Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat Review – Is It Worth It?


Vitrazza glass chair mats provide protection for your floors while delivering quality craftsmanship. Vitrazza glass chair are available in a variety of sizes and for the home office spaces that have a unique layout, they can custom make your glass chair mat to your specific design.

  • Quality
  • Variety
  • Price
  • Performance


  • Solid Durable Quality of Glass
  • Visually Stunning 
  • Great Surface for Wheeled Office Chairs
  • Variety of Size Options to Pick From
  • Excellent Support from Vitrazza


  • Custom Mats do take time to build
  • Price

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The mobility benefits of having a rolling office chair for your desk set up are overwhelmingly positive. The havoc that they can bring to your floors or carpets is quite a real problem, however.

With so many people putting together a home office set-up in their home, protecting their hardwood floor and carpet might be a higher priority than that at a traditional office building. Vitrazza looks to solve this with their Prima Collection of glass office chair mats.

With our Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat review, we seek to answer any questions you might have about the product, look into differences between glass chair mats and alternative plastic chair mats, and see how Vitrazza’s offerings compare to the competition.

Vitrazza Glass Mat Review


So you are sold on getting a desk chair mat. That is excellent news! But you’re thinking, “I like the idea of being mobile and less destructive to my floors, but I don’t want to go back to rolling over those plastic nightmares that we had at my old job.”

Vitrazza seeks to provide a solid alternative to those with their Prima Collection of glass chair mats. The benefit of glass chair mats is that it allows for an incredibly smooth and durable surface for your office chair to travel across.

That sounds great, but how do these Vitrazza products perform and hold up in a standard home-office set-up? We will answer that and more as we have vigorously tested the product out in our home office set-up.


Material Quality (Build Quality)

The thought of rolling around on a sheet of glass may make some a little uneasy, but Vitrazza has proven that those fears are pure fantasy. The Vitrazza Prima Collection of glass chair mats is built with sturdy ¼” thick safety glass that is guaranteed to withstand any office chair or chair-occupant you can throw at it.

The strength of Vitrazzas Prima Collection blows all of its plastic alternatives out of the water. They can’t compete with how long the tempered glass lasts or how easy it is to clean.

In addition, Vitrazza adds an Invisible Shield® Pro15 nano-tech coating to their glass chair mats to help them resist and fine scratches that would cloud the appearance of your mat. No need to fear your dog or cat coming to spend time at your feet.

Couple these features with durable bezels that act as a barrier between the mat and the floor, and you have a glass chair mat designed to last! In addition, Vitrazza has gone as far as to include a transferable lifetime warranty with all of its products. From our time alone with the product, we couldn’t even imagine that you would ever need to make use of it!




When it comes to glass chair mats, you would think that the variety or amount of offerings would be pretty cut and dry. However, this area is another place where Vitrazza sets itself apart from the competition as they offer a wealth of size options and are incredibly easy to work with on finding a glass chair mat that fits your home office.

There are four base models for glass chair mats that Vitrazza offers in the Prima Collection. These are:

  • Rectangle Glass Chair Mats
  • Square Glass Chair Mats
  • Circle Glass Chair Mats
  • Tabbed Glass Chair Mats


Each of these base models comes with a healthy amount of size options.


Custom Too?!

None of the sizes offered seem to fit your space exactly? No worries! Vitrazza offers customization if you need a larger size. This service makes designing a home office a breeze as you will no longer need to worry about the small details like space available for a chair mat.

Whereas plastic chair mats need a new mold to form a custom fit, you can simply cut glass to your specifications. While this might be more expensive, it is equally more worth it.

The tabbed glass chair mat also offers a great deal of value as it covers pretty much the entire space in front of and partially under your desk. We found this extremely helpful as we like to be as close to our desks as possible and hate lifting our office chair back onto a mat to move away from it. This option might be our favorite from Vitrazza’s Prima Collection.



Vitrazza Performance

Okay, enough gushing over the quality of the product and onto how well it performs. To no surprise, it performs more or less just as well as it is built. The movement of our office chair is effortless. Installation painless. Even cleaning Vitrazza’s glass chair mat is a breeze with your existing favorite glass cleaner.

Moving off and on the edges of the glass chair mat from the chair is easy enough if you find yourself rolling off of it. Our office chair felt like it was brand new, honestly, as it slid around the glass chair mat’s hard surface in a very satisfying way.

It would appear that the only corners Vitrazza has cut with the Prima Collection are to round out the corners of the glass chair mats themselves to give them a nice smooth finish.



There are also some excellent bonuses that Vitrazza offers as well. In addition to a lifetime warranty, Vitrazza also offers a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee which is always a relief to have because you never know if something is for you.

