8 Best Kitchen Smart Faucets – Are Touchless Faucets worth it?

Smart Faucet

Picture this – you’ve just prepped a raw chicken for roasting, and you’re hands are full of meat and oils from getting the seasoning just right. Of course, the last thing you want to do is use your dirty hands on your kitchen faucet. So you contort your body into the correct position so that a little patch of the clean elbow can lift the faucet and let the water out, right?

This faucet dance was the reality for years until appliance makers started introducing smart and voice command kitchen faucets that allow us access to clean water with touchless features.

Now you can tell your Alexa to “turn on your Moen faucet” as you move to the kitchen sink and clean whatever delicious delight you’re prepping for that get-together you’ve been anticipating all week.

Our review team loves the idea of smart faucets and couldn’t be happier to bring you our list of the best smart kitchen faucets we got to test out recently. If your interested in a new faucet and consider one with smart features, Check out our review below!

8 Best Smart Faucets


Delta Trinsic Touchless Smart Kitchen Faucet

This is a two in one smart kitchen faucet. First, this Delta faucet the captive touch feature where you can touch any part of the faucet, and the water will turn on or off.

The second is the touchless or smart feature that we were testing. Here you can connect your Alexa to voice command the Delta Trinsic, including specific amounts of water.

With this kitchen faucet, you get a ton of convenience, but you need to leave the handle in the up position. Otherwise, the touchless feature will not work. That means tell your friends about the smart faucet each time they come over.

We especially liked the amount of water flow this kitchen faucet offers. You can tell it to fill a coffee pot or dispense how much water you want for a recipe instead of having to keep turning your regular faucet off and on to get it right. While you may not notice it right away, this could eventually help with your water bill.

  • Use with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Voice commands for temperature, turning on/off, specific amounts of water
  • Hand wash feature for proper scrubbing time
  • Does require 6 AA batteries or an AC adapter
  • Looks fantastic and modern
  • The faucet handle is a little loose when you install so be gentle with it


Moen Weymouth Touchless Smart Kitchen Faucet

Delta and Moen were hands down, no touchless pun intended, the best products we tried on our list with a few exceptions. We like the look of this new moen smart faucet a bit more than others because you have the oil-rubbed bronze option, which seems to fit more into older homes or custom kitchens.

As for the hands-free operation, you get manual use, hands-free use, and voice command from Alexa, but there is also an app control. This way, you can control the exact flow of water and temperature through presets on your app or through your voice.

This was a hit with a number of our testers that are cat owners. Apparently, it is common to leave a water dish in your sink that you can fill up whenever you want for your cat. We had one tester set up a timer on his phone that reminded him when to refill his cat’s dish sitting underneath this smart kitchen faucet.

  • Incredibly attractive faucet design from Moen, a trusted kitchen brand
  • Touchless control via voice command or app
  • Works with Alex and Google Assistant
  • Temperature control and dispensing specific amounts with presets
  • Gives you confidence everything is shut off while you’re traveling
  • A little pricier than other options
  • Takes 6 D cell batteries


Moen Nio Smart Touchless Faucet

This Moen faucet smart water faucet is way more modern-looking than most. This is another one of Moen products that you would have seen straight from a sci-fi show in the 90s or early 00s. It has a reverse tapered design along the U bend that is engaging. We liked the matte black color option.

As for smart kitchen faucet options, you get pretty much everything you’d expect, but the controlled, precise water measurements go all the way up to 15 gallons with this faucet. You can also create your own customized voice activation like “Alexa, fill up the baby bottle,” and the correct amount and exact temperature of the water will dispense from the faucet into your waiting bottle.

This is another Moen app-controlled faucet with the same touchless features from Alexa and Google Assistant. In addition, there is a pull-out sprayer on the end of this faucet which is a little rarer in the touchless water faucet world and great for doing dishes or filling odd containers.

  • Modern design featuring a pull-down sprayer from Moen, a trusted kitchen brand
  • Touchless control via voice assistant or app
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Temperature control and dispensing specific amounts with presets up to 15 gallons
  • Gives you confidence everything is shut off while you’re traveling
  • Higher price tag
  • It May have to be reconnected to wifi every once and a while


Delta Leland Voice IQ Touchless Faucet

Another in the Delta line, this smart kitchen faucet has a handle that looks a little like a thumb which we all got a kick out of. We really liked this faucet’s unique feel and look compared to the others as it added some extra personality to the touchless controls.

This has many of the same features as the other smart water kitchen faucets in our list but also includes an LED indicator light that reflects the water temperature you’re controlling. So if you say, “Alexa, pour a cup of hot water ” you’ll end up with a red indicator light and a precise measurement of water.

This installation on this faucet was also a feature we enjoyed as most of us have a beginner’s ability with plumbing, but we did want to point out the wider deck plat. It is optional but a nice feature for those sinks you’re converting from 3 hole openings to single openings. This is a decent option for most home kitchen smart faucets at a medium price point.

  • Touch, touchless, voice command features for controlling water
  • LED indicator light for water temperature
  • You can fill precise amounts of containers
  • Easy installation
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Requires an AC outlet to work. The batteries are just for the touchless features


Moen Smart Touchless Pull Down Faucet

This is another of the more modern smart kitchen faucet designs from our list of faucets. You get all the tech you want for voice command control and water portioning with a sleek and eloquent look that brightens up your kitchen remodel. Moen does an excellent job of providing color options for the majority of their products, and this kitchen faucet didn’t disappoint.

