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MasterClass Review: Is the Online Learning Platform Worth It?


MasterClass is an online educational platform that offers courses taught by world-renowned instructors. The courses cover a wide range of topics and disciplines, including business, cooking, design, entrepreneurship, film and television, music, sports, and more.

Each course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their field of interest. The courses are conducted by video lessons, which include instructional videos and exclusive interviews with the instructor. These lectures are supplemented by written materials such as course notes and suggested readings.

  • Course Quality
  • Price
  • Variety
  • Mobile Friendly


  • Cost-effective education
  • Extremely well-produced content
  • Expert and celebrity instructors
  • 30-day refund policy


  • There are no free trials
  • Not for a certificate use

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Learning new things from classes keeps us young and gives us more to talk about with friends and family. We often discuss new ideas in our review office because we are constantly exposed to new classes and products.

We had the unique opportunity to review the MasterClass online classes learning platform recently. We could not be more impressed with what we experienced. These MasterClass video lessons and classes teach you way more than you could ever want from celebrities and interesting people who have excelled in their areas of expertise.

In our MasterClass review, we tackled this education beast and hopefully exposed you to new ideas, from lessons about how to write a book to video classes on filmmaking. Let’s dive into our review of MasterClass classes.


MasterClass Review

You may have already come across MasterClass classes before. The MasterClass online video lessons platform loves to promote and market its celebrity classes all over social media for user-generated reviews. You could be scrolling through Facebook and suddenly be interrupted by a video message from famed author Neil Gaiman about his video classes lessons available on MasterClass.

We tried to narrow our MasterClass review down to just a few examples of video classes. With unlimited access, there are so many incredible MasterClass classes and teachers to choose from that we wanted to focus in on some key figures we think anyone could find interesting.


MasterClass Overview

MasterClass Logo

MasterClass is an online learning platform that offers video classes taught by celebrity experts. Each class is broken down into individual lessons, with each containing a series of videos and topics that build on the previous ideas you just learned. Classes range from acting to cooking to music production.

MasterClass began offering online video lessons and classes in 2012. It was founded by Silicon Valley mogul David Rogier and Stanford University professor Michael Dearing. The idea for MasterClass was to create a platform that invested in the person, not just the classes topic. They wanted to create a space where well-known experts teach everyday people willing to learn in a class setting, all online.

The first MasterClass classes launched in 2015, and the learning platform has only grown exponentially since then. Not only does MasterClass offer incredible lessons and classes for review, but they also utilize award-winning filmmakers to produce each MasterClass class.

It is kind of a neat fact that the original idea for MasterClass was born from Rogier having a conversation with his grandmother. She had struggled with class work and was often too poor to afford an education. MasterClass teaches video lessons to anyone and everyone willing to learn at an affordable rate, solving the problem of bringing education to more people.


How MasterClass Works

MasterClass is a subscription-based service that offers online video lessons taught by celebrities. Think of the MasterClass subscription as an in-home class, but one where you don’t have to show up or put forth effort beyond watching and listening to the class instructor.

Each MasterClass class teaches through a series of videos and lessons led by an expert. The classes are broken down into individual lessons that build upon each other. This is great because you can learn at your own pace, but it also means you’re going to have to work hard to get through some of these classes if you’re new to learning about whatever topic it is.

Every MasterClass course teaches a specialized subject with a digital workbook and a supportive online class community. You can purchase an annual membership to MasterClass and use practically any digital device to watch the video lessons or participate in class discussions.


MasterClass Pros and Cons


  • Cost-effective education on topics you cannot find in other places
  • Extremely well-produced content that teaches you with dramatic aesthetics
  • Expert and celebrity instructors that make classes more interesting
  • A quality MasterClass refund policy in case you feel you are not getting your money’s worth from the classes



  • There are no free trials. Either you are in, or you are out
  • MasterClass teaches a variety of subjects, but not for a certificate
  • There are reviews, like ours, but not so much on the MasterClass website from previous students

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Bob Iger MasterClass Review

Bob Iger MasterClass

You may not recognize Bob Iger, but he is extremely popular on MasterClass because he teaches about his time as the long-standing CEO of Disney, the largest media conglomerate in the world. These classes don’t just cover the theme parks. In these MasterClass classes, you’ll cover the streaming service, sports network, movies, books, merchandise, and everything else from Mickey Mouse’s voice actor to the fake dust in the Haunted Mansion.

