An Honest Review of X-Chair – Are the Ergonomic Chairs Worth It?

X Chair Review
X-Chair Review


The X- Chair is the perfect addition to your home office. It has an ergonomic design and sleek style, with variable lumbar support that helps set it apart from other chairs on the market today! Plus size seats available in select styles can also reduce fatigue when you’re at work all day long by helping keep blood circulation up while boosting energy levels after sitting down for hours on end without moving around too much or getting tired out quickly.

  • Quality Construction
  • Customer Service
  • Comfort
  • Price


  • Multiple Models to Choose From
  • Multiple Colors to Choose From
  • Can Customize Your Chair
  • Heating and Massaging Options
  • Easy to Assemble


  • Some Models are Expensive
  • Charging Required for Massaging and Heating Options

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With more and more people turning to a work-from-home office or remote solutions for their careers, creature comforts that emphasize ergonomic health are becoming a necessity. But, unfortunately, most of us spend close to six hours a day sitting in our office chairs. This can be bad for our physical health and well-being.

The everyday work chairs are no longer the best solution to an effective workday. That is why we were excited to test out the line of high-quality ergonomic office chairs from X-Chair. Our X-Chair review involved everything from sitting all day long to orchestrated relay matches across our office floor. That is why we can definitively say X-Chair has one of the better ergonomic office products on the market.

The range of ergonomic options available from X-Chair met the desires of everyone in our office, with the exception of one tester who still prefers a standing office desk. For the rest of us, our X-Chair review was an ergonomic dream come true.


X-Chair Review

X-Chair Review

We should preface our X-Chair review by stating we are a free-form office space. That means that people bring in whatever type of chair they prefer to use. As a result, we have seen everything from ergonomic exercise balls as chairs to sitting on a man-made throne.

It was an absolute delight to test out the different X-Chair ergonomic products because it provided a welcome break from our hodgepodge collection in our sitting office space.


X-Chair Overview

X-Chair began in 2015 by introducing 21st century technology and ergonomic design into office chair comfort. The goal was to combine a distinctive ergonomic chair style with higher office productivity that molds to the shape of the user’s body.

The relatively small office furniture company based in New York in the US has grown into a sitting juggernaut of ergonomic office chair products. They allow users to make up to 10 ergonomic adjustments, including height, depth, backrest, headrest, and 4-dimensional armrests.

The X-Chair design’s biggest advantage is that it doesn’t need adjusting to achieve ergonomic success. X-Chair created a DVL (dynamic variable lumbar support) that actually adjusts itself when you take a seat, so you never lose that ergonomic health benefit. Furthermore, with their Scifloat Infinite Recline feature, you can adjust your seat to the perfect position. The DVL support and the Scifloat Infinite Recline are just some of the features X-Chairs offers in all of their office chairs.

The ergonomic office chair allows you to remain in motion during your workday, so you don’t restrict blood flow or circulation. X-Chair doesn’t allow you to slouch over your office work like so many of us do. You can quickly go from a resting, laid-back position in the X-Chair, to an active forward-leaning position with barely any effort.

The whole point of the ergonomic X-Chair is to ensure a healthier office worker during the long days of sitting at your desk. Below is a great overview of X-Chair and their line of products:


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X-Chair Review – X1 Model

Xchair X1

It is safe to say this is the “standard” X-Chair model, but that doesn’t quite meet the quality of this office chair. The X1 Flex Mesh Technology Task Chair was the big hit with our testers that prefer more airflow in their office setting. The open mesh backing and stainless steel under framing deliver a stylish look while keeping the user cool and with support while sitting.

When sitting in this ergonomic X-Chair model, the first thing you notice is the delicate balance between bending resistance. As a result, you don’t feel like the X-Chair X1 will fold in on you or that you cannot sit back with ease when you want to relax in your office.

We were all impressed by the added padding X-Chair put along the chair of the X1, so it doesn’t press into the back of your thighs above the knee. Many of us suffer from that red line that cuts off circulation after sitting too long, and X-Chair reacted to this need with this ergonomic office design.


