8 Best TV Recliners For Your Home

Best TV Recliner

For many people, one of the most relaxing things to do at the end of a busy day or when they have free time is to curl up in a comfortable recliner or sofa and catch up on their favorite TV shows. However, the furniture that looks good in the living room is often not the most comfortable.

What if an option existed that was both comfortable and stylish? Luckily, such a solution does exist. TV recliners today are not only very comfortable pieces of furniture but also stylish, and many replace the need for a sofa in the living room.

So if you’re finding that your current living room furniture does not meet your expectations with its comfort level, it may be time to invest in a stylish and comfy recliner to make your TV-watching experience more pleasant.

You’ll find TV recliners in styles, colors, and fabrics to match all different types of decor, so there’s definitely something for everyone in this market.

Our product team tested many of the most popular recliner options and narrowed it down to the 8 best TV recliners on the market today. Here’s our assessment and the list of favorites we think you’ll want to consider in making a perfect choice when adding a recliner to your home.

8 Best TV Recliners

ANJ Electric TV Recliner Chair W/Breathable Bonded Leather

ANJ TV Recliner

The ANJ electric TV recliner is both an attractive and comfortable piece of living room furniture. Choose from two different colors to best match your decor, and you’ll be able to settle in the seat comfortably for hours. We like the overstuffed pillows in the head and back area, which provide the right amount of padding and support for watching TV and reading or sleeping.

It also swivels 360 degrees, making it easy to change positions without moving the chair. We could watch TV and then turn the chair to converse with someone else in the living room without getting up. It definitely replaces the need for a sofa.

This chair also reclines very easily. With a simple press of the button on the side of the chair to put it into the reclining position. It also includes USB ports for charging your phone, tablet, or another device built right into the TV recliner.

We also liked that this TV recliner has a brass rivet design on the arms of the chair, which give it an upscale look seen in other types of high-end living room furniture. The seat also seemed sturdy and durable, giving us the impression that it would last a long time.


ANJ TV Recliner Pros and Cons

  • Includes a 1-year warranty
  • Durable metal frame with a seat that holds up to 300 lbs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Built-in USB port for device charging
  • Great customer service
  • Made of bonded leather, which can wear out more quickly than genuine leather
  • Requires assembly
  • It might be a bit small for taller people


BenchMaster Newport Swivel Recliner

Benchmaster TV Recliner

This modern-looking TV recliner set is perfect for people who want something that looks different than a typical TV recliner chair. It includes an ergonomically designed chair and ottoman for the best comfort.

This recliner comes in six different faux leather colors to match any type of living room decor or other furniture. Easily recline the chair and lock it into position using the lever on the side of the seat. We liked that the ottoman opened up to provide storage space for TV remotes, books, magazines, or other small items to help keep the living area less cluttered.

This chair doesn’t look bulky or oversized, so it fits nicely in a smaller living space or areas where a sizeable traditional-looking TV recliner or a sofa might seem cumbersome or overbearing. Even though it’s small, it’s very comfortable, so it’s perfect for reading or watching TV, and it even works well for naps.

The chair also swivels 360 degrees, making it ideal for a multifunctional piece of furniture for your home. You don’t have to move the chair to face a different direction or talk to someone sitting on the sofa.


Pros and Cons of BenchMaster TV Recliner

  • The faux leather looks and feels like genuine leather
  • The compact design fits well in small spaces where a sofa won’t fit
  • Easy to clean—simply wipe down the chair with a soft fabric cloth
  • Comfortable seat and feels high-quality
  • Has a swivel function to easily switch from conversation to TV watching
  • Manual recliner mechanism, not an electric one
  • Some users say that it’s not very easy to assemble


Comhoma Leather Recliner Chair

ComHoma TV Recliner

For the ultimate in-home luxury and comfort, especially when watching some TV, this Comhoma chair checks all of the boxes. It not only reclines but also has a heated massage modes, drink holders, and a side pocket for storage.

Choose black, brown, or cream color to match the other furniture in your room. We really liked the comfortable padding on the seat of this TV recliner; it seemed to provide support in all of the right places, like the lumbar section.

