Lovevery Review – Is the Play Kit Subscription Worth It?

Lovevery Review
Lovevery Review


Lovevery is a trusted company with quality kits and products based on verifiable evidence for children 1 month to 3 years old. They offer a wide variety of toys and kits that match up nicely with the age of your growing baby and encourage developmental skills that will be vital in their later years.

  • Quality
  • Engaging
  • Price
  • Customer Service


  • All of the products and kits are designed with quality research backing their invention.
  • You get a lot of support for STEM-related activities.
  • The kits are highly relatable to the age of your baby.
  • All products and kits are manufactured with durable, safe, and sustainable materials.
  • You get a lot of social proof from parents that love these products and kits.



  • These kits can be on the pricier side for some families.
  • A lot of these toys and kits require parent participation.

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Every parent knows the struggle of keeping their kiddos entertained and intellectually stimulated with high quality play toys and kits. That is why the Toys and Baby segment of the US market is over 19.6 million and growing.

The only problem is that sometimes the toys and kits we purchase do not satisfy the curiosity and joy of our baby. That is where the engaging play products from Lovevery can help. They provide hours of play entertainment with a kit appropriate for every stage of development from the exciting baby months to toddler tantrums and beyond.

With so much variety in the baby’s play essentials and kit market, our team was nervous about where to begin. That is why we were ecstatic to get the suggestion to play with some of the products from Lovevery.

Read along to discover how our Lovevery play kit review went and whether we think their line of baby toys is a good purchase for your household.


Lovevery Overview

Lovevery Overview

Lovevery sells interchangeable play toys and kits for those magical baby moments between 0 and 48 months. They offer a line of products that evoke learning and imagination during the formative years of your child’s life.

Lovevery started as a way to deliver simple toys that “satisfy your child’s developmental needs at every important milestone.” This means they focus the design and structure of their toys on those factors critical to encourage the mind.

They actively studied play toys and kits already present in some parent homes to see what their babies preferred to play with the most. Then, Lovevery combined this research with academics, child development experts and studies from psychologists, teachers, and other experts to create a more holistic approach to playtime with relevant toys for the month of your baby.

The founders started Lovevery in 2015 with their headquarters in Boise, ID, and kit products manufactured in Ningbo, China. This includes their line of STEM products, classic toys, sensory toys, and even a play tunnel for a baby to crawl through.

Lovevery offers a wide variety of toy and kit products that made our testing office seem like a daycare center for at least a couple of weeks. We took the idea of “bring your kid to work day” and expanded it to a much longer period.

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Below is a video that many parents can relate to and how Lovevery helps address those concerns:


Here are some of the kits and toys from Lovevery we got to test out.


Lovevery 0-12 Months Products Kits


Lovevery Looker Play Kit


Most of the play and toy kits offered by Lovevery can be replicated with Amazon products, but the cost and quality don’t live up to what Lovevery offers. For example, this Lovevery play kit is around $80. It includes a two-sided mobile, black and white contract image cards in both simple and complex varieties, a wooden book, play guide, standing cardholder, sensory links, black and white mittens, and a silicone rattle with a removable ball.

This excellent visual stimulation kit builds new brain connections and doesn’t overstimulate your baby. The standing cardholder is a fun way to improve tummy time, and the Lovevery play guide helps parents know how to use the different features.

We especially liked the Lovevery black and white cards as they reminded some of us of psychological tests where you see a bunch of different images in simple shapes. It is definitely meant for the earlier months of the baby’s life.


Lovevery Charmer Play Kit


This play kit from Lovevery is designed more for the 3-4 month range of baby’s life when they begin to explore the world through their mouth, eyes, and hands. This is that time when their personality begins to come out, and you start to understand the type of lifestyle you’re going to have to accommodate.

We had around six babies on our team under 48 months that we placed in front of each Lovevery kit, and this one was a big hit because of the different shapes of objects. You get a wooden rattle, rolling ball, mirror card, talking book, rubber triangle teether, framed mirror, silicone triple teether with organic cloth, soft book, black and white card set, crinkle bag, hand to hand discs, and a play guide.

Parents will appreciate the talking book to inspire their babies with new sounds and repetitive words. However, we found the Lovevery mirrors to be the most popular with our team because they allowed us to play with light as well as check out activities happening over our shoulders.


