enough to get the Winter 2020 box for our Breo Box review full of incredible gifts that everyone in the office enjoyed. Nothing inside this Breo Box went unnoticed by at least a few of our testers. The subscription company really does know how to gift the right tech, gadgets, and home goods to get a positive response from clients.

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Winter 2020 Breo Box Review

Breo Box Winter

When you receive your first box, you’ll notice the detailed packaging. They do a great job of crafting a welcoming presentation that encourages you to explore every item.

Our 2020 Winter Breo Box included five items in the tech, gadgets, and lifestyle sectors that were excellent to test. There were six if you include the citrus soap. We were hoping for one of the bigger eight product boxes but were not disappointed by the quality of what we did receive.

Pretty much every one of the high-quality products in our Breo Box gift package could be used daily by a broad audience of users.


Sohp Touchless Dispenser

Sohp Winter

Our office almost celebrated at the ease of use this touchless soap dispenser has. You simply wave your hand about 2.5 inches in front of the sensor and get a fresh dollop of whatever scented soap you wish into your hands. The retail value for this Breo Box item is around $49. The Breo Box also included a gift of one Trip Wipes gel soap refill in a citrus scent which is worth about $14.00. We loved this tech gadget!

This little Breo Box featured beauty uses a standard USB charger that gets 10,000 pumps of soap inside the dispenser. The reservoir was large enough to last a week in our office for our small group to enjoy. We definitely encourage you to designate one tech guru per week to select the soap you want to use. Otherwise, you’ll be left with way too many people trying to fill up the gadget with their homemade concoctions.


LSTN Palladium Wireless Earbuds


Earbuds are a unique beast because they are so personal to the user and not really something we thought should be included in our Breo Box subscription. That is why we were pleasantly surprised to test these out. While these aren’t the super high end of Apple or Beats, they do provide excellent quality and form factor considering the value of $99.99 a pair.

The big selling point of these IPX4 water-resistant earbuds from our Breo Box is the 90+ hours of standby time you get. Most everyone in our office is a commuter who utilizes public transportation or electric scooters to get to work and enjoys listening to their favorite tech or reviewing podcasts while on the road. That length of charge plus the lifetime gadget support make this Breo Box product a valuable get.


Casalink Smart Plugs



These were hands down our favorite tech inside the group of gadgets in our Breo Box subscription gift. Of course, our review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning how much fun it is to control lights, TVs, coffee machines, and pretty much anything else you can plug in, all from anywhere you’re connected. One of our box testers picked up a pair for himself and scheduled his lights in his home office to kick on whenever he usually comes home. Pretty fun tech for a subscription box that comes in at around $29 for a set of two.

If you’re going to do any research into these cool Breo Box tech plugs, we suggest you watch out for one of their competitors with a similar spelling, “Kasa.” They also work well with your Amazon Alexa or Google Voice Assistant, so you can control whatever appliance or light you want with nothing more than a vocal command. These were highly coveted Breo Box gadgets by our testing team.


Lume UV Sanitizing Wand

With all the recent need to disinfect everything around us from the pandemic, this handheld wand that came in our Breo Box kills 99% of the germs on smaller objects like your phone or facemask. It uses UV light as you see in restaurants that get the job done, as well as turning our office into a strange rave-like scene. It is valued at around $79 retail and helps create a barrier against common colds, infections, asthma, and allergens.

We touch so many things in our daily lives that go unnoticed and can lead to some pretty gross colds. For example, our office alone has doorknobs, handles, and keywords full of germs from everyone rushing to and from the bathroom and more. This Breo Box featured item helps remove some of the dangers of these germs, so you get a much healthier living space.


Coffee Cookie Warmer

No one likes a cold cup of coffee when they’re trying to muster the energy to make it through the day. That is why this little beauty from our Breo Box is valuable. It snaps onto the bottom of your paper coffee cup you get from stores and heats your coffee, so you get a longer, more enjoyable cup when you need it the most. The retail value for this early morning essential is about $15.50.

It only takes about an hour to fully charge the little Breo Box device before using it again. We are not ashamed to admit most of our office picked up a couple of these for themselves and the holiday gift season. The Breo Box items are perfect for commuters who buy their coffee every day from stands and their local Starbucks or Dutch Bros.

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Breo Box Value Points

Overall the final tally put the value of our received Breo Box subscription gift at close to $300, which is precisely what Breo Box advertises as what you’ll receive in items. They currently charge $144.75 per quarter if you have an annual subscription, including free shipping. You can also send a subscription to a friend or family member as a great gift option for a birthday or the holiday season.

The money is undoubtedly worth the tech and gadgets you receive inside the box. Of course, you can use the monthly subscription Breo Box service instead for a slightly higher price of $159 per quarter, but we think the annual subscription is a better value for our funds.

The gift version of Breo Box allows you to send by “season.” That means you can schedule a summer, spring, winter, or fall box as a gift to anyone you want, and Breo Box has options to select between one and four seasons to include in the gift. Those prices are comparable to the general subscription, with the best value being the gift of 4 seasons of Breo Boxes.

You can cancel anytime or skip a box if you don’t want to receive a specific season. Breo Box is pretty flexible about its subscription plans and options. The boxes ship once a season in March, June, September, and December.

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Pros of Breo Box Subscription

  • Excellent selection of tech and gadgets
  • Free shipping on all the Breo Box packages
  • Responsive and helpful customer service
  • Unique products that meet the needs and wants of clients
  • High rating on TrustPilot
  • May not like everything in box – But can regift


Who is Breo Box Good For?


