Uplift Standing Desk Review: The V2 and E7 Reviewed

Uplift Review
Uplift Standing Desk Review


Uplift Standing Desks are adjustable height desks that allow you to work while standing up. They’re a great way to get more active during the workday, and they can also help to improve your posture and circulation.

Uplift Standing Desks come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. They’re also relatively affordable, making them a great option for people who want to start working while standing up but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

  • Ease of Use
  • Functionality
  • Warranty
  • Price


  • Quality Build
  • Easy to Use
  • Wide selection of Color and Size Options
  • Great Warranty


  • Can be more expensive that other options (less quality)
  • Assembly could take a while for a novice

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By now, you have most likely heard the studies on how sitting for extended periods can lead to all kinds of health problems. Unfortunately, this is becoming more of an issue with so many companies offering hybrid or remote work systems where we may not have any other options but a standard desk, dining table, or in our bed.

Luckily, there are many new frame options, including the standing desks systems from Uplift. While this will not solve all our health problems, a quality standing desk with decent stability can go a long way to improving our well-being.

We transformed our testing office into a standing desk Mecca for about a week and a half to review the V2 and E7 Uplift models. As a team of tight-knit coworkers, we had a lot of fun setting the frames to different heights and trying everything from Zoom meetings to eating our lunches at our standing desks right next to our laptops to test stability. Read on to learn how our Uplift standing desk review played out.


Uplift Standing Desk Review

The world-renowned Mayo Clinic suggests your desk should be around your elbow height while sitting or standing, which we wanted our reviews to reflect. 

We have a lot of different-sized people in our office, including a couple of bigger fellas that we were not sure if they would be able to participate in this Uplift Standing Desk system review, but it ended up working out nicely.


Who is Uplift, and What Do They Do?

Uplift started as a producer of linear actuators for hospital beds in the early 2000s. These devices and systems allow hospital bed frames to be adjusted, lifted, or elevated according to a hand control. 

Around 2011, the founder of Uplift desks saw an opportunity to combine this technology with metal desk frames. This led to the Uplift 900 model of a standing desk and up the V2 and E7 versions in wide circulation today and featured in reviews.

The line of Uplift standing desks are designed by a CPE (certified professional ergonomist) to encourage a healthier workspace system that functions well. These unique frame designs allow a lot more flexibility in your office space and can be a lot of fun to use during your workday, especially if they include a warranty.



Uplift is an eco-friendly business with excellent features and warranty benefits. They are partners with the National Forest Foundation, where every solid wood desktop sold results in planting five trees in the U.S. National Forests. Uplift also offers standing desks made from Moso bamboo, rubberwood, reclaimed wood, and 100% recycled medium-density fiberboard (MFD) and even uses recycled aluminum in their desk frames.

Overall, Uplift is a smaller company with a huge reputation because its standing desks and accessories make working while standing incredibly easy to adjust to. 

Uplift offers free shipping to the U.S. and a 30 day trial period. Their warranty lasts around fifteen years, depending on the product. Uplift’s support team was very responsive to our questions about frames, electronics, warranty, systems, and motors. All-in-all, Uplift is a well-put-together standing desk company.



It will not take you long to assemble your Uplift standing desk. You will receive two boxes in the mail, one for the frame and one for the desktop. 

If you have ever put together a piece of furniture from a box, this will be a cakewalk. We assembled both the V2 and E7 desks systems and had no issue or need to engage the warranty. 

Below is a fantastic video that shows how easy it is to assemble an Uplift Standing Desk:

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Uplift Features

Uplift features

There are many specific features and attributes of the Uplift standing desks that we were able to test out during our reviews. You should know Uplift has a surprisingly durable frame and desk stability. The stability on these desks was incredible for every one of our team that tried the desks out. 

We were honestly a little surprised to learn Uplift offers such a comprehensive warranty during our review because it does not seem like this product needs it. Either way, here are some of the features we enjoyed from the Uplift standing desk.



