X-Chair X77 Massage Chair Review: Is It Really Worth It?

X77 Massage Chair
X-Chair X77 Massage Chair


The X-chair X77 massage chair is a high-quality massage chair that offers a wide range of features, including full-body air massage, zero gravity positioning, and heat therapy. It’s designed to provide users with a relaxing and therapeutic massage experience.

The X-chair X77 has been praised by reviewers for its comfortable design, its wide range of features, and its ability to provide a truly relaxing massage experience. It’s a great option for those who are looking for a quality massage chair that offers all the bells and whistles.

  • Comfort
  • Construction
  • Price
  • Warranty


  • Easy to assemble with clear instructions
  • Has a wide variety of manual and programmed massage options
  • Conforms to your body more than you having to “fit” into a chair
  • Includes USB charging ports for your mobile devices
  • Has heating elements and a full recline to relieve back pressure
  • Made from Synflex fabric or Brisa Option Soft Touch materials
  • Includes a 30-day risk-free trial and 3-year limited warranty
  • Free shipping in the continental United States


  • Starting retail price is $7,799.99
  • Does not include Bluetooth speakers
  • Takes up a bit of room in your hom

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There is never enough time in the day. Between all the demands of daily stress such as work, family, and social obligations, your body experiences a variety of activity level with little time left to relax and find a break from the stress of daily life.

That is unless you have the innovative massage technology of the X-chair X77 Massage Chair. We brought in two of these incredible electronic massagers and could not be happier! Is it the same as a Swedish massage in your favorite resort? No, but it is the closest we’ve ever experienced to reliable back, shoulder, neck, and leg massages on the go.

During this review, we outline the many benefits and features of the X-chair X77 Massage Chair for your consideration. Read on to learn how this unique massage chair opportunity with custom rollers and Bluetooth connectivity can transform your living room, office, den, or even she-shack!


X-Chair X77 Massage Chair

X77 Massage Chair Overview

When we heard our next review product was going to be the X-chair X77 Massage Chair, we had to put out the call to our friends and families. This is one of those products you couple with cooking and drinking reviews so you can create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone you trust to test out the device.

Our goal was to create a more comprehensive review of how this massage chair works and whether or not the X77 is a good fit for your home. First, a little background into X-chair, the company.

X-Chair Overview

Founded in 2015, X-chair brand chairs created as a unique product to conquer the stress and physical pain of sitting in offices for years. To that end, X-chair’s line of products has taken comfort to a whole new level. The goal was to create a massage chair that molded to the contours and shapes of the user instead of forcing whoever was sitting inside products like the X77 massage chair to rest against an uncomfortable back.

The final product design involved a more ergonomic, stylish, and maximum comfort massage chair. This is because X-chair and products like the X77 massage chair use M-Foam, which is more flexible and forgiving. When you combine this with the numerous other innovations of the X-Chair company, you get a solid solution for office chairs and relaxation.

The X-chair X77 Massage Chair is one of those custom-built products from the company that has exceeded expectations. This is a gigantic massage chair to put in your home, but for a good reason. You get a lot more luxurious experience because the advanced rollers and secondary features are so exquisite that we had to set time limits on our review team between uses.

The X-chair X77 Massage Chair takes up about 10 square feet of floor space (4.1’ x 2.2’). That is a lot, but perfect if you have a larger living room or spare utility room in your home for guests, gaming, etc.

The best part is you can control the entirety of the X-chair X77 Massage Chair’s features from an easy-to-use remote. This allows you to take full advantage of massage chair functions like the length of the massage, where the rollers are focusing, various massage types, and more.

There is a weight and height limit to the X-chair X77 Massage Chair you should know upfront. We have a few larger review team members that couldn’t get the whole experience because of their size. The suggested weight limit for the X77 massage chair is 265 pounds. That is to ensure the custom rollers are able to get where they need to be. The height limit is between 5’ and 6’5”. Again, this is to make sure you have a quality experience based on the roller placement.

The only thing you’ll need to do is have Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones for your devices. A charging port is built into the X-chair X77 Massage Chair, but no speakers. So you can juice up your device, but will need Bluetooth for a complete audio experience. None of our review team had an issue with that because we all have earbuds.

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X-Chair X77 Massage Chair Features

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of our review. There are a lot of exciting features for the X-chair X77 Massage Chair. This is your answer if you are looking for total relaxation after a long day’s work. The most prominent features we found during our review included:


Full Body Air Massage

One of the complaints we have during our reviews of massage products is the pressure is not universal for every user. What feels good to one person may hurt another. The X-chair X77 Massage Chair gets around this by using a full-body air massage. You can control the intensity of the air throughout your body without worrying about the rhythmic tapping or kneading of other massage chairs you may have used in a shopping mall before. This provides all user with total-body wellbeing.