The chair reclines to a comfortable 150-degree angle, rocks, and swivels 360 degrees as well. The seat’s heated massage function feels lovely after a long day and is easily adjustable to your preferred settings using the included remote. Our tester found that the heat really relaxed some of the tight muscles in their back.

The fact that the chair also has cup holders in each arm makes it perfect for TV or movie watching and means that you don’t have to position it near a coffee table or end table. It’s also very sturdy, and the seat has the capability to hold up to 300 lbs of weight.

We think that this TV recliner is one that you’ll look forward to sitting in at the end of the day and makes the perfect furniture addition to your home theater, living room, or any other room where you want an alternative to a sofa.


Pros and Cons of ComHoma TV Recliner

  • Easy to assemble and can be assembled by one person
  • Has all the features of high-end home theater chairs at an affordable price point
  • Whole body vibration massage and heat for relaxation
  • A full metal frame makes it more robust than chairs with wooden frames
  • Chair ships in two separate boxes, and they might not arrive on the same day
  • It might be a bit small for people over 6 feet tall
  • The recliner is not real leather
  • No power option like similar power recliners on the market


Pulaski Larson Recliner Chair


This Pulaski TV recliner would make a great addition to any home theater, TV room, or living room and is comfortable and functional enough to replace a sofa or other furniture. We like the multiple positions this chair can recline to and its added features.

You can choose to sit upright, recline slightly to relax, or fully recline the chair to nap. All it takes to change the position of the TV recliner is the push of a button. It also swivels 360 degrees, so you can get whatever view of the room you desire.

If you want to enjoy snacks and beverages while you’re watching TV or a movie, this chair has everything you need to do it comfortably. Attach the included swivel tray to either arm of the TV recliner and when you don’t need it, just stow it in the arm storage.

You don’t even have to leave your seat to charge your devices or keep your other electronics powered up. This chair has one standard outlet and two USB charging plugs well-hidden in the arm storage but still very easily accessible.

This chair looks like a TV recliner, but it has a modern stylish looks, allowing it to blend with the other furniture in your home. We liked the technology options and found that this seat actually included more features than we thought we’d need in a recliner, but all of them were very useful.


Pros and Cons of Pulaski TV Recliner

  • The right size recliner for people of all heights to use comfortably
  • Seat reclines to multiple positions at the touch of a button
  • Has the ability to recline flat to make it comfortable for napping or sleeping
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Ample built-in storage areas in the arms to store TV accessories or other items
  • Made of bonded leather, so the material on the seat may peel after several years of use
  • Some users say that the seat of the chair is not as padded as expected
  • It can sound a bit loud when reclining
  • Only comes in black, which may not match every home’s decor


BestMassage TV Reclining Chair


The BestMassage modern-looking recliner makes a good choice for people who want a piece of furniture that doesn’t look like a standard bulky recliner but has various seating positions for watching TV or other activities. It’s very sleek and streamlined and fits nicely into any room in the home.

This TV recliner also includes a vibrating massage mode with eight different functions that allow you to customize the intensity and type of massage that you want to best meet your needs. Our tester enjoyed how they were able to adjust the massage to hit the right spot on their lower back.

It reclines up to a full 160-degree incline for ultimate relaxation and the ability to nap comfortably. The other reclining angles make it the perfect position for watching TV or reading.

Because of its sleek and modern design, this chair works well for smaller homes where a larger piece of furniture (like a sofa) would seem overwhelming or overpower the other decor. We also like that it comes in six different colors, including blue and red, which many other brands don’t offer.

It is one of the best for affordability, which makes it an excellent option for people on a budget who want a good-looking, quality recliner in their home and can’t afford the price of a high-end piece of furniture.