While there are manual methods for adjusting the Uplift adjustable standing desk system, it does come with an advanced keypad that allows you quickly move between sitting and standing positions in the frame. 

It was common to hear the desks and frames moving throughout our office during the day. The desktops come in different sizes and shapes, but we had no difficulty transitioning to a standing platform when using the Uplift standing desk system.



The Uplift standing desk system comes in a variety of shapes ranging from a standard 24″ desk to even a ping pong table. Every frame has an opening for cords to pass through, and the entire piece looks very minimalist, which is a nice benefit if you or your company is purchasing a large amount of these frames or desks at a single time (hint, hint). 

There are also different frame colors you can select for your desk configuration to fit the look and feel of your office space.



As long as you have decent cord management practices, you will not have any difficulty using the Uplift electric standing desk system. However, we should note the Uplift warranty does not cover cord damage. 

All you need to do is punch in a number on the side, and the desk moves on its own to the setting of your choice. 

The adjustment speed is only about 1.5″ per second, and it puts out a low level of noise while moving the desks that does not disrupt the rest of the office. You will notice it, but Uplift made sure it was not bad at roughly 50 decibels. 



The Uplift standing desk system has excellent stability and is reported to hold up to 355 pounds. Of course, we had to test this stability out with different testers going for a ride on their Uplifts, something we do not suggest you do on your own. 

In every case, we had no issues at all with the standing desk system, and we have a couple of bigger-sized gentlemen that never experienced a poor stability build. Uplift also maintains its level positioning as it lowers or rises. We tested this with different glasses of water during desk operation and did not see a difference in stability. 

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Uplift V2 Review

uplift 3

The first thing we should say before going too deep in our Uplift V2 standing desk review is that we do have two testers that swear by using tables as their desks, and they had no issue adjusting to the Uplift V2 for our trial period.

The next thing is that the Uplift V2 feels like a quality product. We tried the V2 bamboo top standing desk system in a rectangle shape and standard frame. This is a solid frame that we had no issue putting our equipment on, offering good stability.

The only problem we saw with the frame is if you have an oddly shaped floor, you do not have the four legs from a traditional table to adjust, but odds are if you have that kind of floor, you probably have more significant problems than a standing desk.

You can select from different size ranging from 42″ wide to 80″ wide. The choice of desk would depend on your available space and budget. 


Cable Management

The V2 does have the promised cable management holes, and we have to say these are essential. For example, you will not enjoy the Uplift standing desk if you do not leave slack in your cables or power cord when you adjust from a sitting to a standing position. 

The company does a decent job of making that choice for you and the stability that has an even movement as the power strip adjust along with the height of the desks. 


Uplift Electric System

Our V2 Uplift standing desk reviews came with a dual motor Jiecang electric base system that was small and quiet and is controlled by an easy to use keypad that far surpasses the basic keypad other standing desks come with. The height range was from as low as 25.3″ to the maximum height of 50.9,” and that does not include the 1″ thick bamboo desk top that never messed with the overall stability of the V2. 

You also get an accelerometer system with the V2 desks that prevents collisions or errors while the motor is operating. This is a great safety feature from Uplift that defiantly improves our opinion of the overall standing desk and a big reason why we are surprised they offer such a good warranty. 



The Uplift V2 took us about 25 minutes to assemble, and that time was way less when more than one of us could work on a desk together. Always check you have all the parts so you can use the warranty in case something did not arrive. 

There are openings and holes all over the V2 Uplift standing desk for the multitude of accessories available from the store. We need to say if you can afford to purchase the foot hammock that attaches to the frame, do it! We saw so many reviews about this fun little accessory. 


