8 Best Home Safes: Do You Really Need One?

8 Best Safes

We live in a world where cash and verifying documents are kings. So naturally, you want to keep your family safe, and that requires having cash on hand during those late-night emergencies when you cannot get to an ATM or bank teller. The same is true for all the documents about who owns what and proof of identification.

Home safes provide the security features and assurance that all your personal items will be protected behind a door. Whether it is your marriage certificate or a family heirloom piece of jewelry, finding the best safe for you to improve security is about sizing, capacity, type of door lock, fireproof rating, and how easy it is to use when you need it the most.

Our testing team had a fantastic time locking up different items all over the office while trying out different safes and their features. We found a great list of the best home safes that will work out for families worldwide.

Read on to see how we did.

Why You Need a Home Safe

Home Safe

There are a surprisingly large amount of reasons to invest in quality-made home safes. Besides the features of keeping your money, personal items, and documents safe, there is also the added security of preventing thieves from taking what is rightfully yours. In those rare cases when someone does try to break into your home, a well-made safe will prevent them from leaving with anything precious.

A fireproof home safe keeps you calm when there is a house fire. You can rest assured that during this scary point in your life, watching your home catch on fire, your important documents such as birth certificates and extra cash are well protected. The same is true for water damage in case of floods.

Personal home safes are also an excellent alternative to safety deposit boxes at a bank. Instead of relying on specific banking hours and the assistance of a teller, you get direct access to your items with the added security you need. A home safe is also a lot less expensive than maintaining a safety deposit box.

We could go on and on. From offering the security of gun ownership without having to worry about kid’s hands getting a hold of weapons to keeping your grandmother’s engagement ring safe for when you pop the question, owning a home safe allows you to move about your day with peace of mind that you have extra security.


Best Home Safes

We did our best to diversity the different types of home safes we tested because we wanted to find something that could fit any lifestyle. This way, the single person living in an apartment has just as much of an option as the large family living in a big house in a more rural setting.


1. Best Overall Safe: First Alert 2087F Home Safe

This is an easy-to-use home safe that we think ticks all the essential boxes of fireproofing, waterproofing, stopping thieves, and having the capacity you need. The home safe comes with a Ready-Seal technology that can withstand temps of up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit for up to an hour. That should be more than enough to keep your items protected. They even fully submerged the safe to test the waterproof seal!

You can bolt down this home safe if you’d like. It comes equipped with pry-proof concealed hinges and four live-locking door bolts for added security. The combination lock does not require batteries, and you get two override keys just in case you forget the combo at some point. There is even a secret storage area on the safe’s exterior for the keys.

As our top pick, this is an excellent size form for a home safe with plenty of storage capacity for valuables, documents, or electronics.


First Alert Home Safe Features:

  • Capacity is 0.94 cubic feet
  • Dimensions are 16.5 x 14.5 x 19 inches
  • Uses combination lock and emergency keys
  • Includes a 5-year limited lifetime warranty


First Alert Home Safe Pros and Cons:

  • High-temperature protection and waterproof security
  • Excellent hidden hinges on the door to prevent thieves
  • High durability and can be bolted down
  • Some modern users may prefer a keypad lock



2. Best Fireproof Safe: SentrySafe SFW123GDC Home Safe

 The threat of thieves is always a concern for anyone living in an urban or high-traffic area, but the danger of fire is way more likely to occur in your lifetime. That is why we took extreme measures to test out the different home safes on our list, including those with a high tolerance for fireproof features.

While this home safe has the same 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit rating as our overall home safe, it also has a 15-foot drop rating which means if your home safe is located on the second floor, you’ll still be able to dig it out if your home collapses during a fire. There is a 24-hour waterproof protection for up to 8 inches of water as well. This is an excellent safe for people that live in hurricane areas or areas prone to natural disasters that can lead to electrical or home fires.

We love the added security features like steel construction, four large live-locking bolts, a bolt-down kit, and a pry-resistant hinge bar along the door. This home safe also has a digital keypad which many testers in our office prefer.

SentrySafe Home Safe Features:

  • Capacity is 1.23 cubic feet
  • Dimensions are 16.3 x 19.3 x 17.8 inches
  • Uses digital lock and secondary key lock
  • Includes a lifetime warranty


SentrySafe Home Safe Pros and Cons:

  • High-temperature protection, waterproofing, and resistance against dropping
  • We love the 4 bolt security door
  • Larger capacity and can be bolted down without affecting fireproof protection
  • This is more on the expensive side of our list



3. Best Biometric Safe: Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX Home Safe

 One of the better security features of any home safe is a biometric locking mechanism. This means you cannot open it without the fingerprint of the person in charge of the safe. That is a highly useful feature that is often required of gun owners in certain states and adds a whole other security protection level to prevent unwanted thieves from getting into your personal items.

