An Honest Review of the Breeo Fire Pit: Is It Worth It?

Smokeless Fire Pit


Breeo manufactures premium outdoor fire pits. Their award-winning design and construction results in a more efficient burn, producing less smoke and less soot. As a Breeo owner, you’ll enjoy the campfire experience without all the mess. Whether you’re cooking out, staying warm or just enjoying the ambiance, a Breeo fire pit will enhance your outdoor living space.

  • Quality
  • Warranty
  • Price
  • Selection


  • Built with thick, heavy steel
  • Grilling capability
  • The fire burns so that the heat rises vertically
  • Incredibly efficient
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • More expensive than its competitors
  • Heavier than its competitors
  • Not portable

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Meet the Breeo Fire Pit—thoughtfully designed to deliver you all the backyard campfire vibes you desire, without the unwanted, lingering smoke you don’t!

Fire pits promote a calming, stress-free aura, making for the perfect escape after a long day.

While To-Do lists can be lengthy and strenuous, and different aspects of our lives can cause us to hold a great deal of stress, our minds can find peace and a sense of serenity when we unwind in the presence of a wood-burning fire alongside the people we love.


Breeo Fire Pit Review

When looking for the perfect fire pit to enhance our backyard and amplify our lives, one brand appeared superior compared to the rest. Breeo fire pits deliver everything we could hope for in a fire pit. Breeos are incredibly durable and innovative—so much so that the brand was the first smokeless fire pit on the market.

The Breeo fire pits are created with their patented X Airflow technology, which is what produces their smokeless fires. The company continues to make progressive moves with new product lines and updated technology.

Breeo offers a wide variety of fire pits to cater to anyone—from serious grill masters to those that simply desire a smokeless fire experience with the perks of a more luxurious centerpiece for their outdoor living space.


What is the Breeo Fire Pit?

Breeo Stainless Steel

Due to their belief that everybody deserves to enjoy the aroma and warmth of real, wood-burning fires uninterrupted by smoke, the innovators at Breeo have constructed smokeless, aesthetically pleasing fire pits.

The authenticity of the Breeo wood-burning fire pits is nothing to bat an eye at. When compared to typical propane fire pits, the distinctions are undeniable. The smokeless design, innovative technology, and exceptional add-ons are all features that put Breeo above its competitors. These components are much more cutting-edge than what you will find with any conventional fire pit.

What Makes the Breeo Fire Pit so Special?

Easily one of the most unique components of the Breeo Fire Pits is that they include smokeless technology.

Are your eyebrows inching up a bit closer towards your hairline as you reflect on the idea of a smokeless fire pit?

Perhaps you are thinking to yourself, “Smokeless? A fire pit? A SMOKELESS fire pit? How can that even be?!”

First of all, it’s important to note that ‘smokeless’ does not mean absolutely zero smoke; rather, less smoke is produced when burning a fire with a Breeo Fire Pit vs. a traditional fire pit.

Still, the idea of a fire that produces almost zero smoke is pretty mind-boggling. Any incredulous thoughts you may have are totally valid—we completely understand and can relate, as we were a bit skeptical, too, prior to conducting comprehensive reviews of the Breeo Fire Pit.

Prepare to put any doubtful thoughts you may have to bed as you continue along this review.

Traditional fires come to fruition when three components meet: oxygen, fuel, and heat.

Smoke becomes the outcome at any point in time where there is an imbalance in one or more of these three elements.

Breeo brilliantly grasped this concept and applied this knowledge when designing their fire pits. They designed their fire pits to provide an abundance of oxygen, which in turn allows for a hotter and stronger fire that burns the smoke it yields before it even has the chance to escape the fire pit.

Genius. Brilliant.

If we haven’t yet convinced you that Breeo Fire Pits truly are smokeless, fret not! We will dive even deeper into the innovative Breeo designs.

The proof is always in the science, right?

So, let’s dig in!


How the Breeo Fire Pits are Smokeless 3 Steps


  • Step 1: X Airflow. The X Airflow is Breeo’s patented technology. The X Airflow elevated air vent design on the bottom of the fire pit permits oxygen to feed the fire even after any significant ash build-up, which is crucial, as ample oxygen is necessary to create a smokeless fire.
  • Step 2: double-wall convectionAir enters a cavity at the bottom of the fire pit into the double wall while the fire heats the walls. The hot air rises through the space between the two walls as the fire burns.
  • Step 3: Secondary Combustion Design. The hot air then exits the double-wall through holes around the rim. The compressed, heated oxygen mixes with the smoke and causes secondary combustion—AKA it re-burns.