Uplift V2 Pros and Cons

  • Inexpensive desks compared to other standing desks on the market at roughly $1,000 for the V2
  • A lot of V2 desk options, including colors, frame style, wood materials, and configurations
  • 15-year warranty on the V2 base and desktop with some exclusions
  • Incredibly sensitive 6-axis anti-collision sensor 
  • Advanced memory buttons
  • It could take you a while to assemble the V2 desks if you have not put together boxed furniture before or are on your own


Uplift E7 Review

Uplift E7 review

The Uplift E7 is not necessarily a standing desk on its own. Instead, this is a standing desk converter. It has a solid base with excellent stability, two platforms for your keyboard and desktop, and a monitor shield that you can attach your monitor to so it is at eye level.

For many offices, the E7 is a cost-effective solution to purchasing new standing desks because it is several hundred dollars less than the Uplift V2 and allows you to keep your previous furniture. 

We had around three E7s around the office set up in our break room and found them to be very useful during our review. We could see the E7 being used in many “kiosk” like situations as well.

For example, using these desk converters for library end caps so patrons can search for books would be a good idea.


Height Adjustments

The E7 Uplift standing desk converter gives you an additional 21″ of height adjustability using the same built-in digital memory keyboard system. The E7 can lift about 110 pounds. 

We did not try to test this out during our reviews but had no issues with our normal use in our office. You get the same warranty as the V2 with the E7. 


Keyboard and Monitor

The keyboard level does rise with the desk, so you can maintain that ergonomic advantage of elbow height typing. The total weight limit for the monitor mount is listed at 17.6 pounds, but none of our monitors came close to that max amount. Most LED screens are lightweight, so you should not have an issue.

All in all, this is a decent standing desk system that has good reviews and a strong warranty, all at a lower price point while still offering many of the same health benefits as a traditional standing desk. Uplift does a good job of creating complementary products.


Uplift E7 Pros and Cons

  • More affordable pricing than the E2 starting around $449 with plenty of accessories available and a good warranty
  • Plenty of colors, styles, and mount options are available
  • Plenty of space for a quick standing desk conversion system
  • Keyboard tray rises at the same level to maintain ergonomic benefit
  • The monitor mount is at an appropriate height level with plenty of room to adjust
  • High stability for a smaller standing desk due to the design of the platform
  • Digital memory keypad easy to use
  • Could use some reinforced clip-like options to secure a desk a little more if you have a slippery surface


What Should You Look for in a Standing Desk?

First, you need to meet the ergonomic system standards. That means whether you are sitting or standing, your elbows should be at around a 90-degree angle, and you should not have to feel like you are crouching. That is why measuring preferred heights before you start shopping for an Uplift standing desk is a good idea.

Next, you want a standing desk that works for the space you need. For example, if you are an architect, odds are you have a much wide desk requirement than someone doing data entry.

Finally, do you want an entire desk to be adjustable to a standing position or just a specific station? We prefer the entire desk option of the Uplift V2, but can see many benefits to the Uplift E7 standing desk converter system. They both have the stability and warranty benefits that make them stand out in the market.

If you are picky with your standing desk, be sure to check the loudness of the motor, wire management of the desk system, and the weight capacity that works for your workspace.


What are Customers Saying about Uplift Standing Desk?

Uplift is experiencing a high rating on Amazon of between 4.7-5.0, depending on the color and shape of the standing desk you are selecting. Uplift is a popular brand because it offers a lot of accessories and benefits for such a cost-effective price range. Compared to many of Uplift’s competitors, this is practically a budget price for a premium product.

We found this Amazon review to sum up the benefits of the V2 Uplift standing desk:

Works great and has enough height options to support multiple people easily. Assembly went smoothly and the instructions were clear. The motor is pretty quiet, and there is minimal shaking as the system starts and stops. I was worried at first over noise and tremor, but I’ve used the system during video conference calls and muting audio as you adjust the height makes the transition seamless to those on the call. I haven’t found a consistent need for the balance board, but it seems like an interesting addition if standing in place is what you mostly do at this desk. Overall the is the best desk I’ve ever had.

The video shake is an important point as many workers use standing desks at home where video conferencing is a must. 