With this MasterClass video class, you are learning at the feet of one of the giants in media and entertainment. Iger is responsible for Disney acquiring Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and even 21st Century Fox. That is why Disney controls Star Wars, The Simpsons, and even Woody from Toy Story. There was a short moment when Bob Iger was considered a presidential candidate in 2020, but he happily stuck to entertainment.

What is the topic of the MasterClass?

In this MasterClass video lesson, Iger teaches all about business strategy and leadership. This includes navigating the valuation of Disney through some pretty rough years and turning it into the multi-billion juggernaut that it is today.

Iger covers topics in his classes like:

  • How to get the most out of your day with focus
  • What core leadership qualities to develop
  • How to create and build on strategies
  • Creating a vision
  • Negotiations
  • Embracing change
  • And so much more!


You are essentially getting a 50-year distillation of backroom deals and valuable insights into the operations of such an expansive company that has remained a stalwart American brand for generations. Igor’s MasterClass teaches business foundations as he curates the wisdom from his long career. Finally, Igor teaches how you can do the same in your own life, regardless of if you are managing a small pizza joint or an enterprise-level endeavor.

How is Bob Iger’s MasterClass Structured?

The MasterClass video lessons are 13 in total, averaging out to about 2 hours and 11 minutes of class time. Each of the video classes is about 5-15 minutes long, and there is a 36-page MasterClass workbook containing a summary and recommended resources to complement the material Iger teaches.

You spend time in the classes meeting Iger and talking about his history. From there, you learn about strategy development, the power of branding, taking risks, and dealing with industry disruption, and then conclude the MasterClass classes by reviewing the key points he teaches.

All in all, we thought these MasterClass classes were highly appropriate for our MasterClass review because you are learning business directly from one of its most outstanding teachers.


Who is Bog Iger’s MasterClass for?

These MasterClass classes are for anyone looking to improve their business, marketing, or leadership skills. Whether you want to be a better marketer, leader, or entrepreneur, there’s something in the MasterClass content that will help you become the best version of yourself.

This is not a MasterClass class for just Disney fans. Yes, Igor teaches a bit about the parks and fun topics surrounding the company, but the business lessons, mergers and acquisitions, leadership, negotiations, entrepreneurship, and media management are far more valuable. This is one of the MasterClass classes that could be an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) all on its own.

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Dan Brown MasterClass Review

Dan Brown MasterClass

You probably have heard about Dan Brown from his most famous novel The Da Vinci Code published in March of 2003. That has since been made into films starring Tom Hanks and had many counter-argument books and religious controversy scripts written in response. Brown has published multiple other books before and after The Da Vinci Code. He has sold more than 200 million copies as of 2012 and has most of his books translated into more than 52 languages, making him an excellent candidate for MasterClass classes.

There is plenty more to say about Dan Brown, but the authorship credentials are more than enough to garner him a spot on MasterClass. These sales figures would make most professional authors whimper in jealousy. That kind of notoriety places Brown in the league of Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, and James Patterson.

Dan Brown is a suspense and thriller writer. Yes, there are touches of mystery and romance, but when he was approached by MasterClass, they focused on how he teaches suspense as part of his MasterClass video lessons. This guy has won 3 Pulitzer Prizes and is a New York Times best seller. You want him to talk about his success in the classes.


What is the Topic of the MasterClass?

You are learning the art of suspense from these MasterClass video lessons. We loved this part of our MasterClass review because we have too many budding authors in our midst that couldn’t wait to hear the process Dan Brown teaches about his writing style and inspirations during the different classes.


Brown covers topics in his MasterClass like:

  • Where to find inspiration
  • How to create suspense and build character development
  • Infusing authenticity and story cohesion
  • Tricks to making your story a page-turner
  • The business side of publishing
  • And more!


You are getting a front-row seat to MasterClass video lessons about succeeding in the world of books where opinion and gatekeepers control access to the higher echelons of notoriety. These classes are like being a fly on the wall when Stephen King begins to consider a follow-up to any horror or Rowling thinks about a future Harry Potter spinoff.

How is Dan Brown’s MasterClass Structured?

The MasterClass has 19 videos in total that range from 10 to 20 minutes a piece. The entire MasterClass course is about 2 hours and 10 minutes long. MasterClass includes a downloadable PDF workbook as part of the lessons, and you get access to an online community who are also learning from the video classes.

You will learn about how to structure and create a thriller, finding ideas and developing a story, crafting engaging characters your audience will love, and how to do the research involved in writing, editing, and the professional side of authorship.

