Real Relax Massage Chair Review: Is It Worth It?

Real Relax Massage Chair
Real Relax Massage Chair Review


The Real Relax Massage Chair provide a full body massage in the convenience of your own home.  It is equipped with a number of features that can provide a relaxing and invigorating massage. It has a vibration massage feature that can be used to relieve muscle tension and pain. The Real Relax Massage Chair also has an airbag massage feature that can help to improve circulation and reduce stress. The chair also comes with a remote control so that you can easily adjust the settings to suit your needs.

  • Comfort
  • Effectiveness
  • Warranty
  • Price


  • Zero gravity feels incredibly gentle on your lower back
  • 6 Different present modes for enhanced massage treatments
  • Accommodates every body shape
  • The addition of heating to soothe away muscle soreness
  • The airbag wrapping that cushions your legs and calves
  • Surprisingly easy to move around
  • Reasonably price point for the included features compared to popular brands
  • Ships in two convenient boxes for assembly


  • The neck massage is not for the faint of heart!
  • Height limit: if your are above 6’ 3”, you may have a harder time with the position of the robots hands rollers

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There is no way to describe our review team’s smiling faces when we learned the next product up on our list was the Real Relax Massage Chair

Of course, we love being able to review all kinds of products and services for our readers, but there was a special kind of anticipation at being able to get a massage while writing.

Many of us remember visiting malls with The Sharper Image style massage chairs available for rent, so this was a treat because we knew what kinds of features we wanted the most in the chairs. We also spend a great deal of time sitting, which is not very body-friendly. This was hands down one of our favorite reviews we have ever done, and we hope you will benefit from the in-depth content about the Real Relax Massage Chairs!


Real Relax Massage Chair Review

You’ve likely heard of Real Relax Massage Chairs before, but you might not be quite sure what they are. So let’s start our home massage chairs review with a quick reminder.

A massage chair is a chair that gives you a massage without the presence of another human being who would otherwise be giving you the massage. The chairs massage by employing robotic technology to achieve specific movements and motions that replicate those of a human.

Massage chairs can help you relax in ways similar to what a real-life human can do for you. This is because they’re able to fit their movements around your body parts. For example, if you have broad shoulders and prefer an intense top-of-shoulder massage, some models have features that allow for this body preference.

Massage chairs are also more convenient than going out and getting an actual person to give you a body massage. However, they tend not to have as much range as humans when it comes to pressure intensity and customization.


Real Relax Overview

It’s no surprise that the company behind the Real Relax Massage Chair is called Real Relax. That’s exactly what they want you to do, sit your body down and relax in the features of their custom-built massage chairs. But what makes this chair different from all the other massage chairs out there?

The founder of Real Relax has been in the massage industry for over ten years and spent five years perfecting his first massage therapy chair, which he wanted to share with others who could benefit from a relaxing massage.

In order to design a high-quality product that would be well-loved by many people, he took quality control extremely seriously during every stage of development, from researching materials through assembly and delivery. The result is a line of massage chairs offering everything you need for an excellent back massage, including comfort and quality construction that meets precision placement on tight muscles throughout your body.

Real Relax Massage Chair Features

Real Relax Features

One of the reasons Real Relax 2022 Real Relax Favor 03 ADV Model is so well known for its massage chairs is the superior quality of materials used and the focus of each chair. This is a company that wants strong word of mouth based on superior results that leave your body feeling amazing. Some of the features of the Real Relax full body massage chair include:


Materials used in Real Relax Massage Chair

The manufacturers of the Real Relax massage chair have done an excellent job in using high-quality materials for the production of this massage chair. As a result, it is well built, and you can expect it to last for a long time.

The entire frame of the chair is made with a durable carbon steel metal frame that keeps it together without any issues whatsoever. Additionally, we had no issues with the size of our testers fitting comfortably into the massage chairs.

The upholstery material used on the surface of the massage chair is synthetic leather which is breathable and soft to touch. It makes it easier for you to sit on this chair for long periods without feeling uncomfortable at all. This material also makes sure that the cleaning process does not take a lot of effort, which is always a good thing. We have testers that run a little hot in their body temperature, and they loved the upholstery.


Back and Waist Massage

Back and Waist Massage

When we say you are getting pure luxury with Real Relax chairs, we are not understating anything. The Real Relax chair does a great job of targeting your back with airbag massage, vibration massage, and roller massage. You can choose to have the massage rollers focus on your lower back or upper back along your body. Whichever you choose, the back massager provides amazing relaxation.