Vitrazza also offers a sleeker and clearer option for the glass used in every mat from the Prima Collection. This Luminoso glass uses low iron glass to provide a more transparent option with brighter edges that are easier to see.

A lot of that might seem only cosmetic, but we found the distinct edges extremely helpful in establishing the area of our glass chair mat. After all, you still want to showcase your lovely floors or carpets. You don’t want them hidden under a vinyl or plastic mat.

Vitrazza tops this all off with excellent customer service that will take care of you should any problems arise. All in all, Vitrazza offers a complete package for the glass chair mats in their Prima Collection.


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Features for the Prima Collection: 



  • Square Glass Chair Mats
    • 36”, 48”, 54”, 60”
  •  Circle Glass Chair Mats
    • 42”, 48”, 54”
  • Rectangle Glass Chair Mat Sizes:
    • 36″ x 48″, 42″ x 48″, 45″ x 53″, 46″ x 60″, 42″ x 64″, 48″ x 72″
  • Tabbed Glass Chair Mats
    • These include most of the rectangular options but with a tab extension(6”x23”).



  • Made From Tempered Glass
  • Designed to Withstand 1000lbs
  • Rounded Polished Edges
  • Mini-Bevels to Prop it Up
  • Made in America


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Vitrazza Pros and Cons

  • Solid Durable Quality of Glass
  • Visually Stunning
  • Great Surface for Wheeled Office Chairs
  • Variety of Size Options to Pick From
  • Great Support from Vitrazza
  • Price
  • Might Have to Wait for Custom Mats


Other Vitrazza Products – DeskGuard

Vitrazza offers a couple of additional products that we found to be pretty helpful as well. First up would be the DeskGuard. The DeskGuard is a desk mat made of the same safety glass used for the Prima Collection of glass chair mats.

The Vitrazza DeskGuard feels right at home in a home office set-up. The quality provides for a pleasant and even work surface, and one that is easier to clean as well! In addition, the DeskGuard has the same protective coating as the glass chair mats, adding to the already existing benefits.

This is a big plus when you consider the alternatives of rubber or even plastic desk mats that are just impossible to clean. Being able to clean a majority of your office space with your favorite glass cleaner adds to the ease of keeping your new home office at its best.

The only thing that one might want to consider when looking into the Vitrazza DeskGuard is organizing items on your desk. In addition, you may want to look into mounting options for those with more than one monitor, as moving the screens around to find the right fit can be awkward. Add in speakers, and you can see how you might have a lot to juggle with on the DeskGuard.

That being said, the DeskGuard’s positives do outweigh their negatives and would be a solid addition to any home office set-up and is a great addition to the Prima Collection.

Vitrazza also offers a line of Quiet Comfort custom wheels. The wheels utilize soft urethane as opposed to hard plastics to allow for a more finished experience. These wheels glide smoothly and silently across the surface of the glass chair mat. They are compatible with nearly all existing office chairs.


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Do I Really Need an Office Chair Mat?

Your first thought when you think of a chair mat might be one of confusion. Why do I need a chair mat, and a glass one at that, if my office chair already has wheels and a floor to travel on? That thought is understandable, but we are here to tell you that you would be missing out.

Have you ever had the thought, “Oh, I wish my office chair wasn’t so similar to the carts at the grocery store when I try to move it”? After all, you probably paid good money for one to make your home office set-up comfortable. Well, it’s more than likely not your office chair’s fault.

There are many other causes that might be slowing down your office chair. These issues can range from uneven hardwood floors to knotted carpets full of clumps and friction-causing fibers. These can all cause your office chair to act up and its wheels to sputter.

Not to mention that it is not the best for your office chair’s overall wellness and lifespan. Have it go through a couple of hundred instances of you having to force it past a bump or not, and the office chair wheels are more than likely to develop serious problems.

This situation is where a chair mat comes in. Providing an even surface for your office chair to roll in will add a surprising amount of comfort and functionality to your home office. In addition, not having to worry about movement as you pivot about your desk space is a huge relief.

Think of Your Floors!

This is another major selling point for getting a chair mat. You’ve just set up your new home office in a house or apartment that we can only assume you care about. A lot of thought went into designing your house and your office.

You wouldn’t want to ruin those lovely hardwood floors with scuff marks or carpets with wheels that pinch and pull the material out of them, do you? Of course not! So be sure to get something underneath that rolling piece of ergonomic office equipment pronto.

One unexpected side-effect was the Vitrazza glass chair mat helping us keep an organized workplace established. Having a barrier created around the office chair and in front of our desks made it easier to separate our work area from the rest of the office.

