8 Best Smart Ceiling Fans For Your Home

best smart ceiling fans

As a product review and testing office, we frequently face multiple items with similar purposes. That means we need to test out how they function compared to one another to provide the best insights for our readers.

We were recently asked to review the best smart ceiling fans that offered everything from remote control to voice control through Alexa. Unfortunately, it was a little impractical to install all of these ceiling fans in our review office, so we went on a field trip to a bunch of different local stores to create a list just for you.

With the emergence of smart home devices, such as smart switches, smart thermostats and smart appliances, you can now use smart features for your ceiling fan with your smart phone app, Google Assistant or Amazon Echo.

We had a blast testing out the mobile, WiFi, voice, and remote control options of each fan we tested. Read on to see what smart ceiling fans we thought were the best available on the market.

What is a Smart Ceiling Fan?

Anytime you hear the word “smart” concerning a product like a ceiling fan, you should take it to mean there is some form of automation being used to control the settings. This is usually through a data-connected device using WiFi or voice controls. For example, being able to control the fan speed of the smart ceiling fan via a smart app on your cell phone or telling your Alexa to turn the smart ceiling fan on or off.

Almost all smart devices are connected through your home or business wireless network. These are sometimes referred to IoT (internet of things) devices because they are offered wireless control as a feature. The goal is to leverage control hubs like Alexa to add comfort and convenience to your buying decision.

Fan App

The overall look and function of smart ceiling fans may be the same as more traditional fans of the past, but the added connectivity makes these smart ceiling fans a modern option that many consumers, and our review team, prefer.


Why You Should Consider Getting a Smart Ceiling Fan

First and foremost is convenience. Having a smart ceiling fan in your home or business setting allows you more control based on data-driven processes connected through your home network, remote control, or Bluetooth device. It means you can leverage Alexa control and other control hubs for ceiling fans that are out of reach or inconvenient to control manually.


You also get the data support to help cut down on energy costs. Many of these fans have settings that allow you to reduce usage and spread heat or colling throughout your space, so your final energy bill is a bit lower. That cool air circulation is a critical factor in smart ceiling fans.

If you can find a smart ceiling fan that integrates well with your other connected devices, then you will also streamline the control factor of your home. As a result, things will be more automated and reduce your decision-making so you can maintain an inviting and comfortable home that allows you to focus your energy and time on more important decisions.

Then there are the design choices. Modern smart ceiling fans come in an incredible variety of options, from rustic to industrial to sleek designs. These ceiling fans offer eco-friendly options and lighting details that are sure to enhance your home and work living spaces.

We will cover more details about the options you should look for in your smart ceiling fan decision, including the control, remote, and Alexa connections, later on. For now, let’s get to our list!


Best Smart Ceiling Fans


Big Ass Fans Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan

The Haiku ceiling fan is an excellent choice for brightening up any home. The modern-looking smart ceiling fans work by remote control or voice control hubs like Alexa. This company has won over 75 awards for design and style, making them stand out among the rest.

The L-Series of Haiku Smart Ceiling Fans may seem a bit pricier, but the many features and LED lighting include 16 different levels for incredible control and precision. This smart ceiling fan can also be integrated with other smart home devices like thermostats. This will allow you to monitor data points and get the most comfortable and cost-efficient home environment.

Smart Ceiling Fans Specs:

  • Patented EC motor that reduces cooling costs by 30%
  • Quite <dBA motor speed
  • Excellent airflow at 181 RPM
  • Aviation styled airfoils
  • 16 light levels
  • Remote control, voice control (Alexa), mobile app control


Smart Ceiling Fans Pros and Cons

  • Integrates with other IoT devices
  • Easily controllable with your Alexa control, mobile control, or remote control
  • Looks amazing due to the modern design of airfoils
  • Integrated LED lights with 16 levels of brightness
  • On the more expensive side compared to traditional ceiling fans
  • Some may prefer a more rustic design style


Morpheus III Indoor/Outdoor Smart Ceiling Fan

The Morpheus smart ceiling fan offers incredible design features, like making it look like it belongs in a modern art museum more than a home. It is known as an “automotive” design because the smart ceiling fan resembles parts of a car’s motor in the front.

You get all the control features you want between remote controls and voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. There is also a built-in AI-like responsive element that tracks the data of operations to create a more efficient and comfortable setting for your home or office. At roughly half the price of our top choice, this is a high quality smart ceiling fan that you should consider.