If you are still a bit perplexed, here it is spelled out in the most basic terms:

Each smokeless Breeo Fire Pit is designed with a clever airflow system, allowing more oxygen into each fire pit to burn off the smoke before it leaves.


The best part about a smokeless fire pit experience?

  • No more ‘Fuzzy bunny’ chants while roasting marshmallows over your fire.
  • No musical chairs interrupting your fireside chats.
  • Finally, no more aggressive, smoky-smelling clothes.


The smokeless feature is undoubtedly a central selling point but is not the only component that positions Breeo fire pits above its competitors.

Other features that make the Breeo products so compelling are its:

  • Wide range of sizes
  • Options to opt for add-ons
  • Capability to cook over the open flame with the optional sear plate
  • Innovative, advanced technology
  • Remarkable efficiency


There’s so much to love about Breeo fire pits, and we will review all aspects further in-depth throughout the rest of this review!


Breeo Fire Pit Products

Breeo Fire Pit X Series

Breeo X Series

The Breeo Fire Pit X Series offers three different sizes: the X Series 19, X Series 24, and X Series 30, and gives customers the option to choose one of the three sizes as a fire pit on its own OR with an insert bundle.


Breeo X 19 Series

The X Series 19 dimensions are (just the fire pit alone): 14.75 inches in height, 22.1 inches in outside diameter, and weighs 47 pounds. The X19 Smokeless Fire Pit Insert Bundle is similar in size to the X Series 19, as it fits any opening that is a minimum of 15 inches deep and 22-26 inches wide. The major difference between the two X Series products is that the X19 Smokeless Fire Pit Insert Bundle comes with the X19 fire pit AND the X19 insert ring.

The cost of the X Series 19 Smokeless Fire Pit and the X19 Smokeless Fire Pit Insert Bundle start at $349 and $529, respectively, and can increase to as much as $1,089 and $1,359, respectively if you choose the most pristine add-ons that the Breeo Fire Pits offer when completing the selection process.

After you choose your size (X19 in this case), you then complete the next step, which is your choice of corten steel or stainless steel. A corten steel finish on a fire pit provides a charming, rustic aesthetic and if offered at zero additional cost; whereas a stainless steel finish will appear more sleek and modern, and will cost you an additional $130.

Step 3 is where you choose a rim. With both models, you have the choice of Standard or SearPlate. Standard is free of charge but does not provide the option to cook on the rim. If you choose the sear plate, you are opting for the pleasure of having the ability to cook anything you desire on the rim of your fire pit. For both X Series 19 models, the sear plate costs an additional $80 if you choose to go with the corten, or $70 if stainless steel is your steel of choice.

The last step in building your fire pit is selecting additional add-ons. You are given the options of:

  • No accessories (which likely goes without stating, but is $0)
  • Fire Pit Lid for an additional $120 for both models
  • Grilling Package for an extra $260 for both models (this includes and Outpost and Lid)
  • Firemaster Package *this is where pricing differs between the X Series 19 Smokeless Fire Pit and the X19 Smokeless Fire Pit Insert Bundle*. With the X Series 19 Smokeless Fire Pit, this costs an additional $540 and includes: Attachable Outpost Grill, Lid, Cover, Kettle, Kettle Hook, and Ash Shovel. With the Insert Bundle, the Firemaster Package is priced at $630 and includes: Outpost, Kettle Hook, Kettle Lid, Spark Screen, and Ash Shovel.

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X Series 24 and 30

he cost of the X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit and the X Series 30 Smokeless Fire Pit start at $579 and $1,249, respectively, and follow similar pricing increases as shown in the in-depth review of the X Series 19 Smokeless Fire Pit above, with slight differences.

The cost of the X24 Smokeless Fire Pit Insert Bundle and the X30 Smokeless Fire Pit Insert Bundle begin at $809 and $1,729, respectively. You are given the same 4-step selection process as mentioned above, with price points that are a bit steeper.

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Breeo Fire Pit X Series Pro and Cons

  • Built with thick, heavy steel (super durable)
  • Grilling capability (with purchase of the sear plate)
  • The fire burns so that the heat rises vertically (great for live fire cooking meat!)
  • Incredibly efficient (burns exceptionally hot and clean)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Not easily transported (the weight of these fire pits make them somewhat stationary)
  • Vertical heat dispersion (though great for grilling, not the best for keep warm on chilly nights)


After conducting a thorough review, we can confidently suggest that you will be completely satisfied with your purchase if you choose Stainless Steel or Corten for your Breeo Fire Pit X Series. These beautiful, smokeless fire pits are built to last and sustain the elements of the wild outdoors.