Lovevery Senser Play Kit


This Lovevery play kit is designed for the 5-6 months crowd when baby begins to taste, mouth, and pick up everything around them for closer investigation. Inside, you’ll find a spinning rainbow, magic tissues, Parts of Me book, tummy time wobbler, magic tissue box, organic cotton rainbow ball, play socks, and a play guide.

This Lovevery kit is also at the standard $80 and was a favorite of our baby testers because of the socks. There are little balls attached to the ends that our kiddos loved trying to grab and hold onto as they wiggled around on the floor or when we were holding them up in between exploring kits.

Parents will love the Parts of Me book because it teaches baby about their different body parts. The more you can introduce vocabulary into play, the better baby’s memory will be.


Lovevery Inspector Play Kit


Now that baby has hit the play stage of 7-8 months, Lovevery produces a kit with more tactile items that promote stacking, speech, and memory. These include a ball drop box, My First Signs book, nesting/stacking cups, treasure basket, wood ball set, Things I See texture cards, first puzzle felt ball set, drinking cup, and a play guide.

The nesting/stacking cups were the favorite of this Lovevery kit. Every baby that had this play kit in front of them reached for the bright colors first. Parents devoured the My First Signs book because it provided a line of communication with baby that is fun to learn.


Lovevery Explorer Play Kit


This Lovevery play kit is specifically designed for babies between 9 and 10 months to address cause and effect, balance, and emotional intelligence. What we noticed the most was the coordination aspect of each toy. You had to manipulate objects more to get the most out of their play compared to previous kits.

This Lovevery play kit includes stainless steel tip and turn, a Montessori egg cup, a little grip canister set, first blocks, clear tubes with rings, stainless steel jingle ring, How I Feel book, a scarf, and a play guide.

The blocks and stackable rings were the most in-demand item in this Lovevery kit because of the colors. However, we did have one baby who refused to put the stainless steel ring down because of the fun noise it made every time he shook it out.


Lovevery Thinker Play Kit


Designed for baby’s play between 11-12 months, this Lovevery play kit really brings out the imagination of your little one. It includes an organic cotton baby doll, sliding top box, sensory pouch, opposites balls, wooden peg drop, Animals I See book, pincer puzzle, and play guide.

The goal of this Lovevery kit includes focusing on your baby’s ability to use a pincer grip, but our testers went straight for the peg drop every time. Something about fitting objects inside one another in a logical way really appealed to our guests.

The other exciting object was the opposites balls. These balls look the same, but one is lighter than the other, which confused and delighted even some of our adults.

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Lovevery Year 1 Products Kits

Lovevery Babbler Play Kit


This Lovevery play kit is designed for months 13-15 and brings out the bigger toys. It also includes the slide and seek ball run that was the top toy choice of any aged baby we brought around the office.

Other items in the Lovevery kit were:

  • A flexible wooden stacker.
  • Coin bank set.
  • Carrot lid with carrots.
  • Bedtime for Zoe book.
  • Play guide.
  • Posting lid for coin bank.
  • Circle of friends band bunnies.
  • A felt burrow.


We modified the circle of friends puzzle to include photos of coworkers and favorite animals in a couple of cases, and that increased our baby tester’s interests. The ball run was definitely number one in this Lovevery kit for both baby and parents. It looked like an early Rube Goldberg machine.


Lovevery Pioneer Play Kit

We should probably mention that the year 1 Lovevery products line kits are $120 each and ship every 3 months. This is more expensive than the 0-12 month kits, but the difference in quality is well worth the added cost.

This Lovevery kit included items designed for months 16-18 like a race and chase ramp, Max and Nana go to the Park book, drawstring bag, fuzzy bug shrub, garden puzzle, threadable bead kit, wooden stacking pegboard, and play guide.

One of the more surprising play experiences with our baby team was the threadable bead kit. We assumed they all would want the race and chase ramp because of the cars, but for some reason, they really enjoyed threading different items. We even had a few office supplies end up on these pieces of string.


Lovevery Realist Play Kit

This Lovevery play kit starts to introduce items your baby will probably see in their pre-k classes. It is designed for months 19-21 and includes a lockbox, geometrical shapes puzzle, quilted critter pockets, count and slide, Bea Gets a Checkup book, flashlight, grooved pitcher and glass, and play guide.