X-Chair X1 Pros and Cons

  • Excellent breathability
  • 4D armrests
  • Incredible ergonomic lumbar support
  • Not really meant for users taller than 6’ 2”


X-Chair Review – X2 Model

Xchair X2

It might take you a few moments to find your ergonomic comfort zone with the X-Chair X2 K Sport Management Chair, but once you do, you’ll never go back to any other office chair. Not only does the X2 look like it was designed by a team of ergonomic artists, but it also adjusts at practically every part of your body’s fit.

The X-Chair X2 has the same mesh design as the X1, but you also get an additional headrest that completes the entire office chair’s sitting comfort. The mesh on the seat offers the right amount of spring that has support but doesn’t feel like a park bench when sitting. 

You get the option of multiple colors for your X-Chair ergonomic sitting experience. We have quite a few gamers on our testing team that think this ergonomic office chair supported them better when leaning back like they would during a long session.


X-Chair X2 Pros and Cons

  • Broad adjustability for pretty much any tester who tried it in our office
  • The added headrest
  • Breathable mesh and smooth casters
  • Excellent ergonomic sitting design with support
  • Not great for those users who prefer sitting on a more firm chair
  • Not all color options included the wide seat


X-Chair Review – X3 Model

X-Chair X3

We found the assembly of this X3 ATR Mmgt Chair from X-Chair to be the easiest out of the bunch. All ergonomic X-Chairs arrive disassembled and in a box. It can take some work to get them in proper shape, but absolutely worth the effort. There is an included driver for the hex key bolts, but a cordless screwdriver and matching bit can speed the process up.

The elegant design of the X3 looks different than the X1 or X2 chairs. You still get a breathable mesh, but this time it is so closely strung together that it seems more like a covered seat cushion than the original square pattern of previous models. X-Chair calls this their Advanced Tensile Recovery material made from “multi-layered knit polymer mesh.”

They offer a big and tall support version of this ergonomic office chair for those larger workers who want a seat. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get our hands on one of those ergonomic seats but could tell by the provided dimensions it would accommodate some of our heftier testers.

We’re not sure if X-Chair intended for the X3 model to feel different, but we all noticed a bit more fluidity in design when we were sitting down. You get a decent sense of flow when you lean back and move around in this model that we truly enjoyed.


X-Chair X3 Pros and Cons

  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Strong ergonomic support
  • Looks more like an office chair than a gaming chair like previous models
  • This model introduces a higher level of price


X-Chair Review – X4 Model

Xchair x4

The X-Chair X4 Leather Exec Chair is definitely meant for those users who prefer a more luxurious ergonomic sitting experience. You still get all the ergonomic health benefits and adjustability of previous models, but this model includes a sleek-looking leather style that feels more modern and customized than the other chairs. In addition, you can select the supple premium leather or Brisa, which is more breathable. Both ergonomic seat options come in brown, cognac, black, or red colors.

All of our testers picked up on the high-density molded foam cushion. We had difficulty prying people out of this ergonomic office chair because of the enhanced comfort level. There is a nice balance between cushion and depth support without overly plush like other executive chairs.

This is not for those people who prefer sitting in traditional executive-style chairs. While the leather and design are incredible, they are modern enough and use many ergonomic adjustments not found in older chairs.

You can read our in-depth review of the X-4 here


X-Chair X4 Pros and Cons

  • Variety of colors to choose from that enhance the overall look
  • Excellent materials to choose from. We suggest the Brisa for breathability
  • The resilient molded foam seat is perfect for long hours of sitting
  • Excellent support with the ergonomic seat design
  • An integrated lumbar system that isn’t as adjustable as other models
  • This has the highest price tag of the X-Chair product line


X-Chair Review – X-Tech

X- Chair X-tech

The X-Chair X-Tech Leather Executive Chair is similar to the X-Chair X4 model, except many of the optional features you would get with the X4 come standard with the beginning design of the X-Tech Executive chair.