The best client is probably us! Getting a Breo Box is like getting a bunch of different Christmas gifts we’ve always wanted and being able to immediately play with them right from the attractive boxes.

Any tech-driven user and first wave early adopters will also love the Breo Box subscription service. You get early access to many products that most of us don’t want to spend money on until they’ve been tested a bit more.

We cannot recommend Breo Box more for gifts! How often have you tried to figure out what to get your spouse, family member, or weird Uncle from North Dakota who doesn’t talk that much? The amount of variety in the tech and gadgets is sure to tweak the pleasure center of anyone’s mind.

Our final group of target clients would be the younger crowd who enjoys unboxing and posting content related to their new tech gadgets. You are sure to get at least a couple of weeks of engaging videos and pictures of your niece, nephew, or other younger recipient testing out the different products offered from Breo Box.


Is Breo Box Worth it?

Again, we only tried out the 2020 Winter season Breo Box and that value was more than the cost of the annual subscription. We cannot say whether or not that is true for the rest of the year, but it is a pretty good guess that it must be comparable. It doesn’t take a genius to add up the individual values of each Breo Box subscription box to ensure they are getting their money’s worth. Breo Box would be risking losing subscription memberships if they didn’t deliver on the value.

There is another feature of Breo Box that often goes overlooked in our fellow tester’s reviews, and that is their Lifestyle Shop. Here you can get previous boxes from past seasons, or, and this is our favorite feature, you can purchase the individual products Breo Box included in each subscription box. This includes items such as:

  • Dodow Sleep Aid Device
  • Oxo Punctual Egg Timer
  • Ace of Spades Mini Projector
  • Ekho HD Video Drone
  • Oxo Sweep and Wipe Laptop Cleaner
  • FRESHeTECH Light Therapy Lamp
  • Air Purifier
  • Inflatable Chair


This means if you have a favorite item as we did in our Winter 2020 Breo Box with the smart plugs and coffee warmer, you can purchase just them as many times as you’d like (Subject to availability). So if you are someone that doesn’t want the entire subscription box experience but are more interested in finding a high-quality gift for the holidays or special events, you should visit the Lifestyle Shop section of Breo Box’s website.

 Breo Box started in 2016, and list out all their previous subscription boxes back to Winter of that year. It is fun to check out the evolution of the tech and gadgets they have offered through the years and the shifting in their unique packaging development. In addition, you get a visual timeline of how the quality of Breo Box has always remained high.

If you are a savvy online shopper, you can usually find a coupon code for signing up for Breo Box. Occasionally, Breo Box will offer special discounts on their social media or if you sign up for their newsletter/email through their website. You’ll still spend a bit, but every penny saved is helpful, especially during the holidays.


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Breo Box FAQ

What are Breo Box Products?

The best way to describe the items in each box are as trendy cutting edge gadgets & accessories.


How much does Breo Box cost?

Breo Box ships quarterly at a price of $159 per box (actual value of the items in the box are closer to $300). If you decide to purchase the yearly plan for $579, your cost will be $144.75 per box. 


What are Breo Box’s shipping policies?

Shipping is included with your subscription and any purchases over $50 for the Lifestyle Shop orders.


How should I contact Breo Box?

If you have questions about your previous orders or want to update your billing info, simply visit their FAQ page or email 


Who would you recommend Breo Box to?

Breo Box is a great present for any tech-savvy person who enjoys trendy gadgets and accessories. They have something for everyone because they offer different products in each box from the season’s latest smartphones, to Bluetooth speakers, smart plugs, and even coffee warmers!


What if I want to cancel my subscription?

It’s easy to cancel your membership at any time. Simply visit Breo’s FAQ page here


What if I want to check out one of the boxes in the past?

The best way is to go directly through their Lifestyle Shop, which lists out all previous Breo Box subscriptions by year and season, so you can see what was included.


Are the items in BREO Box name brands?

Yes, all items in Breo boxes are name brands. They do also include at least one home item, such as a coffee warmer or smartphone accessory that isn’t necessarily a name brand but is high-quality and made with real materials and craftsmanship.


What age is recommended to buy this subscription?

Breo says they have something in every box for everyone from kids to adults! It’s a great gift idea for the holidays, birthdays, graduations, or even your Secret Santa at work!


Do they offer any discounts?

At the time of this writing, Breo Box offers a coupon code that gets you $30 off your first box. Click the button below and enter LEAF30 to save on your first box!

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Wrapping it Up

All in all, we recommend the Breo Box subscription to anyone that enjoys variety and a cool gift of new tech and gadgets delivered to their front door. The value was more than worth the cost, and we genuinely liked all the new products we got to test out.

This makes an excellent gift for friends and family or if you want to keep the secret of all the new tech toys around your house to yourself. Between the high-quality packaging and unique items, we think Breo Box has a great future ahead as an industry leader in the subscription box industry.

Breo Box delivers on its promise of providing high quality, innovative, and exciting products from tech, gadgets, lifestyle, and home goods sectors. If you are interested in the subscription box system, you should give Breo Box a try.

Thank you for reading our Breo Box review! Be sure to check our site often for new reviews of tech, gadgets, home items, and more. We are always on the lookout for fun products and items to put through the ringers and welcome any company to reach out to us with their suggestions through our contact page. Thanks again!




Please note: We earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 

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