There are also massage features for heat therapy settings along your waist (and foot and calves) which work well to soothe sore muscles. The automatic zero gravity feature has been said to relieve pressure on the spine and is meant to simulate the low-gravity environment of space travel. There’s also a remote control if you feel like adjusting things yourself while you’re in the chair.


Shoulder and Neck Massage

A good neck and shoulder massage can be incredibly relaxing as well as therapeutic. It helps relax tight muscles in the neck and shoulders while improving blood flow to the area. This improved blood circulation allows more oxygen to reach your muscles, which helps repair any damage that has been done through exercise or stress. It also reduces excessive tension in your nerves, leading to headaches or migraines. We loved the neck massager as it instantaneously removed tension.

The neck massage rollers in the Real Relax massage chairs can be adjusted to 3 different intensity levels up and down the line of your neck and along your shoulders.


Leg Massage Features

The leg massager is one of the popular features that allows you to achieve another comfort level for your tired muscles. It has airbags inside, so it grips your legs and gives them a nice massage. You can adjust the pressure by using the remote control to choose how strong you would want the airbags to squeeze.

There’s no going back once you get used to having a leg massager around! This was the biggest hit with our review team because most of us walk or ride a bike to work and love getting off our feet every once in a while.


Zero Gravity Features

Zero Gravity Feature

This massaging effect is achieved by elevating your knees above your heart. In this position, the pressure on your back and spine is relieved. This zero-gravity design has been shown to relieve back pain as well as aid in circulation and breathing.

The zero gravity mode allows you to relax while elevating your legs above heart level. When you’re working all day, this can help with muscle tension in your legs as well as improve blood flow throughout your body while keeping stress off of your joints and spine. It’s simple: just press the button on the remote control!


Design and Aesthetics

The Real Relax massage chair looks like something you’d find in a Las Vegas spa. It has a contemporary design with smooth, rounded edges and no seams or creases on its exterior. This makes it look sleek and modern.

If you’re looking for massage chairs that come in multiple colors, you’re in luck! The Real Relax comes in black and blue, all of which are relaxing, calming colors that won’t dominate your living room or office space visually.


Voice Control Massage

You can control your Real Relax massage chair by using the smart voice control feature on the chair. This allows you to set down your remote and simply control your relaxing massage with your voice. You’ll need to read the voice user guide to get set up, but once you do, you’ll be able to enjoy all the features with your voice.


Bluetooth Speakers

Real Relax Massage Chair Bluetooth

You can connect your Bluetooth devices to the massage chair to keep up on the latest podcasts, music lists from Spotify or play the audio to a movie while you are relaxing. We were surprised at the overall quality of the speakers. They are not high-end home entertainment level, but the bluetooth audio play was more than good enough for sitting back and getting a more immersive audio experience.


2 Wheels for Easy Movement

It may seem an odd feature to point out on a massage chair, but we moved our testing models around quite a bit during our review. Two little wheels on the back of the Real Relax Massage Chair make it easy to lift up the front and then wheel the chair to another location around your home. Nothing fancy, but a nice detail that made our lives easier.

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Real Relax Massage Chair Pros and Cons

  • Zero gravity feels incredibly gentle on your lower back
  • 6 Different present modes for enhanced massage treatments
  • Accommodates every body shape
  • The addition of heating to soothe away muscle soreness
  • The airbag wrapping that cushions your legs and calves
  • Surprisingly easy to move around
  • Reasonably price point for the included features compared to popular brands
  • Ships in two convenient boxes for assembly
  • The neck massage is not for the faint of heart!
  • Height limit: if your are above 6’ 3”, you may have a harder time with the position of the robots hands rollers


Benefits of a Massage Chair


First off, let us make sure everyone knows we are not doctors. We can only report on our personal experience with these products, so these are the things the massage chairs did for us during our two-week review.

We absolutely felt relief from muscle soreness and pain. A lot of our stress is in the lower back and shoulders, and both areas are expertly targeted by the Real Relax massage chairs. From what we have read, this kind of reinforcement improves blood circulation throughout the body, which helps it naturally deal with soreness.

All of our testers reported feeling more vibrant and energetic after a massage chair treatment. We have heard that working on the body in this way helps improve the mood and lower instances of depression or anxiety. Again, we are not doctors, but we felt happier and more uplifted after treatment, so we think there is probably some truth to this claim.

We did experience better sleep during our Real Relax Massage Chair review. This is probably a combination of getting a body treatment and lowering the stress levels around the office, but either way, a welcome benefit.

