An Honest Review of Dollar Shave Club: Is the Cost Worth It?

Dollar Shave Club Review
Dollar Shave Club Review


Dollar Shave Club is a unique company that offers its members a great way to save money on their shaving supplies. Unlike other companies that offer shaving products, Dollar Shave Club send its members razors and blades every month. This means that members never have to worry about running out of shaving supplies or having to pay full price for them. In addition, the company also offers a wide variety of other personal care products that are perfect for both men and women. Whether you are looking for a new razor, body wash, or deodorant, Dollar Shave Club has a wide variety of products to meet your needs.

  • Price
  • Variety
  • Quality
  • Customer Service


  • Affordable
  • Variety of Products
  • Easy Cancel Subscription
  • Great Customer Service


  • Mainly Available Online
  • Delivery Could take Time if you Need a Refill

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The Dollar Shave Club is a company designed to deliver various products for personal grooming, including disposable razors, to customers through the standard mail service. It was created in response to a growing frustration surrounding the cost of shaving blades.

Providing service in 3 different tiers, a person who holds an account with Dollar Shave Club can have their razors shipped every two months, three months, or four months, depending on their preference.


Dollar Shave Club Blades

Dollar Shave Club’s tiers: “Humble Twin,” “4X”, and “Executive” are subscription based razor blades that include a handle compatible with the razors.

Interestingly enough, most handles and razors are not manufactured by Dollar Shave Club but are resold products from a brand known as Dorco. As a result, each of the plans is unique in its razors and payment installments.

  • Humble Twin: Pay $4/month for five razors and two blades for each
  • The 4X: Pay $7/month for four razors and four blades for each
  • The Executive: Pay $10/month for four razors and six blades


Humble Twin

Humble Twin

A Dollar Shave Club razor package are sent in simple envelopes or cardboard boxes. Most customers will find no difficulty in opening things. Moreover, the cardboard is not covered in any stickers, so it can likely be recycled.

Unfortunately, it isn’t immediately evident how to attach the blade to the handle, but given that there are only two possible outcomes, it won’t take long to get it right. In addition, the space that fills the gap between the blades is wide enough to not have problems with painful cuts or hair clogging.

Moreover, the razor head flexes quite well, so it should be easy to navigate your face and its contours.

The handle size is quite nice and is very easy to glide across the face gently so that the blades do not leave even a tiny scratch. In addition, you do not have to worry about slipperiness due to the heavy rubber padding.

With only two new blades per month, users will find they will dull quickly after barely a week of use. If you swap them out every five days or so, you will be fine. If you desire a closer, faster shave, it’s recommended to opt for the 4X blade instead. Still, the Humble Twin offers incredible value for a meager cost.


Humble Twin Pros and Cons

  • Affordability
  • Lightweight
  • Good grip
  • 5 razor heads per month
  • Limited to two blades
  • Lack of Trimmer


The 4X

For those who appreciate the quality of the rubber, handle, and blade of the Humble Twin but have a desire for additional backups with heavy shaving needs, the 4X is here for you. It boasts a hefty metallic body equipped with sufficient rubber on the outside to ensure you never lose your grip.

The head of the razor contains immense space between the various blades so it does not clog, and it rotates easily and smoothly to the contours of the face or legs. As a result, shaving is a delightful experience on its own.

All four blades work as intended to cleanly and gently slice away those five o’clock shadows. Quality cutting is made possible by the rubber hair lifting ribs on the edge of the head. After stripping away the frisky hairs, it leaves any face feeling fresh and smooth.


The 4X Pros and Cons

  • Affordability
  • No clogging
  • Good grip
  • Angular handle
  • Lack of vibration
  • Limited to four razor blades


The Executive


With the premium price tag comes premium materials for this razor. You’ll find that the handle is crafted with quality plastic, metal, and rubber. Even despite its thickness, the handle is weighted appropriately. Many of the razors feel as if you’re holding a basic pencil. The many layers of rubber grip grace the top, bottom, and sides. There is sufficient indentation in which the thumb can rest.

A bulb sits near the handle’s bottom and juts out in a way that your hand is prevented from slipping down. The cartridge is nested in an attachment at the head, with a two-pronged point that is able to pivot. A small button is used to release the blade, and yet this is perhaps the only part of the entire product that feels cheap.

Large rubber patches get a tight tug on the skin before the passing of the blade, and a lubrication strip provides greater slickness. Another noticeable feature is the trimming blade seated on the razor’s back. You can get the hard-to-reach spots without the cartridge getting in the way by simply turning it over.

