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Ooni Pizza Oven Review – Is the Outdoor Pizza Oven Worth It?


The Ooni Pizza Oven is a revolutionary pizza oven that makes authentic restaurant pizza in the comfort in your home.  There’s nothing better than eating a pizza fresh out of the oven. Ooni offers a large selection of Pizza Ovens to meet different budgets and sizes. We reviewed the Koda, the Fyra and Karu family of products so you can decide which product works best for you.

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Ease of Use


  • Pro cooking level of pizza
  • Fuel preference options
  • Cooks pizza in 60 seconds
  • You’ll get free shipping
  • Ease of Use


  • Limited shipping options internationally
  • Popular and may have a wait list
  • Requires practice
  • Cannot store outside without cover

Is there anything better than watching a freshly homemade pizza slide out of an oven with the cheese bubbling and the cooking aroma of your favorite ingredients filling the air? For decades we have been obsessed with capturing the magic of a quality-made pizza using everything from pizza stones to enormous backyard brick ovens.

The problem is that most devices and ovens used in kitchens cannot reach the scorching cooking temperatures for a really well-made pizza. So if you want a pro cooking experience for your pizza, you need temps in the range of 800 – 875 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is where the handy Ooni Pizza Oven comes in to solve the problem. This highly efficient outdoor pizza oven blasts your favorite pies with cooking temps of up to 950 degrees in only 20 minutes. Our team eagerly gave these devices a try and wrote up a comprehensive Ooni Pizza Oven Review for all you to read before purchasing one yourself. Which is the best pizza oven for you? Read on to find out.


Ooni Pizza Oven Review


It was a delight to bring one of these compact ovens into our workspace as we have a ton of pizza lovers. We have many pro pizza aficionados that brought ingredients such as pizza dough and fresh toppings from all over to test out the Ooni Pizza Oven Review process. Many of them were immediately impressed with the wood fire cooking quality that you’ll pick up on pretty quickly in our Ooni Pizza Oven Review.


What is the Ooni Pizza Oven?

Ooni Pizza

The Ooni Pizza Oven ranges in size for 12-inch and 16-inch pizzas. The carefully manufactured multi-fuel pizza oven can be used with gas, wood, and charcoal cooking fuel. Having these different fuel options is a big plus as everyone has different tastes in how they prepare their pizza.

The Ooni Pizza Oven was created in 2012 after a married couple kept getting discouraged by their at-home pizza cooking quality. They tried using wood-fired pizzas but couldn’t recreate the kinds they enjoyed from their favorite pizzerias.

We were surprised to learn during our Ooni Pizza Oven Review that this team of creators was based in the UK. We often associate wood-fired pizza with cooking in New York, Chicago, or Italy. So it is always a welcome treat to see international products being made in places you wouldn’t expect.

That desire for a better product is probably why the Ooni Pizza Oven Review is often read so often. As a result, the demand and popularity are very high. It even received a Retailers Choice Award in 2015!

There are different Ooni portable pizza ovens based on size and fuel type, including the Ooni Karu, Koda, and Fyra Pizza Ovens.


What Makes the Ooni Ovens so special?


Right off the bat, you get restaurant quality pizza out of the cooking oven is incredible. We’re talking pro cooking level from a wood-fired oven in an Italian restaurant kind of pizza. Our Ooni Pizza Oven Review was so enjoyable because the food was exactly like a pro cooking setting.

People love the Ooni Pizza Oven for a lot of reasons, including the fuel type. Many competitors stick to one particular fuel, while the Ooni Pizza Oven is available to work with wood, charcoal, gas, or a blending of those options.

The next big reason we learned people love this device during our Ooni Pizza Oven Review is the heat. An excellent pizza oven needs to get to really high temps, and the Ooni Pizza Oven does not disappoint. The Ooni Pizza Oven heats up quickly in roughly 20 minutes to cooking temps reaching around 920-930 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our team loved how fast the Ooni Pizza Oven heated because it meant more of them were able to test out a bunch of different flavors. As a result, we had a pizza party practically every day for a week, and no one was made about it.

The other reason people enjoy the Ooni Pizza Oven is because of its cooking size and portability. They should be placed on tile or other material that can safely absorb the high heat but otherwise can be used anywhere around your backyard or home.


Who is the Ooni Pizza Oven good for?

While we can use our Ooni Pizza Oven inside in a safe and secure area for our Ooni Pizza Oven Review, we suggest everyone else stick to outdoor use. The Ooni Pizza Oven puts out a lot of cooking heat, and it just makes sense to have it in the open air.

The Ooni Pizza Oven design is durable, but we think its a good idea to consider a covered area free from the elements if you do an outdoor setting. The pro-quality of cooking you get from the Ooni Pizza Oven is worth protecting. We did both indoor and outdoor cooking testing during our Ooni Pizza Oven Review.

