Rumpl Blanket Review: Are the Outdoor Blankets Worth It?

Rumpl Blanket Review


The Rumpl blanket is a great choice for anyone looking for a cozy, comfortable blanket. Made of 100% recycled materials, the Rumpl blanket is warm, durable, and environmentally friendly. It’s also machine-washable, making it easy to care for. Perfect for snuggling on the couch or taking along on camping trips, the Rumpl blanket is a must-have for any fan of the great outdoors.

  • Comfort
  • Versatility
  • Price
  • Warranty


  • Variety of options and colors
  • Water Resistant
  • Sustainably made and eco-friendly
  • Light weight and versatile
  • Great money-back guarantee


  • Some models can be pricey
  • Polyester cover can be slippery

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Most of the time, when we get blankets or soft good products, we have to take them home to test them out for our review. However, this time, the outdoor blankets we received from Rumpl not only could be used in our office but were specifically designed for outdoor durability.

We put these Rumpl outdoor blankets through the wringer during our review process. They needed to keep all of our cold operating testers nice and toasty while holding up to the frequent spills and accident-prone natures of our office.

We even brought them out to our patio area during a few colder evenings and a shower to see how these Rumpl outdoor blankets managed. So follow along and see for yourself how the quality and custom construction of this brand’s blankets outshine many other similar products.


Rumpl Outdoor Blanket Review

Rumpl Overview

The Rumpl outdoor blanket is a puffy product that has been on the market for about ten years. So it’s not a brand new thing, but it’s definitely one of our favorites. If you haven’t heard of this blanket yet, you are in for an awesome treat!

The Rumpl outdoor puffy blanket is made from super soft material, making it all the more enjoyable to cuddle up with your favorite people or pets. 

The puffy fabric is also great because it allows air to pass through to not trap heat or cause any irritation or discomfort when using them for naps or sleepovers.

Whether customers want to use them as a throw blanket on the couch for Netflix and chill sessions or customers need something warm during those chilly nights while camping outside during the winter months, these Rumpl outdoor blankets will keep everyone happy!


Rumpl Outdoor Products Overview

Rumpl Logo

The Rumpl Company was started by Nick Polink and Wylie Robinson. They are headquartered somewhere in Portland, Oregon.

The goal was to create a new puffy blanket that could withstand the morning cold after a surf or ski trip along California’s golden coast all year round. The founders wanted to create a puffy blanket that could be easily converted into a sleeping bag.

The first Rumpl blanket was sewn inside the founder’s small San Francisco apartment and sold to a few friends. It did not take long to grow in popularity from there. Pretty soon, the team grew and launched a new Kickstarter campaign to fund more production of the outdoor blankets.

Within 24 hours of launching the fundraising campaign, Rumpl had hit more than ten times the original goal. That demand was enough to provide Rumpl had a solid future.

Now Rumpl has grown even further. It has evolved into an eco-friendly brand, with many of the Rumpl product lines being featured in brick and mortar stores for ease of purchasing. Most customers, including our review team, prefer to shop online for their Rumpl products.


What is so Special About Rumpl Outdoor Blankets?

Rumpl’s products are water resistant, breathable, and rugged. These superior outdoor puffy blankets are designed to endure all kinds of abuse when camping, traveling, or just forgetting in one too many storms. 

The Rumpl product line tends to be more lightweight and compact, meaning that even if you have limited storage space, your puffy outdoor blanket will be able to fit in any nook or cranny of your home. You can also use Rumpl’s products as a sleeping bag. Just tuck yourself inside and enjoy the warmth. 

Other features customers enjoy include: 


Quick Storage

You can easily pack up your Rumpl blanket into the included Rumpl carrying case without needing to fold anything. The hollow-fiber synthetic insulation in the Original Puffy outdoor blanket is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials, making it very pliable. The other options include down, which is equally easy to work with when packing up a tent or heading out on a long road trip.


Weather Resistant

We really wanted to say Rumpl outdoor blankets are completely waterproof during our review, but the truth is they are not. However, they offer water resistance using 90/10 DWR (durable water repellent). 

While you will get wet during a storm, you are more than okay with these outdoor blankets as sleeping bags on a cool night.


Cape Clip

Cape Clip

Yes, we know it may be juvenile, but the number of testers walking around our review office with these blankets as capes was astounding. You get all the warmth of incredible Rumpl product design without needing your hands to maintain the structure.


Durable Corner Loops

Rumpl was brilliant to include corner loops you can use to stake down your blanket. This is perfect for windy beach days or if you are using the blanket for camping.


Machine Washable

Once again, our review team made the journey across the street to our local laundry mat and tested out the Rumpl outdoor blankets for washing. We are happy to report that we had no issues during our review, and we did around 15 washes per blanket without any wear or tear.


Incredible Variety

Most of the Rumpl outdoor blanket products we checked out were the most popular designs and colors customers purchase from their site. However, when our review team looked online at the Rumpl site, we saw so many awesome colors and patterns. That is a welcome change compared to other similar products we have tested.