Breeo Fire Pit Luxeve

Breeo Luxeve

The Breeo Luxeve Fire Pit is the answer to your search if you hunt for a more luxurious design to aesthetically elevate your backyard while providing you and your guests with the ultimate smokeless fire experience.

The Luxeve fire pit comes at one price point and in one size. This fire pit costs $1,799 and is 15 inches in height, has an outside diameter of 36 inches, and weighs in at 135.5 pounds.The Luxeve offers two customizable aesthetic features, which allow you to match your fire pit to the theme of your outdoor sanctuary.

First, choose from four powder-coated fire pit colors: Earth Rust, White River, Silver Vein, or Bronze Vein.

Then, choose from five glass pebble colors: Amber Brown, Dark Blue, Black, Gray, or Crystal Clear.

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Breeo Fire Pit Luxeve Pro and Cons

  • Refined, powder-coated exterior
  • Colorful, customizable fire pit glass
  • Patented X Airflow technology
  • Smokeless fire
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • More expensive than its competitors ($1,799 before tax)
  • Heavier than its competitors
  • Not portable


With an assortment of glass and color options, the Breeo Luxeve Fire Pit is sure to be a stand-out in your backyard space.


Who is Breeo Fire Pit Good for?

With a wide range of sizes, cooking accessories, and reliable robustness, the Breeo Fire Pit is a great fit for virtually anyone. So whether you’re the highly acclaimed grill master of your neighborhood, the go-to ‘hostess with the mostest’, or simply love unwinding after a long day fireside with a refreshment in hand, Breeo has something within their inventory for everyone.

Add the sear plate to your Breeo fire pit to easily enrich your skills on the grill—impress your guests with mouth-watering burgers, perfectly seared steaks, crispy roasted veggies—the possibilities are limitless!

Up-level your summertime backyard fire pit with the versatility of handling open-fire cooking, family cookouts, graduation parties, and any other outdoor events you desire.

Whether you’re hosting an elaborate event, or simply kicking back with your family in the evening, The Breeo Wood Fire Pit is sure to enhance your backyard experience.


Breeo Fire Pit vs. Solo Stove

Both Breeo Fire Pit and Solo Stove are stand-outs in the fire pit market.

With relatively similar price points and the utilization of innovative technology, the two brands far outrank their competitors.

Features that Breeo holds the upper hand on when compared to Solo Stove are:

  • Sear plate is offered as an additional feature to add to any of their fire pits
  • Offers larger fire pits
  • Provides the choice of cor-ten steel or sleek stainless steel


Features that Solo Stove holds the upper hand on when compared to Breeo are:

  • Offers smaller models (Solo Stove Bonfire)
  • Portability, as their lighter fire pits are only 15 pounds
  • Option to customize with collegiate logo


So which is the best fire pit? Ultimately, the answer lies in your preference and what you intend to use your fire pit. If you’re an adventurer and anticipate taking your fire pit along with you to camp in the mountains, the Solo Stove Ranger is likely best suited for you, as it weighs only 15 pounds—perfect for portability.

However, if you’re hunting for something more luxurious to enhance your backyard and/or relatively stationary, we recommend you put your trust in Breeo.

Either way, one of these brands will be the best smokeless fire pits for your needs.


Is the Breeo Fire Pit Worth it?

The short, affirmative answer is YES. The price point might strike you as quite high at first glimpse, but the durability and longevity of Breeo fire pits pays for itselfand then some!

Whether you opt for the Luxeve fire pit or one of the X Series fire pits, and you choose to spring for the sear plate—which we highly recommend, as it adds a level of functionality that is undeniably unmatched—you will be beyond satisfied.

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Wrapping it Up

If you’ve been contemplating whether or not you should take the plunge and invest in a new fire pit, take this as your sign to go for the Breeo smokeless fire pits! Self-care is so much more than just exercising, meditating, skincare routines, and eating healthy…it’s gifting ourselves things that bring us joy and peace…like fire pits! So, if you need to justify the purchase of a Breeo fire pit to yourself or others, you have our permission to use enhanced self-care as your defense!

Plus, so long as you purchase the sear plate, you can cook plenty of healthy eats over the fire of your Breeo fire pit! It’s a win-win-win for us!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the full review of the Breeo Fire Pit. If you have any comments, let us know in the comments section below, or sign up for our news letter to get the latest reviews.




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