This feature was also beneficial for our smaller review team members. We have two that are under the 5’ minimum suggestion for sitting in the X-chair X77 Massage Chair. The air massage worked with them because it didn’t rely on their bodies fitting the rollers perfectly.


Heat Massage

X-chair is famous for its Elemax technology that heats up the seat along the pressure-sensitive areas of your body. We have many review team members that participate in local pickup basketball, baseball, and running events. Having a chair that heats up the muscles as you allow those patented rollers to massage the body is essential to helping you relax.

What is surprising about this feature is the way it works on your calves and thighs. You fit your legs into these pressurized segments that mold perfectly to your body shape and let the massage chair do the rest. Again, we only wish there were Bluetooth speakers to enhance the entire experience.


Zero Gravity

When you see the Zero Gravity feature of the X-chair X77 Massage Chair in action, you may be tempted to say, “Oh, you mean reclining.” The truth is far more exciting. Because X-chair spent a lot of time focusing on specialized materials to mold to your body shape and contours, you feel like you are floating in the air when it does recline. It may sound cliché, but this feature does exactly what it promises and is our review team’s favorite part.

You also get improved blood flow. So many of us are stuck at home or sitting at office desks which restricts blood circulation and creates pressure on our spines. In the X-chair X77 Massage Chair, you get the relief you need, especially for office workers.


Foot Rollers

X77 Massage Chair Foot Rollers

Now for the blue-collar and on their feet standing desk types in our readership. Many of us know a quality foot rub on sore feet can make the difference between a good and bad day. X-chair figured out a way to fix this with custom foot rollers that rub, roll, and squeeze out the stress from your entire foot. This encourages blood flow in a location many of us overlook.

Don’t forget the X-chair X77 Massage Chair allows you to combine the foot rollers feature with heat for an extra oomph to your relaxation.



It is not a quality massage chair unless it delivers a superior shoulder massage. So many of us wear our stress in our shoulders and upper back, and the X-chair X77 Massage Chair delivers by using air cells to either inflate or deflate and contour precisely to your back’s shape. This not only massages your shoulders with those custom rollers in the shoulder pads we keep talking about but also enhances your posture into the correct position for an extended period.

If you read nothing else in our review, this is the feature you want for anyone in the family that spends way too much time in front of a computer hunched over.


Segmented Arms Massage

Like the shoulders, the X-chair X77 Massage Chair also uses air cells on your arms. There are four separate cells that target your arms and encourage blood flow. We were surprised during our review sessions by the accuracy these cells provided. We have a wide range of body types in our reviews office and didn’t expect the detailed design to work with everyone, but it did!


Acupressure Point Locator Function

Our review team’s favorite tech-related feature has to be the acupressure scan. Once you sit in the X-chair X77 Massage Chair, it scans your torso and tailors the massage movement s to your body. This way, you get a maximized massage instead of a cookie-cutter experience with a less advanced machine.



This was the first massage chair we saw as part of our reviews that included a chromotherapy feature. The goal of the X-Chair X 77 massage chair’s chromotherapy sessions is to play different colors that help you achieve a psychologically relaxed state of mind via the remote control screen. If you were to pair this experience with some relaxing music through your Bluetooth headphones or speakers, you could get a much richer massage session in the comfort of your own home.

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X-Chair X77 Massage Chair Programmed Sessions


One of the more brilliant things X-chair did when creating the X77 massage chair was to enlist the aid of a registered Japanese Shiatsu Master. This ensures the pressure point and rollers target those high-stress areas of your body for the best outcomes. X-chair uses preprogrammed sessions to ensure success, including:


X-Neck & Shoulders

Focuses on your upper body, especially your neck area. You have to be a bit careful with the intensity of this option, as it can be rough if you want it to be. Some of our review team have thicker necks and left this setting on high for our thinner review team members, which didn’t end as positively. Be sure to double-check your settings before beginning your sessions.



As you guessed, this focuses on the back area. We highly recommend you couple this focus area with the gravity feature of the X-chair X77 Massage Chair to get the whole experience.


Glutes & IT Bands

Many athletes and those working in heavy lifting blue-collar jobs experience Iliotibial Band issues. This is when the tendon gets irritated or swollen because it is rubbing against your hip or knee bones. The X-chair X77 Massage Chair works directly to relieve pressure and soothe this area so you can get a more rewarding massage experience.



