Aquasana Whole House Water Filter Review

Aquasana EQ-1000

Whether you are looking to change your current water filter system or need to install a new one that also performs softener functions, it is essential to do extensive research about the product to purchase and install. Likewise, the technicality of the heater installation is vital to know, which requires extensive research. Making the right choice of house water filter is a daunting task.

Whole house filtration systems are necessary to facilitate clean, delectable, and safe water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and showering. Although the city’s reservoir or private well water are treated considerably, they could still be unsafe for consumption.

So it becomes necessary to install an excellent water treatment system for your tap water that is both filter and softener and in your home to ensure that you have access to clean water for use. These water filters are of varying models and capacities.

Regardless of their specifications, a sound house water filter and softener system should adequately filter contaminants, effectively soften water and be relatively easy to acquire and maintain.

Aquasana EQ-1000 whole house water filter that claims to have the ability to solve these problems. It also offers optional upgrades if your water supply requires a softener and extra protection from microbes.

Does Aquasana EQ-1000 whole house filter system offer all of these functions and possibly more? We have endeavored to acquire, install and test run this house water filter to make your decision easy. This is to ensure that our experience gives you a full view of the incredible and innovative features this system offers.

  • Clean, Great Tasting Water From Every Tap In Your Home

  • High-Performance Filter System 

  • Cost Efficient & Long Lasting

  • Easy Maintenance 

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter Review

Aquasana EQ-1000 Review

The Aquasana EQ-1000 whole house water filter offers superior flow filtration.

This ensures the effective removal of contaminants from the water supply. Thus, guaranteeing the supply of good, clean, and safe water.

Aquasana water filters achieves this through its innovative design that prolongs the water contact time and its tank’s contaminant-removal chambers.

The Aquasana EQ-1000 whole house water filter system is designed to provide filtration in three stages as water goes through its multiple tank system. This system facilitates the control of the speed and direction of the water to prevent mixing, clumping, and channeling that occur in single tank systems. It also passes the water through a softener medium. Aquasana water filter achieves this by;

  1. Filtering sediments, sand, silts, and rusts as water flows through the pre-filter.
  2. Reduction of chlorine and other water-soluble heavy metals as water continues its flow through crushed mineral stones. This makes it an effective softener.
  3. The final stage involves the passage of water through an activated carbon filter. This further reduces chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, and other harmful contaminants.


Most whole water filter systems find it challenging to prevent the build-up and growth of both Algae and bacteria. However, the bacteriostatic nature of the Aquasana water filter tank helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae.

Aquasana EQ-1000 water filter is capable of supplying stable water pressure. With a flow rate of seven gallons per minute, it can ensure a sustained supply of water to keep up with the needs of your household regardless of the size and demand.

Aquasana’s whole house water filter system also serves as a softener that helps rid your water of its hardness. Aquasana water filter system achieves this softener effect through a salt-free water softener technique. This softener is an ideal replacement for harsh chemicals that demineralize your water, preventing the scaling of your appliances and plumbing system.

Aquasana water filter system, through its salt-free water softener feature, changes dissolved mineral particles to tiny particles that are passed down the drain.

This Aquasana water filter model achieves all these functions without electricity, a drain line, or backflushing. This, in addition to its filter-softener feature, makes it considerably easier to operate and relatively cheaper to afford as it will require less maintenance than its competition.

The Aquasana water filter system comes in components that consist of the following:

  • One million gallon capacity Rhino tank: This provides a ten-year worth of filtration. It houses the chamber that actively filters the water as it flows through.
  •  Pre-filter: This chamber helps to filter out rusts, sediments, and sands.
  • Post filter: The filtration in this apparatus is an extra level of protection as it removes microorganisms. It helps protect against outbreaks.
  • Brass fittings
  • Shut-off valves


These Aquasana Water filter and softener components and features respectively aid the installation and functionality of the system.

The video below shows how the Aquasana Water Filter system works:

Specifications of Aquasana water system

Color: Blue

Capacity: 1,000,000 gallons

Weight: 54.5 lbs

Dimension: 9 x 46 x 44 inches

Flow Rate: 7 gallons/minute

Temperature range of operation: 40-90°F

Working pressure: 20-100psi


Installation of Aquasana water filter system

Installation of any system requires a detailed and understandable manual provided by the manufacturer. This helps with evaluating if you are capable of carrying out the installation process.

From our experience, it was not the easiest to install the Aquasana EQ-1000 water filter system, but with the user manual, it is achievable. However, it is vital to know that if installed incorrectly, it voids your warranty.

Unless you know what you’re doing, we recommend hiring a professional to install this product for you. By doing so, it ensures your product will be installed properly while maintaining the manufactures warranty.

Aquasana water filter system Warranty

Aquasana filter system warranty covers faulty parts and factory defects. However, it does not cover clogged filters, inappropriate installation, damage from non-potable water, fire, or acts of God.


Benefits of Whole House Water Filter

  • Water Filter-softener systems provide clean and healthy water by removing physical, chemical, and biological contaminants and making it delectable.
  • The volatile organic chemicals and chlorine quickly evaporate into the house environment through steam while bathing or showering and can contaminate the air we breathe in our houses. The ability of the house’s filter system to prevent this is essential to improving the quality of air supply in the house.
  • Over time, home appliances and plumbing systems develop faults and get sludged, respectively, because of the scaling effects of hard water. This causes damage to these appliances and dampens the speed of the water supply. The appropriate filter-softener system helps to prevent and reduce this scaling. Contaminated or hardened water delays cooking and its processes. However, with the Aquasana water filter softener feature, cooking will be made relatively easy.
  • Exposure of the skin and hair to hard water and harsh chemicals present in the regular water supplied to our homes can result in severe damages and drying of our skin and hair. Aquasana water filter has a verified ability of 97% removal of chlorine and other harmful substances. This softener effect and filtration provide safe bathing and showering water that ensures our skin’s health and well-being.
  • A good filter system that offers both filter and softener functions helps save the cost of running your family. Drinkable and soft water enables you to save money on buying bottled water, reduce home appliances and plumbing problems. Aquasana meets these requirements.
  • Hard water makes bathing and washing difficult as soaps do not form lather. The softener feature of Aquasana helps to make bathing and washing easier.