The Ooni Pizza Oven is definitely meant for people who enjoy an excellent wood-fired pizza pie with homemade and fresh ingredients. Which, as far as we can tell, means everyone that likes pizza is going to like the Ooni Pizza Oven.  You’ll immediately notice a difference from your home oven!

While not it’s main purpose, if you have a desire to make fresh bread, the Ooni can also tackle that job as well.


Ooni Pizza Oven Review: The Products



Ooni Pizza Oven – Koda


The Ooni Koda pizza oven is the flagship product that comes in either a 12” or 16” size. That size is based on the diameter of pizza you can fit inside that particular model of Ooni Pizza Oven. We highly suggest going with the 16” model as the smaller Ooni Koda makes it a bit harder to really turn your pie.

The Koda 16 is fueled with propane that can be turned off and on with the click of a button. The Koda does come with a natural gas adapter if you have a hookup available at your location. The actual size of the Koda is about 2’ square which is pretty reasonable to move around.

We had our Ooni Pizza Ovens in the testing kitchen but could see bringing this beauty to a tailgating party or your friend’s backyard.

There is an L-shaped flame throughout the Ooni Koda that heats up quickly in about 15-20 minutes, so you need to keep an eye out for when you want to toss your next pizza inside.

We also want to mention how cool the Koda looks with it’s carbon steel shell. It is as if modern industrial and minimalists had a baby and out popped the Koda. This Ooni Pizza Oven would fit really well inside any hipster kitchen.

Cleaning and maintaining the Koda takes little to no effort. That is another reason why the Koda makes an excellent portable Ooni Pizza Oven for creating perfect pizza at numerous locations and occasions.

The pricing for the Koda will range from $250-$599, depending on size.


Click here to Purchase the Ooni Koda 12″      Click here to Purchase the Ooni Koda 16″


Ooni Pizza Oven – Fyra

Now, if you want to add a little wood-fired pizza to your repertoire, you should pick up the Ooni Fyra. The Fyra is an easy to assemble model that is great for pizza cooking beginners and those that appreciate wood as a fuel source.

The Fyra uses wood pellets fed through a hopper which makes managing the flame in the Fyra really simple.

The Fyra fuel bags are lightweight enough to transport wherever you take the whole Ooni Fyra model and come in a resealable bag to prevent any moisture from sneaking inside. The more dry your wood pellets are, the better the cooking flame will be in the Fyra.

Using wood as a fuel source also allows you to take the Fyra on camping and more remote location trips. The wood burns inside the Fyra at a reasonable rate that won’t get used up too fast as a gas tank would while out in the woods. Just make sure you bring a firelighter.

The Fyra only takes about 15 minutes to reach a decent cooking level and is lightweight enough to move around with one to two people.

The Fyra cooks a pizza pretty fast, so you’ll want to pay close attention if you are using a thinner crust or ingredients that you want less cooked.

We suggest the Fyra for a starter oven pizza situation or when you want to quickly move from location to location. The Fyra stores really well in-between uses in a garage or under some weather protection.

The Ooni Pizza Oven Review we conducted allowed us to test the 12” Fyra model, which we think is the only size they offer. It prices at around $350 retail.


Click here to Purchase the Ooni Frya


Ooni Pizza Oven – Karu

Ooni Karu

The Karu model of the Ooni Pizza Oven is another one that comes in two different sizes of 12” and 16” for your pizza. Remember that is the inside capacity and not the total dimensions of the Karu.

The good thing about the Karu is that it uses a blended fuel source. You can get the standard with charcoal or wood-based fire or purchase the gas fuel burner addition.

Again, we highly suggest going with the larger of the two in order to really turn your pizza on the inside. Otherwise, you’re going to be challenged with the Karu.

The Karu 16 is the only pizza oven to be “recommended for Domestic Use by the Association Verace Pizza Napoletana which is the authority on pizza.

There is a big difference between the 12” and the 16” Karu, and that comes down to design and accessories.

The larger Karu comes with a glass front door to watch your pizza cook and a temperature control display to really keep an eye on what level of pro cooking you’re trying to achieve.

The Karu is only a step away from the Ooni Pizza Oven Pro models. It is still portable and lightweight, but we suggest this model for a more permanent situation.

We love the Karu 16” and think it is our favorite of the different Ooni Pizza Oven models. It comes in at a price of $799.


Click Here to Purchase the Ooni Karu 12″     Click Here to Purchase the Ooni Karu 16″


Here’s a great video of the Karu in action:


Ooni Pizza Oven Review – the Accessories


Not every Ooni Pizza Oven comes with a pizza peel. This is the long-handled spatula explicitly designed for turning pizzas. If you do not have a pizza peel, you will need one.

