Nocturne Firefly Lamp Review: Is the Solar Lamp Worth It?

Nocturne Firefly Review
Nocturne Firefly Review


The Nocturne Firefly lamp is an innovative, eco-friendly outdoor solar floor lamp with a built in bluetooth speaker that can be used anywhere as it does not need a power source. As a weatherproof lamp, you can use the Nocturne Firefly lamp  anywhere in your patio or backyard. Perfect for outdoor events, grill outs or simply lounging by the fire pit, the Nocturne Firefly will keep the party going with enough light to enjoy whatever you are doing.

  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Warranty
  • Durability


  • Solar Power
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker
  • Weatherproof
  • Multiple Brightness Settings
  • Easy to Assemble


  • Battery Last 5 Hours with Bluetooth, but charges quickly.

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Most of the time, when you purchase an outdoor floor lamp, you end up with a small or mass-market product that looks bland compared to your setting. With the Nocturne Firefly floor lamp, you get a unique contemporary solar design that jazzes up any outdoor location.

We were highly interested in our Nocturne Firefly floor lamp review because of our office location. We have a backyard area that is walled off and a giant spotlight instead of comfortable lighting options. As it rains pretty frequently where we are located, having a solar-powered and Bluetooth controllable outdoor light solution has been fantastic.

Follow along as we go through the many features and details of the Nocturne Firefly Lamp in this comprehensive review.


Nocturne Firefly Review

Nocture Light

Is this a designer outdoor floor light made by Italian crafters that will transform your backyard or porch into a stunning and exotic location for a wedding? Probably not. However, the Nocturne Firefly Lamp is an innovative, eco-friendly outdoor solar floor lamp that looks fantastic compared to other popular lights available in big box stores.

The Nocturne Firefly Lamp provides all the custom solar lighting illumination as well as secondary features that make it a solid floor lamp solution to get the relaxing outdoor space you want when the sun goes down.


What is the Nocturne Firefly Outdoor Solar Floor Lamp?

At its core, the Nocturne Firefly Lamp is both a beautifully crafted outdoor solar lighting solution and a Bluetooth speaker. This wonderful piece of equipment from Nocturne gives your outdoor space the added ambiance of music and soft “cloud-like” illumination on even the darkest of nights.

Nocturne did a fantastic job of focusing in on eco-friendly solar floor products that you can take anywhere. The primary reason the Nocturne Firefly outdoor lamp is so popular is because it does not require an outlet. The floor lamp is run entirely from solar-powered electricity that is renewable and free.

Add on top of the sustainable solar lighting feature the fact that the Nocturne outdoor floor lamp is also weatherproof, and you have a solid light for any occasion that also includes the appropriate musical accompaniment.

Nocturne made a quality product that solves the problem of music, wireless lighting, and energy reliance on cords rather than solar power. Instead of scrambling with tangles and long cables, you simply keep the Nocturne Firefly Lamp outdoors for a while to charge in the sunlight, and you are good to go.

We were happily surprised at how quickly the Nocturne solar floor lamp charges in our review session. Most of our reviews take a lot more work to set up, but not the Nocturne Firefly.



Nocturne Firefly Lamp Features

We took our time during this review because of the solar floor lamp features we had read about online. A lot of outdoor products tend not to hold up as well in the elements. At least that has been our reviews experience.

It is nice to deal with a solar floor product that actually delivers on its promise of quality and durability. Each feature of the Nocturne Firefly Lamp is true to form and easy to verify.



Nocturne Firefly set up

Nocturne likes to advertise that it only takes “approximately 5 minutes to assemble and does not require any tools.” For us, that means the product we have for a review probably needs at least an Alan wrench. Not in this case.

The Nocturne Firefly Lamp took around 4 minutes to set up. Everything comes packaged well in a single box, and you either snap or screw all the pieces of the floor lamp into one another. That is it. There is no need to find an outlet because it is entirely wireless due to solar power.


Solar Power

This outdoor floor light is completely wireless. It might seem hard to imagine, but even the built-in Bluetooth speaker is run off of a rechargeable battery from solar energy. It lasts up to 10 hours on a single full charge.

The very top of the Nocturne Firefly floor lamp is built with a receiving solar panel. You get excellent free renewable solar energy to power your outdoor lamp from easy-to-convert solar energy. When you purchase this solar floor lamp, you can ditch the need for an outlet.