Aquasana Pros and Cons

  • Easy water filter replacement
  • Good water flows
  • Long-lasting water filter
  • Odorless and clean taste water
  • Low maintenance
  • Water softening
  • Challenging to install
  • Conditional warranty
  • Poor customer service


  • Easy water filter replacement: The straightforward design of the Aquasana water filter makes the replacement of its filters comparatively more accessible than most of its competition. This design makes its softener more effective.
  • Good water flows: At seven gallons per minute, the Aquasana water filter offers a reasonable water flow rate. This flow is also aided by the softener effect as it prevents scaling.
  • Long-lasting water filter: The water filters of Aquasana QT-1000 are durable and designed to work efficiently before they require changes. This, however, is depending on the water’s quality.
  • Odorless and clean taste water: Aquasana water filter-softener operates in a three-stage filtration process that provides delicious and odor-free water for your needs.
  • Low maintenance: The innovative design and quality of the Aquasana water filter system’s build and salt-free softener requires. However, this cost will include frequent replacement filters when your supply of water is inadequate.
  • Water softening: Aquasana system includes softener features that help reduce the hardness of water supplied to your home.



  • Challenging to install: It is necessary to ensure that experts are on hand to aid the Aquasana water filter system’s installation. This is to ensure that the system is not damaged in the process.
  • Conditional warranty: Although Aquasana water filter offers a guarantee for its product, it is limited to faults and damages that are the company’s fault and dependent on a proper installation.
  • Poor customer service: This is a consequence of the Aquasana manufacturer’s insistence on an expert-guided installation.


Aquasana FAQ

How much does it cost to purchase this Aquasana QT-1000 water filter system?

It is relative and depends on your needs. Aquasana offers optional upgrades. So what do you need? After you have answered this question, check the official website of Aquasana for the selling price and place an order.


Do I install the Aquasana water filter system myself or call on an expert?

You’re already in doubt if you’re asking this question. So call an expert. The Aquasana water filter system is considerably tricky to install. Although it comes with installation guides, it requires an expert to decipher and install correctly. To avoid the unnecessary difficulties involved, we advise that you call on the Aquasana installation experts, sit and relax as your system is put in place.


What if I do not want an Aquasana water filter-softener?

Deciding not to choose the filter and softener system of Aquasana is fine. But as we have tested this Aquasana QT-1000, we can guarantee that they indeed provide the values they claim to offer.


What is the difference between a water softener and a filter?

Filters remove contaminants to cleanse the water, while softeners remove magnesium and calcium (hardening agents) to soften the water. Aquasana QT-1000 offers both filter and softener features to satisfy your needs.


How long is my warranty on Aquasana QT-1000?

Ten years. However, if the product is not installed correctly by an Aquasana system expert, then the warranty is voided.


How long does it take before I have to change my Aquasana QT-1000 filter?

Typically, filter change frequency depends mainly on the water quality from either the city’s reservoir or a private well. The pre-filters of the Aquasana system last from 2-3 months, while the post-filters last up to 6 months before they require replacement.


Does the Aquasana EQ-1000 water filter provide ten years’ worth of service?

While we have not used it for ten years, the policy of Aquasana manufacturers assures us that if anything interrupts the system’s service that is covered by the warranty, then you are covered!


What if I can still smell an odor in my water?

If your Aquasana system is installed correctly, then maybe your filter needs replacing. To be certain, call in an Aquasana installation expert for assistance.


If Aquasana can provide service for ten years, why do I have to replace parts every six months?

The Aquasana Rhino tank, which houses the softener unit, is separate from the pre-filters and the post-filters. These filters easily get clogged when the supply of water is significantly impure. The dirtier the water supply, the quicker you will need to change filters.


Does the Aquasana system come with a softener?

Yes. The functions of the system incorporate softener features to help resolve the hardness of the water.


How does water softener remove hardening agents?

Aquasana products remove these elements from the water by breaking them into tiny particles so they can be flushed down the drain.


Wrapping it Up

The safety of the water supplied to your house is as essential as the supply itself. Hence, you must choose and install a trusted whole house water filter-softener regardless of the water source. In our opinion, the Aquasana is a top pick based on our testing.

This is to ensure the well-being of you and your family. As we have explained, investing in a good water filter system like the Aquasana filter and with its softener feature will save you the cost of avoidable repairs and purchases if you are on a budget.

Aquasana also offers excellent value for price in its super-efficient filtration, salt-free softener solution for hard water, and innovative microfiltration and UV light that protects against disease-causing physical, chemical, and biological contaminants. They are an effective water filter and softener.

Aquasana manufacturers go further with its customizability as you can upgrade your system according to your immediate needs and the quality of the water you have access to.

The best option should rest on your budget preference and the need to acquire a product that provides and guarantees quality. We have tested Aquasana QT-1000 and have observed its filter and softener quality-a one-time purchase that offers ten years’ worth of service.

  • Clean, Great Tasting Water From Every Tap In Your Home

  • High-Performance Filter System 

  • Cost Efficient & Long Lasting

  • Easy Maintenance 




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