Smart Ceiling Fans Specs: 

  • Traditional control through remote or app, and voice commands through Alexa
  • 1,600 lumens light feature at 3000k color temperature
  • Capable of wet location use for outdoor settings
  • 6-speed energy efficiency


Smart Ceiling Fans Pros and Cons

  • Excellent price point for the value
  • Plenty of control options, from Alexa to a mobile app control
  • Integrates well with IoT control dashboards on a wall-mounted tablet
  • Winter and summer months rotation control
  • Not as much light control as our top option
  • It may not be the top choice for those that prefer a simpler, rustic design


Wynd Indoor/Outdoor Smart Ceiling Fan

The first thing you’ll notice about the Wynd Smart Ceiling Fan is the wide variety of color and size options. This more traditional fan blades design allows you to match different features in your home or office without sacrificing the incredible control options of a mobile app, traditional remote, and a smart home device like Alexa control hub.

This is another indoor/outdoor smart ceiling fan that has been rated appropriate for wet conditions like rain. The light option is a little limited but does have various settings for color temperature and brightness to set the mood you wish in your home, office, or patio.

Smart Ceiling Fans Specs:

  • Traditional remote control, voice (Alexa) control, and mobile app control
  • Able to be used in outdoor settings
  • Integrates with modern IoT dashboards for data leverage
  • 6-speed brushless motor is 70% more efficient than AC fans
  • Traditional design with a modern ceiling fan twist


Smart Ceiling Fans Pros and Cons

  • Easily connect this smart ceiling fan to iOS & Android devices
  • 6-speed control through Alexa and traditional remotes
  • Highly efficient brushless motor
  • 3000k warm white LED light
  • Not as many control features as our top choices, especially in the lights


Roboto 3-Blade Indoor/Outdoor Smart Ceiling Fan


A quality tri-blade ceiling fan is essential for your home or business. It has that classic look, but Roboto found a way to enhance the overall design to a more modern feel. On top of that, you get all the smart control features like data-driven integrations with Alexa voice control hubs.

An important feature of this smart ceiling fan is the matching color light lens. For example, the dark matte black has a similar colored light covering, making the entire piece look more streamlined and functional. In addition, adaptive controls use data for scheduling and improving operations.

Smart Ceiling Fans Specs:

  • Multiple control features, including Alexa, traditional remote control, and mobile app control
  • The app allows for data collection and adjustments based on the use
  • Integrate with any smart device hub
  • The 6-speed brushless motor is quiet and efficient
  • Durable enough for wet outdoor settings


Smart Ceiling Fans Pros and Cons:

  • Wonderful attention to detail in the modern design
  • Plenty of control options and can be integrated with a wall-mounted dashboard
  • Powerful enough lighting to illuminate the home, work, or patio spaces
  • IoT has an AI-like function that learns as it operates
  • Reasonably priced, especially compared to our top option
  • Still has a modern look some may not prefer
  • Only four color options to choose from


Woody Indoor/Outdoor 3-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan


As you can imagine from the title, this is a wood blend fan. It still maintains the modern smart ceiling fan appearance as other fans on our list, but the added wood blended material allows for a classic or sophisticated feeling that many consumers will prefer. This smart ceiling fan is more expensive on our spectrum but still within that reasonable price mark for the features.

This indoor/outdoor smart ceiling fan looks fantastic in patio and hot tube locations for some added cooling and ambiance all year round. It also integrates smoothly with traditional remote control, Alexa voice control, and mobile app. That includes using previous operation data to suggest more precise control and cost-efficiency options.

Smart Ceiling Fans Specs: 

  • Free mobile app support for greater control
  • WiFi and Bluetooth are enabled for remote control of IoT hubs like Alexa
  • Longer blades at 60” -72” for greater wind speed
  • Quiet brushless motor to not ruin your ambiance


Smart Ceiling Fans Pros and Cons

  • Eco-friendly brushless motor to reduce energy costs
  • Easy adaptation and data control through app or voice hub (Alexa) control
  • Beautiful wood blend options for a more refined design feature
  • Tri-blade with a modern twist that will look good at home or in the office
  • Wet rated for outdoor use
  • Still a bit higher on the price value
  • Not available in smaller blade sizes


SMAAIR 52” Indoor Smart Ceiling Fan

The SMAAIR smart ceiling fan was a big hit with our review team because of the unique gold and black design features. It somehow looks both modern and classic at the same time – almost art deco. This is an indoor smart ceiling fan, but you get plenty of options from Alexa control for your home to the dimmable LED center light.

The price point is fantastic for the Striver series of this smart ceiling fan, but you have to remember it has a more industrialized design which some may not prefer. While you can use these fans with Alexa, if you have an iOS IoT dashboard, you will need to use the Shortcuts app and not Apple HomeKit.