The other significant difference between the two options is the color schemes and luxury designs. While the X4 certainly feels like an executive chair, the X-Chair X-Tech executive takes aesthetics to a whole other level. Originally this chair was supposed to only be offered during special promotions or seasonal sales. However, the public demand and outward showering of positive reviews made the X-Chair company rethink its product strategy and begin to provide access to the X-Chair X-Tech leather executive chair year-round.


Whatever the reason for the shift in company policy, this is hands down the most premium X-Chair product with all the bells and whistles you could want for working in an office or at home. We highly recommend you try out the X-Chair X-Tech, especially if you are stuck in front of a desk or computer for extended hours at a time.




Be sure to take your time picking out a color option. X-Chair did a great job of providing more color combinations compared to other X-Chair models with this executive option.


If you want more details, you can read our in-depth review of the X-Chair X-Tech leather executive chair here.


  • Superior material design compared to other executive level chairs
  • Incredibly comfortable with same upgradable options like X-HMT and Elemax
  • Easy to assemble and adjust to whatever position you’d like
  • Smooth transition from position to position
  • A bit on the pricier side of the market
  • Headrest was difficult to adjust


X-Chair Options – X-HMT and Elemax

We’ve been holding back on the additional options available in the X-Chair series of office chairs because they can be added to any of the models for added comfort and ergonomic health benefits without sacrificing ergonomic design.

X-Chair Elemax

When we first learned about our X-Chair review, we got excited about the ergonomic features provided by the X-HMT and Elemax. One look at X-Chair’s website, and you’ll know quickly that these are essential upgrades if you can afford the price.

The X-HMT is an additional feature for the X-Chair system that offers a range of health support benefits along with the ergonomic design by heating and massaging your back as you sit. With the innovative massage technology and X-HMT heat feature, you can select from constant or variable massage cycle with 2 levels of intensity and heating capabilities.

Some of the health benefits include:

  • Increased blood flow
  • Deeper relaxation
  • Speeding muscle recovery
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Lumbar support with ergonomic seat design


The latest addition to X-Chairs features is the Elemax cooling, heat, and massage unit and is similar to the X-HMT chairs in all the X-Chair models, but it also includes an additional dual-fan cooling element for those hotter days. These features tun on battery power and can charge these units using a USB cord, which is what we suggest doing whenever you’re not sitting in the chair. Otherwise, you risk running over the cord at inconvenient times.

These features convert your office chair into a soothing massage chair with excellent support.

X-Chair features a round of other excellent accessories that are worth exploring when you purchase your own model office chair. A complete list is up on their website, but a few we thought you might like to know are:


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X-Chair Accessories 

  • X-Table Mobile Adjustable Height Desk – designed for your seat to be completely mobile around your home or work office.
  • X-TS Monitor Arm – connects directly to your X-Chair model so you can have a tablet or thin screen monitor handy while sitting.
  • X-FlexTop Adjustable Standing Desk – we wanted to test this out for our one standing desk member but couldn’t get it from the company.
  • X-Wheel Blade Caster – these look amazing and increase the speed of your sitting movement by quite a bit if you’re unprepared.
  • X-Chair Headrest – a must for those that enjoy lying back in their office chair without losing ergonomic seat design.
  • Stool Conversion – great for people that want to remain sitting when working around their engineering, architecture, shop, or healthcare space.


Build Your X-Chair Experience

X-Chair accessories

Maybe it is because the X-Chair comes from a tech-oriented industry, but every single one of the models has a “Build Your X-Chair” option where you can completely customize your chair based on the pre-selected model.

We did this once and then donated the final product to a local school after testing the process so a teacher could enjoy the health support. Essentially you go down the list of every available feature and select whatever your personal preference is.

