8 Best Shark Vacuums for 2022

If the pandemic taught us anything, it is how to keep a clean home! Being stuck inside for so long meant we needed a more welcoming space to feel comfortable and on task working from home.

Now that the world is getting back to normal, maintaining our homes, office, and living space has never been easier with Shark vacuums. So when our testing team heard that we were going to be putting together the best Shark vacuums, we scheduled a spring cleaning weekend at our office. This way, we could give all the different types of upright, handheld, stick, and pet specialty Shark vacuums a try.

Our team is much bigger than the average family, but we could replicate many of the exact needs you would have in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and pesky entryways that have a lot of traffic and dirt buildup. Read on to see how our review of the best Shark vacuums went!

Best Shark Vacuums

Shark branded vacuums are often at the top of any best vacuums list because of their unique features. A Shark vacuum is one of the best quality designs on the market. It also features a fully sealed HEPA filtration system, comprehensive warranty options, and excellent affordable pricing.

You can pick from a wide variety of Shark vacuum types to fit your personal use and home lifestyle.


Types of Shark Vacuums

Shark Vacuum Types

There are four primary types of best Shark vacuums available that we were able to test out. These included upright, stick, robotic, and handheld Shark vacuums. Each Shark vacuum had its advantages and disadvantages, but overall, we can report that all the vacuums we tried out delivered a quality experience.

Your home may be different. For example, someone living in a small apartment with a lot of stairs may want a handheld Shark vacuum more than a Shark upright. Or, if you have a busy schedule, using a Shark robotic vacuum may be better than a Shark stick vacuum for getting in-between couch cushions or deep cleaning. It is all going to depend on your personal needs when you consider which best Shark vacuum type you want to purchase like:


Upright Shark Vacuums

Upright Shark vacuums will be the most powerful on our list because of the structure inside the machine. Shark upright vacuums are the best option for removing built-up dust or deep cleaning carpets. You will usually find a large bag or plastic canister removable from the Shark Upright vacuum whenever it gets too full of dirt and debris.

Shark upright vacuums come in cord or cordless versions. Anytime you select a vacuum with a cord, you will probably see higher power and performance. Cordless options are better for odd rooms where you cannot reach an outlet.


Stick Shark Vacuum

Stick Shark vacuums are what you see in commercials for hitting those hard-to-reach areas. They are basically smaller, thinner versions of Shark uprights and can be either cord or cordless. So many people like stick vacuums because they are incredibly lightweight and easy to use on stairs.

With the smaller form factor of a stick Shark vacuum, you also get a smaller motor and not as wide of a vacuum head. That does mean it may take longer to clean large areas, but the increase in agility moving around outweighs the size.


Robotic Shark Vacuum

You will not get the same power from a robotic Shark vacuum as you would with an upright Shark vacuum, but you also do not have to do anywhere near as much work. We like to think of robotic Shark vacuums as easy maintenance items in the home. Once you do a solid cleaning with an upright Shark vacuum, you use the autonomous nature of the robotic Shark vacuums to maintain a clean and tidy home.

These robot vacuum are best used in small spaces such as a small apartments where they do not need a lot of power for cleaning. If you use Shark robotic vacuums in bigger homes, try to schedule the cleaning for when no one else is there, so they do not get underfoot.


Handheld Shark Vacuum

No matter the size of your home, having a handheld Shark vacuum is so helpful for any kind of cleaning you want to do. Whether getting your car into top shape or managing stairs after your kiddos have been running around with muddy shoes, these are highly versatile vacuums with more than enough power.

We used the handheld Shark vacuums we tested on different pet hair situations and found them more than worth the price for the suction power. Many people on our team have pets with long hair on upholstery, drapes, bedding, and furniture, and the handheld Shark vacuums option worked well to handle this mess.


The Best Shark Vacuums to Buy

Again, our list of the best Shark vacuums may vary from yours depending on your individual needs, but we think this is pretty compressive. We have a lot of different people on our testing team who live in all kinds of situations and spaces, so we were able to get a broad view of what upright vacuums or other styles and power work well.


Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional – Best Overall (Our Top Pick)

What sets this upright Shark vacuum apart from the rest is the balance of key factors you want in a home vacuum. The power, versatility, and maneuverability give you more than enough to hit target areas with high traffic and pesky pet hair. There is even a swivel head on this Shark upright vacuum to read more challenging areas.

