An In-Depth Review of the X-Chair X-Tech Executive

X-Chair X-Tech Review


The X-Chair X-Tech is a brand new type of office chair that was designed to help improve your posture and alleviate back pain. It features a unique design that allows you to adjust the height of the chair so that you can sit in a more ergonomic position, and it also comes with a built-in Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) support system to help keep your back aligned. Additionally, the X-Chair X-Tech is made from high-quality materials that are designed to last, so it’s perfect for those who spend long hours at their desk.

  • Construction
  • Support
  • Comfort
  • Price


  • Premium materials with stunning design features
  • Incredibly comfortable with upgradable options to enhance your relaxation
  • Excellent ergonomic features to support your back and head
  • Easy to assemble and adjust to whatever position you’d like
  • Smooth transition from position to position


  • A bit on the pricier side of the market
  • Headrest a bit difficult to adjust

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Chairs are an essential part of any home office, especially when so many of us have moved indoors to continue the trend of remote or hybrid work. Our review team had the fantastic opportunity of testing out some excellent office chairs in the past, including some of the comfortable options from X-Tech.

We were excited to get our hands on the new X-Chair X-Tech Executive chairs because these were only supposed to be seasonal. However, the demand for the chairs grew so much that X-Chair decided to move their X-Tech Executive options to a permanent product offering. Read on to learn more about our review and in-depth thoughts on this quality-made chair.


X-Chair X-Tech Executive Chair

Before you think we got too serious with this set of X-Chair products, don’t worry. We did our due diligence and used them for a long enough time under usual office settings before writing. However, we also have to admit that a few X-Chair racing games and endurance spins also occurred, all in the spirit of offering a quality X-Chair review.

We should also mention that if you are curious about the rest of the line of chairs from X-Chair, be sure to read our excellent review of X-Chair products in detail. This review will focus on the X-Chair X-Tech Executive Chairs specifically.


X-Chair Overview

X-Chair is an exceptional company focused on ergonomics for those that sit in chairs during their workday. Instead of just offering slight support in your lumbar region, these X-Chair chairs go well beyond the type of comfort you could expect at a day spa. There are more than ten ergonomic adjustments that you can utilize while relaxing in the X-Chair line of different chairs. 

In 2016, Tony Mazlish redefined office chairs with a new design and began a massive television ad campaign to showcase the power, design, and support of X-Chair products.

The rest is history. Now X-Chair provides high-quality options to companies all over the globe. Their ability to blend design with premium materials that you would typically find in high-end executive chairs is what sets them apart. Not to mention X-Chair offers these chairs at budget-friendly prices. Their latest model is the X-Tech Executive Chair.



X-Chair X-Tech Unboxing

X-Chair X-Tech Box


As far as the X-Chair X-Tech chair, you can see that it comes in an extra-large box. If you are thinking about having this delivered to your home or office, you may want to schedule a delivery time since the box weighs over 70 pounds.

When you unbox your new chair, we recommend putting it together off to the side where it won’t be tripped over and is easy to access.

X-Chair X-Tech Parts

The X-Tech comes with all of its pieces packaged in an organized fashion, with each piece secured by a plastic casing and foam inserts. The packing process was done with such care that it was pretty easy to take apart for assembly after taking all of the pictures.

The entire process of putting together the X-Chair X-Tech took only takes about 20 minutes with only a few screws to secure the chair in place. All the chair requires is a few screws to attach the seat to the back, one screw for each of the armrests and 2 screws for the headrest (all screws and tools are include).

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X-Chair X-Tech Executive Chair Features

The best part of the X-Tech executive chair is that it keeps your body in an ergonomic position at all times. 



X-Chair M-Foam

The X-Chair itself is built from highly durable alloys that do not feel as flimsy as others we have tried in the past. Everyone in our office felt complete support, including our larger testers. In addition, every X-Tech chair comes with cooling gel contoured M-Foam seat. This is designed to help redistribute weight while you are sitting as well as help reduce any pressure on your body from building up throughout the day in the X-Chair. It is also nice and cool for your body.


DVL Lumbar Support

X-Chair uses a Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) support system in their X-Tech executive chair. This allows the chairs to adjust to your body no matter when you are moving or staying still for long hours. This way, you can feel the same sense of support regardless of your positioning in the X-Chair.

You can see the DVL in action at the base of the panel at the back of the X-Tech chair. This is a system built into the entire design of the chair. There is no need to adjust levers or anything. You simply sit and feel like you have been placed in a glove fit to your body’s unique shape and size.


SciFloat Recline

X-Chair Adjustments

This was the most popular X-Chair feature we all enjoyed n our review office. This recline mechanism allows you to be in constant motion throughout the day, no matter your weight. This way, you will not feel like your legs have lost circulation or pressure is building up in your lower back because the backrest moves you as you adjust backward and forward.