There was no clear winner in this Lovevery kit. Each of our baby testers went for a different item. Between the flashlight, pitcher and glass, and checkup book, we were surprised by the amount of imaginative play. It seemed every one of the kids wanted to role-play some kind of life activity.


Lovevery Companion Play Kit


Targeted towards the final months of 22-24, this kit includes a wooden posting stand, Graham Turns Two book, tweezers with felt stars, mosaic button board, Montessori animal match game, drawstring bag, buckle barrel, play guide, and chunky wooden jigsaw puzzle.

The buckle barrel was the most played with item in this Lovevery kit. We think it may have something to do with the number of babies being placed in strollers and car seats with buckles, so maybe they were just used to these devices more than the rest.

The entertaining part was watching our big burly ex-bodyguard tester attempting to use the oversized tweezers with a baby on his lap. Talk about a size difference!

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Lovevery Year 2 Products Kits


Lovevery Helper Play Kit

The year 2 products line is the same $120 per kit price as year 1, but with a more STEM-oriented twist. This Lovevery play kit includes a sink with cups and plates, flowers in a row, art kit, Making Muffins book, play guide, routine cards, sunny day puzzle, and a drop and match game similar to Connect Four.

The best part of this level of Lovevery kit is that it encourages adult play participation. There are so many opportunities to learn more about your baby’s personality and learning style as you engage in make-believe and actual competition.

The art kit includes washing tempera paint sticks which are excellent for on-the-road play with a no-mess painting solution. This Lovevery kit is designed for months 25-27.


Lovevery Enthusiast Play Kit


Supposedly we’re in the “terrible twos” months of 28 to 30, but this Lovevery play kit seems to distract from emotional development pressures. You get a lot more pattern recognition and geometry-focused gear, including scale and pails, picnic set, glue station, play guide, sort and stack peg puzzle, squeegee and spray bottle, and My Favorite Nature Buddy book.

None of us could figure out why, but the squeegee set was the biggest hit in this Lovevery play kit. It could have something to do with the baby testers feeling like they were helping around the office more, but none of us are child psychologists. The other item that encouraged play was the scale and fillable pails. The amount of paperclips and office supplies that ended up in those pails is astounding. We actually had to hunt around the office for a missing cell phone until a Mom checked one of the pails.


Lovevery Investigator Play Kit

Liquid fun and playing catch. That is the best way to describe this Lovevery play kit for months 31-33. No cup was safe around the office from baby testers sneaking them off counters to happily pour into the liquid lab equipment.

Other items in this Lovevery play kit included a twist and pivot pattern puzzle, memory card game, match and tap hammer game, countdown color timer, hoops and bean bags, The Play Date book, and a play guide.

The hoop and bean bag set was the first time we saw cooperative play among the different babies. They actively sought one another out as if instinctively knowing the game would be more fun with their peers.


Lovevery Free Spirit Play Kit

Meant for months 34-36, this Lovevery play kit includes a wooden toy camper with locking doors, a counting box, stackable boulders, Now That I’m Three book, outdoor adventures, geometric puzzle, matching star card game, and a play guide.

Without question, the stackable boulders were the clear winner here. All the adults wanted to try to build different balance piles similar to what you see in the outdoors on hikes. The number of cheers and disappointed sighs from successful stacking was incredible.

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Lovevery Year 3 Products Kits


Lovevery Observer Play Kit

The year 3 line of products is the same $120 as years 1 and 2, but there is a lot more gear designed for reading and interactive play. In this Lovevery play kit, baby will explore more nesting and routines during pretend time. It includes a weatherboard, playhouse with accessories, speedster, shoe stickers, emotion dolls, emotion book set, instruction booklet, and play guide.

The emotion dolls were simply amazing. The number of stories that came from different wooden dolls interacting spoke volumes about the intelligence of our baby testers. They used those more in the dollhouse than any other Lovevery accessory to play out real and imagined activities.


Lovevery Storyteller Play Kit

For months 40-42, this Lovevery play kit includes a fort set, hand puppets, animal puzzles, play guide, instructional booklet, puppet theater, squeeze and spray mop, Adela Comes Home book, and accessories.

