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Who hasn’t fantasized about being on stage at a music festival as thousands of roaring fans sing and dance to your band’s latest hit? The fantastic feeling of capturing the minds and attention of so many people with a song that will last long after we are all gone is incredibly alluring.

Now you can embrace that feeling with the new electronic kit available from the MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3.

Smart drums, or electronic drum kits, are a bit more advanced than their conventional models. They don’t require all the extra space and can be played with headphones to cut down on the noise of learning a new instrument.

We were able to get our hands on this exciting new drum set for a test run and have put together this review to help you learn more about how the MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3 works.


What is the MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3 Kit?


The MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3 is made from electronic drums. You get all the sounds, feel, and capabilities of a traditional drum kit without the need to hire a moving crew to get it from one space to another.

Smart kits are becoming a lot more popular with modern musicians because you can switch up the sounds being played and the convenience of playing anywhere without disturbing people. You are not restricted by the organic sounds of traditional drums. Each of the snares, high hats, lows, and toms are designed with mesh color pads and supported by advanced software.

This is an excellent tool for beginners and advanced drummers alike because it uses a screen to playback popular songs with the beats and rhythm set to color bars. This creates a practical system for drummers to visualize their practice sessions and master new songs.

The electronic drums won’t upset your neighbors or family like a standard kit would because you can plug in a pair of headphones. The most people will hear while you play is a muffled slap of your wooden sticks to the soft padding. Meanwhile, you are treated to the whole experience of a drum kit playing in your ears as you play.



How do I Get My Music List?


Everything you need from the new MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3 is available through their Kickstarter. You’ll get the electronic drum set you want with either white or multicolored mesh tops that coincide directly with their downloadable app.

On the app, there are a bunch of language settings to choose from and a long list of songs that you can play along with at your leisure. The pieces come pre-selected by MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3 and are in the tradition of American Rock and Pop. They will be releasing new songs every month after the launch of their Kickstarter.

It is a pretty genius idea when you consider how simple this product is in design. They’ve taken the gamified concepts of popular video games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero and applied them to learning an actual instrument.

You can free play with any song playing in the background that you’d like, but to play along with the visual representation of the MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3, you’d need a song from their pre-selected list.

The app comes with 68 different drum patterns that will work for a wide variety of songs outside of the pre-installed selection.

You can see how the App works while playing a song below:


Who is this Good for?


Right off the bat, you can tell this is an excellent gift for those kids that are constantly following along to songs tapping out the beat patterns on their knees, tables, schoolbooks, and more. Parents will be able to provide their kids with the benefits of learning a new instrument without suffering through the growing pains of noisy mistakes.

We highly recommend this device for anyone that is into music production or songwriting. This goes way beyond the button-only pushing of modern EDM artists and into the world of fully engaged musical participation. We’re not knocking one style or another. There is just something a bit more magical when you can beat out the rhythm yourself.

Drumming is also an excellent way to help your mood, and the electronic drums of the MOPlay Smart Drums can help you deal with anxiety, depression, and other stress by simply providing a structured escape.

With the MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3, you get the benefits of motor skill development and self-expression, all with the advanced technology and gamified app that will allow you to play for hours on end.



Do I need any special instructions for caring for the MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3?

No, not really. You should keep them away from any excessive heat or humidity and try to use them only indoors.


How much space do the MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3 take up? 

The included special drum mat measures 47.2” square, so you really don’t need to have a lot of room to assemble and play the electric drums.


Can other ID pass holders use my MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3?

Each kit comes with your unique pass pre-installed. If you want to have a different user play your electronic drums, you will need to log out of the app first and have them login with their own unique credentials.


Is the tablet included?

No, the MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3 does not come with a tablet, only the stand on the kit. You can easily pair your own tablet, PC, or smartphone for use with the equipment.


What do the MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3 sound like? 

Like actual drums! That is the best part. They do not include speakers in their kit but do have a pair of sweat-free earbuds to use. We tended to pair our own headphones when we used the kit.


Wrapping it Up

Alright, let’s get to the goods right off the bat. Yes, you absolutely should pick up this electronic drum kit! We had an absolute blast playing along to all the songs on the app.

We had the color-coded kit to test out and think that is the way to go. While the white covers might look a little cooler, they probably don’t work as smoothly when you’re trying to learn as far as referencing the specific drum pieces goes.

The Kickstarter price tag is a little high, but we think totally worth it when you consider how much you’re getting. If you have doubts, you should check out their online videos of people playing and download the app to see what’s available.

All in all, we think this is an excellent addition to anyone’s school, garage, or entertainment room. It defiantly helps cut down on the noise of someone trying to learn and provides hours of entertainment for kids that are interested in the instrument.

Thank you for reading our MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3 review. As always, we hope you come back often to check out all our fantastic product and tech reviews. If you have any suggestions on new products or want us to test your latest model, be sure to send us a note through our contact form.

To Learn about MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3 , visit the official MOPLAY SMART DRUM D3 Kick Starter page here.

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