This programmed massage allows you to enter a calm state by focusing on the rhythmic placement of rollers and air along your body. Our reviews team used this as an opportunity for meditation and deep breathing.


Manual/Manual Air

Both the manual rollers and manual air massages allow you to select from a variety of options and target areas. You get the standard knead, tap, pulse, and rolling action you want from the rollers or the various intensity settings of the air to target specific parts of your body that need help the most.

The rest of the programmed features are pretty self-explanatory and include:

  • X-Sport
  • X-Stretch
  • X-Core
  • All X-Air
  • X-Recover
  • X-Relax
  • X-Quick

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X-Chair X77 Massage Chair Pros and Cons

  • Easy to assemble with clear instructions
  • Has a wide variety of manual and programmed massage options
  • Conforms to your body more than you having to “fit” into a chair
  • Includes USB charging ports for your mobile devices
  • Has heating elements and a full recline to relieve back pressure
  • Made from Synflex fabric or Brisa Option Soft Touch materials
  • Includes a 30-day risk-free trial and 3-year limited warranty
  • Free shipping in the continental United States
  • 3 color options
  • Starting retail price is $7,799.99
  • Does not include Bluetooth speakers
  • Takes up a bit of room in your home


What Do Customers Think?

Getting a quality barometer of the reviews available online is a little hard. For example, the X-chair X77 Massage Chair is not something available on Amazon, and there is only 1 Google review at 5 stars. However, you can go to the retail website for X-chair and see 8-10 reviews.

Of those, you get a solid 5 stars, which means they could be curated a bit. However, we found this one review to be reasonably accurate:

“Although there was a small hiccup with the local moving company on installation, which I was able to remedy, the chair is unbelievable and a complete game changer. I really like the three different levels of intensity and the virtually unlimited combination of massages. Everyone in my daily who has tried it has been blown away. Expensive, but it is well worth the money. Great chair for me.”

You can find more reviews and insights by searching through social media. There are plenty of short videos on YouTube and TikTok that showcase users enjoying their X-chair X77 Massage Chair. That makes us think the reviews are mostly positive.

The only concerns we ever saw listed were the price tag and lack of Bluetooth features. However, the overwhelming positive focus on the various features far outweighed any of those concerns.


Is the X-Chair X77 Massage Chair Worth It?

Okay, down to brass tacks. This massage chair is expensive. You can say what you want about the incredible features, but this is absolutely a luxury item.

That being said, we would spring for the X-chair X77 Massage Chair. Not only does it deliver a fantastic massage, but it relieves pain and stress from the body that, made everyone who tested it out during our reviews fall in love.

The ability to walk through your day with less stress and better calm is priceless, especially if you have a high anxiety-riddled lifestyle.

The only people on our review team who voted not to purchase the X-chair if offered were those in a small apartment or living situation with restrictive space. Otherwise, it was a resounding yes by the rest of the reviews team.

This is highly worthwhile for anyone who does frequent physical activity in their daily routines. The heat treatment and air massage place such a small pressure on your body while relaxing large muscle areas and tendons that it is like having a pro trainer in your home to relax the body after a workout.

We also should mention the X-chair X77 Massage Chair is perfect for those that have sleeping issues. This is not mentioned anywhere in the literature from the company, but we have a few review team members who need a more cushioned sleeping environment, and the zero gravity recline position feature delivers. It feels like you are sleeping on a cloud, if only for a quick 45-minute nap.


Wrapping it Up

We all go through a certain amount of stress throughout the day. The X-chair X77 Massage Chair is the best way to unwind after a long workday. The unique massage movements make it feel as if you have your own personal massage therapist. It fits into most homes and provides an exceptional massage session with optional heat and “touchless” air systems that work for a wide variety of intensities.

While this is a total-body massage chair, we like to think of it as a high-performance massage chair as it helps relax and at the same time help energize the body to address muscle tension, core health to achieve optimum physical excellence. That said, it helps provide provide a clear state of mind while seated in your optimal position.

Between the acupressure precision of the rollers and the way the material conforms to any body type, this provides a delightful experience is an excellent purchase for your home, especially if you suffer from high stress, anxiety, or frequently need a little pampering after a long workout.

The X77 Massage chair is a high-quality product. Some may be concerned with the price tag compared to other less expensive massage chairs. That said, we found the X77 massage chair to be in-line or a bit less compared to better quality massage chairs. Their revolutionary innovation elevates the art of relaxation bringing your entire body.

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