We thought each baby would make a b-line for the mop like they did the squeegee but were happily surprised to see them all go for the hand puppets. They didn’t even bother putting the eyes onto the puppets but made up different voices and personalities similar to the adult testers in the room. It was really eye-opening watching the babies mimic some of our behaviors, including a bit of embarrassment for one of our testers with a love of burritos.


Lovevery Problem Solver Play Kit

This Lovevery play kit required a lot more attention from the adults than any other previous kit. It is meant for kiddos in months 43-45, but every single item had to have an adult involved for one reason or another. The baby testers just didn’t want us to not play with these items, including a turtle hatch game, nature counters, Montessori number tiles, measuring tape, wobble puzzle, color lab, Uncle Rob’s Pizza Party book, visual guide, and play guide.

The number one in this Lovevery play kit was the turtle hatch game. We think it was the cute factor of the turtle pieces, but either way, our baby testers did not want to put them down. We actually had to go on multiple baby turtle hunts to ensure we had all the parts when we put the kit back together.


Lovevery Analyst Play Kit

This is the final sequenced Lovevery play kit for months 46-48 and includes a Montesorrie sensory box, stackable fraction cups, color theory puzzle, Quarter, Half, and Whole book, pattern match boat set, visual recipe cards, sewing kit, visual guide, and play guide.

There were two in-demand items out of this Lovevery play kit, including the Montessori sensory box and the color theory puzzle. The fun here was when the adult testers would mess up the reconstruction of the color theory puzzle and then get scolded by the baby testers as they fixed the “mistake.”


Lovevery Play Gym

loverly play gym

This Lovevery product is outside the kits and designed for babies as they progress from infant to toddler. It is a Parents Choice award winner and focuses on tummy time with durable and safe materials.

Our favorite part is the cover that makes it feel like a secret hideout. Our older baby testers would take items from the current Lovevery kit they were exploring over to this play gym with the cover on to get privacy as they played. There is something about having a space of your own that really appealed to our testers.

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Lovevery Montessori Shelf

Montessori Shelf

Montessori has become synonymous with creativity and critical thinking. Each and every item in this play shelf is aligned with developing those concepts. The point of this shelving unit is to organize your baby play area with only a few toys for the day that they can take out whenever they’d like.

It has shelf space for only a certain amount of play items that you can rotate and utilize with different themes, days, or concepts for baby’s entertainment. It measures about 41” by 23” in total dimensions and weighs 90 pounds which helps to keep it from tipping.

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Lovevery Pros and Cons



  • All of the products and kits are designed with quality research backing their invention.
  • You get a lot of support for STEM-related activities.
  • The kits are highly relatable to the age of your baby.
  • All products and kits are manufactured with durable, safe, and sustainable materials.
  • You get a lot of social proof from parents that love these products and kits.



  • These kits can be on the pricier side for some families.
  • A lot of these toys and kits require parent participation.


What are Customers Saying about Lovevery?

Go to any review site online, and you’ll see positive reviews flooding their newsfeeds. This is a highly respected company with quality kits and products based on verifiable evidence. In addition, they offer a wide variety of toys and kits that match up nicely with the age of your growing baby and encourage developmental skills that you want to see.

The only difference we found was when reviewers like us got to try the Lovevery items for free. As price matters a lot with these products, we’re guessing some parents would prefer big box store solutions. That is why we wanted to point out the current value for each kit.

For our money, we’d stick with Lovevery. 


Is Lovevery Worth It?

100% yes! Every single one of these items that we tried out offered a variety of fun and play that we do not think lasts with other mainstream products. You get the nostalgia of wooden toys with the added benefits of modern research focused on childhood development.

This is like visiting the old toy stores of the past and bringing back those essentials that should make up the playrooms of toddlers across the world.

If you can afford to take advantage of the different Lovevery play kits and products from Lovevery, we highly suggest you do so to see how much fun your child will have. There were quite a few Lovevery toys that ended up being purchased by our adult testers for their kiddos and younger family members. In some cases, subscription boxes were purchased as gifts for expecting friends.


Lovevery FAQ

Are Lovevery products safe for kids? 

Yes! Lovevery products and kits are made with sustainable and durable materials. In addition, all of their research has been executed through rigorous testing and trials to ensure your baby is safe inside, outside, and during the playtime of their young lives.