Pros and Cons BestMassage TV Recliner

  • Steel frame construction makes the chair and its seat stable and sturdy
  • Easy to install and ready to use in a matter of minutes
  • Includes vibrating massage feature, which you can control with the included remote
  • Comfortable to sit in, even if you have a taller stature
  • Compact enough to fit nicely into rooms or homes that require smaller furniture
  • Not a power recliner
  • Does not swivel
  • Some users say that they experienced issues with the footrest after long-term use


Mcombo Power Lift Recliner

mcombo TV Recliner

The McCombo TV recliner is the best option for people with mobility issues or trouble getting up from a chair or other furniture. It has a power lift feature that gently positions you to easily stand up from the seat.

Two buttons easily control the position of the chair, which means that you don’t have to operate it manually or pull any levers to get it to the position that you need and can control it easily from the seat.

We liked the overstuffed padding that it had on all areas, and it was very comfortable to sit in for an extended period of time. This feature is important for people who have mobility issues or may suffer from knee or hip pain.

There’s also a nice selection of colors, and the fabric is durable and easy to clean. The fabric also seems to wear well and holds up nicely with everyday use.

Added features include double cup holders and USB charging ports. There are also two pockets (one on each side), which are easy to reach from the seated position, allowing you to easily reach for small items like books, magazines, or the TV remote control.

This TV recliner assembles quickly, typically requiring less than 15 minutes to put together. However, you can also add an expert assembly service to ensure that the chair gets appropriately assembled when delivered to your home.


Pros and Cons of McCombo TV Recliner

  • The company has excellent customer service and stands behind its product
  • The perfect type of recliner for people with limited mobility
  • Comfortable enough to nap or sleep in
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Comes with a 1-Year Warranty
  • The chair can get stuck in a specific position if the power in the home is interrupted
  • Some users say that it’s a bit smaller than expected


RESPAWN Gaming Recliner


People who spend a lot of time gaming in front of the TV will appreciate the sporty design of the Respawn gaming recliner and its comfort and features.

This chair will look great in any type of gaming environment. Our tester liked that the seat of the chair and footrest were a continuous surface (which eliminates the possibility of wires getting caught in the open spaces), but the back and footrest operated independently. This feature allowed him to get the ultimate level of comfort needed for a long gaming session.

There are also five sleek and attractive color combinations to choose from, and the pedestal base gives the chair an ultra-modern look for your home. The base also swivels 360 degrees, giving you ultimate control over the direction that you want to face in the room, and you can easily switch from gaming to watching another TV.

The removal side pouches provide a place to keep gaming accessories easily within reach, and a convenient cupholder keeps your preferred beverage handy while gaming.

The best part about this chair is that it is a true recliner. Many gaming chairs don’t have that feature. This allows the user to select the most comfortable position for their gaming experience and makes the chair usable as a regular spot for relaxation or TV watching.


Pros and Con of Respawn Recliner

  • The detachable headrest pillow provides added comfort and support
  • A sleek “racing-style” chair provides a modern look to any room and easily matches other furniture in your home
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Seat is comfortable to sit in for many hours at a time in front of the TV
  • Great features and high-end look at an affordable price point
  • Not the best option for very tall people
  • Not height adjustable
  • Only holds a weight capacity of up to 275 lbs


Mcombo Recliner With Ottoman

mcombo ottoman

This McCombo TV recliner provides a modern take on a vibration massage chair. Although it doesn’t look like a typical recliner, it adjusts up to a 140-degree angle and also includes nine modes of vibration combinations for the massage.

The angled footrest helps you maintain the best position, even when fully reclining in the chair. Our tester enjoyed that this chair set was compact enough to put in her office and use whenever she needed a few minutes of relaxation away from her desk. It took the place of a small sofa.

There are seven colors to choose from, which means that it will match any other furniture or decor in the room and blend in nicely.

If you need extra lumbar support, the seat includes a matching lumbar pillow that’s removable if it’s not needed. This chair is also very sturdy and stable enough to support up to 330 lbs, more than the seat of most other similar TV recliners can support.

The massage feature not only has nine combinations for massage but also allows you to choose the area of your body that you want to target, including the back region, lumbar, or thighs.