The chairs still have the tilt lock and tension options as well, just in case you prefer a specific position to lock your X-Chair into throughout your day. Overall, this surprisingly gentle feature offers incredible support in such a smooth way that you will want to take a nap in the X-Chair X-Tech executive chair if you are not careful.


Adjustable Armrest

We have never understood why more manufacturers of office chairs do not include an adjustable armrest. It only makes sense to be able to adjust the height of your arms, especially when most office work includes writing or typing.

This is an executive-level chair. That means X-Chair has both adjustable armrests and an optional adjustable headrest. We have a few testers over 6’ in height that had no problem getting the X-Chair X-Tech executive chair into a position that worked well for them.


Adjustable Headrest

Unlike the other X-Chair models, the headrest is included in the standard X-Chair X-Tech executive chair. It is an extra option for all other models.  The X-Chair headrest extends the height of the chair and allows you to take full advantage of the DVL and SciFloat Recline.

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X-Tech vs. X4

Xtech vs X4

The X-Chair X-Tech is a more premium version of the X4. You can get a lot of the same options with the X4 if you select them as add-ons. The X-Chair X-Tech already has them present and includes more design features that elevate it as a premium executive chair. 

Good examples of this are the wheels. The X-Chair X4 comes with the standard two-sided wheels that most of us are used to in office chairs. However, the X-Chair X-Tech has rollerblade-style wheels that offer a lot more versatility in your home and office décor.


X-Chair X-Tech Options

Like most chairs offered by X-Chair, you have many options to pick from to personalize your personal purchase. All the X-Chair chairs we tested came in their most popular color options, but we saw a lot of cool combinations you can pick from on the X-Chair website. Other options include:



Xchair XHMT

This is a wildly popular option in our office testing group. The X-Chair X-HMT stands for Heath and Massage Chair. This system goes on the X-Chair X-Tech executive chair around the lumbar area and offers therapeutic heating technology and four unique massage combinations. So when we tell you there were exhales of delight, it is because this is like having a personal masseuse on call at your desk.

We highly recommend the X-Chair X-HMT for anyone with sore backs, high anxiety, or pressure issues with blood flow. This system adds a deep sense of comfort and relaxation that is wonderful.



Like the X-HMT, this option for the X-Chair X-Tech executive office chair adds dual cooling fans for better airflow and body temperature regulation. It is essentially the same as the X-Chair X-HMT but with a cooling feature for those that burn a little hotter throughout the workday.



The X-Chair X-Tech comes standard with clear blade wheels that are incredibly easy to move around on most floors. Carpets may be a bit tougher, but everything else we tried worked out well. This is a feature most other chairs require additional pricing to include. You can also upgrade to a black blade wheel or a clear locking wheel. We did not try the locking version but can easily see how they would offer the benefit of working in older offices with slanted floors or in settings where you push off of a desk to work, like an architect or cartoonist.


FS 360 Armrest

X-Chair Arm rest

While the X-Chair comes with some quality armrests, they kicked it up a notch with the FS 360 Armrest. The armrest is capable of rotating 360 degrees and can accommodate any type of armrest position, regardless of how awkward you like to position your arms. At first we didn’t think this was worth the extra cost, but after using them several times, our testers found it to be one of their favorite feature of the X-Chair. 

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X-Chair X-Tech Executive Pros and Cons:

  • Premium materials with stunning design features
  • Incredibly comfortable with upgradable options to enhance your relaxation
  • Excellent ergonomic features to support your back and head
  • Easy to assemble and adjust to whatever position you’d like
  • Smooth transition from position to position
  • A bit on the pricier side of the market
  • Headrest difficult to adjust


Is the X-Chair X-Tech Worth It?

The bad news is the X-Chair X-Tech executive chair comes in a whopping $1,915. The great news is that it includes all the features we have mentioned, minus the options. That is a ton of comfort and relaxation while you move about your office day.

There are competitors at lower price levels, but not with as many features or upgrades as with X-Chair. The X-Chair DVL and ability to smoothly recline while maintaining ergonomic support make this one of the better executive chairs.

These chairs also offer a bit of a status symbol for you. After all, this is an executive-level chair that we can easily those in design, tech, and admin-related fields will want to have in their office. So if you are someone that spends a lot of time in front of a desk or a computer, we highly recommend the X-Chair X-Tech executive chair.

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Wrapping it Up

We have tried a lot of different office chairs in our review studio. While there are always some better than others, the X-Chair X-Tech executive is one of the more premium options we have seen in a long while.

It is easy to see why X-Chair decided to move the X-Tech out of seasonal inventory and to a full-time product listing on their website. With a fifteen-year warranty and incredible ergonomic support for your body as you move about your day, we hope you will give the X-Chair X-Tech chair a try. Thanks for reading!

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Please note: As an affiliate we earn from qualified purchases to create these great reviews. By purchasing anything through our links, this will not cost you anything. 

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