Bluetooth Speaker

Nocturne Firefly Bluetooth

Bluetooth speakers are a big hit during our office reviews because we get to prank each other by playing music at stations across the room or outdoors for fun. The Nocturne Firefly Lamp did not disappoint. You still get the 30 or so feet of distance from the floor lamp to make the Bluetooth connect and play music, podcasts, or whatever else you may like, including your outdoor patio.

We actually tested out the music aspect by using the Nocturne Firefly Lamp during a review we did for a cube projector and were able to send the video and audio through both devices. Pretty impressive tech for an outdoor solar lamp.



The outdoor weather aspect was actually the hardest part to test during our review of the Nocturne Firefly Lamp. It only rained a little outdoors during the time we had to write our review, so we improvised with a hose and shower head on the floor lamp.

From what we can tell, this is a completely waterproof outdoor product that you can take anywhere you would want to go. We were not able to test ice or snow, but the water was not an issue which makes us think you would be okay in any outdoor setting. Keep in mind that this is a product that has to be outdoors to charge, so Nocturne needed to design something with a lot of built-in outdoor durability.


Who is the Nocturne Firefly Good For?

Nocturne Firefly

Us! We are an office writing product reviews in an urban setting and loved the Nocturne Firefly Lamp in our backyard setting. This is definitely a product families can utilize on their backyard patio, deck, or around fire pits.

As usual, quite a few of our testers purchased a Nocturne outdoor lamp for themselves after our review. The simplicity and features of this product are undeniable. You are getting up to 10 hours of use after a single charge in natural sunlight that does not add to your electric bill. Even in the rain, some sunshine can still charge the Nocturne Firefly Lamp.

This is also an excellent product for remote workers on the road, RV campers, and anyone else that wants a bit more class and function to their outdoor lighting situation.

We would especially like to see if the Nocturne Firefly Lamp would be useful during pop-up events like brand launches or food trucks with some dining tables. You can easily see how having a set of these outdoor lamps at a wedding or family gathering would come in handy.


5 Reasons to Buy the Nocturne Firefly Lamp

We wanted to include a bit more context in this review to help you make a decision because we enjoyed this product so much.

1) 100% Solar Powered

There is absolutely no need for an electrical outlet. You can use this as a light source for those homes in the North with their power out due to a storm just as much as tropical bars needing accent lighting that does not increase their operational costs.

2) Simple Assembly

If you can put together a quick Lego set, you can assemble the Nocturne Firefly Lamp. The instructions are almost unnecessary because the parts make logical sense.

3) Music Anywhere You Want

Bluetooth technology has to be one of the coolest inventions in the world. This is not a high-end speaker that will transform your dance club, but it is a surprisingly high-quality product given its size and power use. The Nocturne Firefly Lamp is a great solution to keep your outdoor barbeque going all night long.

4) Perfect Light Ambiance

Most of the outdoor lighting we have seen in our reviews has been rather harsh. Either too bright or a sharp color that makes things feel a little too industrial. The Nocturne Firefly Lamp is more diffused with a cloud-like appearance that sits well above your head when sitting down. There is no better word for the outdoor lamp – it is nice.

5) Relaxing Product

The ease and comfort of this product cannot be overstated. You can come home from a long day of work and sit down on your backyard deck, pull the light cord, play some relaxing background music, and just chill the evening away with friends. There is no hassle or complicated anything.


Is the Nocturne Outdoor Solar Lamp Worth It?

Nocturne Firefly lamp Outdoor

Yes, yes, yes! This is one of those product reviews where there is no need to weigh the options. The Nocturne Firefly Lamp is a recommended purchase by every single tester in our office. It takes next to no work to maintain, operate, or assemble and uses 100% renewable solar energy.

You get a soft, diffused light in your backyard that is comforting and a Bluetooth speaker to set the mood for any occasion. If you are anyone that enjoys a little time in your backyard, the Nocturne Firefly Lamp is a must-have purchase.


Wrapping It Up

The Nocturne Firefly lamp is an innovative way to enjoy outdoor lighting without the need of a power source.

So whether you are hosting an outdoor evening party or hosting a few friends around the firepit, the Nocturne Firefly is a great way to sit where you want, without the dependency of needing a power source. you can buy your today by clicking on the button below.

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