This comes from a physical sense, i.e., keeping our office chairs planted in front of our desks and not at the water cooler, and from a design standpoint. It may be a little bit of added productivity, but every bit counts!


How does the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat compare to the competition?

While there are several other glass chair mats offered by other companies currently on the market, none of them capture the right combination of features that makes Vitrazza stand out.

Lorell offers a tempered glass floor mat which is sturdy and impressive in that regard. Where it fails to hold up is the amount of variety when it comes to sizes. The sizes they do have don’t do much to excite either, as they offer little more than the claim of tempered glass.

Another option for chair mats would be to skip over a glass chair mat altogether and go with a bamboo chair mat. American Floor Mats offers a pretty nice range of options for those looking to take an approach closer to nature. While the bamboo mats are much better than their plastic alternatives, they struggle to perform as well as glass chair mats.

These bamboo chair mats are nice to roll around on but are quite visually striking, which may be a positive for you, but we found them to be more of a distraction and add a chaotic element to our home office space. Also, it just would not go well with the new DeskGaurd we just got from Vitrazza!

When it comes down to it, glass chair mats are just far superior to chair mats of other materials, especially the plastic kind. Vitrazza happens to offer the best glass chair mat on the market, in our opinion, with the Prima Collection.

When you switched to working at home, one of the benefits was not having to use the plastic chair mat that came with your cubicle. Please don’t go back to it now! Instead, treat yourself to something nice.


Are the Vitrazza Glass Mats from the Prima Collection worth it?

This question is difficult when weighing it against a heftier price tag. It is a significant investment to get a Vitrazza glass chair mat for your new home office, but we think the Vitrazza mat is worth it! Not only are you preserving the value of your property far better than plastic, but you are adding a finishing touch that truly brings together an office space.

With the wealth of options available, there is guaranteed to be something that fits around your desk perfectly. Not worrying about your office chair’s mobility can let you remain focused on your work and stay on top of things.


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Vitrazza FAQ

I have a custom-designed desk. Is there going to be a glass chair mat for me?

Yes! Vitrazza’s Prima Collection has different models for every type of desk design, and a custom mat can be made with the measurements of your home office.


Are there blockers to prevent your office chair from rolling off?

There are not blockers included but, as a tip from us, if you don’t mind the visual change, you can use foam edge guards to accomplish this! Since the glass chair mats have risers to them, this should fit well.


What is the weight limit for the Vitrazza glass chair mat?

Over 1000 lbs, so as long as the only things on it are you and an office chair, it should be pretty sturdy.


Is the Vitrazza glass chair mat slippery since it’s made of glass?

Not at all! Vitrazza has gone above and beyond with its inclusion of a special coating on the Prima Collection, which prevents moisture from sticking to the mat and making it slippery.


Wrapping it Up

So, are you looking to put the right finishing touches on your home office or perhaps even upgrade from an existing plastic chair mat? The Vitrazza glass chair mat might be right for you then. If you’re in the market for one of these glass chair mats, then it is clear that Vitrazza has the best offering on the market right now.

The bottom line is that it makes a worthwhile addition to any home office set-up and a decent way to protect your nice hardwood floors or carpet as well. Whatever your reason for picking up a glass chair mat is, you can’t go wrong with picking up one from Vitrazza. It will be the only glass chair mat you’ll ever buy! And with free shipping and free returns, it also makes it a risk free purchase!


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Please note: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 


4 Responses

  1. I think the idea is great, and I’m sure this is a Great Product…
    One Question,…What about if I’m in my Socks,…Slipping and Sliding could be an issue while just attempting to Sit in my Chair,…Your on Glass, afterall….
    Next,…What about any liquid condensing between the Glass and your flooring…Lets say Water,…Water is clear and looks clear,..with clear water,..lets say spilled from a cup onto Carpet,…you wouldnt know if its there with a piece of Glass on top of it,…as water is soaking into your carpet, will never dry, it is be compressed by any kind of Weight of the glass itself or anything on top of it,….with this said,…could it damage the hardwood floor or in time produce Carpet Mold….just Wondering😃

    1. Hi Todd – Thanks for your comment! When we tested. We wore socks along with shoes. We didn’t notice any slippage during our testing, because our body motion mainly pushed the chair around. As far as water condensation, we didn’t do a spill test. That said, if you do spill water or coffee, it’s important to move the glass chair mat and dry the area throughly.

  2. our chair mat is on a hardwood floor and we really like it however, it seems to gather a lot of floor dust under the glass mat that is very unsightly. My wife keeps a very clean house and this really bothers her so we are always having to lift up the mat to clean under it. Dose Vitrazza sell an edge barrier to prevent this? or should we just remove the rubber no skid doo-hickies so there is no gap between the mat and the floor?

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