We started with the X3 ATR Mgmt Chair and chose the X-HMT feature for an additional $100. We went with the black fabric and added a headrest. We wanted to go with the extended width but figured most teachers don’t fill out a chair like some of our testers do, so we turned that health option down.

The memory foam and clear blade wheels were a must, but we did pass on the footrest option, even though we had heard fantastic things online about having it under our desk.

This was a rewarding experience because we were able to craft a chair that fit our specific needs better than the standard model. The resulting X-Chair was a bit more expensive, but that is to be expected whenever you customize.

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X-Chair Assembly

X-Chair Assembly

Assembling an X-Chair is fairly quick and easy. It took us a total of 10 minutes to put the chair together with only a few screws on the bottom of the chair, and a few more to fasten the optional head rest and arm rest. It took us longer to unpack the parts from the box than it did putting it together.

X-Chair provides an easy to follow instruction manual, complete with images and clear directions on what goes where.

That said, the box we received was heavy and if you plan on having your X-Chair on a second level, we suggest having someone help you. Otherwise, you may want to take the unassembled X-Chair upstairs and assemble it in your desired room.


X-Chair Construction Quality

X-Chair has excellent craftsmanship and quality. The material is clearly high-quality with a nice sheen to it. It looks sleek and modern, especially with the additional head rest option.

X-Chair works by using a counterbalance system that allows you to easily move from place to place without getting up from your chair or exerting any unnecessary force.

As we mentioned earlier, the X-Chair is heavy. Much of the weight is due to the seat and back rest. Both are made with quality materials that provide a comfortable and sturdy experience.

X-Chair Wheels

We upgraded the wheels on our X-Chairs for better mobility, but the standard  wheels are also very good. We were impressed with the quality of the wheels and how durable they last with continued use throughout our office. 

The image above are the wheels that come standard to any X-Chair you purchase. We found that these wheels work just fine if you decide not to upgrade to the X-Wheels. 


X-Chair Adjustment Mechanisms

X-Chair Adjustments

SciFloat Infinite Recline: To change the amount of resistance you feel as you lean back, you can turn the the SciFloat knob to the desired location.

Tilt Lock: You can make adjustments to tilt lock to recline the the chair to you desired location.

Seat Height Adjustment: A standard in almost all office chair, the X-Chair will adjust to your desired height.

Seat Depth Adjustment: Similar to the height adjustment, the X-Chair will also adjust to your desired depth.

X-Chair Armrest

Armrest Adjustment: The X-Chair also allows you to adjust your armrest to your desired height and angle.

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Importance of an Ergonomic Chair

Your comfort and health while sitting in an office chair cannot be understated. When we did our X-Chair review, we paid special attention to the ergonomic health features and design to see if it really delivered the health benefit promised by the advertisements.

The whole point of an ergonomic chair is to maintain your posture while sitting for extended periods. You want to reduce any pain or discomfort while supporting the lumbar, health, and decreasing hip pressure. There’s nothing worse than trying to work with back pain caused by your chair.

When you look for an ergonomic chair, you need to consider:

  • Seat height – you want a range of 16 to 21 inches that is adjustable.
  • Seat depth and width – between 17 and 20 inches in width and deep enough that you can rest your back on the chair while leaving 2 to 4 inches between the back of your knees and chair seat.
  • Lumbar support along the lower back to avoid slouching.
  • Backrest width – between 12 through 19 inches and adjustable.
  • Seat material – soft and comfortable that breathes well.
  • Armrests – fully adjustable and allow the arms to rest comfortably without raising the shoulders.
  • Swivel – easily rotate around the room without having to exert a lot of force.


We were happy to discover each of these features was met by the technology and design of the office chairs in our X-Chair review.


Is the X-Chair Worth It?

Is X-Chair Worth it

Let’s get down to brass tacks for a moment. The price range of the chairs in the X-Chair line of products ranges from the most basic at $499.99 to the most luxurious at $1,199.99, and that doesn’t include added features like the X-HMT or Elemax.