This upright Shark vacuum does include a power cord, but it is 30 feet long and pumps through 1,200W of power that lets you attack thick carpets and big piles of dirt. The best part is the total upright vacuum weight is only 13.7 pounds. For an upright vacuum, that is pretty light. This upright also includes a switch to change the brushes for carpet, tile, or any other surface.


Shark Vacuum Specs

  • Upright style
  • Easy to use with excellent ergonomics
  • High powered cleaning for pet hair, dirt, and buildup
  • HEPA filter included
  • A variety of cleaning accessories and nozzles
  • Can use on carpet and hardwood floors
  • 13.7 lbs vacuum weight
  • Dustbin canister for collection


  • Plenty of length for cord
  • The dust bin is easy to clean
  • The swivel head helped out a lot
  • Brush shut off capability
  • Hair can get occasionally caught in the brush
  • The brush roll requires manual cleaning


Shark NV360 Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum – Best Budget

The Shark Lift-Away Professional is more for deep cleaning and hardworking experts that need a solid upright machine and want to invest a bit of money in a long-term solution. The Shark NV360 is best as an at-home upright vacuum for people that want professional treatment without the same price tag.

There are not as many features as the Shark Professional Lift-Away upright, but still plenty of power from a 25-foot cord. It is also one of the easier Shark vacuums to assemble out of the box, making a big hit with many on our team who do not like to read instructions before putting things together.

You still get the Shark swivel steering which allows easy vacuum maneuvering around furniture or going from floor type to floor type. You also have the HEPA sealed system that works great for picking up pet hair.


Shark Vacuum Specs

  • Upright style
  • 13 lbs vacuum weight
  • Used on the carpet and hard surfaces
  • 1 litter dust bin size


  • Easy to maneuver because of the swivel steering
  • Adjustable suction depending on the floor type you are cleaning
  • Enough power to handle everything from fine dirt to cat litter
  • It is a bit bulky for smaller rooms or tight spaces


Shark Stick Cordless Anti-Allergen Pet Power Vacuum – Best for Pet Hair

This is a controversial choice because we know plenty of people prefer to use a handheld over a cordless stick vacuum for dealing with pet hair, but hear us out on this one. The problem with only using a handheld vacuum is that you cannot reach all the out-of-the-way places pet hair likes to collect, like drapes or under bends.

This Shark vacuum also comes with an anti-hair wrapping head that allows you to easily deal with pet hair instead of spending hours trying to remove blockages. The rubber fins on the head make it easy to clean out and avoid odors.


Shark Vacuum Specs

  • Stick vacuum style
  • 7.17 lbs vacuum weight
  • Can use on carpet and hard floors
  • Great choice for allergy sufferers
  • Cordless
  • 0.5 litter dust bin size


  • Bright LED headlights that make it easy to see when you are working in corners or underneath furniture
  • The slim design makes it easier to maneuver around objects for out of the way pet clumps
  • The design also allows you to use the vacuum for dusting, crevices, and other applications without needing a tone of additional accessories
  • There are bristles that may not work the best on bare floors like tile


Shark ION Robot R85 Vacuum – Best Robotic Vacuum

This was hands down the most fun Shark vacuum to test out because of all the easy WiFi connectivity and voice control options. This vacuum is great because you can set it up and forget all about it. We had two of these running on a schedule throughout our office and bought them both to keep things tidy overnight.

You do have to be careful with the dust bin as it isn’t as big as you would want on a vacuum, especially if you have a lot of pets. The brush head removes pet hair on its own, so no worries there. The low profile and built-in navigation make this a worry-free option for keeping your home presentable while you are at work.


Shark Vacuum Specs

  • Robotic vacuum style
  • 5.5 lbs vacuum weight
  • Cordless
  • Small litter dust bin size


  • Powerful suction considering the size of the vacuum and that it is cordless
  • Has a smartphone app that allows you to communicate and set up parameters
  • Easy to set up and let run in the background
  • The small dust bin size does require frequent attention


Shark WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum – Best Handheld

There are better handheld vacuums for pets, but this is the better overall handheld option for versatility. It takes no effort to use this great little vacuum for kiddos who spill cereal or out in the car when you are getting ready to transport guests. We did have one of our testers pick this up for her cubicle because she loves crackers.

Even though this handheld vacuum is only 1.4 pounds, it has a 115W motor which is more than enough for dealing with cleaning cars, furniture, upholstery, or ceiling fans. You only get about 10 minutes of battery life, but the charging station refills the battery power quickly for more in-depth cleaning jobs.