Smart Ceiling Fans Specs:

  • Easily controllable from voice, app control, or traditional remote control
  • Excellent integrated LED light at 1800 lumens
  • It can be used outdoors as well but must be in a covered location
  • 10-speed reversible motor that is quiet


Smart Ceiling Fans Pros and Cons

  • Plenty of control options
  • Excellent price point for those on a budget
  • A fun design that looks fabulous in a work or home setting
  • Low profile tri-blade look
  • Not meant for installation on slanted ceilings
  • Coloring may not be a popular choice for all consumers


Lotus Indoor/Outdoor 3-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan

We are back to a modern design with this smart ceiling fan model and also a tri-blade structure with the Lotus smart ceiling fan. You can get white, black, or brushed alumni with a low profile and decent smart integrations, including mobile apps and voice control hubs like Alexa.

The app does require a $10 in-app purchase, which is a bit weird, seeing how you spend money on the entire fan design. The light is brighter at 1600 lumens and has three different temperature settings that can be dimmed using a default control connected via Bluetooth.

Smart Ceiling Fans Specs:

  • Does have a wet rating and durability for outdoor use
  • Includes all control modes a modern consumer would like
  • Interreges well into IoT dashboards for data collection and management
  • The app is available, but there is a fee


Smart Ceiling Fans Pros and Cons

  • Supports voice control through Alexa, app control, and remote control
  • The 6-speed brushless motor is nice and quiet
  • Three integrated LED light options with dimmable control
  • The app charges a fee
  • Only available in the U.S.


Carro Indoor/Outdoor Tri-Blade 56” Smart Ceiling Fan

This is the final product on our list of the best smart ceiling fans on the market. We wanted to include it because it has the key factors you would want to begin using and feeling comfortable with smart technology. It does not have the luxurious premium design of other options but all the integrations and voice control you would want.

This is a simple design with two colors available. At 56”, these smart ceiling fans work well in indoor home and office settings as well as on your outdoor patio. You also get a reasonably well-thought-out warranty if anything happens to the quiet motor.

Smart Ceiling Fans Specs: 

  • Fully dimmable 3000 lumens integrated LED kit
  • 10-speed brushless motor improves heating/cooling efficiency
  • Reversible motor for different seasons of the year


Smart Ceiling Fans Pros and Cons:

  • Complete control options as an introductory smart device, including mobile app control, traditional remote control, and Alexa voice control
  • A reasonable price point that looks good in most homes
  • Easy installation and limited lifetime motor warranty
  • Doesn’t have the premium design of other options on our list


Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart Ceiling Fan

A smart ceiling fan offers you the comfort and efficiency of advanced control and data-based scheduling. With so many options available on the market, you want to select the model that best fits your unique needs and wants. Conder factors like:


Control Type

Does your new smart ceiling fan work with AC power, Bluetooth remote, voice hub (Alexa), and a mobile application?



What is your budget for purchasing a new smart ceiling fan, and is it comparable to other fans on the market?



Do you need an indoor or an outdoor smart ceiling fans option? Where in your home or office will you be installing these fans?



Does your smart ceiling fan include data features for storing information related to how you operate your device, and if it can be improved in the future? This will often include seasonal and power efficiency options.


Size (Blades)

Always measure out your space first, so you do not purchase a smart ceiling fan with blades too long to properly utilize an efficient heating/cooling effect.


Design Style

Do you want something modern or based on traditional designs like wood and uncurved airfoils/blades?


Energy Savings

Is the motor quiet and brushless to improve operational efficiency, or does it have a reversible motor for different seasons’ energy costs?


Smart Device/Dashboard Integration

Can you use your new smart ceiling fan with a dashboard that integrates other IoT devices in the home, like thermostats or timers?


Is a Smart Ceiling Fan Worth It?

Smart ceiling fans offer plenty of energy efficiency that can lower the home electrical or heating/cooling bills you will pay over the lifetime of the product. The smart integration allows you a way to leverage operational data to set schedules and features to get the most benefit from your device.

These factors make smart ceiling fans more than worth the expense. For a new smart ceiling fan, you should shoot for anywhere between $250-$450. Anything higher, and you are paying for features unique to that model and designs unavailable at lower prices.

We also highly recommend you make sure there is a voice control and app integration. We love using Alexa to control the fan in our office we ended up purchasing, but the app is way more fun because it gives us data on how it is operating over time.


Wrapping It Up

The world is changing all of the time because technology continues to advance at an incredibly rapid pace. Integrating a smart ceiling fan into your home or office space has never been easier, and we hope this list provides you with plenty of options so you too, can experience the cost savings and exceptional comfort they provide.

If you are in the market for a new ceiling fan, considering making it smart with the power of Google Home or Amazon Alexa that you can easily control through your smart phone rather than a regular ceiling fan. A new smart fan will help you save on electricity bill by using your air conditioner less, even if you install it in a large room.



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