We liked the 16” perforated pizza peel the best because it kept airflow while we turned the pizzas. All of the Ooni Pizza Oven models cook pizza fast, and interrupting the airflow seemed like it dampened the overall quality.

There are a wide variety of other Ooni Pizza Oven accessories available on their website to fit pretty much anything you will need, including some great covers for carrying and storing the Karu, Koda, and Fyra.

Ooni Pizza Oven accessories also include the possibility of using oak logs. The good thing is that these are made from safe materials and are pre-sized to fit your model of Ooni Pizza Oven.

The bad thing is that they can be expensive because they burn pretty fast. There is a whole secondary market around pizza oven logs that may be worth looking into on your own.

The real advantage is that bringing a bundle of the oak logs with you makes using the Ooni Pizza Oven really easy in remote locations.


Click Here to Visit The Ooni Store


Ooni Pizza Oven Pros and Cons

Ooni Pizza Oven Pros

  • Incredibly hot temperatures to get a pro cooking level of pizza
  • High portability with many models to fit your fuel preference
  • They look absolutely fantastic
  • Can cook great pizza in as little as 60 seconds
  • You’ll get free shipping when you purchase any of the models
  • Ease of Use – Quickly set up and get cooking!
  • Designed for Pales style pizza
  • Warranty available if you are buying from the Ooni Pizza Oven site


Ooni Pizza Oven Cons

  • Currently does not ship outside the US, Canada, UK, and Europe
  • They are high in demand, which means you may be put on a waiting list or backorder
  • Requires a bit of practice to really get it right
  • You can store the Koda outside, but the others should be under protection


What do Customers Think of the Ooni Pizza Oven?

Saying our Ooni Pizza Oven Review was enough for us wouldn’t be true. We also read a bunch of reviews from customers on different sites and cannot believe the positive returns.

The Ooni Pizza Oven enjoys an incredibly high rating across the board and is so much in demand that they cannot keep any of their models in supply fast enough.

That is why their shipping times are often cited as a Con, because they have such high demand. We were incredibly lucky to get our hands on the models we did because we can easily see why everyone wants one of these amazing pro cooking ovens.


Is Ooni Pizza Oven Worth it?

Yes! Let’s repeat that for those in the back. YES!!

The price tag is a bit expensive, but when we say you get really high quality from the Ooni Pizza Oven, we mean it.

You could choose any of the models, and you’re still going to get an incredible pizza pie your friends and family will want multiple times a week.



Do I have to keep the Ooni Pizza Oven outside? 

We tested different models in various settings for our Ooni Pizza Oven Review and think outdoor space is best but not required. As long as you have a safe space for the high temperatures, you’ll be okay.


Should you only use a fresh pizza in the Ooni Pizza Oven? 

We had two people bring in frozen pizzas as part of our Ooni Pizza Oven Review, and they turned out really well. For the best results, we suggest homemade pizzas either you assemble or in the prep sections of your grocer.


Does the Ooni Pizza Oven really get that hot? 

Yes, we’re talking about 930-950 degrees Fahrenheit (roughly 510 degrees Celsius) in only 15 minutes. These bad boys are crazy hot.


Can I only cook pizza in the Ooni Pizza Oven? 

We did not test anything else out during our Ooni Pizza Oven Review but can see popping in meats, fish, or BBQ. Just keep in mind the high temps for whatever you are using.


What fuel source do you suggest? 

We liked the wood pellet and natural gas options the best. We did give the oak wood a try and thought the taste was fantastic but didn’t like the cleaning afterward.


Do I need special lighters for the wood or charcoal? 

Not at all. As a matter of safety, we always suggest those long-necked firelighters or really long matches. Otherwise, you can use pretty much whatever you’d like.


Wrapping it Up

We think Ooni’s Pizza Ovens are one of the best backyard accessories for your next get-together. This is a great little oven that you can carry practically anywhere with heat that will cook any style of pizza.

Our team cooked different style of pizza. This included neapolitan-style pizza to a deep dish pizza (one of our testers is from Chicago)

While the price tag may be a bit high, the quality of the Ooni Pizza Oven is well worth it. If you do purchase one, make sure you get a 16” so you can move and turn the pizza well enough. We also suggest you pick up an equivalent-sized pizza peel to make your pro cooking a lot easier.

If you want the same quality of wood-fired pizza from traditional pizzerias, Ooni Pizza Oven is an excellent choice. You’re going to get amazing food and delicious crust from a company that has received distinction and support from many in the culinary world, including Naples, the birthplace of modern pizza.

Thank you for reading our Ooni Pizza Oven Review. If you’re interested in purchasing, visit the Ooni website by clicking the button below.


Click Here to Visit The Ooni Store




Please note: This post contains affiliate links that we may earn from qualifying purchases. This will not cost you anything. 

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