This model of smart kitchen faucet is available in standard, faucet with voice command, and touchless 2nd generation features. That means you have the customization to purchase the exact color and use of the faucet you need instead of being forced into extra things you may never use.

You also get access to the Moen control mobile app, which allows you to create custom settings and ensures you won’t leave your water running if you step out for a late meal or to meet up with friends.

  • Available in a number of options and colors for your convenience
  • Voice command, app command, manual, and touch features
  • Moen styling and brand recognition
  • Pull down sprayer for dishes and odd containers
  • On the lower end of ht pricing market
  • Voice command works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Requires 5 D batteries


Delta Lenta Smart Faucet

This modern kitchen faucet looks the part. With the Delta Lenta, you get the automated use of Touch20 or VoiceIQ technology that just means full control and a precise TempSense feature for the temperature of the water. The pull-down sprayer uses magnetic docking, which helps remove any unwanted water streaking on the faucet, so it always looks clean and well maintained.

This was one of the few kitchen faucet options we saw that only requires AA batteries instead of the larger C or D batteries from other faucets.

  • Modern design with pull down sprayer
  • Voice command of faucet works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Easy to install features with a bottom plate for converting openings
  • On the lower end of the pricing model
  • The sprayer is made of plastic which clashes with the rest of the heavy-duty design


Delta Essa Touchless Smart Faucet

The Delta Essa is one of the taller smart kitchen faucets from the group with a top height of 16” off the countertop. So if you’re a family that enjoys the occasional lobster pot or has odd-shaped dishes, this is the water faucet for you.

You can also get the voice command features alongside a soap dispenser. This eliminates extra clutter on your counter, which a lot of homeowners prefer in their kitchens. Keep in mind the pull-down sprayer will remain in the last setting you used when you turn it back on. So if you were using the sprayer for dishes and want to fill a bottle, you may need to speak the command to your Alexa or manually change the setting.

  • Complete touchless kitchen faucet control with voice command options
  • Precise water filling and temperature control
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Of the least expensive models on our list
  • Integrated soap dispenser

  • Does occasionally require reconnecting with WiFi


Gimili Smart Touchless Faucet

This faucet was the only smart option from Gimili we were able to test out. It was a big hit with the testers who worked in kitchens because of the flex U construction that enables you to clean or wash practically anything you could want.

This was also the only kitchen faucet we tested that didn’t include voice command of some sort. The Gimili smart touchless kitchen water faucet is activated either manually or by the indicator motion sensor. No using Alexa with this kitchen faucet. If it doesn’t detect movement in front of the faucet within 3 minutes, it shuts back off on its own.

  • Incredible reach and versatility with the faucet sprayer
  • Easy to use motion sensor
  • The least expensive model on our list
  • No voice control


Should You Buy a Smart Faucet?

For us, this question comes down to the amount of water you use, the temperature you need, and if you do a lot of cooking in your kitchen. For the average household, having a smart kitchen faucet is going to be a dream. You’ll make your life so much easier when prepping meals and cleaning up dishes.

These are also excellent options for pet owners and those that do a lot of projects involving baking or exact water measurements from their kitchen faucets.

As for the average user living on their own? Having a smart water faucet may be more of a luxury than a necessity. All of our testers thought these different faucets were incredibly useful and easy to install. You definitely should have an Alexa to experience the full capability of the smart kitchen faucets.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart Faucet

If you are in the market for a new smart kitchen faucet, you should keep in mind the way you’re planning on using the faucet. Do you do a lot of cooking or get into a lot of messes where you will need your hands free often?

The next thing to consider is power. Most of these smart faucets require batteries for the touchless features, and some also need AC outlets under the sink, which all homes may not have. If you already have kitchen disposal on your sink, you’ll probably be fine with any of these faucets.

Finally, consider price and if there are easy-to-use manual options. Just in case the faucet batteries die, or your water temperature gets a little wonky, you’re going to want manual control as a backup.


Smart Faucet FAQ

How do I use the touchless features?

The majority of our faucets we reviewed connected directly to our office wifi network and could link with our voice command systems like Alexa and Google Assistant.


How precise are the water measurements?

We tested out the normal sizes you would want for baking between a tablespoon to a couple of gallons, and they were all accurate.


Does the water get into the battery packs?

No, the design of the faucets places the battery packs underneath the sink where they are safe from water exposure.


Can you control the sprayer power with voice command?

None of the models we tried did that, but there were one or two faucets that allowed you to change the sprayer array via voice command.


How tall should my smart kitchen water faucet be?

This is probably a personal preference thing, but we all liked high U bends of at least 13” to clear big pots and turkey roasts.


Wrapping it Up

Overall we have a decent list of the best smart kitchen faucets on the market today in an array of prices that fit anyone’s budget. It was pretty evenly split among the testers as to which faucet model was the favorite, but with so many Delta and Moen choices, you’re sure to find one that works great for your family.

Being able to control your faucet through smart devices to a specific temperature wether it be hot or cold water makes owning one of these well worth it. Before our testing, we were skeptical about their value. After going through a number of tests, we are convinced that one day every home will have a smart faucet. As smart home devices become increasingly popular, it’s no surprise that we now have touchless faucets your can control from a smartphone app that can dispense cups of water at precise temperatures.

As always, if you enjoyed reading our review of the best smart faucets for your kitchen, be sure to return to our site frequently. We are always checking out the latest and greatest gadgets for your home and kitchen.




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