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Types of Rumpl Outdoor Blankets

The Rumpl outdoor blanket is exceptionally breathable, making it comfortable in both warm and cool temperatures. It’s a really nice feeling when you’re sitting on the beach with the ocean breeze blowing in your face. The same thing goes for when you’re chilling out on the couch next to a fireplace on a cold winter day. It’s so versatile that you can use it no matter what time of year or weather conditions come your way.

With this blanket, there’s no need to worry about getting caught off guard by unexpected changes in temperature. You’ll always be able to stay comfortable and cozy because of its breathability, even after spilling coffee or wine all over yourself.

The Rumpl brand includes variations of different outdoor blankets designed for various uses and needs. These include:


Rumpl Original Puffy Outdoor Blanket

Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket

The Rumpl original puffy blanket is a great choice for people who want a durable, waterproof blanket that can be used in many different ways.

This product is made of ripstop polyester fabric , which means that it’s much more durable than other materials. It also happens to be breathable and water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting overly wet when using this product outside. This makes it perfect for use at the beach or while camping out in nature.

This is defiantly the most durable of Rumpl’s outdoor products, and most customers start with this specific version when purchasing from Rumpl. You can get the Rumpl Original blanket for around $99 through the official Rumpl website.

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Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Outdoor Blanket

Rumpl NanoFit

The NanoLoft Puffy Rumpl outdoor blanket is an excellent alternative to sleeping bags, and it’s also an excellent blanket for anyone who loves the outdoors. It’s warm, soft, and extremely comfortable. You can wrap it around your body when you’re sitting on your couch or in front of a fire pit during the winter months.

The NanoLoft Puffy Rumpl blanket is also one of our top contenders for the best products to ship to friends and family for gifts. These make excellent additions for those wanting a quick and easy outdoor solution.

For around $179 through the Rumpl website, you can get this great outdoor blanket made from recycled plastic bottles. The NanoLoft puffy material mimics real down but is still synthetic recycled textiles. This was the version of the Rumpl blanket that we wore around the most with the cape clip.

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Rumpl Down Puffy Outdoor Blanket

Rumpl Puffy Down

When you’re looking for a blanket, you want something that will keep you warm. The best blankets have very soft material and are quite big. A down puffy Rumpl blanket is the perfect choice because it has all of these features!

Down feather fiber is an excellent insulator that traps heat very well and keeps it inside your body. This makes down feather fiber great for keeping warm on a cold night when there is no one else around to provide comfort or warmth.

It also makes sleeping under a down puffy Rumpl blanket much more comfortable than sleeping under cotton sheets or even woolen blankets because they may not be as soft when compared to other materials used in manufacturing pillows, quilts, and mattress covers.

The significant benefit of the Down Puffy Rumpl outdoor blanket is the added warmth and natural materials. That is also why the price of this camper’s delight starts at around $249 through the Rumpl website.

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Rumpl Travel Size Outdoor Blankets

Rumpl Travel Blanket

Rumpl blankets are a great option for travel and camping. They’re compact, lightweight, and easy to pack in your bag. The coolest thing about these outdoor blankets is the way the Rumpl brand markets them alongside a Nalgene bottle. When the travel size Rumpl is stored away, it is tiny!

You still get all the benefits of the Rumpl brand but in a much easier-to-carry size. When flat, the Rumpl travel size blanket is 38 x 52″ and 3.5 x 11″ when packed up. That easily fits into your camping gear or carry-on luggage for long flights when you want a nap. Many of us purchased this size for our commute during our review. You can pick one up as well for about $99 on the official Rumpl website.

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Rumpl Outdoor Blanket Uses

The Rumpl line of outdoor blanket products can be used for practically anything.

  • Use it as a blanket.
  • Use it as a sleeping bag.
  • Use it as a pillow.
  • Use it as a hammock.
  • Use it as an extra layer in your tent or on the beach.
  • Spread one out over your picnic table at the park to keep ants off and make sure things stay dry if rain threatens


We built forts in our review office and had testers take them on trips and backyard camping excursions with their kids. Most of us used Rumpl outdoor blankets for staying warm on cooler evenings on our porch.

If you bring this blanket on a hike or camping trip, it is technically a sleeping bag. That’s right: you can use this blanket as a sleeping bag! If you’re not familiar with the concept of using your comforter at home as a blanket and sleeping bag, don’t worry, it’s really quite simple to do.

The bottom line is this, if you’re looking for something soft and comfortable that also happens to be warm, then look no further than Rumpl Blanket products!

These are also highly attractive blanket products. You don’t have to stick to dull single color schemes unless that is your thing. There are plenty of options for matching your Rumpl blanket purchase to your outfit or adventure gear.

You can machine wash the blanket in warm water just like you would a cotton duvet. The only thing you need to be careful of is harmful chemical detergents. Stick to eco-friendly solutions, only a small amount at that. Be sure to air-dry Rumpl puffy blankets instead of throwing these original innovations into the dryer. 