The most important benefit is that the chairs help you relax. It is amazing how often we get tight in our body as we respond to stressors from work, family, social lives, school, and more. The Real Relax Massage Chair definitely helps the body relax.

This massage chair is an excellent alternative if you don’t have time to sit down and listen to a guided meditation or practice deep breathing techniques. We strongly suggest considering getting a chair with kneading nodes and rolling balls that will work out all of the kinks in your back, shoulders, and neck for you!

We also suggest seeking any medical advice if you are concerned about how a daily massage from one of these exceptional chairs will affect your body. It is always better to be safe and preventative when it comes to your health. None of our testers experienced any negative side effects, but we want to make sure you are safe.


Is the Real Relax Massage Chair Worth it?

Yes! We think this a great massage chair and more than worth the price, especially if you are someone who has a hard time finding a way to relax. Many people have hunched-up shoulders or sore muscles around the neck because of daily stress. If more people had access to a daily stress reliever that helps alleviate that tension, this would probably be a much happier world.

While the chair does take up a bit of space in your home, it moves around pretty easily. With so many people working from home due to hybrid or remote workforce environments, it makes sense to have some way to deal with the new working arraignment.

We also highly recommend this massage chair to anyone with an athletic career. Again, we cannot comment on the science behind any kind of treatment, but all of us felt that the Real Relax Massage Chair helped our body by providing a good massage and helped promote more energy and natural relaxation that soothes soreness.

As far as electricity is concerned, these massage chairs only utilize about 150 Watts for every use. That is roughly the same as powering your LED TV and less than using a curling iron. Compared to the average cost of a massage in the U.S. is about $75, so you are spending far less running the electricity on your massage chair.

The only time we would say you may want to avoid this massage chair product is if you are taller than 6’ 3”. The company suggests 6’1”, but our testers had a great time during our review, and we have some big fellas.


Other Real Relax Models

Real Relax is not just a single type of massage chair. They have many products with features designed for different body types and lifestyles. This includes items like the Real Relax Super Powerful Vibration Plate that shakes your entire body as you stand on it.


Real Relax also has a long line of different massage chairs that use different types of massage features like shiatsu and Swedish. We read about the Real Relax PS6000 Massage Chair and wish we could have gotten our hands on that model (hint, hint).

This is the premium version of the entire line with many cool features like a built-in screen, USB chargers, extra cushion, and pretty much anything you can imagine that looks like it belongs in a science fiction movie or first class flight on Emirates Airways.

The other big difference between the different models of massage chairs was related to how many automatic modes of massage. They range from as little as five all the way up to 8 in the premium version.

The massage chairs we tried all had six massage modes, and that was more than enough to make our bodies relax. We made a little circle of massage chairs in the middle of our office setup during this review that looked pretty funny.

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Real Relax Massage Chair FAQs

Is this easy to use?

The Real Relax Massage Chair is super easy to use. All you need to do is sit in the chair and use the remote control that comes with it. The massage modes are pretty straightforward. You can start with a full-body mode or target certain areas like your neck or back.


How long does the massage last?

The massage lasts for 30 minutes. This is the perfect amount of time to get a full-body massage without feeling too overwhelmed.


Is the Real Relax Massage Chair comfortable?

Yes! We found the Real Relax Massage Chair to be extremely comfortable. The seat is soft and plush, and the headrest is adjustable, so you can find the perfect position.


Can I use this massage chair if I am pregnant?

Yes, you can use this massage chair if you are pregnant. However, we recommend that you consult with your doctor first to make sure it is safe for you and your baby.


How often should I use this massage chair?

You can use the Real Relax Massage Chair as often as you like. We recommend using it at least once a day to get the full benefits.


What’s the warranty?

The Real Relax Massage Chair comes with a 1-year warranty. This covers any manufacturing defects or damage that may occur during normal use. Additional two years are given for replacement parts, but labor is not covered.


How much does this massage chair weigh?

This massage chair weighs approximately 217 pounds.


What is the return policy?

Real Relax offers a risk-free 30-day return policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.


What is the weight limit?

Real Relax weight limit is 300 pounds


Wrapping it Up

Before we finish up this massage chair review, we also want to point out that Real Relax took the time to be FDA certified as well as get recognition from C.E., ROHS, and secure their U.S. Patents. This is a company that truly cares about its innovation and reputation, which is why we think they offer such superior massage chair products.

If you are looking for a high-quality massage experience chair that is easy to use in your home and has all the luxury spa features, you cannot go wrong with Real Relax and its exceptional line of massage chairs.

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