We did not have any problems during our review, and minimal shaking is to be expected given the current technology of the motors being used. We checked out a few competitors’ reviews, and they were in that same category of having at least a little shake on startup and slow down.

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Is Uplift Standing Desk Worth It?

For our money, 100% yes! This is an extremely good value for a standing desk. Honestly, Uplift must be offering their products at close to market price. The quality of the material is phenomenal, and the details along the frame and wire management make it easy to use in practically any office situation.

We suggest you check out all the different accessories available at the Uplift store when you consider making your standing desk purchase. We love the lighting options, hammock, and computer tower holders available from Uplift. You can easily outfit a company with all its desk needs through this single company.

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Benefits of Standing Workstations

The benefits of a standing workstation are well-documented. An entire industry was created simply because of these advantages. These include: less muscle and joint pain, better blood circulation, extending the longevity of life, and reducing the probability of cancer.

A simple Google search will provide an extensive list of all the benefits. While we can’t say that using a standing workstation will reduce your risk of cancer, below are a few well-documented and proven benefits. These include:

  • Reduction and lower back pain
  • Prevention of neck strains
  • Decrease headaches
  • Improved blood flow circulation in the legs
  • Increase in productivity
  • Improved mood
  • Enhanced creativity, and ability to focus


According to Uplift Desk, standing at your desk is like taking a 30-minute walk every hour. These adjustable desks can reduce the chance of cardiovascular and heart problems and will also increase productivity and concentration. Uplift desks are ergonomically designed to prevent back pain, neck pain, shoulder aches, leg fatigue, muscle stiffness, poor circulation, and cardiovascular disease.


Uplift Standing Desk FAQs

What’s the warranty?

Uplift offers a fifteen-year warranty, which is among the highest in the standing desk industry. Many of Uplift’s competitors offer no more than three years.


What is Uplift’s return policy? 

Uplift offers a 30-day return or full refund available on all Uplift products. Uplift also offers a one-year free replacement service for any defective products during the warranty. If you’re purchasing from Amazon, you’ll be covered under the 30 day free returns.


What are the desk feet made of?

Uplift V2 are cast from partially recycled aluminum, which provides both style and strength. In addition, uplift commercial frames have been fabricated with high-grade steel for unparalleled durability in mind!


What tools do I need for assembly?

With an Allen wrench included in the box, you can easily assemble your new Uplift frame and attach it to any desktop with Phillips screws. If that’s not enough help for some reason–you’ll also need a power drill!


How much is shipping?

Shipping is free when you purchase on Amazon.


How long does it take to arrive?

You should receive your Uplift Standing Desk in usually 2-3 business days.


Where are Uplift Desks Made?

Uplift desk are designed, assembled and packages in the United States


Where can I buy Uplift desk?

You can purchase your desk from the Uplift website or Amazon. In our opinion the best choice is Amazon, as we received the desks quickly, and the easy to return process is very convenient.


Which desk should I get?

This decision should be made based on budget, desktop style preference, and need. If you’re open to replacing your current desk, the Uplift desk V2 may be the best option. If you want to keep your desk, but add a standing desk option, the E7 is a quality choice. The good news, is that either way, you’re getting a great desk with a variety of customization options.


Wrapping it Up

This great standing desk offers an alternative to sitting at your desk all day long. It can accommodate multiple heights with dozens of customizations from the color of the desktop to frame configuration. The stability is excellent, and the motor is quiet enough not to disturb an office setting. 

Uplift has also created a comprehensive website to demonstrate how each product works if you’re still unsure which one is right for your office needs. Uplift standing desk prices are relatively uniform across Uplift’s product line, but Uplift V2 offers the best value for its price frame

Whether you are looking for a solution in your home office for remote work or are buying something new for your office and health, Uplift provides the best standing desk for the money. 

If you’re interested in other product reviews, sign up for our newsletter as we continue to review great products for your home. 




Please note: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 

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