While the Executive blades are the most expensive blades Dollar Shave offers, they are still significantly less than the bigger name brands you find in the drug store.


The Executive Pros and Cons

  • Affordability
  • No clogging
  • Good grip
  • Plenty of razor blades
  • Angling could be better
  • Most expensive


Dollar Shave Club – Other Products

Dollar Shave Club Executive

In addition to selling subscriptions for quality blades and razors, the Dollar Shave Club offers a multitude of other products related to facial grooming, including shave gel, prep scrub, shaving cream, body wash, skin care, wipes, and deodorants, to name several. Here are reviews of some of the best products outside of razors and blades:

The company’s famous Shave Butter features soothing and softening ingredients such as bark extract and grape seed oil, while the Post Shave Dew is composed of quality green teat extract and various other ingredients known to be friendly to virtually all types of skin. In addition, the brand recently launched a Ball Spray made with aloe for cooling.

Even with the Rescue Serum that combats skin that is irritated after shaving, it is composed of calming, rejuvenating extracts. The line also expands to Eye Savior and comes with a ceramic tip for cool application and caffeine. Furthermore, the brand introduced a line of anti-dandruff products created to caress the scalp. If you desire refreshed, soothed skin, many of the other products in Dollar Shave Club’s portfolio succeed in solving the problem.

The designs of the products are recognizable, friendly, and inviting. They practically beg you to try a new routine for grooming. On each bottle, customers will be greeted with an abbreviation of the brand that truly pops out and has a quality color scheme. In addition, every label is easy to use and readable, containing a basic summary of the purpose.

These are useful and easy to transport out of the box, but so are the full-size packages. Many icons are designed to indicate each item’s product family, from skincare to shaving. It’s a system that guarantees the products aren’t to be confused with the morning routine before heading out for the day.

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Who is Dollar Shave Club Good For?


If you find that you’re the type of individual that needs regular shaving and detests waiting in slow lines at your local grocery or pharmacy store with a 5 o’clock shadow in effect, the Dollar Shave Club is the best deal for the money.

Prices are respectable, come in multiple tiers to meet individual needs, and exist as a one-stop shop for everything needed to resupply a men’s bathroom on a reliable, consistent basis. Costs differ from competitors in a good way, yet the monthly plans only offer blades and razor handles.

At Dollar Shave Club, you must subscribe to join and provide an email address and a password. You can also opt to log in with Google or Facebook. After official sign-up, you can begin selecting one of the three plans for blades. Next, you’ll be given an option to finish the sign-up process and potentially choose an add-on.

Managing a subscription service is as simple as a single button click. The companion app is available across both the Google Play and Apple App Stores, allowing customers to quickly shop for various products, enjoy the content, gift friends, track orders, and change the frequency of their deliveries. In addition, if you desire to pause your subscription, you can do so for up to three months at any given time.

New Members are provided with a $5 deal for the first month to have not only an Executive razor package but also a single tube of Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter.


What Do Customers Think?

Most would agree that Dollar Shave Club offers some of the best, incredibly accessible razors, blades, and handles on the market today.

The convenience of delivery to any location with unbeatable prices makes them a fantastic impulse buy for those who need to shave constantly.

Moreover, their customer service is outstanding, with full transparency regarding information about even the most basic of tasks as well as the products themselves. An on-demand Dollar Shave Club expert can be accessed from the comfort of their mobile phone.

Overall, the Dollar Shave Club reviews from customers has been positive with a number of people praising the price, quality and customer service.

DSC Products

Dollar Shave Club vs. Other Brands

Similar products that customers often compare against the Dollar Shave Club includes Harry’s razors, another online distributor of products for men’s personal care that also offers shaving subscriptions. In the past, options for quality shaving were typically limited to the most premium name brands, including Schick and Gillette.

However, recent times have proven several new upstarts to shaving, including Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club. Both have successfully filled the market’s missing niche. Until they came to market, customers observed razors as being too expensive unless you tried purchasing cheap disposables that shaved poorly after one use.

For many, Harry’s is simply a more recognizable brand due to its style. Many ads on the Internet feature the unique razor handle that’s bright orange in color and looks like it came straight out of an episode of Mad Men. Instead of boasting high-tech functionality that customers may not actually need, Harry’s razor offers a classic appearance.