We found this MasterClass to be highly interesting because of the unique topics Brown teaches in the classes. You can see the passion for each MasterClass lesson in his eyes, and the detailed tricks and tips he offers in-between major topics are more than worth the price of admission to the video classes.


Who is Dan Brown’s MasterClass for?

If you have ever had a desire to learn how to write novels, this MasterClass series of video lessons and classes is for you. Our MasterClass review team was glued to the screen while Brown went through all the topics of the class.

You should sign up for these MasterClass classes, especially if you have a taste for the mystery, thriller, or drama genres as Brown touches on each. However, if you have a writing bug, you will learn many new ideas from this MasterClass. If you are already at the professional writer level, you may find some lessons a bit generic, but that is because Brown distills his MasterClass lessons for a broader audience. Our review team appreciated that point when we sat through the classes.

This is practical writing advice from one of the best authors to have lived. Odds are, if you like to write, you will find value in Dan Brown’s MasterClass video lessons.

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Aaron Franklin MasterClass Review

Aaron Franklin MasterClass

Aaron Franklin is a bombastic character who is probably best known for his series of BBQ TV shows and awards. He started a small business in his backyard in Austin, Texas, in 2009 and grew it into one of the best BBQ resources in the world. This led to numerous awards and long crowds standing outside his restaurant, so much so that famed foodie Anthony Bourdain had to make a pit stop to enjoy some fresh brisket.

The MasterClass video lessons look straight from the Franklin Barbecue restaurant in Austin. If you enjoy smoked meat or freshly made ribs with lip-smacking seasoning, these are the classes for you. So much so that Franklin was a 2015 James Beard Foundation Award winner for Best Chef. There isn’t much higher praise available in the foodie world, at least in the United States.

In 2015 he created a course on how to make smoked meat at home called “BBQ 101: A MasterClass with Aaron Franklin.” That MasterClass course became so popular that he decided to launch an entire MasterClass channel dedicated to teaching other culinary arts surrounding his business. If you have ever wanted to learn how to become a better cook or griller, then you should check out some of these awesome video classes today!


What is the Topic of the MasterClass?

Yup, you guessed it! This MasterClass is all about BBQing. We actually saved this part of our MasterClass review (don’t tell the boss) to coincide with a BBQ product we’ll be releasing in the future just so we could try out the video lessons the class teaches.

With this MasterClass course, you’ll learn:

  • All about Franklin and his background
  • How to build and maintain the right kind of fire, heat, and smoke
  • Creating strategies to succeed in life and business
  • Serving and preparing food from easy cuts to complex meals
  • The different speeds of grilled foods
  • And more!


This is a mouth-watering delight in MasterClass lessons that would probably make Julia Child moan with anticipation. The way the MasterClass videographer captured delicious-looking food made our review team have to go and grab snacks anytime we started watching a MasterClass video lesson. A sentiment often echoed by other students in the classes.

How is Aaron Franklin’s MasterClass Structured?

There are 16 video lessons in total with a lot more hands-on instruction than the Iger or Brown MasterClass classes. Franklin teaches roughly 5 hours of MasterClass material that works for anyone from beginner to grillmaster. Each video is about 4-34 minutes long, and there is a 66-page downloadable MasterClass workbook with beautiful diagrams, illustrations, and recipes.

You start with the basics of building a fire, using the smoke for the best aftertaste, talking about different meats, maintaining your wood fire, selecting the best beef, sauces, and the general history of Texas BBQ.

You also get quite a bit of insight into how Franklin when from an amateur side road stop to an international BBQ business owner.


Who is Aaron Franklin’s MasterClass for?

People that like BBQ. It really is that simple. If you have ever had a craving for sauce-slathered ribs or the perfect burger grilled to exquisite juiciness, you need to try the video lessons in this MasterClass class.

Franklin’s MasterClass teaches everything you could ever want to know about getting the right food outcome from your grill during these classes. There is so much passion in his description of something as small as the direction of the smoke while grilling that you cannot help but soak in fantastic details from the MasterClass classes.