Rumpl Outdoor Blanket Reviews: What Customers Think

Rumpl in the Box

Those who love their Rumpl blankets tend to be impressed with the quality of the product. They say it’s warm and comfortable but not too heavy to carry around on a picnic or hike.

If you do a quick online search, you will see that Rumpl receives a 4.8 to 5 out of 5-star review pretty much anywhere you look. This is a brand that is well-loved by its customers because the blanket products deliver on the Rumpl promise of durability, warmth, comfort, and ease of use.

Just look at this Rumpl review from Amazon user Lindsey Kane:

As someone who used to use my sleeping bag as a blanket, this product is everything I ever dreamed of. It’s lightweight, soft, warm, and so cozy. I can’t wait to take it camping this summer with my family, hands-free coverage with my kids cozying up under the cape loop! With the stake loops on all four corners as well, Rumpl thought of everything. The rainbow design makes me so happy, and it’s double-sided with a nice navy blue on the other side, in case I feel like a lower profile color. I want to buy 10 of these!

The only downside we uncovered is that some users didn’t like how the polyester cover can be slippery. Other than that, everyone seemed to agree that Rumpl provides a superior product. 


Is the Rumpl Outdoor Blanket Worth it? 

The Rumpl blanket is worth it. If you want a soft, comfortable blanket that’s also water-resistant, the Rumpl blanket is your match. You can use it in so many ways, from sleeping bags to evening fireside ponchos.

Yes, the Rumpl line of blanket products is a bit on the pricier side compared to other providers, but the quality is incredible. Not to mention you get so many choices for colors and patterns that most other companies do not offer.

Our review is positive. Many of our testers purchased a Rumpl blanket, and the fact that the brand uses eco-friendly practices is just one more feather in their cap. They are a member of the 1% for the Planet organization, further showing their commitment to quality-made longer-lasting products.

If you can find a discount when you purchase any of the Rumpl products, which is probably a good idea. Otherwise, we say go for it!

Most customers we saw online purchase their Rumpl products directly from the blanket online store. However, Amazon has a decent selection, and we saw Rumpl products in our local REI Co-op and Walmart. This is not a hard product to find when you need it.


Rumpl Blanket FAQ

Do the Rumpl Blankets come with a warranty?

Yes, all Rumpl products come with a one-year warranty that protects against manufacturing defects.


How does the 100-night trial work?

If you are not satisfied with your Rumpl product for any reason, you may return it within 100 days of purchase for a full refund. 


How much is shipping?

Rumpl offer free shipping on any order over $99.


What is the difference between the original Rumpl blanket and the Down Puffy blanket?

The down puffy blanket is filled with recycled down insulation, making it even warmer than the original Rumpl blanket.


Do Rumpl products come in different sizes?

Most Rumpl products come in one size that is large enough to fit two people comfortably. The exception to this is the NanoLoft Puffy blanket, which comes in a smaller size that is 50″ x 60″.


What is the difference between the NanoLoft and Down blankets?

The main difference between the two types of blankets is the filling. The NanoLoft blanket is filled with synthetic insulation, while the down blanket is filled with recycled down feathers. Both types of blankets are equally warm and can be used in the same way.


Are Rumpl products only for use outdoors?

No, although Rumpl products are great for camping, picnicking, and other outdoor activities, they can also be used indoors. Many people use Rumpl blankets as throws on their couch or bed.


Where are Rumpl products made?

All Rumpl products are designed in San Francisco, CA, and made in China.


What is the weight of the Rumpl blanket?

These are light weight blankets. The weight depends on the model, but most Rumpl blankets weigh between 2 and 4 pounds.


What is the temperature rating of the Rumpl blanket?

The Rumpl blanket has a comfort rating of 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


How much does the Rumpl blanket cost?

The price of the Rumpl blanket depends on the model, but most blankets cost between $100 and $200.


Is the Rumpl blanket machine washable?

Yes, the Rumpl blanket can be used in the washing machine on a gentle cycle in warm water. However, be sure to use only eco-friendly solutions as the regular detergent can damage the blanket. Instead of putting it in the dryer, you should also air-dry your Rumpl blanket.


Wrapping it Up

We often get asked to review unique soft goods, including fun outdoor blankets, but this was an absolute treat. The Rumpl brand is far and above most other competitors.

Yes, we would like the see the puffy blankets at a lower price model, but a good amount of our testers made a purchase anyway. You just cannot deny the Rumpl puffy blanket quality and original idea. Rumpl makes an amazing camp blanket, but can be an item for everyday use and even a travel blanket.

So if you love camping or just like hanging out in the backyard, the Rumpl blanket is a great product to keep you warm and cozy on those chilly nights. The best part is, if you don’t like the Rumpl blanket for whatever reason, you can return it for a full refund. You can purchase your Rumpl blanket by clicking on the button below. 

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Please note: This post contains affiliate links that we may earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 

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