Pros and Cons of McCombo TV Recliner with Ottoman

  • 360-degree swivel wooden base
  • Excellent customer support
  • Stylish and modern and comes in a good selection of colors
  • Very comfortable, and the massage works well for relieving pain and providing relaxation
  • Some users wish that it was a bit more padded
  • Does not have a cupholder
  • Manual reclining with a lever
  • Does not provide heat with the massage


What To Look For In A TV Recliner

Purchasing a TV recliner can be a big decision, as with any type of furniture. With so many market options with varying features and designs, finding the best one to meet your specific needs is very important. Here are a few things that you should consider as you shop for a recliner that best suits your home and preferences.



Consider choosing a TV recliner that matches the style of the other furniture in your room or home, like your sofa. Many people dismiss the idea of adding a recliner to their home because they think it is bulky or dated.

However, the market for these types of chairs has expanded greatly over the years, and now many different styles and colors exist. You will likely be able to find a TV recliner that matches any type of home decor.



You also want to look for a recliner that best meets the main purpose for which you will use it. If you’re primarily using the recliner to watch TV or placing it in your theater room, you will want to look for one that reclines at the optimal position for viewing the TV screen and includes features that help you better enjoy your TV-watching experience.

If you need a recliner to nap or sleep in, such as for recovering from surgery, you will want to make sure that the chair can recline flat enough that you’ll be able to sleep well. You also want to make sure that it’s padded and comfortable enough to remain in for a long time, and you will want one that’s durable and easy to clean.

If you’re gaming a lot, you’ll want certain other features in your recliners, such as a place to store your gaming accessories and positioning that allows you to view the TV screen comfortably while still retaining the movement needed to use the controllers.

For mobility issues, you will likely want to look for a recliner with a lifting feature that helps you more easily get up from the seated position.

Finally, if you use the recliner to relax at the end of a long day, you may want something that will replace your sofa and include features like vibration or heat.


Ease Of Use

Many TV recliners will change position using the push of a button, while others require manual adjustment. Consider your own needs and whether you can easily recline the chair into the position that makes you most comfortable. Consider also how easy it is to move the chair out of the reclining position.



Look for a TV recliner that’s made of material that will not only fit in well with the other furniture in your home but also will hold up well over time. Chairs made of top-grain leather will cost a lot more money but should hold up well for many years.

Chairs made from bonded leather or faux leather will look as nice as genuine leather chairs but may not hold up as long before showing some wear and tear.

The same holds true for fabric chairs. Certain fabrics are more durable than others and will resist staining better if you have a home with pets or children.

Always consider what other reviewers say about the durability of the chair’s material and also about how easy it is to keep clean and maintain.



Make sure you also look at the chair’s dimensions before purchasing. If you have a smaller home or room, you’ll need to consider a recliner with a more compact design.

Your body height also affects how comfortable the chair will feel. Tall people must ensure that the length of the chair when in a reclined position will be suitable. They should also check that their feet won’t dangle off the edge of the chair or that the headrest will provide the best support for their head, enabling them to comfortably view the TV.

In some cases, an oversized recliner may be needed along with a good seating area, seat height and adjustable headrest.



Like many other pieces of furniture, such as a sofa, TV recliners come in various price ranges to meet a wide range of budgets. Consider how much money you can set aside to purchase this type of chair. After determining your budget, look at the best options in that price range.

Choose the best recliner that you can find within your budget and look at the other customer reviews to help back up your decision.


Wrapping It Up

A comfortable TV recliner can make a great addition to any room in your home and can even replace the need for other pieces of furniture, like a sofa.

Remember to do your research and consider things like style, price, features, and comfort when picking the best chair to add to your home. With so many options on the market, it’s easy to find a recliner that’s both comfortable and stylish.

We couldn’t decide which were the best recliners of the ones we tested. Everyone had a difference preference based on what they like. However, we liked all of the options on our list of 8 best TV recliners because they had great reviews and useful features, and most were very affordable.

We hope that our selections give you a starting point for things to consider when purchasing a new TV recliner for your home. The list should provide you with the best TV recliner that’s the best choice for you. The good news is if you purchase on Amazon, you’ll be able to return it you you don’t like it.



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