This Viking home safe is also pretty big. The capacity is more than enough for a family of 5 or less with a surprisingly advanced door design that includes heavy deadbolts. The inside of the safe feels like a luxury apartment for your goods with built-in LED lighting, a soft, carpeted interior, and three adjustable shelves.

The included fingerprint library allows you to store up to 32 unique fingerprints for family members or coworkers to access what they need. There is also a backup key and PIN code in case something goes wrong or you need a legal representative to access your items when you are otherwise indisposed.


Viking Home Safe Features:

  • Capacity is 1.29 cubic feet
  • Dimensions are 13.8 X 12.2 X 19.7 inches
  • Weight is 48 pounds
  • Uses biometric lock, PIN keypad, and backup keys
  • Includes a one-year limited warranty


Viking Home Safe Pros and Cons

  • Biometric locking system to keep your items safe with up to 32 fingerprints
  • Made of solid steel
  • Has a large capacity for personal items
  • There is an annoying beep that sounds off whenever you open the door



4. Best Biometric Gun Safe: Verifi Smart Safe Home Safe

This falls into our best home safe list but is designed for smaller items, including pistols and other guns. We wanted to be sure to include a biometric home gun safe on our list because many states require you have the option to lock down your weapon if you live with other people or have frequent visitors, especially children.

We also have many readers who live on their own and want the added protection of a weapon nearby and do not want to leave them out. You can easily mount this home safe to pretty much anything you would like. It has an FBI-certified high-resolution fingerprint sensor that can store up to 40 different fingerprints. There is a keypad and backup key access with a hidden keyhole, just in case.

Our favorite feature is that the safe will automatically lock whenever you close the door and alerts you if it is open too long. This is a nice feature to wake you up in case thieves have somehow found a way into the safe.


Verifi Home Safe Features:

  • Capacity is 0.28 cubic feet
  • Dimensions are 14.4 X 10.8 X 5.8 inches
  • Weight is 22 pounds
  • Uses FBI-certified biometric lock, digital keypad, and backup keys
  • Includes a one-year limited warranty


Verifi Home Safe Pros and Cons

  • Tamper alerts and automatic locking
  • FBI certified fingerprint sensor
  • Self-diagnostic testing to ensure everything is working right
  • This is not a fireproof or waterproof safe



5. Best Wall Safe: Paragon Lock & Safe – 7725 Wall Safe

We have all seen the movies where someone lifts a painting aside to reveal a wall safe with all the jewels and paperwork needed to solve a crime. Well, that kind of security is not just for the movies. Paragon has come out with an impressive wall safe at a great price point that many in our readership will enjoy.

You get the added security of a solid steel safe with a smooth door that is flush with your wall so you can use a mirror, painting, or other décor to hide your safe. We spent a couple of hours brainstorming what would work best to throw thieves off and came up with those digital photo blankets you can get printed out as a gag holiday gift.

There are no fireproof or waterproof safe features, but you do get an automatic alarm that sounds after three incorrect entries are attempted, which will help against theft protection.


Home Safe Features:

  • Capacity is 0.81 cubic feet
  • Dimensions are 16 X 4 X 22 inches
  • Weight is 30.6 pounds
  • Uses LED electronic lock keypad, and backup keys
  • Includes a ten-year limited warranty


Paragon Home Safe Pros and Cons

  • Great secondary audio alarm
  • Excellent hinged feature of the door being flush with the wall
  • Pretty decent capacity given the wall safe form
  • This is not a fireproof or waterproof safe



6. Best Mini Safe: Amazon Basics Slim Desk Drawer Security Safe

Since the pandemic, a lot of people have had to move their usual work behaviors back into their private homes. While that has been great for anyone wanting to work in their PJs, it does mean adding security features to prevent other family members or guests from tampering with sensitive information.

An excellent solution to this problem is a smaller drawer safe that allows you to store hard drives, documents, or other essential items inside your desk. This is not a large fireproof safe but rather a decent mini safe with enough security features to confuse or dissuade thieves from wanting to mess with your stuff.

Some of our testers suggested this as compact safe for parents who need important items safe from small kiddos in their underwear drawer or bedside nightstand as well.


Home Safe Features:

  • Capacity is 0.26 cubic feet
  • Dimensions are 11.8 X 8.6 X 4.4 inches
  • Weight is 11.3 pounds
  • Uses digital keypad, and backup keys


Amazon Home Safe Pros and Cons

  • Small safe to fit most drawers and tiny spaces
  • Decent anti-theft features like pry-resistant hinges
  • Includes everything you need for mounting
  • This is not a fireproof or waterproof safe
  • Small capacity



7. Best Value Safe: Stalwart Digital Safe

When you want the added security of a well-designed best home safe that has decent features and capacity, go for the Stalwart Digital Safe. You will not get the high-end FBI-certified biometric locks, but you do get a well-balanced safe with everything you need to keep essentials protected.