Shark Vacuum Specs

  • Handheld vacuum style
  • 1.4 lbs vacuum weight
  • Cordless
  • Included lithium-ion battery
  • Small litter dust bin size


  • Incredibly lightweight and tapered ended to reach in-between deep crevices
  • Easy to empty out the dust bin with a simple button
  • Does include some accessories for harder to reach areas
  • You have to keep the dust bin emptied out to get the full suction power


Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ Handheld Vacuum – Best Handheld for Pets

We wanted to be sure and list a handheld pet cleaning option instead of just the stick option listed above because so many pet owners swear by handhelds. There are plenty of accessories for deep crevices and a pet power brush tool designed to specifically handle pet hair by loosening it up first and then sucking it up into the relatively large dust bin for the handheld size.

This nice thing about this handheld is you do not need to constantly re-empty the dust bin to get the full suction power. It doesn’t have quite the cleaning power of the WANDVAC, but still more than enough to handle pet situations.


Shark Vacuum Specs

  • Handheld vacuum style
  • 2.8 lbs vacuum weight
  • Cordless
  • 14.4oz dust bin size


  • A lot of power for the size
  • Great easy emptying dust bin
  • The Pet power brush makes hair cleaning a cinch
  • It is a little on the heavier side for a handheld device


Shark Vertex Ultralight Corded Stick DuoClean Vacuum – Best Stick Vacuum

We bet you didn’t expect us to pick a corded vacuum as our best stick vacuum, but you cannot deny the power of this easy-to-use, sleek model. Many of our testers live in homes with different floor combinations or frequent area rugs and needed a powerful cleaning solution. This stick is small enough to deal with hard-to-reach areas and includes a 30-foot cord to maintain a high suction volume for extra tough situations.

It also has a built-in handheld vacuum at the top, making it even easier to deal with pet hair on couches and behind pieces of furniture. We came close to selecting this as the best overall vacuum because of the high versatility. It has the power of an upright, agility of a stick, and convenience of a handheld.


Shark Vacuum Specs

  • Handheld, stick, upright vacuum styles
  • 9.05 lbs vacuum weight
  • 30’ Cord
  • Small dust bin


  • Great suction for a stick vacuum
  • Easy to use features, accessories, and handheld option
  • Lightweight enough to move around any home size
  • The dust bin is small for deep cleaning


Shark Vertex Upright Vacuum with TruePet Upgrade – Best Vacuum for Carpets

Even if you only have your bedrooms carpeting, not your high traffic areas, carpets can still trap all kinds of dirt and debris. From years of pets laying down next to your bed to the dust collecting under your end tables, getting the hard-to-reach debris out of your carpet takes a powerful Shark vacuum solution. That is precisely where the Vertex upright can help.

This powerful upright shark vacuum will flush out even the most stubborn pet hair, so you end up with a beautiful carpet afterward. Because it uses the TruePet upgrade, this is also the best choice for homes that do not have pets but have thick carpeting around the house susceptible to debris. There is a powerful brush system that is self-propelled, so you do need to watch out for furniture.


Shark Vacuum Specs

  • Upright vacuum styles
  • 16 lbs vacuum weight
  • 30’ Cord
  • 1 quart dust bin


  • Incredibly powerful
  • 3 different vacuuming modes
  • Excellent LED lights for seeing darker areas
  • Has two power switches which can be confusing


Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Shark Vacuums

Things to consider Shark vacuum

There are a lot of personal factors unique to your home and how you will use a Shark vacuum you should keep in mind when making a buying decision. Every one of these options will work for you, but consider:


  • Floor Type – do you have tile, wood, carpeting?
  • Home Size – are you living in a 1 bedroom apartment or a 2,500+ square foot ranch?
  • Power Type – will you need the full power of a corded upright or the cordless stick?
  • Attachments – do you need to get into sharp crevices or under furniture?
  • Pets/Dirt – do you have cats, dogs, or kids in high traffic areas that track in a lot of dirt?
  • Style Type – do you need an upright, stick, robotic, or handheld?


You should also consider how often you will be using a Shark vacuum. The robotic Shark vacuum route is great if you are away from home for a good portion of the day. If you have a big family, a Shark upright is the better choice.


Wrapping it Up

There was a lot of information to cover in this review because there are so many best Shark vacuums to choose from. Regardless of the shark model you decide on, whether you prefer a handheld, stick, robotic, or upright vacuum, Shark can provide you with the power and accessories needed to get the job done right from the beginning.

We hope our review of the best Shark vacuum cleaners has been helpful for your cleaning situation and wish you the best of luck.




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