Are Lovevery products educational?

The majority of the toys available in these kits come with a manual that explains how they encourage the development of fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, language acquisition, and more. If you’re looking for educational toys for your child or children. The answer is yes!


What age range is Lovevery appropriate for?

Each kit will vary on its recommended age range since they focus on different developmental milestones. A good rule upfront is that many of their kits focus on babies and toddlers under the age of three. Some others will branch into pre-K or K levels.


How long are Lovevery subscriptions?

Most of them are either monthly or quarterly, but you have the option to do one-time only purchases as well. The prices vary depending upon what you choose, so be sure to check out the different options before making a purchase.


Is Lovevery products tested on animals?

No, Lovevery products are not tested on animals. Instead, they are focused heavily upon using sustainable resources when manufacturing their items for children.


Can I return a product if I don’t like it?

You have the option of canceling your subscription service at any time with no penalty or fees, so you can always try out one month before committing to see how your little one reacts to the different toys in every kit.


Where is Lovevery based? 

Lovevery is based in the US and provides many items that are handcrafted in America. They aim to produce toys and kits that can be used worldwide, but they do appreciate the quality of American workers and companies!


What is included in Lovevery play kits?

Each play kit comes with at least three toys and instructions on how they encourage your baby’s development process. You will also get bonus activities, parenting tips, and help for when children experience challenges or setbacks. Some of these toys might even become your child’s favorites!


What are Lovevery’s shipping costs?

Many of their items are shipped for free. If you purchase a full kit, then they will ship it to you for free as well!


Does Lovevery have holiday kits?

Yes, on some holidays they offer special play or activity-related kits for your child or children. Be sure to check out any new releases before making a purchase!


Who is Lovevery’s target audience?

Lovevery has products for everyone! They aim to provide toys and kits that fit the needs of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. who want encourage their children’s natural curiosity while teaching them valuable skills at the same time. This company recognizes that no child learns or develops in exactly the same way as another one would, so they try to come up witha variety of items that will appeal to a wider audience.


Are Lovevery products green?

Many of Lovevery’s toys and kits are environmentally friendly, but they also have a focus on durability so that you can use them for a long period without needing replacement parts or additional materials. They work to promote sustainability through the creation, manufacture, and distribution of their items.


What does Lovevery do if I want to gift their play kit or purchase one as a gift? 

You just need to go through their site and select the item(s) that you wish to buy. Then you will indicate whether the order is a gift or not. Complete the purchase by providing all of your information. You can either have it shipped to yourself if you want to put together a special surprise for the lucky individual, or you can tell them that they need to contact you directly. Then they will know who the gift is from and when it is expected to arrive!


How do I clean my Lovevery Toys?

Most of Lovevery’s toys are safe to clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. For a more thorough cleaning, you can submerge the items in water and then dry them off before putting them back together again!


Do I have to assemble any of these toys?

Some of their kits come already assembled, while others require your little one or children to put the toys together themselves! This helps develop fine motor skills as well as communication abilities.


Wrapping it Up

The Lovevery Play Kits offer a variety of items that encourage your baby’s development process. They come with at least 3 toys and bonus activities, parenting tips, and help for when children experience challenges or setbacks.

These play kits have the option to be shipped for free if you purchase from their site! If you want to gift these toy kits as well, just go through their site and select which item(s) you wish to buy.

You can either have it shipped yourself so you can put together a special surprise for the lucky individual who will receive it, or let them know they need to contact you directly about receiving it- then they will know who the gift is from and when it’s expected time of arrival! To clean these toys, just use a damp cloth and mild soap on most of the items.

For more thorough cleaning, you can submerge the items in water and then dry them off before putting them back together again! If these toy kits come preassembled or unassembled is up to your little one or children to decide. This allows for fine motor skills as well as communication abilities.

We hope that this Lovevery review has helped you understand more about this company and what they offer! For our money, we’d definitely stick with Lovevery! We find them to be an honest company who truly cares about their customers’ experience with their products along with encouraging developmental skills that parents want to see – especially when it comes down to price.

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Please note: As an affiliate we earn from qualified purchases to create these great reviews. By purchasing anything through our links, this will not cost you anything. 

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