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Other MasterClass Instructors

MasterClass Selection

The classes we reviewed are just some of the hundreds of programs you can select from below. Each of these classes are taught by some big names in their industry. Here are some additional instructors teaching some of the best MasterClass courses:

  • Steve Martin: Teaching Comedy
  • Natalie Portman: Teaches Acting
  • Serena Williams: Tennis
  • Gordon Ramsay: Teaches Cooking: Restaurant Recipes at Home
  • Malcolm Gladwell: Teaches Writing
  • Ron Finley: Teaches Gardening
  • Margaret Atwood: Teaches Creative Writing
  • Shonda Rhimes: Television Writing
  • Judd Apatow: Teaches Comedy
  • Christina Aguilera: Teaches Singing
  • Kelly Wearstler: Teaches Interior Design
  • Steph Curry: Teaches Basketball
  • Bobbi Brown: Make Up and Beauty


All of these great courses are offered with every subscription level and can be accessed anytime you’d like.


What Do MasterClass Customers Think?

So, what’s the MasterClass verdict? Our review team says that MasterClass is a great value and has a lot of content for all the classes available. The reviews on Google Play, Apple Store, Facebook, and Twitter are all very positive, and users seem to really enjoy the MasterClass online video classes.

The biggest complaint is that some MasterClass classes are more expensive than others, but you get access to all of them for one price when you sign up for one month or longer. If you’re looking for lessons on how to learn something new, then MasterClass is definitely worth checking out.

This is not a class platform where someone teaches you in real-time. These are all prerecorded video lessons and classes where people pop in and out at different rates. There is no Q&A or one on one instruction in the classes.

However, the detail of what you are learning on MasterClass is far beyond most educational books or college classes. You are getting it from people who know how to perform in the public eye. MasterClass keeps each lesson interesting, where other classes may be a bit boring.

We found a MasterClass review on Google Play that was pretty spot-on:

Overall, I have enjoyed MasterClass. The classes are highly narrative, and the degree to which they systematically “teach” as opposed to simply relating the instructor’s perspective varies quite a bit. From some, you will come away with specifics, and from some, just more of a general understanding. It’s all good. The MasterClass app itself is ok. It doesn’t always resume where I left off, so more time was spent figuring that out than I would like sometimes. I plan to renew.

All of the classes we got to review were outstanding, but there has to be some stinkers in there somewhere. When we looked around MasterClass, we only found one out of about 200 classes or so that we considered for our review. Those are some excellent odds!


Is MasterClass Worth It?

If you’re asking yourself, “Is MasterClass worth it?” the answer is YES, but with some caveats.

If your goal is to learn something new or are a lifelong learner, then MasterClass is the perfect tool for you. However, if your primary objective is to get a degree or certification, these classes won’t be worth your time and money.

The quality of MasterClass instruction varies from course to course, but there are many excellent teachers that will walk you through topics in video tutorials and demonstrations where applicable. Some classes also include interactive elements such as quizzes that let you test how well you’re learning new or practical skills in each class, as well as additional content like interview videos with experts from the field.

You can pay per course or select a plan that runs monthly or annually and take as many classes as you’d like. We highly recommend the single MasterClass account for two devices option, billed $20 per month ($240). There are more affordable MasterClass class levels, but we liked being able to switch between our review office big screen and personal workstations while studying the different classes.

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MasterClass FAQ

Does MasterClass offer a free trial?

No. Instead the offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


How much does MasterClass cost?

MasterClass prices range from $15-$23 per month depending on which membership plan you choose.


How many online courses are offered on MasterClass?

Over 150 courses are currently offered on MasterClass. New classes are added regularly.


Can I download the MasterClass videos?

With the Duo and Family plan, you can download the classes to view offline.


What is the quality of the MasterClass videos?

The quality of the videos is high definition and clear.


How long are the MasterClass videos?

The length of the singles class varies. Most classes have around a few hours of video content. This means you wont spend a lot of time learning a new


Do the MasterClass videos have Closed Captioning?

Yes, all of the videos have Closed Captioning.


What type of classes are offered on MasterClass?

MasterClass offers courses in a variety of topics including cooking, business, design, and more.


Wrapping It Up

MasterClass videos provide an excellent way to learn new ideas through online video lessons and classes. With all of these different MasterClass classes and thousands of video lessons, it’s easy to see why people are drawn to the site. MasterClass uses well-known celebrity experts and incredible video production that makes each class more than worth the cost.

As far as our review team is concerned, MasterClass is excellent and something you should check out if you have ever been interested in learning a new topic, especially a passion project, from easy-to-understand and digest classes. MasterClass is one of the best e-learning platforms available on the market. Even if you’re curious, you can sign up and try it for 30 days for a full refund if it’s not your cup of tea.

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Please note: This post contains affiliate links that we may earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 

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