To put it bluntly, these are not cheap office chairs. That being said, they absolutely compete well in their price range against other brands and manufacturers. We searched extensively for other chairs at this level and found our X-Chair review was in the middle to the high area of the price range, depending on extra support accessories.

We found the X-Chair to be reasonable for the price tag. You get a ton of features and incredible movement with the support that makes it feel you’re floating on air as you travel from desk to workspace. So yes, we think the X-Chair is worth the price.


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X-Chair FAQ

What is the Weight Limit?

The weight limit for the X-Chair is 300 pounds, but that might be a little low when you consider how durable it feels in your hands. We think you can easily double or triple the load and still have no issue supporting up to 600 pounds with this ergonomic chair.


Will You Ship International Orders? 

Yes, they ship international orders for customers who have received their order confirmation email.


What is the Warranty?

X-Chair warranty is fantastic! It comes with a 5-Year warranty. The first two years, X-Chair will cover the costs of the parts and shipping. The remaining three years, X-Chair will continue to cover the costs on parts, but you will be responsible for the shipping fees. 


How much is Shipping?

X Chair offers free shipping in the U.S. and Canada. If you are shipping internationally, check the X-Chair website for prices.


What’s the return policy?

X-Chair offers a 30-day return policy.


Are Assembly Instructions Included in My Order?

Yes it comes with very detailed assembly instructions.


Do They Sell Replacement Parts?

Yes, you can purchase replacement parts like screws and buttons for your X-Chair.


How Long does it Take to Make the Chair After I Order?

The time frame will depend on whether they have any back orders before yours in line. It shouldn’t take over 30 days if they aren’t backed up.


Can I Use the Chair with My Laptop at a Standing Desk? 

Yes, you can adjust it to any height. It also has leg rests that are adjustable so if you want to sit or stand, you have options.


Can I Use This Chair Without the Back Support? 

No, it’s not recommended without the back support. It makes for an uncomfortable sitting experience.


What Games Can I Use this for?

This chair is definitely a gaming chair. You can also use it for watching movies, surfing the internet, and working on projects that require a lot of sitting.

Does It Matter If Your Legs Are Longer or Shorter?

It doesn’t matter if your legs are longer or shorter. You can adjust the chair to fit you no matter your height or weight.


Can I Adjust the Arm Cushions? 

Yes, you can adjust these cushions up or down for a more comfortable experience that doesn’t leave your arms dangling in the air.


What if I Have Back Problems?

With this chair’s lumbar support, you shouldn’t have any issues with productivity or comfort. It also has a headrest cushion for those who need it.


Wrapping it Up

The X-Chair created a new standard for office chairs. Their line of chairs provides a well-constructed alternative to the dusty old traditions of previous uncomfortable models. You get all the promised adjustability, support, and free flow of movement that allow you to work effectively throughout the day without having to constantly stand to get blood flow back in your lower extremities.

It is a true delight to be able to lean back and feel like you’re reclining in a movie theater every time with the X-Chair. Better yet, you don’t experience the sweats from competitors that don’t account for the breathability of quality mesh fabric.

We strongly recommend users purchase the X-Chair accessories of the X-HMT and the headrest to get the full sitting comfort. They may have an additional price but are totally worth it.

The assembly isn’t that difficult, and the chair will mold to your body after a bit of use so that you can move without feeling restricted by a tight chair. Even if you experience an office accident or an out-of-place part, X-Chair provides a 5-year warranty and decent customer service.

If you are in the market for a high-quality office chair with innovative ergonomic features and health benefits, we recommend the popular models of X-Chair we discussed. The good news is that with free shipping and a 30-day free trial, you can try out the chair to see if it’s worth it for you!

As always, if you’ve enjoyed this review, please feel free to check out the other posts and articles on our website. We are always open to hearing from companies that want us to test out their products. You can send us a note or request through our contact page. Thanks again!


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Please note: As an affiliate we earn from qualified purchases to create these great reviews. By purchasing anything through our links, this will not cost you anything. 

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