This home safe does feature an automatic lock after 3 incorrect entries on the keypad, and you can customize codes for guests staying at your Airbnb if you want a unique feature for your listing. There is always an override key in case someone forgets the combination or if the battery runs out of juice.

Most importantly, this is a reasonably easy-to-affordable home safe option for those working on a budget.


Stalwart Home Safe Features:

  • Capacity is 0.30 cubic feet
  • Dimensions are 12.2 X 7.9 X 7.9
  • Weight is 11.66 pounds
  • Uses digital keypad, and backup keys


Stalwart Home Safe Pros and Cons

  • Great secondary anti-theft features
  • Excellent price point
  • Easy to use keypad entry
  • This is not a water or fire protections safe
  • Unclear setup instructions



8. Best Hidden Safe: Jssmst Book Safe with Combination Lock

We wanted to include a fun and highly portable home safe option for people with populated bookshelves or those going away to college. This is a book safe. That means it has a fake book cover and the appearance of pages to mask the combination safe inside.

This is an excellent choice for those hiding a backup hard drive, extra phone, a small amount of cash, or other valuable items they want to hide in plain sight. Is this the most sophisticated design sure to stop thieves in their tracks? Not at all, but the concealed design and combination lock provide enough security to get the job done.


Home Safe Features:

  • Available in various sizes
  • Dimensions are 6.42 X 2.36 X 10.04 inches
  • Weight is 1.2 pounds
  • Uses combination lock


Home Safe Pros and Cons

  • Blends in with other books on your shelf
  • Realistic book looking cover and textured pages
  • Combination lock for easy use
  • This is not a fireproof or waterproof safe
  • Only holds small items


Things to Consider when Choosing a Home Safe

When you are in the market for the best home safe, keep in mind your lifestyle. Do you live in a dorm room at college or in a large farmhouse? Are your valuables irreplaceable and require a state-of-the-art solution, or will a quick wall safe do the trick?

The primary concerns that seem to pop up the most among our testers were:


Fireproof/Waterproof Safe Features:

Can the safe hold up well in case of fire or flooding so you can recover your items when it is safe?



Are there any features that prevent thieves from easily accessing the contents inside? This would be thicker deadbolts or hidden hinges to prevent prying open the door.


Gun Design

Does the safe provide adequate safety features for gun owners trying to stay compliant with local laws while protecting their families?


Size, Weight, & Portability

This was the most significant factor in our testing group. Everyone seemed to already have an item in mind that they wanted to protect when we talked about the best safes to choose from. This helps you pick up the right safe for your family because the capacity and whether or not you can bolt it down plays into what will be protected inside.


Lock Type

Almost all of these best home safes have lock features that include backup keys, but we like biometric and LED keypads the best in our office. We have seen many safe reviews where readers prefer old-school traditional combination locks because they do not want to rely on battery power.


Home Safe FAQ

Do I really need a home safe?

That depends on your personal circumstances. If you have a large home and many expensive possessions, a safe may offer some peace of mind. On the other hand, if you live in a small apartment or dorm room, a safe is probably not worth the investment.


What are some of the most important features to look for when choosing a home safe?

Theft protection, fireproofing/waterproofing, and size/weight are all key considerations. Make sure you pick a safe that is big enough to store your belongings, but not so large that it becomes difficult to move or hide.


Can I bolt my home safe to the floor or wall for added security?

Many home safes come with pre-drilled holes so you can easily bolt them down. This will make it more difficult for thieves to carry the safe away.


What is the difference between a fireproof and waterproof safe?

A fireproof safe will protect your belongings from fire, while a waterproof safe will protect them from water damage. Neither type of safe can completely prevent damage in the event of a fire or flood, but they will minimize the damage.


Can I store firearms in my home safe?

This depends on the laws in your area. Check with your local police department to make sure you are storing your firearms in a compliant manner. Many home safes have special features designed for gun owners, such as biometric locks and hidden hinges.


What should I do if my safe’s combination lock stops working?

If your safe has a backup key, you can use that to open the safe. If not, you may need to call a locksmith to help you get inside.


Wrapping it Up

At the end of the day, the right best home safe for you and your family is going to depend on your particular living situation and what you want to be protected. Our team ran the gamut from wanting a drawer safe to needing a waterproof safe to keep at a winter cabin. We suggest writing out what you want to keep inside, discussing what you are protecting against, and then making a decision. Happy shopping!



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