The Subscription Model

Blade Refill

Whether or not you care for subscription-based razor plans, you must give the original credit to Dollar Shave Club. It took the idea mainstream and continues to dominate the niche to this very day. People who enjoy subscriptions will be offered a simple way to guarantee they never run out of razors and set their costs according to schedule and budget.

Rather than forcing a subscription down your throat, however, Harry’s allows customers to make purchases a la carte or subscribe if they want.


Independent vs. Owned

Like many other successful independent corporations, Dollar Shave Club was bought out by a larger organization known as Unilever. Despite this, it continues to operate autonomously. Conversely, Harry’s is a rare independent manufacturer of razors that makes its own blades in-house, with a German factory purchased back in 2014.

Dollar Shave Club relies instead on an outsourced Korean manufacturer known as Dorco, with a history that dates back to the decade of the 1950s. Rather than spending significant money, time, and effort to create a razor from scratch, Dollar Shave Club offers unbeatable prices by using someone else’s blades. It’s an intelligent business model that separates the company from the rest of the pack.


Pivot Points

Many customers fail to consider the ability of a razor to pivot. Each razor you own must perform a back and forth pivot to navigate the curves of the jaw and chin. What separates the quality includes the pivot point, marked by the place where the razor and blades head move.

In an ideal world, the pivot rests in the center, allowing even distribution of pressure as the razor cuts your hair. Harry’s products have the lowest pivot point of the two at the blade’s base. This ensured the top blades would not cut with the same pressure as those on the bottom.



It’s a fair argument that most would desire to have choices in their products with the help of variants versus being forced to stick to just one thing.

Neither of the two companies offers an expansive list of razors, but the Dollar Shave Club has a better selection to choose from as explained previously. Harry’s only offers a single razor cartridges with five heads that fit both the Winston and Truman handles. However, the handles themselves come in multiple colors.


Which is Best?

After sampling thousands of customers who tried the two best products of both brands, including the Executive and the Truman, it’s clear that the Dollar Shave Club is the best.

The shave came out sharp and shiny, without any noticeable nicks, pulling, or tugging. It manages to breeze through facial hair even after multiple uses. While it’s not completely smooth, you can feel a light cutting on the edges of your face that does not intrude on the experience.

We also especially enjoyed the handle in our hand as it provided a superior grip with the handle. When used in combination with the strong rubber tread, it’s practically impossible for the handle to slip.

Yet, this does not mean that Harry’s fails to compensate in such departments. It offers style and quality shaving, but customers noticed more issues with this particular brand.

For example, the grip itself needs improvement. While the handle is smooth, the friction does not tolerate significant water exposure. Although the ridge nested at the handle’s top helps with this, having more grip would be appreciated. What’s more, the razor’s pivot point was relatively inconsistent pressure-wise across the blades. As such, the upper blades were farther from the area needed for shaving.

No matter what, you won’t go wrong with purchasing either of these two brands. Both provide quality shaving, but the Dollar Shave Club succeeds in better product quality and more purchasing options for customers. Of course, most brands will never hope to compete with industry kingpins like Gillette, but going with alternative options like Dollar Shave Club guarantees accessibility, quality, and any kind of pricing you want to meet your budget.

Each of the brands started from having no reputation or brand recognition to reaching the highest echelons of their industry, winning the respect and trust of millions of customers over.

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Is Dollar Shave Club Worth It?

These effective, simple services for subscriptions and solid product design mean nothing if the products themselves fail to deliver. The first time you use the blades, you’ll find it comparable to the best shave with the other big name brands. The entire line of Dollar Shave Club is easy to transport, effective, and simple to use. In addition, the full-sized offerings and the powerful Anti-Dandruff Shampoo make it painless to groom on the go.

Beard Oil works best for those wanting to have a full mane while keeping its sheen and maintaining softness. Other products like the Post Shave Cream perform as intended, with properties that fight irritation quickly and effectively. Furthermore, the Oil-Free Moisturizer tool provides nourishment to the face.


Wrapping it Up

People should consider placing a subscription for Dollar Shave Club to have a soothing finish to their close shave. Dollar Shave Club also has a variety of other products that help complete the shaving and grooming experience. 

Very few have been able to match the customer service or the wide array of grooming products made so effortlessly available through this program.

if you’re looking for a good shave at an affordable price, Dollar Shave club offers some of the best razors made of high quality materials with free shipping. With a comfortable shave at a great price, we highly recommend Dollar Shave Club as they truly make great products.

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